Lucky Luck – Part 10

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 10: A Lucky Town II

Gwen and Zeltran had disabled several traps already, working out a large enough path for the escape, in case the kids tried to move in a different direction by accident.  Several traps were well hidden, but were easily spotted from above.  Louis never considered someone in the trees to approach the camp.

They went through the path several times, and counted the guards, when they walked though, and how often.  One flaw to Louis’ defenses, the guards never checked to see if the traps were still working, only if someone had been caught in them. They were finally satisfied with the work and settled in on waiting for nightfall.

Now however, it meant she had to spend time with Zeltran.   He had worked quietly and efficiently with her, and looking over at him, he merely looked on comfortably watching the camp and its activity.  She was ready to go, and he looked so relaxed.  She looked over watching as the guard switched.  Louis paced around the camp several times, with couriers racing to and from the camp.  He had to be working on getting a new backer for his slaves.

Three new riders came into the camp, and Gwen froze a bit, recognizing them, hoping this did not complicate things.  With the arrival of Leo, it appeared Louis had a new backer.  The man worked quickly in Gwen’s opinion. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – part 9

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 9: A Lucky Town


Gwen guided the horse down the path.  A gift from Valerie as a peace offering for what she had said, and for services rendered.  Gwen and Zoe reluctantly accepted, and Valerie reassured Zoe that the saddle was normal this time.  Zoe had fallen asleep not long ago as the motion from the horse lulled her into sleep after the emotional time the past few days since leaving Setta.  Traveling between towns would be quicker now with transportation, and most towns had a stable she could keep Eros at.

After leaving Setta they had talked a bit more about her being a latgic.  To Gwen it explained so much, from why people wanted Zoe, to her incredible luck.  Zoe had not seen herself as lucky, and Gwen could understand.  From her point of view it would seem like everyone but her got lucky, they always won against what she wanted.  Gwen had defended her against Stephos, and others before she even knew about the situation.  So Stephos had not gained all her luck, because if he had, Gwen would have lost that first battle with him.

Gwen mused he probably followed them into town, expecting them split up, like they had done.  However he had not expected the town to be so crowded, nor of them sharing a room.  She told Zoe that her luck did affect her, after all, everything that seemed to happen since then directly affected her. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 8

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 8: A Lucky Slave? II

Gwen led Zoe down the hallway following Valerie and Lori into a larger room with several long tables.  Servants were busy bring food into the room and setting it on the side table.

“An excellent looking feast as normal,” Valerie said.

“Yes, however sadly I think it won’t change your mind, will it,” Greis said.  Gwen waited to see how Valerie would handle this situation.

“You are retiring next year still,” Valerie said, watching Greis nod yes.  “I can’t do business with your son, so I have to look for someone else now.”

“As I thought,” he said sadly with a shake of his head.  “It seems like I have no choice, if I want to keep my money.”

Gwen stiffened slightly at the approaching power, knowing Leo was about to enter the room.

“You’re late,” Greis said. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 7

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 7: A Lucky Slave?

Gwen walked down the street of the town looking over Setta.  They decided after everything that happened yesterday that Zoe would go shopping and she would look for Hans’ office.  Zoe had taken off to the markets while Gwen followed the instruction by John to Hans’ place.  She finally spotted the small building, really it looked like a small one room building and no one really around.  Walking inside she spotted a short man with long dark hair sitting behind the desk.  He looked up as she entered.

“Help you miss?” he asked, the tone neutral.

“Looking for work, John mentioned you,” Gwen said, taking the time to look around, seeing a second desk and another man, along with a smaller room off to one side.

“John you say, intriguing.  He usually doesn’t send me people, must have impressed him.  What did you do?” the man asked.

“Did some work helping him with his transportation issue,” Gwen answered, leaving out Stephos. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 6

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 6: A Lucky Kid


Gwen slowly woke with the realization that Zoe was using her as a pillow.  Looking down at the blonde hair on her shoulder, the girl still fast asleep. She took a second to look at the face, relaxed in sleep.  Stretching slightly she felt all the points of contact between their bare flesh.  Last night had been wonder and brought a smile to her face.  Zoe had been true to her words in repaying Gwen for the bathtub earlier.

Taking a moment to look out the window at the soft glow of dawn breaking through.  Realizing they would have to leave soon, especially if they wanted to make it to the next town during the daylight hours.  She reached over poking at the exposed shoulder.  Zoe mumbled in answer, sending vibrations though her skin.  Poking again she got a better reaction.  Sleepy green eyes opened and peered at her.

“It’s not morning yet,” she mumbled, putting her head back down.

“Oh no, time to get up,” Gwen said, changing the target, and going after the ribs, earning a squeal.  “Oh, ticklish,” Gwen grinned at the revelation. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 5

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 5: A Lucky Problem

Gwen made her way along the path, or at least what path she could make out in the snow.  The sun’s rays had melted it a bit, making it not very deep, unlike the knee deep it had been two days earlier.  They stayed a day longer in the cave then she expected, but felt it had been worth it.  She had not seen the group after them, and checked a few times for footprints of groups going the opposite way, but saw nothing.

She glanced back to her little lover, following the same footsteps she used.  Zoe’s footwear was not as hardy as Gwen’s, and she wore an older cloak that Gwen no longer used for warmth.

“Gwen?” Zoe asked, as Gwen stopped to look back at her.  She had an excited look in her eyes making Gwen wonder what had gone through that mind of hers now as she hopped over to stand next to her.

Yeah?” Gwen replied, waiting to hear the question. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 4

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

(this part has more adult scenes, definitely NC-17 and NSFW, you’ve been warned)

Part 4: A Lucky Cave

Gwen glanced around again at the trail.  She had seen no one now in almost an hour, and the last group she past had been a couple of mercenaries headed in the opposite direction.  Looking over at Zoe, the girl had her hair tied back into a long ponytail, and did not seem to be bothered by the walk.  In fact, she appeared deep in thought at the moment.

That look made Gwen wonder what the girl might say next.  The last time she had been so quite, she suddenly asked the question where did dirt come from?  Then she listened for the next half-hour about her theory about it.  Gwen did not find it bad, and the girl had actually thought it through a bit.

They managed to leave the town in good time, though Gwen did not tell her why.  She spotted Zeltran in the crowd and did not want to be spotted.  She had the feeling he was tracking her and did not want to fight him in the town.  He had a high fighting power, not as hish as hers, but one that meant their fight would be much more.  She wondered if his tracking her somehow was related to Stephos and Zoe.  Was he hired by whoever wanted Zoe to take her? Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 3

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 3: A Lucky Job


Gwen moved slightly so the server could take the plate away.  Zoe had talked about the town, showing that she could pick up information from people, and even mentioned that some bounty hunter was looking for a woman with powers.  The description was long brown hair, and brown eyes, and a mage.  Gwen felt a bit of relief they were not looking for her, and relaxed a bit.

“So, are we really leaving then?’ Zoe asked, looking around.

“Yeah, a bit too crowded here,” Gwen replied.  The merchants would be here for another couple of days, and with so much activity she felt anxious to leave.  She also knew with what Zoe saved her, she could afford to move on to the next town before looking for jobs.

“Bigger towns mean more jobs,” Zoe said, as if reading her mind.  “You could do some bounty hunter jobs or something.” Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 2

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 2:  A Lucky Test

Gwen saw the town ahead feeling relieved.  She spent the last two hours listening to Zoe, who managed to talk non-stop about a variety of topics.  It amazed her the girl’s voice had not given out.  Now entering the town, she noticed the bustle of people, and felt cursed.  Why were so many people in this town?

“Wow, so this is Alarion, heard about it, never been here.  Merchants say it’s a major trading town in the Shadowland,” Zoe said, causing Gwen to look over at the girl.  She too had heard of the town.  One of the largest and known for its merchant shops from all over.  People came here to trade.  She would have to be careful, in case someone recognized her.

“Think you can make if from here?” Gwen asked, looking down at her tag-a long hoping the girl could.

“But I haven’t thanked you properly, and I have your shirt,” Zoe said, unsure about leaving. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 1

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 1:  A Lucky Encounter

Gwen walked down the street, trying to avoid people as much as possible.  The last thing she wanted to encounter, a fighter who wanted to prove something to his, or her, buddies.  While the chances of such a thing happening was small, she took no chances.  Her own high fighting power meant any fights she was in might cause her to stand out.  Up ahead she spotted the local market, another place she avoided if possible.  The haggling, people, and thieves made her cringe.  More than once some idiot tried to pick her pocket.

She made her way towards the inn, hoping it had room for the night.  She arrived in the city in good time, and without any raiders.  That surprised her.  Usually they targeted her, only seeing a lone woman walking down the road and thinking they had an easy target.  Many learned too late how powerful she was.

Inside the inn she noticed the clean atmosphere, along with the normal stares she always received.  She paid it no mind and moved towards the bar, where the innkeeper stood, sizing her up.  Her tall height, dark clothing, armor and sword always attracted attention. 

“Need a room for the night,” Gwen stated to the innkeeper, leaning against the counter with a casual air. Continue reading…