Fall and Winter

Well, the seasons are turning, the weather getting colder, at least where I am.  Depending on where you live things could be different.

Been working on a couple of stories, including the next part of the Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1 crossover story (didn’t think I was going to leave it at that did you)?

Finally added a spam blocker to the site to see if that cuts back on the number of spam messages I get here.  So far it’s blocking roughly 80 a day or so and I hope its not blocking anyone who is actually writing about the story. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 20

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 20

Lynn made her way into her house and sat down after a long two days.  She had stayed at the palace for two nights, as yesterday had been quite hectic.  Now she was glad to return home and some normalization.  Guards for the area had been doubled for now, and many palace employees lived in the area stated they would keep an eye out for any intruders and paparazzi.

Taking out a beer she sat down and turned on the TV flipping through till she found a movie and not anything about her on the news.  Taking out her phone she flipped though several reading the ones from Brea first.  She was excited and wanted a selfie with her and Elsa.  She also mentioned that reporters had come around and began talking to them and sent one to all of them.

No embarrassing stories, or no selfie.

She flipped to Hans who stated her was merely annoyed with the reporters, kept him from his classes yesterday.  He also was wondering when she might return his texts. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 19

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 19

Elsa moved back into the limo, leaving the party.  She had enjoyed it to an extent, but really wasn’t the social person her sister was.  Put her in a room full of diplomats and politicians and she could make small talk easily.  In a room full of people her own age, partying and such, she was out of her element.

Instead she allowed the others to do all the speaking, only speaking up occasionally in an effort no to embarrass herself.  Her outfit had been a success, and she and Anna had won first place in the costume contest.  Elsa wondered how much that had to do with who they were, or the outfits.

Lynn had relaxed as the evening wore on, from her nervousness at the beginning to now.   Overall, the evening was a success she thought and once people got over the shock things calmed down.

“I wonder,” Anna said musing as she moved to turn on the TV and flipped through a few channels before arriving at the one she wanted.  Elsa was not surprised to see which channel. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 18

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 18

Lynn shifted slightly in the chair.  She was at the palace having her make-up and hair done in preparation for the big event tonight.  She had texted Elsa a few times, seen Kristoff who wished her luck and that they would all be going together.  Rapunzel wanted to go but already had other plans.

She tried to get out of him what Elsa would be wearing, but was told only that it was a secret, but he couldn’t wait to see Anna’s outfit.  With a waggle of his eyebrows he walked away leaving her to her imagination.

Looking at the mirror she noticed her short black hair now was spiky, giving her an edgy appearance for her Jedi outfit.  She already had the outfit on, designed by someone in the palace staff for such things.  He had been actually excited about it, being a big Star Wars nerd and they spent quite a bit of time talking about the movies, Jedis and the Force.

She even had one of the best replica lightsabers, with a purple blade.  It was a recent development, and allowed a cosplayer to actually appear more like a Jedi, or Sith.  It was only the hilt and though hologram technology a ‘blade’ would appear.  It was only for show as it would go through anything so you couldn’t even use it for pretend duels. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 17

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 17

Elsa watched her mother take Lynn away before turning back to her father.  He seemed to be pondering several things as he rubbed his chin.  Elsa sat down and went over upcoming events.  Sure, there was the winter festival, but that seemed too far away to be any good.  Her father mumbled a few dates and seemed to not be pleased with any of them when one caught Elsa’s eye.

“What about the All Hallow Eve’s dance party I’m always invited to?” Elsa asked seeing her father look up.

“You’ve never attended before,” he said.

“I know, but it does gather a lot of attention,” she said.

“Hmm, it might work,” he said.  “It’s still a couple of weeks away though, you think you can handle that?  It’ll mean not seeing her as much as you’ve been seeing her.”

Elsa pouted at that, like a child being denied her favorite toy.  Her pout was interrupted by a laugh from her father. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 16

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 16

Elsa’s eyes widened in shock at the fact that one of Lynn’s friends had passed out and felt bad about it.  The red-head never hit the floor due to the fact Marshmallow caught her and now appeared to be looking as much in shock as Lynn’s friends had.

She looked over at a sudden laughter as Lynn’s male friend started laughing quite a bit.

“Oh, that’s so typical, I’ll have tease material for a week,” he said.

His laughter had broken the tenseness which had been in the room.  Elsa figured him to be Hans, the other two Brea and Jessica.

“I have to know this story,” the other friend said taking a seat at the table and looking at Lynn.  “I mean, you didn’t tell any of us, I thought we were your friends?” Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 15

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 15

Elsa made her way down the corridor, actually more like sneaking down the corridor towards one particular office.  Not seeing anyone she moved one down before reaching the door in question and quickly entered and closed the door behind her.

Standing in the room, bent over unpacking a box and looking at her strangely was Lynn, dressed in a sharp business suit, something which suited her.  The dark-haired woman stood straight up, even taller in heels, quickly covering the distance and giving Elsa a hug.

“So, what are you doing here princess?  Playing hooky?” Lynn asked.

“I can’t come see my girlfriend?” Elsa replied with a smile.

“Girlfriend huh, is that how you greet her?” Lynn replied with a smile as well. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 14

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 14

Lynn stood in line waiting like so many others, wearing her cap and gown.  She was graduating at long last.  She had a lot of things still to do, like get a job, but today, she would celebrate a milestone her in her life, graduating college with a degree she had studied hard to earn.

Minutes later they were walking into the area to sit down, they would listen to a few speakers before the diplomas would be handed out.  Everything went as it had during rehearsal the previous evening.  She found her chair sitting down waiting for the first speaker to start.  There was a report of a secret speaker which she looked at the program each were given.

At the end of the speakers was a guest speaker to be announced.  She figured she would have to wait to see who it was.  The normal speakers, a teacher and the top student, summa cum laude made a speech.  She felt proud to be a manga cum laude after everything in her life.

Now for the final speaker, and the mystery would be solved as the president of the university stepped forward. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 13

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 13

Elsa waited in silence for her parent’s response to such a statement.  Having their daughter date the niece of the most notorious gangster in the empire wasn’t something they all probably wanted.

“She told you this?” her father said.

“Yeah, said she doesn’t like him that much, they only speak due to the fact her parents were killed,” Elsa said.

“And how were they killed?” he asked.

Elsa froze for a seconds.  “I don’t know,” she finally stated.

“I think we can find that out,” her mother said.

“Yes, well until then, perhaps you shouldn’t see her anymore,” her father stated. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 12

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 12

Elsa looked down at her phone once more at the text from Lynn, so simple yet had so many things which could go wrong.

Have you told them?

Ever since she had gone to see Lynn one thing which came up would be she would tell her parents about her.  That way perhaps her father wouldn’t try pushing every prince on her at every meeting.

However, she worried about their reactions, not that Lynn was a girl, but that Lynn wasn’t a prince, or princess.  Anna had been supportive, as well as Kristoff, both of who told her to just go ahead after informing them of what happened, including the fight.  It scared Elsa how much the fight had affected her, a rush of emotion she never felt before. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 11

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 11

Lynn made her way into the kitchen area to make herself some dinner before her friends showed up to go see the fireworks nearby.  Flipping the TV on she decided to see what was on for an hour or so.  Elsa was tied up all day with events from the morning to evening, at least according to her schedule which she texted her, but promised to try.  So far there had been a few, one this morning, and another at lunch saying she was about to get real busy with dressing and other things.

Heating up a simple hamburger and taking out some chips she placed it down in front of the TV and flipped though the stations before settling in on a movie.  It was one she had seen before, a bit of a fantasy revolving around two fairies which was quite popular.  She liked it because of the actresses who played the lead roles.

Of course the outfits they wore were sexy as well.  Each wore knee high boots, gloves to the elbow, and some skimpy clothing, or more like leather bathing suits which changed though out the movie.  Despite all of that, there was no sex, though the two were romantically involved.

She finished up and put her dishes away and looked at the time.  Still a bit longer until the group got here.  They were meeting at her apartment because it was the best spot to gather as she didn’t have a roommate. Continue reading…