Fall and Winter

Well, the seasons are turning, the weather getting colder, at least where I am.  Depending on where you live things could be different.

Been working on a couple of stories, including the next part of the Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1 crossover story (didn’t think I was going to leave it at that did you)?

Finally added a spam blocker to the site to see if that cuts back on the number of spam messages I get here.  So far it’s blocking roughly 80 a day or so and I hope its not blocking anyone who is actually writing about the story. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 3

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 3

Lynn made her way back to the hotel room, almost forgetting which elevator to take.  It had been cold on the planet’s surface, a bitter wind had picked up halfway through her tour around the features.  It was interesting, and even spotted several geysers going off which she videoed.

Taking a moment to send the video off to Brea she realized a nice dip into the hot tub would be wonderful.  Quickly changing out she made her way over to the pool, setting her stuff down on the chair and looked over at the hot tub.  Taking her phone with her, glad she had the waterproof version and set down in the hot tub and texted Hans

A hot tub after a cold day, relaxing! 😉

She flipped though her e-mails, deleting those from Kris and reading some news, nothing much going on.  Her phone buzzed indicting a message this time from Brea. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 2

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 2

Elsa looked around her hotel room seeing that everything appeared nice, a bit small, but comfortable.  Making her way over to the TV she turned it on and flipped thought the channels until coming to one show.

“And now, we return to our count down the top ten most eligible people in the Empire,” the announcer said.

Elsa kept it on the channel, perhaps she might see someone interesting, or get an idea what others thought was beautiful and powerful.  Moving onto the bathroom she noticed the large bath and quickly decided on a course of action.  Her cell phone buzzed indicating a text from her sister.

Going to freshen up before going to supper, okay?

Elsa smiled a bit looking at the time, it was still early, still about fifteen minutes until six, plenty of time and sent back her message. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 1

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Disclaimer:  All right, this is a Frozen type of fanfiction story, but I took several characters and made it a sci-fi story.  It does have a girl-girl relationship, but it isn’t, repeat, isn’t between Anna and Elsa (yuck).


Part 1

Queen Trude Koenig watched her daughters.  Both seemed so opposite and yet they were perfect friends.  That thought seemed to cause her to pause as she considered something and looked on.

Her oldest daughter, Elsa, had long blonde hair which she usually kept in a long braid.  She was every much a product of her upbringing, sophisticated, polite, thoughtful and, perhaps, a bit too quiet at times.

Otto, her husband and the king, had raised Elsa with the task of taking over the kingdom when he retired.  They had a small kingdom in space, not as large as other empires, but they were comfortable and usually left alone. Continue reading…


Sith Lord Deserii _ Part 2

Sith Lord Deserii

By AJ Marks

Leaving Drumond Kaas

Deserii made her way along with an overly excited Vette towards the hanger where Baras said he had a ship waiting for her. Her adventure on the Sith capital had been enlightening to the politics going on behind the scenes along with who actually wielded power and who did not.

“I can’t believe it, he gave you a ship, I told you he would. I hope its something stylish, I’d had to go around the galaxy in something awful,” Vette stated as they entered the hanger. The young Twi’lek was almost skipping along beside Deserii, her energy infectious as she hoped the same thing.

Making their way along the hangar towards the correct docking bay. She stopped looking at the number then over at Vette. “This is the one.”

She watched trying to hide the smile as Vette took off to see what type of ship they had. Of course Deserii took that moment to look over the Twi’lek’s curves, which were shown off with the armor she wore. That was something Deserii made sure of before hearing Vette’s squeal. Continue reading…


The Bridge

The Bridge

Viola smiled glancing down at the small stream, the narrow, rickety bridge before looking back at her brother driving papa’s wagon.

“You can do it Herman,” she encouraged him.

“Do you think so?”

“Yeah, you can.  Just go straight,” she replied, urging him on.

“All right,” he said, giving the reigns a snap.

Viola watched as the wagon moved across the bridge.  For a second she thought he might make it across before the wagon’s right front wheel slipped and it fell off into the stream.

Smiling, she skipped home to tell papa Herman got the wagon stuck again.

End (based upon a true story that was told to me by my grandmother)


Hope Renewed

Hope Renewed

by AJ Marks

Jonas walked around the ship, his daily routine to keep himself fit. Like everyone on board the ship, they established a routine to help pass the days away. With so many people, they could only do so much unless you worked on the factory ship, or argo ships, the other ships they had plenty of time for boredom.

Ever since leaving the Colonies they had tried to survive. Food was rationed out, as was water to help preserve the precious resources. He had heard more than a few people grumble they should have stayed at the Colonies. At least there they had a planet and more space.

Jonas held no illusions that staying meant death. If you were lucky to survive things would not be easy either. They would be struggling for supplies, including food and water. The Cylons might have poisoned the water.

“Hello Jonas,” a voice said, causing him to look up to see Markus walking towards him. Continue reading…


Join the Space Guard

Join the Space Guard

by AJ Marks

The cold wind lashed at the window causing Brian to shiver.  He reached over turning up the heat in the one room outpost.

‘Come see the universe, join the Space Guard,’ the poster had said that day he joined.

More like come freeze your butt off in some outpost on a frozen rock watching for an enemy no one had seen in over a hundred years

A far scanner suddenly came to life.  He paled a bit at the screen seeing an entire Rashic invasion fleet.

As the ground shook from explosions he thought, I hate this planet.

The End


The Sith Empress – Part 33

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 33

Jessica made her way with Gaia as they entered the Jedi’s room.  It had few items that she could tell belonged to Gaia.  She watched as Gaia went though some drawers, pulling out some things and setting a small box on one of the shelves.

“What’s this?” Jessica asked, seeing the intricate patterns on the box as she picked it up and inspected it closer.

“Oh, that, I’m not sure, been in our family for generations,” Gaia replied.

“You haven’t opened it?” Jessica replied.  “I’m surprised.”

“Well, it’s not easy, and my mother said it would only open when the time was right, so far no one has been able to open it,” Gaia replied.

“So, no one knows what’s inside,” Jessica replied back to her. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 32

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 32

Jessica and Gaia made their way to a small area outside the temple, secluded enough to have a private conversation.  This is what they wanted, a private area for this conversation between them.

“So, what happened?” Gaia asked after sitting for a few minutes.

“It seemed that my trusted second betrayed me.  He had been with me the longest and planned this revolt,” Jessica replied.  “At least he did in the Sith way.”

“The Sith way?” Gaia asked trying to understand.  She knew little of the Sith.

“Its like this, the strongest are not always on top, that’s a misconception of the Jedi,” Jessica replied.  “Its who is the best, most cunning and powerful.  He hide that side of him from me very well, that ambition.  He picked his time well, and organized his supporters well and when the time was right, attacked.  The ship never had a chance to fight back.” Continue reading…