Fall and Winter

Well, the seasons are turning, the weather getting colder, at least where I am.  Depending on where you live things could be different.

Been working on a couple of stories, including the next part of the Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1 crossover story (didn’t think I was going to leave it at that did you)?

Finally added a spam blocker to the site to see if that cuts back on the number of spam messages I get here.  So far it’s blocking roughly 80 a day or so and I hope its not blocking anyone who is actually writing about the story. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 9

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 9

Lynn made her way to the door to see a couple of her friends standing there, Hans and Brea. Jessica was out of town today.

“Hey, glad you could make it,” Lynn said to them, allowing them inside. She had spent her morning packing things up.

“Well, friends stick to each other,” Hans said. “Jessica isn’t coming over?”

“She’s out of town, visiting her parents,” Lynn stated.

“Oh, right, thought she was coming back soon,” he said.

“Today, or more like tonight,” Lynn stated.

“Then we can have a get together and break in your new place,” Brea said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Lynn said. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 8

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 8

Elsa checked her phone again seeing nothing and felt slightly disappointed. Lynn should have arrived by now as they sat down to eat. They had gone out to eat at a fancy place, or so Rapunzel said, it was supposed to have some great food.

Placing her phone back into her pocket she listened as the others talked about what happened over the course of the day. They would be here for another three days. It felt different the moment Lynn left, as if she lost a friend, a friend she never knew she even had before. Sure, Anna and Rapunzel were there, but now she understood the term third wheel and hoped Lynn hadn’t felt that way.

Ordering their food her phone buzzed causing her to quickly take it out and saw the short message from Lynn.

Made it back, everything fine.

Elsa felt a wave of happiness flow though her at the few words on the screen before quickly typing back a reply. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 7

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 7

Lynn paused looking at her phone, her last full day had gone very well. Elsa claiming to be a bit tired decided to head back and go to the hot tub, asking if Lynn wanted to go with her. She had to balance being alone with Elsa and seeing the geothermal features. She reasoned, she could always return, but being alone with Elsa in a hot tub, she would probably never get another chance.

She hadn’t texted her friends much the past two days. They had texted her, asking her how things were going and such. She said fine, sent a few pictures of her in various areas, always sure not to send any with the royalty in it.

Now, as she changed she felt slightly nervous, true she felt attracted to Elsa, who wouldn’t be. She was going to be alone with a princess. She had learned a lot about the princess over the past couple of days, including a bit of how lonely she was for real friendship. She had talked with Kristoff a bit and learned that Anna and Rapunzel were probably Elsa’s closest friends. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 6

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 6

Elsa made her way back to her room with Anna beside her. She watched her sister flop onto the couch.

“I’m stuffed,” she announced. Kristoff had headed back to their room to check on some emails from his work so Anna came with Elsa.

“You did eat quite a bit,” Elsa said with a bit of a smile, the food had been excellent.

“So, what do you think of Lynn?” Anna asked, taking a look outside the window which had a nice view of the planet below.

Elsa took a second to consider the question. Lynn was a bit interesting making the trip a bit more interesting for her.

“Well, she’s fun to be around,” Elsa finally said.

“She likes you,” Anna said. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 5

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 5

Elsa stretched on the shuttle, breakfast had been enjoyable with few people coming up to them.  A few kids, which were usually fine, it was the adults which could be creepy at times.  Of course, she never quite knew what the kids would ask, sometimes it was cute and interesting, other times a bit too personal.

The shuttle was empty except for them, a perk of being royalty.  She looked across the way to see Lynn who was working on her phone.  She had been doing that since getting on board.

“Looking something up?” Elsa finally asked after a few seconds causing Lynn to look up at her.

“Oh, no, just texting my friends,” Lynn said.  “They’ve wanted a running commentary of what I’ve been doing, and some of the areas on the planet doesn’t have good reception.”

“Oh,” Elsa said, suddenly unsure about having her text about them. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 4

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 4

Elsa rushed around looking for something to wear.  She had taken out several outfits and so far nothing seemed to work.  Finally after several outfits she settled on one, a blue skirt and white blouse.

Then, taking some time to do her hair, she decided on a simple braid which she usually wore.  It was easy to maintain and fix, and guessed it looked good.  After all, it was good enough for the fans to voter her number one most eligible.

Looking over her reflection she was satisfied with her looks and just in time as there was a knock on the door.  Moving over, closing the door to the bedroom which hid the mess she made, she allowed Rapunzel and Eugene into the room.

“See, told you we’d be the first ones here,” Eugene stated.

“Well, I don’t like to be late,” Rapunzel replied in a huff. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 3

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 3

Lynn made her way back to the hotel room, almost forgetting which elevator to take.  It had been cold on the planet’s surface, a bitter wind had picked up halfway through her tour around the features.  It was interesting, and even spotted several geysers going off which she videoed.

Taking a moment to send the video off to Brea she realized a nice dip into the hot tub would be wonderful.  Quickly changing out she made her way over to the pool, setting her stuff down on the chair and looked over at the hot tub.  Taking her phone with her, glad she had the waterproof version and set down in the hot tub and texted Hans

A hot tub after a cold day, relaxing! 😉

She flipped though her e-mails, deleting those from Kris and reading some news, nothing much going on.  Her phone buzzed indicting a message this time from Brea. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 2

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 2

Elsa looked around her hotel room seeing that everything appeared nice, a bit small, but comfortable.  Making her way over to the TV she turned it on and flipped thought the channels until coming to one show.

“And now, we return to our count down the top ten most eligible people in the Empire,” the announcer said.

Elsa kept it on the channel, perhaps she might see someone interesting, or get an idea what others thought was beautiful and powerful.  Moving onto the bathroom she noticed the large bath and quickly decided on a course of action.  Her cell phone buzzed indicating a text from her sister.

Going to freshen up before going to supper, okay?

Elsa smiled a bit looking at the time, it was still early, still about fifteen minutes until six, plenty of time and sent back her message. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 1

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Disclaimer:  All right, this is a Frozen type of fanfiction story, but I took several characters and made it a sci-fi story.  It does have a girl-girl relationship, but it isn’t, repeat, isn’t between Anna and Elsa (yuck).


Part 1

Queen Trude Koenig watched her daughters.  Both seemed so opposite and yet they were perfect friends.  That thought seemed to cause her to pause as she considered something and looked on.

Her oldest daughter, Elsa, had long blonde hair which she usually kept in a long braid.  She was every much a product of her upbringing, sophisticated, polite, thoughtful and, perhaps, a bit too quiet at times.

Otto, her husband and the king, had raised Elsa with the task of taking over the kingdom when he retired.  They had a small kingdom in space, not as large as other empires, but they were comfortable and usually left alone. Continue reading…