What’s Going On!

What’s going on?

Times change and time goes on and I haven’t forgotten about the site.  Currently the original story ‘Master of Violence’ is being uploaded which is a complete re-work of a previous original story I had loaded.  I had looked it over and being one of the first stories I wrote it felt dated and bland.  It was updated a bit, and there are plans of who the ‘Dark Race’ actually is and why they do what they do.

That bit will come out in the next story which is currently being worked on.

My actual writing has slowed down a bit which is why there is a change to updating once a week a the moment.  I hope to be able to get back into the writing swing again in the future but one never knows how things will change.

The facebook page is still there, I don’t go on FB much anymore as I dislike the push of politics they are doing, not have I liked it for a couple of years now (and I’m not even talking about US politics).

I haven’t forgotten about the final story of the ID4/BSG crossover, but working thought a plot point which is stubborn.

There is a new Battlestar Galactica story in the works, wont’ give it away but hopefully I’ll have it complete soon as well to upload.  And been thinking about Voyage to Earth, working on a conclusion for that story.

Come back, visit, and hopefully enjoy the stories,



Master of Violence – Part 23

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 23

Mark rushed to the bridge of the Enterprise as the alarm sounded.  Reaching the bridge he noticed the usual activity going on and caught conversations going on.

“Contact, four incoming O’krad warships.”

“Enhancing emitters are turned off.”

“Situation?” Mark ordered reaching the center of the bridge even as the battle scanner came to life showing him the position of all ships and the incoming warships.

“We have four O’krad warships incoming.  They appear to be coming in as they did last time.”

“All right, have the fleet move out, inform all commands of the ships, and get me the Pak,” Mark said having to wait only a few moments before the Leceaubia alien, Korr, appeared on the screen.  It had taken Mark a few times to get over the pink hair the alien had which seemed to clash with the red skin and orange eyes.

“Admiral Mark,” Korr said.

“I take it you know about the incoming O’krad ships?” Mark said.

“Yes, they appeared on our scanners a few seconds ago,” Korr replied.

“I need the Pak to defend the civilian ships for now, we’re headed to engage their warships, Mark said, he had some reservations about how well the ‘rebellion’ ships operated after hearing they didn’t kill.

“Very well,” Korr said.

Mark watched, and used what he had learned from the rebellion to close the distance on the O’krad ships and held back launching the fighters.  To his surprise it appeared the O’krad warships seemed to be ignoring, or couldn’t see, the Enterprise and her escorts. They had gone through several tests with the rebellion’s scanners to get an idea of how close they might be able to get before they were detected.

“Almost in weapons range.”

Mark turned to Hans who stood nearby waiting for the orders, while giving out maneuvering instructions.

“Try and keep us outside detection range,” Mark said.

“No problem,” Hans said, giving another order to turn slightly.

Mark looked on at the scanners seeing that the enemy warships had moved slightly to head towards the rebellion’s warship as if they never noticed the Enterprise.  Well, that would change shortly in his mind.

“Open fire!” he ordered.  “Launch fighters.”

The orders were relayed to the right stations as everyone went to work now.  He listened in as reports came in on damage to the enemy ships.

Once more watching the scanners he noticed the O’krad ships appeared confused as there was no coordinated effort to strike back.  He realized he needed to strike hard, and fast, as it was something they were probably not used to dealing with.  He had spent some time going over reports of battles between the rebellion and the O’krad and it almost seemed childish in nature.

The rebellion not doing anything special to attack, and took efforts to not really harm the enemy ships.  Mark understood Earth’s defense force would not take the same actions, they were out to destroy the enemy.

He watched as the Enterprise and the fleet maneuvered to maintain their stealth advantage.  Even as he looked on the fighters rushed to engage quickly engaging the enemy as well, making strafing runs on the enemy ships.  He thought about the upcoming bombers which were in production and hoped they might help in battles.

So far the battle lined up as he had planned and with the intel from the rebellion they used that bit of information about the stealth technology to hopefully improve their attack.  From what Mark noticed he thought the O’krad ships had yet to detect the Enterprise of the destroyers.  It gave them a tremendous advantage, and explained the previous battle and why they attacked the station and not the Enterprise right away.

“We have four Fres cruisers incoming.”

That was something else they had learned from the rebellion, the type of ships the enemy had along with a few names.  The O’krad had attacked once more with cruisers, they did have a battlecruiser type of ship like the Enterprise but it was rarely seen.  Mark had a feeling they didn’t have many, as intel agreed.

The battle lined up as he hoped as every ship went for the kill.  He noticed damage to one of the ships, and the fact they were again slow to adapt to the tactics making him wonder if the O’krad were unused to such resistance from their targets.  He knew they would learn that humanity wasn’t a race that would roll over and allow them to conquer them without bloodshed.


Toncor walked along with Belru catching up with things.  He learned that the resistance had lost several ships in defense of his homeworld, to the point where the resistance was in danger of ceasing to exist at all.  They had about a dozen warships now, but the humans had even less.

“So, this human race, what do you think of them?” Belru asked.  “They have been hungry for knowledge about the Dark Race.”

Toncor gave it some thought and what he had learned about the humans before responding.

“I recall something one said to me not long ago, and have seen it with one of their ancient philosophers,” Toncor said.  “Something about knowing the enemy to know yourself.”

He watched Belru think about that before replying as well.

“Doesn’t make much sense to me,” he finally said.  “Why would anyone want to know about the Dark Race?”

“I think its to know how they will act to certain actions,” Toncor said.

“They are a race who conqueror others,” Belru said.  “What else is there to know?”

“The O’krad are like that, but why?  It’s something I’ve always asked and wondered even more lately after being with the humans.  Why are they conquering everyone?” Toncor asked

“That I don’t have the answer to.  The humans have asked me that question as well.”

“They are very different than any other race I’ve come across yet,” Toncor said.  “Not that I’ve come across many, but they are different in their attitudes.  They are willing to fight, and it made me wonder why we are not?”

“Why?  Killing is something which is against the very nature of the universe,” Belru said.

“Yes, according to what we know,” Toncor said knowing he was wading into strange and untested arguments.  “But look at their planet, death is at the very fabric of their being.  Everything is revolved around it to an extent.”

“Death is natural, we all will experience it,” Belru said.  “I‘m not sure where you’re going with this Tonor.  You go down a dangerous path.”

“Perhaps,” Toncor said.  “But the humans have an honor about them, also very much a part of who they are, and something they all take seriously.”

Toncor would have said more but a lot of activity got his attention as they stopped to look around.  He noticed Jeff making his way toward them.

“Is there a problem Senator?” Toncor asked.

“We’re under attack again, four O’krad ships were spotted,” Jeff said to him.

Toncor looked over at Belru who seemed to think about this.

“Four, it’s a bigger force,” Belru replied.

“Yeah, but not much, we should win this battle as well,” Jeff said.

“Why are you so confident?” Belru asked confusion in his voice that Toncor heard.

“We’ve determined a lot more about their capabilities and really, if it had been us we would have sent a force twice the size of the first fleet,” Jeff replied back.  “It’s almost as if they didn’t learn from the first attack.”

“They are a dangerous group,” Belru said.  “They won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“Oh, we know,” Jeff replied.  “We won’t give them that opportunity if possible.”

Toncor looked on at the two pondering the words Jeff spoke about not giving them an opportunity.  It was exactly what the rebellion had done, given them opportunity after opportunity to kill them without fighting back at all.

He became to wonder if the rebellions philosophies actually limited how much they would actually fight the O’krad.  They were really fighting without doing anything with the thought the passive resistance would win the O’krad over.  But if the O’krad had any history like the humans those ideals were doomed to failure.

“How does the defense go?” Toncor asked Jeff.

“So far, from reports the O’krad ships are being beaten, the last report indicated one enemy ship destroyed,” Jeff replied.  “I was on my way to see what other news I could learn.”

Toncor looked at the two and then followed Jeff to see what was going on as well.  They arrived at one of the briefing room and he noticed a lot of people moving around and a scanner in the middle of the room.  He made sure to remain out of everyone’s way and merely observed what was going on along with Belru standing next to him.

“Very interesting,” Belru finally said after a few moments of observing.  “They are most efficient.”

Toncor had to agree.  They moved around giving out information without crowding each other allowing anyone watching to gain the information needed.  Tonor realized it was a room for the senators, or other political officials to keep up with what was going on as no actual orders were being given.

He turned his attention to the scanners, seeing the movement of the enemy fleet.  There appeared to be little coordination with the ships, as one appeared to be turning around, while the other two were moving away from each other.

“Looks like they are splitting up,” Jeff said.

“Splitting up?” Belru asked.

“Trying to gain more information about what is going on,” Jeff replied.  “Or they are just confused, sometimes it hard to tell.”

“Everything we’ve learned is the Dark Race does things with a purpose,” Belru replied back.

“But what happens when they are confused by something?” Jeff replied back.  “How do they handle confusion in battle?”

“Confusion in battle?” Belru asked.

“Yeah, there is an old saying, no battle plan survives the first engagement,” Jeff stated as Toncor watched the exchange while watching the O’krad ships and the human ship closing in for the kill.  It seemed strange but once the ships split the humans became more aggressive.

“You’re ships seem more aggressive?” Toncor finally asked.

“Ah, they were stronger together, apart they are easier targets,” Jeff replied.

Another human approached and spoke to Jeff.

“How are things going?” he asked.

“Good Greg, looks like we’ll beat this attack off as well,” Jeff replied.

They continued to watch the battle for a bit longer until another O’krad ship was destroyed and the remaining two, one which was already retreating, ran for escape the battle.

“Looks like we’ve bloodied their nose twice,” Greg said.

“Yeah, but we can expect a larger attack force next time,” Jeff said.

“I’m beginning to wonder about that, if their empire is so big, do they really have a large military, or is it stretched across the cosmos,” Greg said.

The question caught Toncor off guard as well as he considered that question.  Surely the O’krad had a huge empire, and if they really did, they should have a military which was very large.

“But having a large military means its stretched across the universe and they are unable to bring the full weight of it to bear against us,” Jeff replied back.  “Intelligence is already working to see if they can figure out how large their military is.”

“We’ve calculated their fleet to number at least a hundred warships,” Belru stated speaking up.  Greg seemed to not understand and Toncor realized he didn’t have a translator on.

“At least a hundred, that’s not good news,” Jeff said.  “They could easily overwhelm our defenses.”

Toncor watched as Jeff seemed to think about that for several seconds.  “But if they are spread out across the galaxy, and unable to concentrate their forces, it’s an advantage for us.”

“Will we have time to gather our forces?” Greg said.

Toncor considered it all wondering what might happen next.

End part 23

Continued in part 24


Master of Violence – Part 22

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 22

Jeff looked on as the shuttle landed allowing several aliens out.  Toncor stood next to him, and surprisingly Yissffer, who was still here despite their protests and shouting they were going to leave.

“Welcome to Earth,” Jeff said to them knowing the translators had been set up for everyone’s language.  They had worked on it before the meeting.  Since the systems were similar the exchange went very quickly.

“Thank you,” one of the taller aliens said, he had grey hair making him look older to Jeff, but he waited to make a judgement as grey could be a natural color and it could turn another color though aging.  A second alien had red skin and red hair along with the most unusual orange eyes.

“I’m Jeff.” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 21

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 21

The door opened to the office as Belru looked up from going over reports.  Reports from the Dark Race had been quietly lately which was highly unusual for them and concerned everyone.

“What’s the news?” he asked looking at the officer in front of him.

“We intercepted an interesting message, it makes no sense to us,” the reply came.  “They hoped you might be able to figure it out.”

Belru looked up as the report was placed in front of him.  The message indicated, from what he could make out, that they had attacked another target but something strange happened during the invasion.  Looking it over some more he deciphered a bit more from the message.

“Interesting, and unknown,” he finally replied.  “It appears they attacked a new target, one we were unaware of.  But this one has caused them trouble.  From what I can decipher they had to retreat.” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 20

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 20

Toncor looked around the room.  He had returned back to the Pakkara to inform them of what the situation was back on Earth and what their options were considering their engines had been repaired.

“We can leave at any time,” Hakkas said to them.  “The engineers have gone over the repairs and deemed the repairs complete.”

“Then we can finally put some distance between us and this Dark Race,” Aviella said.

Toncor almost winced a bit at the term Dark Race after using O’krads while on Earth’s surface.  It felt like an irrational fear of something they didn’t know. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 19

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 19

Angie turned to the cry shock in her eyes upon seeing Heather standing there.

“Heather,” Angie replied, as they hugged.  In a way she had resigned herself to never seeing any of her friends again.

“How did you survive?” they both asked at once.

“Actually, Jack here,” Angie said motioning towards jack watching as Heather’s eyes went wide and pulled her close.

“He didn’t try anything on you, I know he’s sweet on you,” Heather whispered.

“No,” Angie said as everyone now was looking at them. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 18

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 18

Toncor activated the screen seeing Hakkas appear on the screen.

“Want to tell me what happened?” he asked.  “Things got real tense there for a moment.”

“The Dark Race appeared here,” Toncor said seeing the panic on Hakkas’ face.

“What do we do?” Hakkas asked confusing Toncor for a second.  What was there to do with the engines down?

“Do?  Do nothing.  They were beaten back by the humans,” Toncor replied back to him.  Hakkas went silent for several seconds before finally saying anything.

“Beaten back?  That sounds impossible,” Hakkas stated, his voice sounding stunned by the events which happened. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 17

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 17

“Scanner contact!”

Mark heard the cry as he walked onto the bridge looking over to see the scanner operator looking over at the others who seemed almost relieved to see him walk onto the bridge.

“Situation,” Mark said making his way over to the center area.  “And display on the combat scanner.”

He only had to wait a few seconds before it displayed and he looked on.  He noticed three ships this time.

“Red alert,” Mark said.  “Inform all commands, military and civilian.  Any conformation on what ships they are?”

“Computer is working on it now.” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 16

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 16

Mark sat at his desk listening in on the call.  He was now receiving daily updates from intelligence on the surface of the planet, along with Richard who was also in and the President.  Currently they were going over the latest intel they received from Sierra from him.

“To conclude, the O’krad appear to have similar technology to our own, or at least the ground weapons.  It’s unknown the penetration power of the bullets but overall weapon is similar to a rifle,” the intel officer said, a man who still wore glasses and had greying hair.

“What do you think the situation might be if they decide to attack?” Richard asked.

“We still don’t know, but we did gather some new intel from the Volors and their computers,” the intelligence officer replied.  “Complied with their intelligence we think they have at least three different types of warships.  The first is a large ship, probably used for the planetary bombardments as they would require a large amount of space.  We also think they have two different types of space combat ships.  The larger one, probably similar to our battlecruiser class, while the others are escorts of some sort.” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 15

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 15

Angie made her way along with Jack though the very dark streets.  There was little light, but up ahead there appeared to be some activity going on by the light in the sky.  It did make her cautious about going too far and close but Jack seemed to want to get closer.

Moving along in silence they continued as the lights grew brighter as they approached the construction going on.  Finally they moved closer and were able to see what was going on from their vantage point.  It appeared there were groups cleaning up the debris, and not everyone was human.  She could see several aliens of different types moving along around working.

The groups were picking up and removing debris all by their hands, no machinery at all causing Angie to frown at the labor intensive work when there were better ways.

She spotted a couple of guards walking around.  They stopped and shouted a few things at one of the workers who appeared to back up almost fearful of what was going on.  Before Angie could even prepare for it the guard shot the worker.  She placed her hand over her mouth to prevent anything from coming out. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 14

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 14

Angie made her way along with Jack back to the town.  They had spent some time looking around at nearby areas, and avoiding a couple of patrols of the invaders.  They seemed to be wary of Earth creatures, shooting at just about everything including squirrels.  While it was a bit amusing for Angie, she quickly recognized the danger despite the fact they had one of their weapons.

Jack had been able to figure out how it worked, and stated it was a similar principle as a gun, shooting some sort of bullet in a magazine.  She wasn’t sure about it all, but it seemed to give him something to do, and she found it was amusing to watch as he tried to figure it out.

Now they were scouting out the town for something.  Jack seemed to have some sort of plan and it required her phone.  He took a few pictures which Angie considered unimportant, including some pictures of the aliens who were patrolling the forest.

They were back during the day and the smell was starting to grow each time they came into the town.  She remained quiet but resorted to breathing though her nose as they looked around.  He took a few more pictures before they returned to the ruined mall. Continue reading…