Fall and Winter

Well, the seasons are turning, the weather getting colder, at least where I am.  Depending on where you live things could be different.

Been working on a couple of stories, including the next part of the Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1 crossover story (didn’t think I was going to leave it at that did you)?

Finally added a spam blocker to the site to see if that cuts back on the number of spam messages I get here.  So far it’s blocking roughly 80 a day or so and I hope its not blocking anyone who is actually writing about the story. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 7

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 7

Jeff watched Toncor’s expression by his answer.  The alien had not been expecting to hear such a bold answer, but it was the only one Jeff could give and live with himself.  He never was one to back down if confronted and they would be fighting for their home.  That was a powerful incentive for any human.

“I see,” Toncor finally said.  “Why?”

“This is our home, we were born here, grew up here, its where my family is, if that’s not worth fighting for, what is?” Jeff said.

“You can always move your family, find a new home,” Toncor said logically.

“Yes, but you are forever running, are you not?  Nothing has been solved,” Jeff replied.  “I can’t imagine a nice life for my son or daughter in such an environment, always running and looking over your shoulder for this Dark Race to appear once more.  You couldn’t settle down out of fear.” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 6

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 6

Toncor looked on at the situation going on.  It had been a few Earth days now since their arrival at Earth.  Things appeared to be looking up, the portable communicators had been prepared which they could wear without the larger translator.  It appeared as a small unit in their ears, the humans said it appeared as a hearing aide.

Hakkas walked up to him.

“How go the repairs?” Toncor asked.

“It will take some time, they have to develop the parts from scratch, but they seemed confident it can be done,” Hakkas said back to him.

“Good,” Toncor said lapsing back into silence.  Once more his thoughts went back to the humans and their reactions in the first meeting.  Since that first meeting there had been no discussion about the ‘Dark Race’, other than a few side talks which were out of the public eye.  In fact, the officials of the human government seemed to want to keep any mention of such a race quiet to the point they asked Toncor and the others not to mention it in front of anyone else, including other workers. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 5

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 5

Jeff sat back listening in, taking some notes of who was who.  The captain he dismissed a bit, but he had been the one working the machine so perhaps he was also knowledgeable with machines.  He might also be there for security, like Richard and Mark were.  Things were interesting for sure.  He noticed Isa seemed thoughtful as well.

“I welcome you in peace, and hopefully a long lasting friendship,” Jeff said.

He noticed that Toncor looked over at Aviella before speaking.

“We thank you, but we come to require some assistance with our ship,” Toncor said.  “Our jump engines were damage forcing us to this location instead of our intended location.”

That caused Jeff to frown, even as the rumble of thunder rolled though the room.  He noticed that the three aliens jumped slightly at the sound. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 4

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 4

Jeff Cerial walked into his office having been called in for an emergency.  He sat down waiting a bit surprised when the President, Natile Carter also walked in.

“Thank you all for coming,” she said sounding a bit harried.  She appeared as if she had been working hard over something.

He looked around seeing a few others, including Admiral Jorkenstein sitting in the room and wondered what might have happened.

“The press has only started to pick it up, but it won’t last long,” she said to them all.  “Admiral, if you’ll update us all as to the situation.”

“Thank you madam President,” Richard said standing up and activating a screen.   “Two hours ago the Enterprise was testing a new, more efficient jump drive along with the scientific research vessel Nautilus.” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 3

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 3

“Captain, new contact,” Toncor heard one of the bridge crew members say.  They had been repeating the message for a while now but so far nothing had been repeated back to them and this was beginning to unnerve him a bit.

A short time ago the fighter had turned around and headed back in a direction it came from after passing by close a few times.  It had tried to communicate with them, but the limited number of times didn’t allow the computer to translate the messages.

However, with this new contact there was some sort of hope.

“Second contact,” the scanner operator said.

Toncor frowned a bit, two ships to go with what they saw were fighters. Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 2

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 2

Toncor looked over at the captain having learned his name, Hakkas.  The man had a grim look on his face which meant something was wrong.

“Sorry Toncor, the engines are damaged, we might get another couple of jumps out of them, but beyond that they’ll risk exploding if we push them too much,” he said to him.  “We’ll need to find a planet for the next jump.”

“Anything around here?” Toncor said, as he moved to the plotting room with the captain.

“I’ve got one of my team working on it, never much of a predictor of what systems had what.  I captained a ship, go to point A to B and make sure things get done,” Hakkas said apologetically.

“No need, I understand,” Toncor said, knowing such a question should be given to someone with knowledge of astrology.  “Do we have anyone who is?” Continue reading…


Master of Violence – Part 1

Master of Violence

by AJ Marks

Part 1

Toncor looked on at the bridge as the captain quickly made preparations for leaving the system.  Things had become very hectic after the latest bit of news, they were coming.  The enemy they all believed didn’t exist at all were now about to invade their home.  An enemy whose power was unreal in the universe along with their evil.  Even now he knew some ships were out there delaying the enemy in a hope to allow more ships to actually escape.

“Incoming call from the Ullis,” the captain said to Toncor.

“Put it though,” Toncor replied, watching as a blue-skinned alien appeared on his screen.

“I hope you’re ready to leave, we can’t hold them much longer,” the alien said.

“You’ve done enough,” Toncor replied.  “This alien race is beyond anything we’ve ever encountered before.”

“I wish we could have done more,” the alien said, even as the communications wavered slightly.  “Took a hit, not sure we’ll last much longer.” Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 25

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 25

Lynn fiddled with her hands, very nervous about what was going to happen, something she still couldn’t believe.

“Would you settle down,” her friend Brea said, from where she sat looking over at Lynn.

“I can’t help it,” Lynn replied.

“Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here about to do this,” Jessica said.

“Hans had a fit, he really wanted to be part of this,” Brea replied.

“He is,” Lynn said, knowing he was somewhere.

“He wanted to be here,” Brea said.  “Just to look at us changing.” Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 24

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 24

Lynn made her way around the house on the weekend.  Weather forecasts called for light snow flurries, but not much actual snowfall today.  In all, it was a good day to do nothing except curl up and watch a good movie, or perhaps there was a good game on.

Flipping through the channels she stopped upon seeing a field hockey game and a familiar team, the Venus Flytraps.  Still thinking what an awful name, she could watch one of her former teammates in high school play professional.  Sanya Kretchtov, a tall athletic girl who seemed to live for playing field hockey.

Lynn had changed into comfortable and warm clothes this morning, flannel.  Elsa had texted her earlier this morning saying she really had nothing up today either and wondered what her plans were.  Lynn had replied back nothing, lounging at home today.  That had been earlier this morning and hadn’t heard anything since then.  Seeing it was close to lunch time she wondered into the kitchen to go through her small supplies of food in her house.  She spent so much time at the palace she forgot to keep a better stock of food at home. Continue reading…


Princess Elsa – Part 23

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 23

Lynn made her way into the activities celebrating Elsa’s birthday, a big event in the empire.  It seemed like just about everyone was here, from politicians to celebrities, even foreign diplomats and royalty.  Now she was moving around, talking with people she never imagined herself talking to a few months ago.

“Ah, so you’re the princess girlfriend,” another person asked, walking up to her.  It slightly annoyed her to be called that, after all, she did have a name but understood that people would make associations instead of names, something Kristoff mentioned to her.

“Yes, Lynn,” she replied back giving her name.

“Is it true, how you two met?” he asked her.

“Depends on what you’ve read, but the official version, yes, we met while we were both on vacation,” Lynn replied back to him.  There were a few other versions, including her stalking the princess but no evidence to such a thing.  A tabloid had picked up that she was gay, and always had a slight crush on the princess.  Lynn always snorted at that, like who wouldn’t? Continue reading…