Black Alpha One – Part 8

Black Alpha One

By AJ Marks

Part 8

Adama waited in silence as Gabrielle appeared a bit shocked at what he said. He looked over at the others, Uri seemed patient, and Apollo and Starbuck looked as confused as Gabrielle did.  He hoped, for a micron, that they had heard of the planet but he tried to temper his hope.

“Earth, you’re looking for Earth,” Gabrielle finally asked, her voice seemed strained.

“Yes, the thirteenth tribe and our lasts hope,” Adama replied back to her. He wondered if they would have to leave their help and keep going.

“You’re heard of Earth?” Uri asked speaking up.

“Um, yeah, its what I call my home planet,” Gabrielle finally replied.

Now Adama felt the shock. The situation had taken a very unusual turn of events.  The young woman in front of him not only said she had heard of Earth, but probably was from Earth.  He marveled at the mysterious ways the universe seemed to work.  Not only had he found Earth, but somehow, though a quirk no one would ever understand, Earth understood their fight.

“You said you reversed engineered a battlestar,” Apollo stated. “How large is your fleet?”

Adama watched her quickly speak with the admiral before replying.

“I’m authorized to tell you we have at least five battlegroups, each is centered around a battlestar with several other warships, usually five to seven along with other various supply ships,” Gabrielle replied to them.

Adama gave it come thought realizing that the Earth fleet consisted of at least twenty-five warships and perhaps a great deal more considering she stated at least five battlegroups. It meant Earth might have even more, and even with only five battlestars, add in the Galactica and their experience they had six battlestars.  He wondered how Cain would handle such a fleet of ships.

“How far away is your planet?” Uri asked, steering the conversation to another aspect of the discussion.

“We’re at the furthest part of know space for us,” Gabrielle said. “We didn’t want to meet the Cylons too close to home.”

Adama nodded understanding the wise course of action the Earthlings had taken. He felt a bit relieved knowing that that it was one less battle to fight, some on Earth understood the danger the Cylons would pose and took actions to prevent it.  He looked back over at Uri, who appeared to have something else to say.

“Our situation is getting dire, ships are starting to fail and supplies are running low. Even food is going to become critical soon,” he said surprising Adama with the bluntness of the admission to them despite knowing the conversation would come up.  They looked at each other and both understood the situation.

“It is as he says, we have some ships which are in catastrophic failure,” Adama said knowing the admission shocked Apollo and Starbuck who probably didn’t know. The council had covered the stats knowing if the information got out panic could ensue among the civilians.  “One of our argo ships, which provide the fleet with food, is failing.  When that happens we won’t have enough food for our people.  The condition is critical, but stable, but could change at any moment.”

“How many people are on board these ships,” Gabrielle asked then relayed the information to the others.

“Each ship holds between a hundred to a thousand people, the Galactica holds two thousand people,” Adama said. “Every system in the fleet is pushed to the limit or beyond.”

He watched as another conversation occurred and wished he understood the language.

“We can send the information back to our headquarters, we don’t have any authority to do much,” Gabrielle finally said. “But we can provide what assistance we can until a decision is made.  They will probably wish to speak to your leaders.”

Adama nodded knowing the situation for both sides. The commanders of the battlegroups could only do so much while the political leaders wanted to exercise their authority as well, a fine line many tread.  It also meant he was split, he wanted to go, but needed to stay with the fleet with Cylons so close now.

“I can go Adama,” Uri said. “We both know I can speak for the council and that you are needed on the Galacitca.  You’re military experience is needed now that the Cylons have found us again.

“You’ll take an escort,” Adama said.

“I would expect nothing less,” Uri said. “How about these two?” he said pointing to Starbuck and Apollo.

Adama looked over at them, knowing they would be fine. Apollo could council Uri if anything about the military came up.  They appeared indifferent to the suggestion.

“Then its decided, I’ll stay and meet with your leaders. Do I go to them or do we use a communicator?” Uri asked watching as Gabrielle spoke rapidly with the admiral once more.

“Going to our planet would make some leaders, hopefully, believe the situation,” Gabrielle stated.

“Then its settled,” Uri said. Adama would return back to the fleet while the others headed towards Earth and lay the foundation for relations between the two groups.


Jonas sat in the large viewing room, one of the few places on the ship which had a view out into space. Not that he could see much anyways, a few ships, always the same ships and one might see a viper or shuttle fly by if they were lucky.  Most people came to the post to get away, but on board a crowded ship even here you were never alone.

Today several people were sitting in the room, all looking out the window. People were usually quiet in here, a spot to get away from the noise elsewhere on the ship.  An unspoken rule had developed here and most kept it.  Off to one side there was a large screen, which showed movies and news to keep people informed and entertained.

For now he sat looking out at the view which seemed to never change, despite some changes to the view in distance space. He might see a supply ship moving past, but not today.  He heard the alarms from earlier, and some news that the fleet was under attack.  Of course rumors abound, everything from another race to the Cylons had been brought forth.  He listened but dismissed almost all of them.

He silently hoped, as did many that it wasn’t the Cylons. He feared the ship he was on would not survive the battle considering the whispers of failing systems, weakening hull and many other problems.  He tried to block them out, but each day the whispers grew louder, especially if people saw the crew repairing something.  He heard rumors that the other ships in the fleet were in similar situations, and overall, the mood was bleak.  Ships were not made for such long term habitation and voyages.

“Hey, look at that,” a voice said catching his attention and he looked up.

He spotted the bow of the Galactica beginning to appear in the window. He watched for a while, not sure when he might get another opportunity to see such a sight again.  The sheer size of the ship was awe inspiring and represented so much to the people in the fleet.  The ability to defend themselves and a hope for a better future, as long as it continued to be operational.

The beauty of the ship never ceased to amaze him. It was a ship that was now unique in the universe.  Two massive hangers, one on each side, which housed the viper squadrons responsible for so much of the fleet defense.  The warriors who manned the ship would do everything they could to protect the fleet, and he had a feeling they would die for the fleet.  He noticed the nameplate on the ship, GALACTICA, and felt slightly proud of the ship before the might engines of the ship appeared.

Several children ran excitedly into the room, their voices echoing in the quietness. It was a sound he wish he heard more often, but a ship wasn’t a spot to raise a family.  They ran straight towards the window and pressed their faces up against the glass even as a few more people entered the room spurred on by the fact others probably stated the Galactica was going by.

Jonas thought about leaving before it became too crowded. Standing he took one last look at the children and paused seeing where their attention was focused.  It wasn’t on the Galactica like he figured, but off to the side where he couldn’t see.  He inched forward almost to the glass and blinked at a sight which froze him, the bow of another battlestar coming into view.

His thoughts immediately went to the Pegasus and somehow Commander Cain had managed to return. Even as the thought went through his mind he realized something different.  This ship looked a bit different than the Galactica.  It looked similar but he looked at the Galactica and back again seeing small differences.  Even as he saw it others were whispering Cain and Pegasus behind him as the ship came into their view.

The atmosphere of the room changed, a slight buzz of excitement which hadn’t been there before grew. He finally managed to see the name, and froze wondering if somehow the universe was playing a trick on them as he failed to recognize it, SEYDLITZ.  He tried to pronounce it but stumbled around the letters.  Even more amazing was the fact another ship appeared in his view.  A smaller ship but a warship from what he could see as it had weapon mounting all over.

By now the buzz in the room had elevated to a point he had never been part of in a long time, not sense the thought they might actually have peace between the Colonials and Cylons. Some vipers flew by as another couple of ships entered their view and then a third battlestar came into view.  A sight he never thought he see again, more than two battlestars and here he was looking at three.

People no longer spoke in whispers and rumors started to spread. They were from a lost fleet that they thought had been destroyed, or somehow from Commander Cain.  No one knew the exact reason why the ships were there, only that they represented a new hope to everyone in the room.

He turned at the tone indicating there was going to be an important announcement. Everyone split their attention to the screen which had come to live and what they could see outside the window.  The emblem of the Galactica appeared before Commander Adama’s face appeared on the screen and he figured they would learn something.

“This is Commander Adama to every man, woman and child of the fleet. We’ve struggled through many trying times, times which would have broken even the strongest among us.  I am proud of all of you, you have put up with extraordinary circumstances and yet we have pushed to survive in spite of long odds,” Adama said, pausing for a few microns.   “By now there are many rumors spreading around the fleet, including ones about new warships and battlestarss.  They are the Battlestars Seydlitz and Kiev along with support warships.  A short time ago I stood aboard the Seydlitz, talking to its commander and learned he, and the battlestars, were from Earth.”

The room went silent upon hearing those words as the shock settled in. This fleet was from Earth?  Within seconds people started to cheer, emotions poured out as people celebrated, hugging whoever was closest.  Jonas felt tears on his cheeks, but was smiling as he hugged and was hugged by everyone around him even as Adama continued.

“The additional warships will help protect the fleet from the Cylons, who have once more found us. We are working to get you off the ships, but the Earthers do not speak our language.  I call for patience when dealing with our new allies.  As I speak a member of the Council is headed to Earth to begin talks with their leaders.  We will update you when we have new news.”

The screen went back to the emblem of the Galactica. People barely heard the last part, everyone was overjoyed they had found Earth.

They had hope for the future.

The End.

8 thoughts on “Black Alpha One – Part 8

  1. The grammar was a little rough in the last 2 chapters. Also, the 10 year problem was made even worse by having Earth create fleets of ships. Not believable at all considering that Earth was not on a war footing. Overall, this was, by far, the least interesting that I’ve read from you. This just wasn’t a story worth telling, IMO.

  2. I could see earth creating it’s own fleet fairly quickly
    given the ability to copy and not invent the technology.
    Kind of reminds me of Robotech/Macross after the SDF-1 crash lands. Look how fast the US built ships during WW2
    thought most were cookie cutter Liberty type ships

    Similarly during WW2, there were complaints of too much money being spent and materials shortages and rationing from the civilian population.

    Not sure such a massive ship could crash land and a huge reverse engineering program could be so easily hidden though. The shipyards would have to be built somewhere outside of earths orbit or on the backside of the moon or someone with a telescope would notice even an amateur telescope.

    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    I for one feel the story is worthwhile and await further installments.
    Chuck E.

  3. I like it. Love to see a sequel. Its different and I really like to know what ship crashed and how they decided to build a fleet. Its possible to build up that large a fleet but diffucult as well. I love to see how it came about.

  4. I like this story. The grammar and spelling was a slight problem. I offer my assistance. I think you should revise the story. I would rewrite it to have Cain finding Earth, making first contact and preparing for the Galactica and the fleet. To me that is a better plot line. What happened to Cain? He escaped the battle and wandered. He made contact, changing Earth forever. Once Earth realized it was not alone, many of her social problems were solved. Medicine, health, the environment, etc., improved based on the arrival of the Pegasus. Earth humans truly became brothers. Earth has been preparing for Adama’s arrival and the Cylons. Consider this angle. Much more plausible.

    “Adama, you old war daggit! It’s about time you showed up. Where’s my daughter”?

    • When I first started this story I read many such stories of Cain arriving at Earth and helping build up its military and such. So for me when I started the story it was a more unique approach.

  5. Consider the angle of Cain being alive, finding Earth, and preparing for the fleet’s arrival. It’s more plausible. .

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