New Year

New year and new challenges ahead.

Got many things on my plate this year, and as a result my writing is suffering from it.  I still am writing, and am pushing to get back into writing again.  Its a way for me to relax, and lately I got into a game.

However the game is full of microtransactions and if you’ve every played a pay to win game, this is it.  I’d say what the game is, but it no longer deserves to be mentioned by how they’ve ruined it.

Winter set in, survived the holidays and the constant ringing of my phone during the elections (that was annoying).

Football season is almost over, hockey is getting interesting.  Never much of a basketball fan.

I use WordPress to manage the site, as I got tired of doing HTML to update it a few years ago.  They’ve switched their editor to something new called Gutenberg, so far it hasn’t impressed me and reminds me of the old HTML days of updating.

So, I’m considering switching, we’ll see.  Managed to install the old editor, and hopefully the new editor doesn’t ruin the site.  Some others have said the new system has crashed their site.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen here, not in the mood to fix what shouldn’t be broken due to some upgrade.

As always I try to update weekly, if I get to writing again it’ll be updated more often so keep looking back.

Glad you’ve found the site and hope you enjoy the stories.


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