The Sith Empress – Part 21

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 21

Luke sat meditating when he felt a sudden lose though the Force and had to try to figure out what had happened.  The only thing he could really recall was when he was on board the Millennium Falcon so long ago and before he was trained in the Force.  He had felt the destruction of Alderaan but was too inexperienced to understand what had happened.  This time he felt it but wasn’t sure what it was.

Getting up and heading out of the room he wondered if anyone else had felt it as well.  HE needed to know if it really was something though the Force, or had it been associated with his meditation.  If many had felt it then whatever had happened was bigger than he thought and it also meant the problem was larger than he expected.

“Master Skywalker, some students were wondering if you felt something in the Force as well,” Fie-Tel said walking up to him along with Kyle.  Both of them appeared anxious over what happened.

“Yeah, I was wondering how many others also felt it,” Luke replied back to them. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 20

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 20

Leia Solo sat down behind her desk a bit frazzled with the last week.  Things had not gone very well and it seemed as if things were getting a bit tense in the council chamber.  Some were outright concerned while others were not concerned at all especially after the information of a Sith battleship destroying a Republic cruiser.

Rubbing her eyes she realized it was a classic case for most, if it didn’t affect them then why should they care.  It was difficult to make them care and get them on board for any type of action which might be required.

“Madam President,” one of her aides said walking into the room rather quickly making her feel as if bad news was coming.

“Yes,” she said forcing a smile on her face. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 19

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 19

Luke sat in his meditation chambers trying to figure out what his last vision with Gaia might mean and why it disturbed him so much.  All he could figure out was that Gaia was a young and peaceful woman who had a lot of enthusiasm for life which one rarely saw in others.  She filled others with that life as it flowed out from her much like the Force.  He could only hope she was not corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force.

“Master Skywalker,” a voice said interrupting his thoughts and looked up to see an older man walking towards him.  He had grey hair and eyes which were intelligent but he had never seen the man before.

Luke felt no danger coming from the man and motioned for him to have a seat.

“Yes,” Luke said, but didn’t indicate that he was surprised by the man’s appearance or where he might have come from despite no one informing him he had a visitor.

“I beg your pardon for the intrusion, and I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” he said with a smile. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 18

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 18

Jessica made her way down the hallways of the ship towards the room where she had the Jedi prisoner.  She walked into the room watching as the Jedi glanced over to look at her as Jessica spent some time looking her over.

“Well, you are a pretty one,” Jessica said to her, continuing to look at the Jedi.

Now looking at her face Jessica realized the girl’s eyes were green, like she had suspected.  The question in her mind was how had she known?  She had never met the woman before until now, or at least close enough to really know the woman.

The other problem, was looking into her green eyes Jessica felt an unmistakable pull towards the blonde Jedi.  It was that pull which confused her tremendously and made her lose some of her carefully built control of fear and anger around her, that which made her Sith.

“What were you doing on the planet’s surface Jedi?” Jessica asked as she circled the table hoping the Jedi might say something.  She watched the Jedi think about what she might say to her.  The range of emotions on her face were interesting to watch and she almost got lost in the eyes again but managed to catch the answer. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 17

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 17

Gaia slowly came to consciousness and tried to feel what was going on around her without opening her eyes.  She heard some background voices but was unable to make out what they were saying.  Her head hurt but was able to ignore that for the moment as she focused on her situation.

She felt herself lying on a table and was restrained.  She had a feeling the table was probably made out of a wood considering it wasn’t cold.  She listened more and heard the rumble of a ships engine meaning she could be anywhere in the universe by now depending on how long she was out.  Being rescued would be hard, of course they had to know she was captured first.

Opening her eyes she looked around to see what was around her.  The room was medium in size and not much in it except for the table she was lying on and a couple of chairs and the lights were low preventing her from seeing any details.  A closed door and beyond it she could heard the voices which were muffled too much to make out.

She could make out at least one male and one female voice though.  She focused on the female voice as if it was familiar to her somehow.  It felt odd to think that way about a voice yet blue came to her mind.  The door opened as a figure filled the doorway, outlined by the light from the other room. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 16

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 16

“My lord,” a man said bowing to the tall, dark-haired and clothed woman standing on the bridge of the ship.

“Report,” Jessica replied curtly turning to look at the man.

“The attack fleet is ready to strike,” he stated, obviously scared of her.  She knew many of the crew were scared of her and it was exactly how she wanted it.  At least this one was behaving himself.

“Excellent, tell Admiral Pietete to have everything ready to go when I saw so,” she replied and headed off the bridge of the ship and towards one of the hangars.

They had converted one hangar to a large training room where they were practicing Jedi and Sith techniques.  There were a few instructors, who wore dark grey clothing to make them stand out from the light colors the trainees used.  She strode into the hangar making her way to a specific person. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 15

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 15

Jessica waited in the shadows ass her men did their jobs of finding the survivors of the battle and getting them to join her force.  She felt something going on inside the tomb and realized Tavion was trying to resurrect one of the ancient Sith Lords, but even as she felt that there was another, stranger presence close by.  She decided to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary while on the planet’s surface.

She silently counted the number of people her recruiters were able to gather from Tavion’s shattered force.  The woman wasn’t very competent if so many of her forces were either defeated or turned traitor.  A few stopped to look at her, and she knew some even recognized her before everything happened at the Valley of the Jedi, but she was no longer Jessica, her outward persona was now Darth Rizon.

Of course, it was good they recognized her, a challenge to her might be exciting as she knew who would win.  Many of them already had lightsabers which would boost training for her forces.  They would make her elite troops if they survived the training she gave them.

News drifted down the hallways of Tavion’s defeat to a Jedi named Jaden.  Jessica was not surprised at all by the news, for she had foreseen the woman’s failure and now that failure would strengthen her own forces for victory. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 14

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 14

Jessica watched as the techs on the bridge went over the systems and checking to make sure things were working.  So far the only thing she knew wasn’t up and operational was the main engines.  That would be the next thing to work on, bringing up main power to the ship.  She approached the leader of the techs.

“You know how to start up the engines?” she asked.

“Well,” he said looking around.

“I do ma’am,” one of the techs said.  “Or, at least I’m familiar with procedures on many ships, I’ve never done it one this type of ship.”

“See if you can start up the main engines,” she said.  “Take the guards with you.” Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 13

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 13

Gaia stretched out from where she sat on board the Millennium Falcon.  She was headed back to the academy from Coruscant and hitching a ride on one of the most famous starships in the galaxy.  She looked around at her fellow passengers, which included the President of the Republic, Leia Solo and her three children, and two other senators.

She hadn’t spoken much with either of them and one she didn’t like much anyways and they both seemed to speak about concerns about the academy and what they might be learning.  They were fearful of another Emperor appearing.  Of course Han Solo and Chewbacca were up in the cockpit considering the ship was about to come out of hyperspace.

Gaia wondered what her master, Fie-Tel, would have in store for her once she returned back to the academy.  She had mostly failed in her research and had little else to go on other than a name, Bri Lightner, and  few visions of her and some other person who, she was told, were connected by more than love. Continue reading…


The Sith Empress – Part 12

The Sith Empress

by AJ Marks

Part 12

Jessica boarded the shuttle seeing both the pilot and guards were a bit nervous about everything which happened.  She was sure that they felt her battle against the Sith spirit and probably wondered what was going on, or if they should leave.  They both looked at her as she entered.

“Back to the ship,” she said.

“Yes my lord,” the pilot stammered as he moved to the bridge of the ship and the two guards entered and sat down.

Jessica headed to the back of the shuttle and sat down going over everything she knew.  So many old legends and forgotten technologies were out among the stars waiting for her to discover them.  She knew this time the technology might be a bit outdated, but it would be a start for her plans.

Landing on board the ship she spoke to no one making her way to the bridge.  Standing there was the captain along with Tyi who both watched as she entered and made her way over to the navigation charts. Continue reading…