Yes, I hope to return back to the land of writing.

For the past couple of years I’ve been care-giving my dad who had dementia and it took a lot of time, physically and mentally.  Sadly, as with this horrible disease there is only one outcome.  He finally passed on peacefully in 2021 after many ups and down and 10 months of Hospice care.  Still in the process of recovering from the exhaustion that comes from care-giving I hope to return to my writing.

I hope to look around and see where the files are for the story that I was posting, finish that one.

In the meantime I hope to rediscover myself again and hopefully reignite that passion for writing that I once flowed from my mind.

My life for the next year or so will be filled with new directions after the past couple of years as I face new challenges and freedoms that I didn’t have the previous couple of years. I also hope to do some traveling, perhaps see the battlefield of Gettysburg, or perhaps Custer’s Last Stand again.

Did have a new addition in the arrival of a 4 week old kitten while everything was locked down during covid.  Walked up the driveway and stayed.  He’s now an indoor cat.

Still making videos on my YouTube channel, Wowzery of the game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Hope to update soon after I do some figuring out where I left off, where the files are on the computer and all of that, updating the background workings of the site as I haven’t been on in a couple of years.





We Garrisoned Earth

We Garrisoned Earth


AJ Marks

The Lektia easily conquered Earth, after all humanity barely had any advanced weapons and no fleet upon which to defend themselves.  The primitive weapons which humans used were no match for the technology upon which the Lektia brought to the battlefield.

Yes, it was agreed that humanity did adapt quickly, but the gap was too large.  Now with the established garrisons all over the planet they finally had control over this world and its resources.

Sure, there had been an uproar in the Galactic Council, but nothing they couldn’t handle.  If one of the other races wanted to do something about it, they would find themselves facing a Lektia battlefleet, something no other race wanted to do.

Yet the first signs of problems stated to arise as complaints came from soldiers stationed on Earth.

It started simple enough.  Requests for pest control as small creatures started to infest the buildings.  One company of soldiers spent the entire night fighting a creature that seemed to keep coming back to life after being squished.  It landed onto two soldiers faces during the night, both undergoing mental rehab over the ordeal.

When the humans were asked about it, they simply replied, oh, it was a cockroach.  Yeah, if you see one know there are many more hiding in the walls.

Well, that didn’t sit well the soldiers.  When asked how to eliminate them, they replied you don’t.  They said in a serious tone that only cockroaches would survive a nuclear war.

Another company has begun to refuse to do drills outside.  Not after one solider suffered horrendous injuries suffered upon stepping on a pile of reddish dirt in a pile.  Only quick thinking from the medical staff saved the soldier’s life.  But the quickness of the assault, and the fact these mounds are everywhere have terrorized the soldiers.

We asked the humans about this again.  Fire ants they replied.  Apparently they are highly aggressive when stepped on.  To demonstrate the human tapped his foot on the mound and a hundreds of little creatures emerged.

When this company learned of cockroaches, they mutinied.  It seems Texas isn’t a place to have garrisons.

In another place, it wasn’t the animals, but weather.  This garrison base was hit with such severe storms that no soldier dared leave.  The lightning and thunder which accompanied the rain was frightening.  We learned that humans think of these as ‘afternoon’ thundershowers.  One then mentioned there wasn’t even a tornado.

What is that you ask?  One of god’s fingers coming down to the planet’s surface to spite you.  Even most humans run from this, unless you’re crazy and chase them.  We never understood how some humans are so brain damaged that they chase such things.

But lightning and hail, hail I said, which are normal for these storms.  And these humans said our base looks like a trailer home and laughed.  We still don’t get that one, their sense of humor is, odd.

This was a place called Oklahoma.

Another garrison expressed their desire to be transferred.  Upon wondering we were confused.  The humans there are actually very nice.  But it appears there is something called earthquakes where the ground moves according to tectonic plate movement.

Their planet acts as if its alive?

The ground moves and shakes and the humans there pause, then go right back to what they were doing.  How?

We lost all our garrisons in a country called Japan due to this.

And this doesn’t include their volcanoes.  Yes, volcanoes on their planet.  The garrison in Sicily just up and abandoned their post when a volcano called Etna erupted during the night.  The humans just watched saying this was minor and not worthy of anything but a video online.

The troops and commanders garrisoned all over the planet are beginning to think there is something wrong with these humans.  They treat us nicely despite having taken over, yet their planet wishes to kill all of us.  The humans just laugh and joke about it, joke about it!

Don’t get us started on Australia, that’s its own separate hellhole.

The recommendation is we abandon Earth to the humans and control the space docks in orbit.

Oh yeah, heavy inspections for any ship leaving.  We don’t need any of those creatures like fire ants leaving that planet.

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The Humans Are Coming

The Humans Are Coming

by AJ Marks

Kleek walked into the room and paused, he looked hesitant to enter before another higher ranking person saw him.

“Well, what are you doing? Do you have something to report to the First Lord or not?” one asked, giving a flash of his mandibles showing annoyance. There were many things to do. “We have a schedule to keep in our conquests, do you have a report?”

“Ah, yes,” Kleek replied back in a squeaky voice.

“Let’s hear it,” the First Lord said from where he sat in the middle of the large room.

All around him people were working on battles, updates of conquered planets, new places to invade and this youngling who barely had a mandible was cowering in fear over giving a simple report.

“What group are you watching,” the First Prime said, moving over before the First Lord got to annoyed and started ripping the poor youngling apart for his hesitation. The youngling would have to learn to stand up, or he would be fed to the crathalors. Continue reading…


Introducing Humans

Introducing Humans

by AJ Marks

Creel walked into the council to hear the latest of a new race which had been discovered in a little populated arm of the galaxy. The race had FTL so an exhibition team was sent to initiate contact. Now they had returned and everyone was anxious to hear about this new race and their world. The President of the Council stepped up to the podium and then announced the head of the exhibition team, an Axiril named Ro’Xe

“Thank you,” he said. “I’m here to present our finding of the new race, who call themselves humans.”
He paused, taking a moment for the image to appear showing a bipedal species on the screen.

“As you can see, they are a normal bipedal species typical of higher evolved life forms, two limbs they use to walk on called legs the other two called arms. One head, two eyes, two ears, nose and mouth, breath oxygen and many have fur on the top of their head which they call hair. They are a two sex reproduction species which they called male and female,” Ro’Xe said.

Creel studied the image and while the human was typical of a bipedal species the closeness of the eyes bothered him.

“Humans are, interesting,” Ro’Xe said pausing here as if to gather his thoughts before continuing. “They have developed wonderful music throughout their history. Here is a sample of two such songs.”
A song burst forth from the speakers. A human would have recognize the classical music of Bach. To Creel, he could feel the musical notes wash over him as if he was listening to wonderful songs of his own people before it stopped and changed to something which almost caused him panic, to a human, it would have been from a group called the Beetles.

The sound ended and Creel looked at the others who were also wondering what they just heard. A few species, like the Avaris seemed to have enjoyed it. Creel shook his head thinking that was typical for a deathworlder to enjoy such a harsh sound.

“As you can see, their music is diverse, as is their art and cultures. Each area of their planet has a slightly different culture, beliefs, and customs,” Ro’Xe stated to the group.

Creel inwardly agreed with this statement, something all species had when separated over distances. It became more unified after FTL travel and meeting other species.

“The humans value family, their children especially,” Ro’Xe said. “As a species they help their children for cycles before they are mature enough to leave. They are also highly diplomatic, enjoy talking and telling stories about anything and everything. Their entertainment is beyond anything we have and I have no doubt their technology in this field will be a boon to the Galactic Union and usher in a new era of entertainment for us all.”

He paused, taking a sip of his drink before continuing.

“Humans value peace.”

Creel felt relieved at hearing that. The last couple of new races were very, warlike, in their nature and had to be watched closely upon entering the Galactic Union. Already multiple small wars had broken out among them and their neighbors.

“They’ve had good relations with their neighbors now for fifty cycles, and a strong trade with them,” Ro’Xe said. “The humans have even taken the lead in their arm of the galaxy to settle disputes among smaller worlds. If the arm wasn’t so sparsely populated we would have discovered them cycles ago. As it is, we learned they have had FTL now for sixty cycles.”

Creel could imagine how much a new race like this would help the GU. They sounded like a perfect candidate. Established in their part of the universe, leaders, new technologies and societies all would be a boon to the Union.

“While on board one of their space stations, we encountered an enigma of a creature, which we learned applies to all animals on their homeworld.”

On the screen appeared a small, furry, four limbed creature sitting on a human’s lap. The human appeared to be petting it.

“This is one of the favorite pets of the humans, they call it a cat. Its fur is soft, and when happy emits something the humans call a purr. Upon this creature entering the room it hopped up onto the human’s lap, and settled down. We found this ‘purr’ to be comforting and we were allowed to pet it.

“If we had known what this creature was we would have approached it with as much caution as one approaches the Beleriu of Avaris. On any other world this furry animal would be an apex predator.”
The entire room gasped at what was said.

“These cats are highly adept predators with retractable claws on their paws and fangs which they use to great effect while hunting. The human’s use this hunting trait of the cat to ‘play’ with it.”

With that a small video appeared of a human with some sort of stick and a bright colored decoration at the end. The cat pounced upon it, biting and scratching while the human seemed amused by it all. Even after all that the human casually reaches down and pets the cat.

Creel was a bit, disturbed by this as Ro’Xe continued on.

“We learned on the human homeworld there are larger versions of this cat which humans call lions and tigers. They hunt even larger prey. But this is only the beginning. They have small creatures, called ants, who forage, seem peaceful yet will wage war on other ants or any animal which disturbs their nest. Another creature called a bee. It is a hard worker, produces something called honey. It will be a delicacy among the galaxy, yet they will swarm anyone who disturbs their hive. They attack with stingers and something called venom which is deadly to many creatures on their homeworld.”
Creel wondered about this world, it sounded extremely dangerous.

“Its not only the animals which are dangerous on this world. Many plants can be poisonous to other animals or humans. Some plants are even carnivorous. This doesn’t even mention the fact that there are highly dangerous storms which constantly ravage the planet’s surface. Unleashing torrents of rain which causes flooding all over the planet. And we didn’t witness the real threats in storms, which humans called hurricanes and tornados. In fact many humans seemed to enjoy the rain which they don’t find to be a threat. I even heard some even enjoy the sound of a thunderstom to fall asleep to.”
At this another sample video started showing a massive downpour of rain along with flashes of lightning and thunder. This would have put fear in any other race and humans used this sound to fall asleep to?

Re’Le continued.

“The plate tectonics of the planet are highly unstable, creating massive earthquakes and volcanoes. Earthquakes are constantly going on, most humans don’t even feel. It’s quite unsettling for anyone wishing to go there. And volcanoes, the human ambassador said at any given time there are many of volcanoes erupting on their planet. At the time we visited they said it was about thirty-three.”

“Wh-what would you rate this planet?” the president asked in a shaky voice.

“A deathworld seven,” the reply came back.

Creel looked on in shock, even other deathworlders were in shock. The current theory indicated no civilization could survive in anything above a deathworld four.

“You must be mistaken?” one ambassador asked, from one of the deathworld empires.

“No, we evaluated it quite closely. The humans are adept to change in their planet. They are one of the best builders in the galaxy, and,” here he stopped to look at the assembled ambassadors making Creel uneasy with the long pause. “Due to this humans are quick to adapt to any situation, including war.”

A murmur broke out among the group before the President managed to get things back under control.

“What do you mean, war? Did you not say they value peace?” Creel asked.

“Humans value peace tremendously. But a warning to all. Humanity appears fractured and disorganized, do not mistake that for weakness,” Ro’Le said to them all. “We learned twenty cycles ago humanity also encountered the Jarlex.”

Creel recalled the Jarlex, a very warlike race which had waged war on the galaxy for over fifty cycles before suddenly disappearing twenty cycles ago. He paused at the thought, what was Ro’Le implying with that timing?

“Yes, many of you are aware of the timing, it was the Jarlex encounter with the humans which caused them to disappear. The Jarlex did as they normally do, attack without warning. To humanity, it was a declaration of war. Within a cycle they had bombed the Jarlex homeworld into submission.”

“One cycle?” another ambassador said, surprise in his voice.

“Yes, they were quite specific about the timing. It seems the Jarlex attacked a civilian colony of humanity,” Ro’Le said. “I urge you all to tell your governments never to do this. Humanity reacts with ferocity that will make the Jarlex seem tame.”

“And we’re voting to allow them in?” another ambassador asked, his voice now filled with fear.

“The humans, well,” Ro’Le paused here to collect his thoughts. “They don’t wish to be part of us.”
A collective uproar at that thought. We’re they going to war then? How could they fight a race that beat the Jarlex so easily?

“Then what do they want?” the President finally asked having regained her voice.

“An Alliance.”

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Lucky Luck – Part 18

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 18 (End)

A Lucky Proposal

Gwen made her way through the palace in search for someone in particular.  It had been several days since she had temporally taken over and now it seemed that everyone had settled down into a routine.  The city seemed back to normal, and in fact many had thanked her for taking over and asking when she would be officially be taking over.  Each time she politely refused to comment, but the pressure and idea of taking over weighted heavily on her mind.  She asked herself many times if she could just up and leave allowing someone else to take over.

Entering the room she spotted her query sitting in the kitchen talking with the cooks, again.  Making her way over she noticed the intent look on Zoe’s face as she listened to something the cook was talking about.  As Gwen got closer she realized it was a story about her when she was younger even as the cooks looked up.

“Don’t you have any better stories?” Gwen asked.

“Nope,” the cook replied cheerfully.

“Wonderful,” Gwen replied switching her attention back to the blonde sitting at the counter watching her back.  “Spoiling your appetite?” Continue reading…


Luck Lucky – Part 17

Luck Lucky

by AJ Marks

Part 17:  A Lucky Loose End


Gwen walked through the palace seeing little things she had not seen last time she had been here.  People were working and many seemed to smile.  Under her uncle things always seemed tense, as if there was something going on and perhaps there had been and she had been too busy wrapped up in her own world to see the problems.

Turning the corner she spotted her lover sitting on a stool in the kitchen listening in on some story that the cooks were telling her.  Gwen shook her head and made her way on over.

“You’re not telling any embarrassing stories?” Gwen asked looking at them all.

“To tell an embarrassing story I‘d have to have one of you,” the cook replied with a smile, causing Gwen to groan at the situation.

She wondered if it was too late to rule by fear and make the people quiver at her very approach.  It had its appeal in that no stories of her would be told of her.

“No, she was telling me of some things you did as a child,” Zoe replied, taking a bit of some bread.

“Spoiling your lunch?” Gwen asked looking at the bread in Zoe’s hands.

“It’s good, want some,” Zoe said, offering Gwen some.  “It’s a new recipe they wanted me to try.” Continue reading…


Luck Lucky – Part 16

Luck Lucky

by AJ Marks

Part 16:  A Lucky Battle


Gwen stepped out of the castle heading towards the mass of men.  She had the Royal Guard heading out with her.  They would met up with the rebel army before heading towards the valley pass.  They group would split into three groups, the rebel army along with Gwen would head to the rear, around the pass.  The Royal Army would move to the sides, and using the advantage of height shoot down upon the army moving through the pass.

She originally had planned the rebel army to attack from the sides, but they were well suited to moving fast and quietly.  The upper pass though the valley would work well for them, they had little in supplies unlike any army.

“You really think this will work?” Ottis asked, looking over at her.

“No choice,” Gwen replied.  “I’m counting on you to head up the guard here, keep things under control and support Zoe.”

“You don’t need to ask for that,” Ottis replied.  “She’s like my sister, reminds me of her a bit too.” Continue reading…


Luck Lucky – Part 15

Luck Lucky

by AJ Marks

Part 15: A Lucky Civil War


Gwen looked at the sunlight stream into the room.  It had taken some time for Zoe to fall asleep.  She took the loss of her mother hard.  Gwen recalled the loss of her own parents and how hard that had been.  Her position at the time made it even worse, due to her position in the Royal Family.

Gwen softly stroked Zoe’s back.  Her mind drifted to everything that happened last night.  So many new questions, especially considering the fact that the King seemed to have left the town along with his son, Derek.

Movement from Zoe refocused her attention back down, watching the girl wake up, slightly confused at first.  She looked down into green eyes, waiting for what might happen next.  Zoe snuggled closer giving Gwen a squeeze before finally loosening her hold.

“It’s not fair,” Zoe finally said.  “I just found my mother, and that happened.  I am unlucky personally.”

“No you’re not,” Gwen said firmly, watching the green eyes look up at her, in pain.  “You were lucky to have even met your mom, many orphans never do.  She never stopped loving you.”

“She gave me up,” Zoe said, in a small strained voice. Continue reading…


Luck Lucky – Part 14

Luck Lucky

by AJ Marks

Part 14: A Lucky Kidnapping Part 2


Gwen looked around the city, one she never considered she would be back in.  Following Valerie, who was the lead of the group and towards the inn.  She noticed the vibe of the town felt was different than when she had last been there.  People had the same look that the town she and Zoe had visited shortly after leaving Setta.  Gwen smirked slightly at that.

“Something funny?” Valerie asked.

“Nope, just thinking to myself,” Gwen replied.  Now was not the time to be speaking about Zoe’s mother.  The woman had to be around somewhere.

Valerie looked at her for a second before dismounting at the stable.  Paying for the horses they moved on to the inn and walked in.  Gwen had never been in this one before.

“How many rooms?” the innkeeper asked.  “Don’t have many.”

“Three, I sent someone ahead to reserve rooms for me, Mistress Valerie,” she said, waiting patiently for the innkeeper to look through his paperwork.

“Ah, yes, it’s right here, three rooms, got them all ready for you,” he said, becoming very helpful.  “Is there anything that I can do for you?”

“Not at the moment, long ride from Setta,” she replied. Continue reading…


Luck Lucky – Part 13

Luck Lucky

by AJ Marks

Part 13: A Lucky Kidnapping


Gwen looked around in the tent, they had moved and set up in a new spot.  Messengers sent out to various people in the Shadowlands for support, or fighters.  Jack, Kerros, Betsy and a few others were out in towns close to the Shadowlands waiting for any newcomers.  Surprisingly she heard back from John rather quickly as two mercenaries came in from his employment,

“Sven, Otto,” Gwen said as they walked into the camp.

“Heard from our employer that you needed some help,” Sven said, slapping her on the back.  “We always wanted to work with you again.”

“Yeah, where’s Zoe?” Otto asked, looking around for her.

“The king kidnapped her,” Gwen said, watching their attitudes change slightly.  They would not be bought by anyone, and could help out tremendously.  “I have a job for you two,” she said suddenly.

“Okay, what?” Sven said, ready to go. Continue reading…


Lucky Luck – Part 12

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

A lucky Rebellion part 2

Gwen looked around seeing a very different atmosphere around the city that Zeltran said to meet up with the rebellion in Sinthal.  The town she could recall from her days in the Realm, a small trading post for the Shadlowlands.  Riding in she hoped no one would recognize her, except those who wanted to see her.

Looking around she spotted a few guards, who glanced at her, but otherwise paid no mind to her.  Most looked more at Zoe than her, her long blonde hair, and cute figure made her easy to look at.  Gwen had no idea what to expect, and made her way to the stable.

“How much?” Gwen asked.

“Ten creds,” he said, causing her to almost balk at the price.

“Ten!” Zoe exclaimed, shocked at the price. Continue reading…