Yes, I hope to return back to the land of writing.

For the past couple of years I’ve been care-giving my dad who had dementia and it took a lot of time, physically and mentally.  Sadly, as with this horrible disease there is only one outcome.  He finally passed on peacefully in 2021 after many ups and down and 10 months of Hospice care.  Still in the process of recovering from the exhaustion that comes from care-giving I hope to return to my writing.

I hope to look around and see where the files are for the story that I was posting, finish that one.

In the meantime I hope to rediscover myself again and hopefully reignite that passion for writing that I once flowed from my mind.

My life for the next year or so will be filled with new directions after the past couple of years as I face new challenges and freedoms that I didn’t have the previous couple of years. I also hope to do some traveling, perhaps see the battlefield of Gettysburg, or perhaps Custer’s Last Stand again.

Did have a new addition in the arrival of a 4 week old kitten while everything was locked down during covid.  Walked up the driveway and stayed.  He’s now an indoor cat.

Still making videos on my YouTube channel, Wowzery of the game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Hope to update soon after I do some figuring out where I left off, where the files are on the computer and all of that, updating the background workings of the site as I haven’t been on in a couple of years.




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