Baltar Betrays Cain

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Baltar Betrays Cain

by AJ Marks

Baltar sat on the council listening to the latest news of the war front. So far both sides seemed to be at a stalemate. Neither side appeared to have an advantage over the other. Both sides were scrounging for resources to build their war machines.

“Baltar, anything new to report,” Adar asked.

“No, nothing yet,” Baltar said. He’d have to meet with his ‘spies’ to see what could help.

“It appears Commander Cain is pushing again,” Adar said. “He seems to think that we can march straight into Cylon space and defeat them.”

“Cain is a fool,” Baltar said.

“Watch what you say Baltar, you may think that but the people don’t think so. It was his military genius that kept you alive in the last battle,” Adama said.

“If we hadn’t listened to him in the first place we wouldn’t have been there to begin with,” Baltar said.

“But we did destroy a Cylon basestar without losing a battlestar in return,” Adama said.

“Gentlemen, we have a situation that we still need to discuss,” Adar said. “The Delphians have asked for our help in their fight against the Cylons.”

“We cannot risk any of our ships to help them out,” another council member said.

“But helping them will allow us to split the Cylon’s attention and perhaps give us that advantage we’ve needed for so long,” Adama said.

“What do you say Baltar, I trust your judgment,” Adar said looking over at him.

Baltar sat back in the chair thinking about that for several seconds. “I think it might work,” he finally said. “Perhaps we should send Commander Cain, he’d have more control, and the ability to act freely for a change.”

“Hmm, yes, that might work,” Adar said. “Send the Pegasus with the Fifth Fleet, it should work.”

“Are you sure that’s wise,” Adama said. “The people might not like that.”

“We won’t be telling them where Cain is going, only that he’s going on an important mission,” Adar said.

“I say we put it to a vote,” another member said.

“Agreed,” Adar replied. “All in favor…”


Cain walked onto the bridge of the Pegasus having been summoned by Talon. Everyone on the bridge he knew would do their job, he’d trained them to do their job the way he wanted.

“Commander, message from the council,” Talon said.

“Now what to those daggits want,” Cain muttered under his breath. He walked up to the command chair, put a smile on his face and activated the communicator not surprised when Adar’s face appeared on the screen. He noticed Baltar standing behind the president.

“Commander Cain, we’ve been asked for help by the Delphians and the council has decided to send the Fifth Fleet to help them out,” Adar said.

“Under who’s command,” Cain asked already knowing the answer.

“You would have full control of the fleet,” Adar said.

“And the Delphians?” Cain asked. He like the idea of having full control, but being so far away from the Colonies wasn’t something he liked.

“They will understand that you’re there to help them,” Adar said.

“And if I refuse,” Cain said.

“You cannot, it’s already been decided,” Baltar replied for the president.

“You are not the president,” Cain said to him.

“Cain, Baltar, at ease,” Adar said. “Now Cain this has already been approved by the council. I’d hate to have to relieve you of command over this. The council feels that you’re the best commander for the job.”

“Fine,” Cain said. “When do I leave?”

“Make your preparations and let us know when the fleet is ready,” Adar said.

“Very well,” Cain said as the line went dead. “Well Talon, we’ve got work to do.”

“Yes sir,” the blonde haired colonel said.


Baltar walked into his office sitting down. It’d been done and now his biggest problem was about to be solved. Locking the door he pulled out a small communicator from the desk drawer. Activating it he only had to wait a few seconds until the face of an IL series Cylon appeared.

“Baltar, how good to hear from you again, the Imperious leader will be glad, what news to have to bring?” it asked.

“I have some news concerning Cain…”

The End

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