Lucky Luck – Part 4

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

(this part has more adult scenes, definitely NC-17 and NSFW, you’ve been warned)

Part 4: A Lucky Cave

Gwen glanced around again at the trail.  She had seen no one now in almost an hour, and the last group she past had been a couple of mercenaries headed in the opposite direction.  Looking over at Zoe, the girl had her hair tied back into a long ponytail, and did not seem to be bothered by the walk.  In fact, she appeared deep in thought at the moment.

That look made Gwen wonder what the girl might say next.  The last time she had been so quite, she suddenly asked the question where did dirt come from?  Then she listened for the next half-hour about her theory about it.  Gwen did not find it bad, and the girl had actually thought it through a bit.

They managed to leave the town in good time, though Gwen did not tell her why.  She spotted Zeltran in the crowd and did not want to be spotted.  She had the feeling he was tracking her and did not want to fight him in the town.  He had a high fighting power, not as hish as hers, but one that meant their fight would be much more.  She wondered if his tracking her somehow was related to Stephos and Zoe.  Was he hired by whoever wanted Zoe to take her?

“So, do you know where you’re going?” Zoe suddenly asked, causing Gwen to look at the girl.

“Yeah, I’m looking for a monolith made out of white stone, about as tall as the trees, then you follow the path to the left,” Gwen said.  “But I haven’t seen any lately, we should be approaching it shortly.”

“You mean the one we passed some time ago?” Zoe replied quietly, pointing behind them.

“We passed one?” Gwen groaned, stopping to look at Zoe, who merely looked back at her with that same innocent expression.

“Yeah, I noticed it because I wondered who might have made it and why, I mean it was in the middle of nowhere,” Zoe replied, and Gwen wondered how she might have missed it.

“And did we take the path to the right?” Gwen asked, hopeful that they might have gotten lucky.

“Um, no, we went left,” Zoe replied after thinking about it for a second.

“Great, we need to head back the way we came,” Gwen told her, turning around knowing that they had lost a lot of precious time with the detour.  They walked along in silence for several minutes.

“Sorry for not mentioning it to you,” Zoe said.  Gwen looked over to see the girl looking down at the dirt, looking as if she let Gwen down somehow.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, I never told you, so it’s partially my fault as well,” Gwen said giving her a smile.  “I still have to get used to having a partner.”

The comment perked Zoe up a bit, much to her relief.  She had no intention of making the girl uncomfortable for a mistake that clearly was not her fault.  Gwen wondered how she managed to miss the monolith?  She probably had been thinking about Stephos and the connection between him and Zeltran and Zoe.

“Wow, those clouds look nasty, wonder how they know when to form?” Zoe said, causing Gwen to look up in the same direction.  The think trees hindered her ability to see the clouds from a distance, but now she saw they were about to walk into a severe storm.  She paused looking at the clouds, wondering what type of weather they were bringing, and how bad it would get.

“Well, looks like we’re in for something,” Gwen said, looking back over and not seeing Zoe.  “Zoe?”

No answer came back, and she frowned wondering how someone could so easily vanish.  Her next thought was she walked into a trap of some sort.  Expanding her aura she made a circle not feeling anyone around her.  They had walked past this spot once already, and now this happened.

“Zoe?” Gwen called out once more, still not getting any reply back to her.  She started to worry a bit, hoping nothing happened, and not sure how anything could have happened.  She had not been hit by any spell, the storm still was approaching so Zoe had to be around somewhere.

“Gwen,” Zoe’s voice said.  Gwen turned to see her friend emerging from some bushes, and relief flooded through her.

“Where were you?” Gwen asked, taking a moment to look the girl over.  She did not appear hurt or anything else before looking into green eyes which looked back at her with curiosity.

“I went over her to look at this tree,” Zoe said, pointing to a strangely shaped tree before continuing, “and noticed a cave back there.”

“A cave?” Gwen asked, confused at the turn of conversation.

“Yeah, it’s large enough for us take shelter in during the storm,” Zoe said, grabbing Gwen’s hand and dragging her over towards the spot.

Gwen allowed Zoe to pull her along towards the bushes and to a hidden entrance to a cave.  The entrance had an ‘s’ shape and she felt herself pass through a magical barrier.  Frowning at the feeling, she continued into the cave, seeing lit torches along the interior.

“Well, what do you think?” Zoe asked, walking a bit further into the cave.

“Impressive,” Gwen said, looking around and seeing the signs of it being built by someone.  The room had several magically controlled torches, and a large stone circle in the middle which could be used for a fire for both warmth and cooking.  She spotted several flat areas to put down a bed, and a raised flat stone which could easily be used as a table with a few extra torches around it.  Moving further into the cavern she felt a slight warmth coming from the next room, and the smell of mineral water.

Moving into the cavern along with Zoe she made her way into an even larger cavern.  The torches here sprang to life, showing several small hot springs.  She looked around spotting that several channeled into a carved out area large enough for a bath, before the water continued on out of the cavern through small openings and heading somewhere.  Off to one side she spotted a pile of wood for a fire.

“Wow,” Zoe said in a small voice.

Gwen had to agree, the engineering had been flawless, and whoever built it obviously used it.  She knew of no large town nearby or what purpose this cavern might have served.  Taking a closer look she realized the cavern probably had not been used in years or more.  The torches were here, but there was no supplies, except for the wood, or anything else to indicate it was still in use.  Whoever used it, probably was dead, or forgotten it was here.

“We’ll be able to stay here the night until the storm passes,” Zoe said.

“Yeah, should keep us dry, and warm,” Gwen said, moving back to the main cavern.  Setting her backpack down, and taking off her sword she stretched slightly seeing a few areas that she might set up her sleeping mats.

Zoe worked beside her setting up for the night.  Gwen noticed they would each have a sleeping mat, and felt slightly better that Zoe would not be snuggling up next to her tonight.  The thought also sent a slight bit of disappointment through her.

“I’m going to check to see if its started raining,” Gwen said, looking over at Zoe.

“Sure thing,” Zoe replied, as she headed towards the hot springs.  “I’ll start a fire.”

Gwen nodded heading towards the entrance, stopping at the magical barrier and examining it a bit closer this time.  It appeared to muffle light and sound indicating whoever built the cave did not want to be found.  She pondered that realization and came up with one a few groups who might do that.

Exiting out of the cavern, she saw the storm was almost on top of them now.  She frowned at something in front of her, squinted a bit then realized what it was, a snowflake.  This would not be a regular rain storm, but a blizzard.  A late winter storm which would bring colder weather, making Gwen feel lucky Zoe had found the cave.

She walked back into the cave, seeing the entrance prevented the wind from blowing straight in, allowing the warmth to remain in better, and the magical battier seemed to help, acting like a door.  She walked back in seeing Zoe had started the fire, and it was quite big already.

“Hey, look a magical fire,” Zoe said, waving her hand over the fire pit.  It went out, and she waved again as it relit.

“I guess we don’t need that wood then,” Gwen said, wondering what they used the wood for.  “We might be here for a few days.”

“Oh?” Zoe asked, looking back at her with inquiring eyes.

“Yeah, that storm isn’t a rain storm, but a snow storm,” Gwen said, watching as Zoe appeared excited by that fact.

“Luckily we have a good place to stay for a while, and we stocked up before leaving,” Zoe said, ducking outside to check for herself.

Gwen followed to see for herself if the snow had started falling any harder.  She stopped at the entrance, seeing the snow coming down about as much as it was when she had been out here.  Glancing at the sky, it looked like they would have quite a bit as the day went on and into the night.

“It’s starting to come down now,” Zoe stated, breaking Gwen out of her trance.  She looked out and watched the snow start coming down in larger flakes and faster.  She could see the flakes starting to accumulate on the ground causing her to wonder how much it would snow, and how long they would be stuck in the cave.

“Looks like it’s also going to start getting cold,” Gwen said.  “Might have to grab some water.”

“There was some water coming out of the wall in the back of the cave, not out of the springs,” Zoe said.

Gwen turned and headed towards the back of the cavern.  She spotted the trickle of water, and went over, testing the water to see if it was drinkable.  Finding it acceptable she went back to grab a cup to capture some of it.

“What are you doing?” Zoe asked, following her back and forth between the two caverns.

“Gathering some water for soup, or hot tea,” Gwen said.  “It’s going to take some time, so better to start now.  It’s getting close to supper-time anyways.”

“Oh yeah, I guess it is, is there anything I can do to help?” Zoe asked as Gwen placed the cup to collect the water.

“Get some ingredients out for soup,” Gwen replied.

“I can do that,” Zoe replied, disappearing into the other cavern.

Gwen figured it would be an interesting couple of days, and things could be worse.  She at least had a dry spot, fire, water and food.


Gwen looked up from where she sat seeing Zoe fuss over the soup, checking it one more time before tasting it.  It had been a couple of hours since they settled into the cave, and the snow started coming down.

“How is it?” Gwen asked.

“It’s getting there,” Zoe replied, settling back down next to the fire.  The girl appeared to sit down at the table, and had some paper and charcoals, brushing away at the papers.  Zoe appeared to concentrate quite a bit, to the point the tip of her tongue stuck out as she did something.  Her curiosity finally got the better of her and walked over to see.

Gwen felt a bit of surprise seeing that Zoe had not been writing, but drawing.  Zoe, realizing Gwen was looking down, suddenly covered it up, her cheeks red in embarrassment but not before showing some of the picture.  She knew that it was of a person.

“You’re good, can I see?” Gwen asked, looking down at Zoe, who blushed even harder and shaking her head no.  “Please?” Gwen asked, giving what she hoped was a good pleading look.  “I won’t laugh, I promise.”

Gwen continued to press, hoping to get a peek of what Zoe was drawing.  Gwen was rewarded by a slow uncovering of the drawing.  She looked seeing a really good drawing of a woman, but had not expected that woman to be her.  She stood proudly at the top of a hill, sword unsheathed and down at the side, as if after battle, wind whipping her hair, and not a single piece of clothing.

Gwen managed to get over her shock enough to see the talent of the drawing.  Her hair seemed to move like the wind, and the proportions of the body, it caused Gwen to wonder how the girl had managed to capture the female form so well.

“It’s, um, very good,” Gwen finally managed to say.  “Though why me?”

She glanced back over at Zoe, whose blush had not disappeared, and appeared to have deepened.  “Well, who not, you’re fascinating to draw,” Zoe finally said.

Gwen had no reply to that, and thought of it as a compliment, looking at the drawing once more.  ”What’s up with you and nudity though?  You sleep nude, now draw me nude?”

“I don’t know, isn’t it natural?” Zoe replied, looking down at the drawing then back up at her.  Gwen wondered if there was not some other motive or if the actions were truly innocent.

Shaking her head to clear such thoughts, she knew Zoe was a partner who she was helping, nothing more.  Sure Zoe was cute, but the moment the girl found someone in some town, she’d be off to getting married and settling down.

“Well, it’s still good, I’m going to go back out and check on things,” Gwen said, moving towards the entrance.  Stepping outside, she was greeted with snowing covering everything and still coming down.  The setting sun gave its last rays to illuminating the forest.  She checked the depth of the snow with her finger, it was not that much yet.  The air had chilled to the point she could see her breathe now.  Seeing the snow still coming down she stopped hearing voices on the wind.

“I say we’re lost,” one voice said.  Gwen crouched down, waiting to see who it might be before announcing her presence.  She felt with her aura, and felt a few people coming towards her, but no high level fighters.

“I say they went this way,” one yelled back, anger in his voice.

“And if they turned around?”

“Then we would have seen them or their tracks you idiot.”

“Idiot, why you no good tracker.”

Gwen spotted the group now, watching as one lurched towards another one and a fight broke out.  Muffled sounds of the fight floated over to where Gwen was.  The information they gave indicated they were looking for her and Zoe.  The question came who, Stephos or whoever had paid him to capture Zoe.  The information stopped her from giving any help to the group.

“Stop it,” a voice said, and she felt a fighting power rise up slightly, being the strongest one yet.  She looked out hoping to get a better view of the group, but saw only darkened figures.  The two fighting figures were separated, and the one in the middle was keeping them separated.  “Besides, he’s right, if they had turned around we would have seen them.”

Gwen groaned at the voice, recognizing it as Zeltran.  Now she wondered who the target was, her or Zoe.  Did someone in the Realm know she was still alive?  That thought made her shudder at who might know.  She could only hope certain people still though she was dead.  She had done everything possible to erase all signs of her past life.  It might be possible someone in the Shadowland, a merchant, or mercenary had recognized her.

The group grumbled, but continued to walk past the cave entrance heading further on.  She counted ten people walking past but did not see anyone who might be Stephos.  Gratefully they did not seem to know anything about the cave so close by.

“We should camp for the night, the next town is still too far away,” one said.

“He’s right you know, you might be in a hurry for your quarry, but the rest of us, we’re starting to get cold, time to make a fire and get the tents up, this snow isn’t going to be letting up soon,” another voice said.

She watched as the group stopped and looked around.  She hoped they did not come this way, and prepared for anything in case they discovered the cave.  She glanced at the cave, expecting to see light coming from it, but saw nothing, another magical property of the entrance.  Whoever made it did not wish to be seen from anyone on the road.

She moved back inside being quiet making her way back into the cavern.  She spotted Zoe looking though the backpack.

“Still snowing?’ she asked, looking up at her.

“Um, yeah, but another development has occurred,” Gwen said, wondering how Zoe might take this development.  “There’s a group out there looking for someone, might be from Stephos.  I didn’t see any light from the entrance, the magical barrier appeared to block light, but I don’t know about sound.”

“So I have to be quiet?” Zoe asked.

“I would say, don’t make any loud noises, they are setting up on the far side of the road, where I thought about setting up before you spotted this cave,” Gwen said.

“Well, okay, the soup’s ready,” Zoe said, placing the dishes out.

Gwen walked over to the table, setting down as Zoe poured out some soup into the cup.  She pushed the men outside out of her thoughts for right now.  She was warmer and had something to eat, a lot better than what they had.  She figured they would leave the moment they could, allowing Gwen and Zoe the luxury of relaxing a bit more.


Gwen glanced up as Zoe put away the cooking supplies, then stretched.

“I’m going to try out that hot spring,” she announced.  “Want to join me?”

Gwen thought about it for a few seconds, before mentally shaking the images out of her mind.  “Not yet, go on ahead, I’m going to check on our friends outside,” Gwen replied, watching as Zoe head through the doorway of the two caverns, shedding clothing as she went.

Gwen continued to star at the spot for several more seconds glad that Zoe still had some clothes on before disappearing into the bathing chamber.  Finally shaking herself out of the stupor, stood and headed to the entrance, feeling the temperature change near the barrier and gave thanks to the fire and hot springs.

The snow still came down, covering the ground even more.  She wondered if it would do this all night long.  Taking a measurement, and realized it was about half her finger deep.

The fires of the camp were burning, and she spotted a few people wondering around, others huddle around the fires trying to keep warm.  The crunch of snow nearby alerted her, and she kept quiet.

“Why do you think he’s with us?” one voice said, in a low voice.  They must have thought they were far enough away to have a private conversation, not knowing she was listening in.  She might gain some information.

“No idea, never said,” a second voice said.

“Bounty hunters and their secrets,” the first replied back.

“Yeah, well all I know, he’s from inside the Realm, seen him there a few times,” the second voice said.

The two stopped, and the sounds of branches breaking floated over to her as they picked up wood for the fires.

“What I wouldn’t give to find one of those old raider hideouts along here,” the first one stated.


“Yeah, oh about fifty years ago the city of Mystic was a large town, under Bennails,” the first one said, stopping a second and picking up some more branches.  “A powerful fighter, kept things stable in the area for years until an assassin stabbed him in the back, destabilized the entire area.  Rumors were the road there is filled with caves that were magically hidden, fire places, could house all of us comfortably, and out of this snow.  Some were even protected from the cold or heat with magic barriers, along with light and sound.”

Gwen realized he described the cave they were in perfectly.  So the raiders were so close to the road, they could attack quickly and disappear as fast.  They had things set up pretty good and several people could stay there for a while.

“So, what about you?  Are you also working for Stephos?”

“Yeah, he’s paying a lot of good money to get that slave back,” the first one said.

“A bit stupid, but I don’t think that bounty hunters is after the same thing,” the second one said.

“Maybe, maybe not, those like him never say,” the second one stated.

Gwen knew they were talking about Zeltran.  He seemed to be following her, but who?  And the others were defiantly after Zoe, especially if Stephos was involved.

“He’s obsessed with one stupid slave, they vanish all the time,” the second one said.

“A dime a dozen to me,” the first replied in agreement.  “The amount of money he’s spending, he could have bought a new slave.”

“Yeah, you think we have enough?”

“I think so, let’s go warm up by the fire.”

Gwen watched as the two made their way back to the camp before heading back into the cavern.  She put away her things before spotting the drawing Zoe had been working on.  Sitting down she looked at the drawing within reach.  Unable to resist she opened it up seeing what she drew this time.  Once more she had drawn her, but this time she was with another woman, whose face was hidden, but looked very familiar to Zoe.  Both were in sexy positions.

They were kissing, and both of ‘Zoe’s’ hands were in Gwen’s hair, while one of Gwen’s hands cupped Zoe’s breast and the other disappeared between Zoe’s thighs.

Putting the drawing back down she tried to push the scene from her mind.  Her body, however, tried to imagine what Zoe’s lips might feel like, or the softness of her breasts, and the heat between the girl’s sex.  It all added up to make her uncomfortable, and wondering why Zoe might draw such a scene.

“No, no, no,“ Gwen said to herself trying to block the it all.  The girl was her partner for now, nothing more, and that’s all it should be.

“Talking to yourself?” Zoe’s voice said softly.  Gwen’s head snapped up, stopping at the sight presented to her.  Zoe stood in the spot that connected the two caverns, drying her hair, and completely nude.  Gwen stopped, not having expected such a sight, once more ogling the feminine curves of Zoe’s body.  “Well?” Zoe asked, now slowly walking towards her.  She thought Zoe had put an extra sway in her hips as she walked towards her.  If she had not, the girl was incredibly sexy.

“Huh?” Gwen finally managed to squeak out, as Zoe bent down slightly so their eyes were now level.  A position that Gwen found made it hard for her to keep her eyes on the face in front of her.  Her gaze kept slipping down to the lovely breasts so very close, all she had to do was reach out and touch them if she dared.

“Talking to yourself, you were saying no, no what?” Zoe asked, her eyes looking at her questioningly.

“Ah, thinking about different things,” Gwen said, standing up rather quickly to break the trance.  “Think I’m going to take a bath now.”

“Oh, okay, it’s very nice,” Zoe replied, standing back up as well.

Gwen quickly made her way into the other cavern chamber, stopping once she was out of sight to calm her racing heart.  She could not believe how excited she was over what happened.  Perhaps she needed to get laid more often, then she would not look at every woman’s body and get excited.

Finally after calming her mind and body, she stripped out of clothing, and stepped into the water, feeling the hot water.  She sat back in the tub, feeling it was made for several people, but relaxing areas to sit.  She started relaxing, and her hand started caressing her breasts, causing a tingle of excitement.  Her other hand slid down her stomach, finding the pulsing heat between her legs.  An image of Zoe nude came to her mind as her fingers placed with a hard nipple, going from one breast to the other.  Her other hand rubbed her clit, feeling a rapid climax approaching.

“Gwen?” Zoe’s voice said.  Gwen almost jumped out of the hot spring, as she looked over seeing Zoe walk into the cavern carrying a towel, but still nude.  “You forgot a towel,” she said, approaching the spring.  Gwen felt a rush of embarrassment knowing if the girl had not called out, she would have seen something for sure.

“Um, I did?” Gwen finally managed to reply.

“Yeah, so I brought you one,” Zoe replied, placing the towel on the ground next to the spring where Gwen could reach it.  “Wow, how did you manage that,” Zoe asked, standing up next to the bath.  Gwen frowned, looking up at Zoe not sure what the girl meant.  “You shaved it all off?” Zoe clarified, looking down at her own body as she ran a hand through the hair covering her sex.

Gwen coughed at the statement, not needing that action, and wondering where that had come from.

“I’ve always wanted to try it, other girls say its sexy, I didn’t think you did it though,” Zoe said, almost logically.

“Ah, yes,” Gwen said, trying to engage her brain, especially as she was still sexually aroused, and the image of Zoe’s hand running over her sex, it did nothing for her mental capacity.  “Leather pulling armor, um, I mean you see, the armor I wear, it can catch stray hairs even with the best protective layers, and it makes more sense to shave it.  Most fighters wearing armor shave.”

“Really?” Zoe asked, closing the distance between them, kneeling down a bit by the edge of the bath.  “You never hear about that.”

“Yeah, well guys model theirs a bit differently, their manhood needs more room than we do,” Gwen said, wondering how she got into this conversation.  “In the middle of a fight, the last thing you want is a hair being tugged, like this,” she said, reaching out and tugging one of Zoe’s hairs covering her sex.  The squeak that came from the girl was unexpected.


“Yeah,” Gwen said, shocked at what she had done.  They remained quiet for a few moments.

“So how did you shave?”

“Well, I have a magic lotion that I use, it also prevents it from growing back for a while,” Gwen finally answered, hoping the conversation would turn and soon.

“Um, you wouldn’t happened to have any of that lotion here?” Zoe said, in a quiet, shy voice, so unlike what Gwen was used to.

“Yeah,” Gwen said, wondering where this conversation was headed, or even if she wanted to know.

“Can I try it?  I’ve always wanted to try, I’ve heard it feels different when you have no hair, please?” Zoe asked, adding a pouting look.  Gwen could not bring herself to say now, despite her inner voice shouting this was a dumb idea.

“Yeah, I’ll get it out when I’m done,” Gwen said.

“Great,” Zoe said, bouncing up and skipping out of the room, which gave Gwen quite a show once more.  With a slight groan of frustration and arousal she wondered what the conversation might be if she had called out her name before entering.  Gwen had been within a few strokes of release, and still a frustrated decided not to continue in case Zoe got impatient and walked back in.  Standing up she dried off, taking care of her sensitive spots and put her clothes on, but not her leathers.

Heading back into the main cavern she paused only a second watching as Zoe sat, still nude at the table.  Gwen wondered if somewhere the girl had been raised in a nudist colony or something.  There were some out there, but very isolationists in nature.  Of course Gwen realized that if they were to use the lotion, Zoe would have to be nude from the waist down anyways.

She put her leathers up knowing that Zoe was watching her every move.  She looked in one of the smaller pockets finally feeling the bottle she was looking for.  She realized she had not told her the procedure for putting it on yet, and wondered how Zoe would react to it.

“The lotion, as promised, but it’s a bit more than just putting it on, there is a method to it,” Gwen said, placing the bottle on the table, which Zoe focused on.  “The method is there so you don’t accidentally put it someone place you don’t want, like your head.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense,” Zoe replied, as their eyes met.  “What do I have to do?”

“Well, you have to, um, put it on and continue rubbing the area until the hair falls off.  It can, um, well, be a very sexual experience,” Gwen managed to spit out, watching Zoe’s eyes go wide at that.

“I-I see, then, I guess, um, go back to the bath to do it,” Zoe said, motioning towards the other cavern.

“Yeah, probably,” Gwen replied, glad she did not have to repeat that hint.  It had been hard enough saying it, let alone imagining Zoe doing it.  She found herself wondering why she was imagining such a thing.  Her sanity was already stretched to the limit, and her slim sanity did not need any more stress, despite watching Zoe’s butt as she walked out of the room.

Gwen sat down, finally able to relax slightly, despite knowing what Zoe was doing in the next room.  Pushing the thoughts out of her mind, she went over to examine her leathers for any problems or spots that needed repair.

She managed to refocus her thoughts on the group outside and the question on why they were there.  Somehow she kept thinking about it.  The reasons for everything, and how they kept popping up where they were.  She supposed if she ditched Zoe she would escape the group.  But she had no idea if Zeltran was looking for her or not.

Zoe walked back into the room a bit later, looking slightly flushed.  She quietly handed Gwen back the bottle and with a quick good night went over to bed.  Gwen tried not to look, but the fact Zoe still wore nothing made that difficult.  Of course the girl had taken no clothing in with her, or a towel so it should not have been a surprise when she came back naked.  Of course Gwen had caught a glimpse of the now smooth area despite trying not to look.  Seemed like the harder she reminded herself to not look, the easier it became to look.

Taking the time to head out to check on their ‘guests’, and the snowfall.  They all appeared to have hunkered down, a few feeding the fires.  Turning back into the cave, she turned off several of the torches, leaving the fire in the middle going to provide warmth in the cave, and climbed into her bed with a reluctant look towards Zoe, who had turned away from the fire.

Looking up at the ceiling, watching the play of the light from the fire, she slowly drifted off to sleep, despite vision of Zoe in the throes of passion.  It would be a restless night.


Gwen stepped outside the next morning, leaving Zoe to sleep in.  The longer the girl slept the less time she had to deal with the prancing little vixen.  Gwen figured the girl had gone to sleep nude once more, and wondered if she even owned a night shift.

The crisp, cold air pushed her thoughts away from the girl and towards the sight in front of her.  The good news, the snow had stopped, the bad news, it was up to her knee caps.  The sunlight reflecting against the snow made seeing things a bit harder, but she managed to see a couple of dark shapes, a few tents and the flicker of heat coming from a fire.

A figure moving near the fire indicated someone working near it, probably putting some more wood on the fire.  The depth of the snow meant she would be going nowhere, but the group out there might try and travel on to get out of the weather.  She privately hoped the group would be leaving.

With them still there meant Gwen was trapped with the little vixen.  The thought was both heaven and hell to her.  She wondered if somehow the girl wasn’t planning something.

Her thoughts went back to Marcy, her one-time lover in what seemed like another life.  The two of them had spent five years together, and now Gwen wondered if they were ever lovers.  She had said everything at the right time, but it all ended in tragedy.

Of course, what if Zoe really did like her despite the innocent act?  Gwen thought about that for several seconds.  If Zoe was innocent, and doing nothing, then she played the part of a temptress to perfection.  The girl also seemed to have an answer for everything.  Either what Zoe said was the truth, or she was very good at reading other people’s body language.

If she had that ability, the maybe somehow the girl had picked up on the attraction Gwen had towards her.  It was an interesting theory, and one that might be the source of Zoe’s secrets, and why Stephos wanted her.

She really had no way to conform such a theory though.  Shaking her head she made her way back inside not knowing how long the group would be there trapping them there.  Inside she glanced around seeing that Zoe had gotten up, and probably went to the other cavern to get some water.  Gwen mentally repeated her new mantra, do not view Zoe with sexual desire.

“You’re back, are our friends still out there?” Zoe asked.

Gwen looked over seeing Zoe walk into the room with a shirt on that barely covered the top of her thighs.  Somehow the look made the girl even sexier.  Her new mantra jumped o a horse and rode away, leaving her starting at the beauty in front of her.

“Um, yeah,” Gwen managed to reply, forcing herself to look into Zoe’s eyes, instead of the exposed legs as she walked closer to her.

“You all right?” Zoe asked, closing the distance between them, causing Gwen to instinctively back up.  She reached the cavern wall, and Zoe continued to close in.  “The big tough fighter is afraid of me,” Zoe said, placing her hands on Gwen’s shoulders.  “And I have you cornered,” she whispered.

Gwen recognized the next move, yet felt powerless to stop it, or even counter it.  Zoe’s soft lips met hers, pushing any rational thought from her mind.  The initial contact caused Gwen’s dominate personally to come forth, as she took over the kiss.  Her tongue demanded entrance, feeling Zoe’s lips part allowing her in.  Turning them around she forced Zoe up against the wall, even as her hands went down to cup the ass cheeks under the shirt as Zoe’s hands went up to tangle into Gwen’s hair.

Gwen parted, looking into Zoe’s eyes, seeing passion, arousal, innocence and uncertainty reflected back at her.  “You’re playing with fire, do you wish to continue?” Gwen asked, giving Zoe a chance to back out.

Zoe’s lips parted slightly as she thought about the question before the reply came back.  “Be gentle, it’s my first time,” she finally whispered.  Gwen felt a slight tremor run through Zoe’s body and almost pulled away if not for the arms wrapped around her.  Instead Zoe leaned in, placing her head on Gwen’s chest allowing Gwen to feel and hear the next couple of words.  “You silly, I wanted you to be my first, and perhaps more.  Do you know, I’ve never drawn anyone else like I have you?  I’m glad for every moment we remain together, it’s luck, a blessing.  I want you to be my first.”

“Are you sure?” Gwen asked one last time, watching Zoe pull back, smiling.  Her reply came as another kiss.

Gwen allowed instinct to take over, picking the girl up and placing her gently on the bedding, before taking off the shirt covering the treasures underneath.  Gwen took a few seconds to look at het beauty before her, seeing the blush and hesitant movements from Zoe, as she struggled to not cover herself up.

“Beautiful,” Gwen said, looking back up into the embarrassed green eyes.

“I’m just me, but you are sexy,” Zoe finally said.

“Me, I’m a warrior, all muscle, no softness.  You, you are all woman, soft, and curvy,” Gwen said, gently stroking Zoe’s arm.  “And there are many, many pleasurable places on a woman’s body.”

Gwen gently pushed Zoe down onto the bedding.

“The arms,” Gwen said, slowly stroking a hand up and down Zoe’s arm, going from her hand all the way to the shoulder, and back down again waiting for the girl to relax slightly.  “The ear” Gwen whispered by her ear, gently running her tongue along the outside of the ear, hearing the sharp intake of breath.

She grinned slightly, knowing she found a sensitive spot, and filed that way for later on.  She had a lot more areas to explore, and the girl might be sensitive in more areas.  Giving Zoe’s cheek a kiss, then another kiss on the lips which Zoe responded with equal force.

“Don’t forget the neck either,” Gwen said, giving the body part in question a kiss.  Her hands now went from the upper arms to the top of the swell of her breasts and back.  “And of course, let’s not forget the breasts,” Gwen said, looking down at the twin peaks, the nipples already showing her arousal.  She watched the breasts rise and fall with each breath, before running her hands in circles around one, slowly closing in on the hardening nipple.  They were as soft as Gwen expected, as Zoe arched trying to get the touches faster.

“Ah-ah, patience little one,” Gwen said, removing her hand watching green eyes lock with hers, filled with arousal.

“P-Patience, screw patience!” Zoe said hotly.  Gwen realized the girl was rapidly approaching her limit with emotions she never had before.

Gwen took the nipple between her fingers, gently rolling the hard bud hearing a soft squeak come from Zoe.  “How cute, let’s see if we can repeat that,” Gwen said, repeating the same process with the other nipple, getting a similar squeak before covering the nipple with her mouth, gently biting it, and allowing her tongue to flick the across the tip.

Gwen felt Zoe’s breathing increase, as she continued to explore the soft akin of her stomach while continue to kiss one breast and then the other.  The slight arch indicted how much Zoe enjoyed the attention.

She looked up even as her hand went further down, pausing to explore Zoe’s bellybutton before continuing the journey stopping above Zoe’s sex.  Feeling Zoe’s legs part in anticipation of what was to come.  She looked back up at Zoe, who in answer to the unspoken question pushed Gwen’s hand further down.  She ran her hand through the slick folds, stopping at the hard nub of the Zoe’s clit, giving it her attention, hearing moans come from Zoe.

She could feel Zoe would not last much longer, returning to Zoe’s ear, giving it a quick nibble as her hand continued to pleasure the girl’s clit.

“Oh goddess!  Gwen!” Zoe moaned out, her body arching in climax.  Gwen rested her hand on Zoe’s sex, waiting a few moments as Zoe recovered.  “W-Wow, that was incredible.”

“You think, but we’re not done yet,” Gwen whispered into Zoe’s ear, feeling another shudder to go through the smaller body.

Gwen slowly pushed a finger though the warm folds of Zoe’s sex, hearing the slight intake of breathe at this new feeling.   Using her thumb she stimulated Zoe’s clit before slowly moving her finger in and out.

“Are you ready?” Gwen asked.

“F-For what?” Zoe asked, dazed by the onslaught of feelings.

Gwen pushed her finger all the way in breaking though Zoe’s virginity.  Zoe went ridged at the new sensation, but did not cry out in pain.

“Beautiful,” Gwen said, kissing Zoe lightly.  She kept her finger still for a moment, allowing her new lover to become accustomed to the feeling before gently withdrawing.    Starting a slow rhythm she waited until Zoe’s hips bucked, indicating she wanted more.  Slowly increasing the speed, she kept an eye on how Zoe reacted, before moving her finger in and stopping much to Zoe’s displeasure.

Smiling, she curled her finger, searching for a spot, waiting a moment as her thumb continued the caresses on Zoe’s clit.  She found what she was looking for when Zoe suddenly bucked.  Having found the pleasure zone she continued her stroking, waiting only a few moments until a second climax overcame Zoe.

Gathering the girl into her arms, she waited several moments stroking her hair waiting for Zoe to come down the high.

“Am I still in one piece?” Zoe joked after several minutes.

“Mmm, let’s see,” Gwen said, taking a moment to look the body in her arms.  “Yep, still intact and now a woman.”

Zoe started to reply, when her stomach took the moment to growl, indicating its displeasure of not being fed.  Gwen chuckled at Zoe’s blush, before standing up.

“Come on, let’s get you fed,” Gwen stated, reaching into the backpack and taking out a few granola bars, handing one to Zoe.

“You know, its not fair,” Zoe mumbled between bites.  “I’m naked and you’re still dressed.’

“And whose fault is that?” Gwen said.

“Yours, I had on a shirt this morning,” Zoe replied back to her.

“Not last night, I had a vixen tempt me all evening long,” Gwen said back.  “Besides, we have all day to enjoy ourselves.”

“I won’t survive, but at least I’ll die happy,” Zoe replied, lying flat back down causing Gwen to chuckle.

“I’ll just check on our guests outside, and be right back,” Gwen said.  She quickly went out, checking to see that the noise had not alerted anyone.  Spotting them wondering around, looking like they were eating and perhaps packing she returned back inside.  Spotting Zoe on the bed, the day was definitely looking up.


Gwen stepped outside the cave.  Zoe had fallen asleep after a lunch, having been worn out by the morning long loving.  The air seemed clear, and the colors bright as the clouds had moved on, the sky blue.  The sun heading to the high point of the day,

Looking over at the encampment where their guest had been camping, she spotted an empty area.  They had left sometime during the day, probably not wanting to stay another night out in the elements, not that she could blame them.  Without the cave, she had no idea what they might have done.  She did not have a tent, only bedding in her backpack.   She put it to luck that Zoe found the cave’s entrance when no one in the group nearby had.

She looked at the foot tracks, seeing they went on to the town, and not back to the fork in the road, where Gwen wanted to go but missed yesterday.

Her thoughts returned to her new little lover, and leaned against the cave’s entrance.  Zoe’s inexperience showed, but the girl’s excitement and wanting to please more than made up for it, and she learned quickly finding spots on Gwen’s body she did not know were sensitive.

She rubbed her shoulders in the memory of the morning.  Walking back in she went over to check on the provisions.  Figuring they had enough for several days, but deciding they might want to leave sometime tomorrow if the weather cooperated.  She hoped to get some distance between them and the group.  She wanted to avoid the group if at all possible.

Continued in part 5

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