Lucky Luck – Part 7

Lucky Luck

by AJ Marks

Part 7: A Lucky Slave?

Gwen walked down the street of the town looking over Setta.  They decided after everything that happened yesterday that Zoe would go shopping and she would look for Hans’ office.  Zoe had taken off to the markets while Gwen followed the instruction by John to Hans’ place.  She finally spotted the small building, really it looked like a small one room building and no one really around.  Walking inside she spotted a short man with long dark hair sitting behind the desk.  He looked up as she entered.

“Help you miss?” he asked, the tone neutral.

“Looking for work, John mentioned you,” Gwen said, taking the time to look around, seeing a second desk and another man, along with a smaller room off to one side.

“John you say, intriguing.  He usually doesn’t send me people, must have impressed him.  What did you do?” the man asked.

“Did some work helping him with his transportation issue,” Gwen answered, leaving out Stephos.

“I see, had trouble lining up people for that job, then he mentioned he found someone.  I’m Hans” he said, leaning back in the chair and looking at her.  “Well, you’re not the normal type I get in here, that’s for sure.  But, I think I do have something for you.  Give me a moment to send off a message.”  He stood walking into the next room and came back out.  “You in town long?”

“Me and my partner are here for at least a night, depends on what happens after that,” Gwen replied.

“Good, good,” he stated, writing down something on a piece of paper.  “What type of partner?”

“She helps out, stays out of the fighting,” Gwen said.

“Hmm, even better,” Hans said, confusing Gwen.

“Um, what type of job is it?” Gwen asked, not wanting to get involved in something too weird.

“Oh, its actually quite simple, but I need the right type of person.  It’s a mission that Lady Valerie asked for, wants a woman for the mission if possible, lucky I found one, something about a guard to Banding,” he said.

Gwen felt uneasy about the mission, especially if meant the destination was Banding, the infamous slave town.  “We’re escorting her or something?” Gwen asked, looking for clarification.

“Hmm, yes and no, she requires someone who can go with her inside the town as well, be with her at almost all times.  Seems something happened last time she was there, scared of someone, or made an enemy, won’t tell me,” Hans said, looking over at the other man.  “Yo, Carl, take this over to Lady Valerie’s and be quick.”

Gwen watched as the other man in the room walked over, took the note and left in a rush.

“Wind mage, does great courier work,” Hans said, sitting back down.  “Lady Valerie is one of the more prominent members of Setta, her household is exclusively women, that doesn’t bother you does it?”

“No, means she won’t have a problem with my partner, she’s a female,” Gwen said, still unsure about the mission.  It could be very easy or extremely hard.  She needed more information about the situation, and it appeared Hans lacked that information.

“Perfect,” Hans said, smiling.

“Of course, I’ll have to talk it over with my partner,” Gwen replied, not wanting to accept right away, and Zoe might have some questions she had not thought of.  She also wondered how Zoe might feel about heading to the slave capital of the Shadowlands and Realm.  The town was made up of almost all slaves or owners, almost no one in the town did not own a slave, or belonged to someone.  If you were looking for a slave, you went there, their training for slaves was the best around.

Carl returned just as quickly as he left, handing the letter to Hans.  He scanned through the reply before looking up at Gwen.  “She’d be delighted to talk to you, and will be here tonight to talk over details with you if you wish.”

“All right, we’ll be back after dinner,” Gwen replied.

“I’ll let her know, and be expecting you,” Hans said, shaking her hand.

Gwen left the building heading out looking for Zoe in the market place.  She avoided a few kids running around, and prevented a pick-pocket from trying to steal from someone before finally heading to the inn not finding her.  Once inside she spotted Zoe sitting at one of the tables and made her way over.

“Any luck?” Gwen asked.

“The markets were wonderful, but then I got hungry and came back,” Zoe said.  “You?”

“Maybe, we’re meeting a potential client tonight after dinner,” Gwen answered watching Zoe for any reaction.

“Great,” Zoe said.  “Things were slow this morning, got out there before the crowds.  Merchants told me a lot of the wares are still on the road, might be another day or two before they arrive.  So what type of job?”

“Well, it might be unique,” Gwen replied, seeing Zoe appear really interested in the job.  Gwen wondered if that interest would stay when it would probably involve her as well, and where they were going.  “It would require us to go to Banding.”

“Banding?” Zoe replied, her eyes going wide at the place.  “Why there?”

“Seems the client does business there, and has her own slaves, all women.  Hans said she requires an escort, or bodyguard to go with her.  I have a feeling that if we go, you’ll be playing the part of my slave,” Gwen said, liking that idea a bit.

“Your slave?  What makes you think I’ll be the slave?” Zoe said, looking at her with a cool gaze.

“Do you have any experience with slaves?  Or high society that usually goes with it?” Gwen asked, looking at Zoe and wishing that her own past did not have such things.

“Um, no, I don’t,” Zoe replied.  “But I could learn.”

“Yeah, and who is captured easily?  My past I had experience with slaves, owning them when I was in the Realm,” Gwen said.

“Okay,” Zoe replied.  “I guess we’ll talk to the client and see what they want.  Don’t like this being a slave though.”

“You’ll make a very cute slave,” Gwen replied.  “And I don’t like to share,” Gwen said, seeing that statement take a bit of the unsure look off of Zoe’s face.

“Just brings up some bad memories,” Zoe said.

“You and me both,” Gwen answered.  She watched as the waitress dropped off the plate and dug in.  She could push the job off to the side for now.  This evening would be time enough for talking.


Gwen held the door open for Zoe as they entered the building.  She spotted Hans already sitting down at the desk, and an older woman sitting across from it.  She had long brown hair and brown eyes, and a graceful appearance of someone who took care of themselves.  She also scream money, but did not seem to flaunt it.

“Ah, Gwen, welcome back, this is Lady Valerie,” Hans said indicating the other woman

Gwen watched as the woman seemed to size her and Zoe up before saying anything.

“Pleasure,” she said.

“Nice to meet you,” Zoe said, sitting down.

“Yes, Hans said a little bit about you,” Gwen said also sitting down.  “Perhaps you can give us a bit more information about the mission.  Hans did not have much other than to escort you to Banding.”

“Well, its rather simple, but I require someone, refined,” Valerie stated stressing the last word making Gwen wonder what type of mission this was.  “I need someone to accompany me on a business transaction to Banding to Master Greis.  The real problem is not him, but his son.  He has assaulted my slaves, and tried to assault me as well the last time.  His father is too lenient with him, and I am not the only one who this has happened to.  However, I have found someone else to business with.”

Gwen thought about that, wondering if she would be putting Zoe in harm’s way.

“I need someone who can protect herself, and others.  My girls are my life and I would do anything for them, as they would for me,” Valerie said.  Gwen understood by the look in her eyes she meant every word she said.

“So we would accompany you as your slaves?” Gwen asked, unsure if she felt comfortable with that situation.

“That was my original plan, but you are not one to be a slave, they would see right through any act you give,” Valerie said impressing Gwen with her powers of observation.  “Your partner is a perfect fit for a slave.  Dress her up the right way and she would pass for a slave, or a slave in training.  I could explain you as a business associate of mine, of who I have many.”

“You seem to have all the bases covered,” Gwen said, looking over at Zoe.  “It would be up to you.  Do you feel comfortable being my slave for this?”

“I don’t know, you’d owe me big time over this,” Zoe finally replied.

“I have magic fingers,” Gwen replied, waggling her fingers waiting for Zoe’s answer as she looked at the fingers then blushed.

“You two are lovers,” Valerie said, not asking a question but making the statement.  “That would make things even better.”

“How?” Zoe asked, confusion in her voice.

Valerie laughed at the question before answering.  “Well, it’s not well known, but most masters and slaves are lovers in Bonding, especially the pleasure slave of the master.  It’s part of their society, one master, but they don’t hold a strict slave master relationships like everyone thinks they do.  It’s all part of the image they try to maintain.  Master Greis’ son is a one of the few who thinks it should be like the image, treating slaves as property.  Its my last dealing with him, and I refuse to subject my girls to that treatment again.”

“If we go, I doubt they’ll accept me like I’m dressed,” Zoe said, surprising Gwen with the foresight.

“Probably not, but my girls can fix you up, a few are close to your size,” Valerie said, taking a moment to look Zoe over again.

“I guess we’re taking the job then,” Gwen said, looking over at Valerie and then at Zoe.

“I don’t think we should sit by when we can stop anyone from being hurt, even a slave,” Zoe said, a conviction there that Gwen had not seen before.  She assumed it had to do with something in the girl’s past, something she had yet to speak of.

“Perfect,” Valerie said, clapping her hands together with excitement.  “I have my girls set you up and we can leave in the morning, unless you have something else up.”

“Okay,” Gwen aid, looking back over at Zoe, who appeared fine now.  “Then we’ll see you in the morning.”

Valerie walked out leaving Gwen and Zoe in the room along with Hans, who looked pleased with the outcome.  They said their good-byes to him and made their way back to the inn.  Gwen thought about the job, and what she might have to do, and act with Zoe.

“Are you okay with this?” Gwen asked, as they reached the inn.

“It’s a job, something I’ve got to get used it, and she seemed nice,” Zoe said.  “Something about her attitude came off as genuine to me.”

Gwen thought about that for a few seconds.  True, Valerie came across as strong, confident, yet when talking about her slaves, she called them ‘her girls’.  The woman had several good qualities to her.

“I guess so, but one must always keep up your guard, otherwise you become venerable to sweet talk,” Gwen said heading up the stairs to their room.  “You realize you’ll be dressed differently.”  Gwen looked down at Zoe and imagined her in something more, erotic.

“I kinda figured,” Zoe replied.  “I’ve seen slaves in towns before, some were actually happy and others were miserable and unhealthy.  Guess it’s all about the owners.”

“How the slaves look is a direct reflection of the owner,” Gwen said, entering their room.  “Let’s talk about it in the morning, I can think of some other subjects I’d rather talk about.”

“Hmm, how about the stars,” Zoe replied, sitting down on the bed giving her an innocent look.

“You can, if you’re able to,” Gwen stated, standing in the center of the room.  Taking off her shirt she watched Zoe’s eyes fixate on her even as she continued the slow strip-tease.

“Able to what?” Zoe answered a few seconds later, her voice husky.



Gwen knocked on the door of the house after following the instructions Valerie had left them last night.  A few seconds later the door opened allowing a women with short brown hair, and slightly taller than Zoe to appear in the doorway.

“Can I help you?” she asked politely.

“My name is Gwen, this is my partner, we’re here to see Lady Valerie,” Gwen stated, waiting a moment before the woman recognized the name.

“Come in, the mistress is waiting for you,” the woman said, holding the door open for them.  “Follow me please,” she said, closing the door and walking inside towards a room off the main hallway.

Gwen took a moment to study the woman in front of them.  She was dressed in a simple tunic, yet it covered everything.  She appeared healthy, and happy.  The room had several chairs and a desk, and she figured this was where Valerie did most of her business.

“The mistress will be with you shortly.  She’s finishing breakfast.  Is there anything I can get you?” the woman asked.

“No, I’m fine,” Gwen answered, looking over at Zoe.

“I’m fine,” Zoe replied.

Gwen sat down, and did not have to wait long before Valerie entered the room along with two other girls.  One stood almost as tall as Valerie, with blonde hair and blue eyes, the other had red hair, green eyes and was shorter.

“Welcome Gwen, Zoe, this is my right hand gal, Pam,” Valerie said, motioning towards the blonde, “and this is my financial advisor Lori.”

Gwen wondered if they were slaves or employees but tried not give anything away.  “It’s nice to meet you two.”

“Lori will be accompanying me on the trip, Pam runs the household when I’m gone,” Valerie said.  “They were my first two girls.”

The statement answered Gwen’s question, the two were slaves.  However they appeared healthy as well, and even more content than normal.

“Is this the one mistress?” Pam asked, looking over at Zoe with a bit too much interest in Gwen’s opinion.

“Yes, she is the one who will acting as a slave.  I need for you to teach her the basics, then provide an outfit that would match her,” Valerie replied, pointing from Zoe to Gwen.  Gwen looked on as Pam seemed to take the assignment seriously, thinking for a few seconds.

“Hmm, fighting spirit, tough, doesn’t back down, I expect her slave to be quiet, almost shy and the outfit skimpy and erotic, yet protective of the elements,” Pam said, sounding like she was running through a checklist, but seemed to understand the details of the position.  Gwen’s opinion of Valerie went up if she allowed her slaves this much freedom.

“Quiet?  Her?” Gwen finally said, pointing over at Zoe.

“What, I’m curious about things.  If you don’t ask how do you learn?” Zoe replied before looking over at Pam.  “Skimpy clothes?”

“It’s all part of the illusion we’re trying to create, one we play all the time,” Pam said.  “And act that others expect us to play and follow.  Fighters are generally less caring and more forceful with their slaves, as a result they are there more for sex than anything else.  That’s why they have little clothing, and what they do wear it’s still easy for the master, or mistress, to have access to the slave’s body.”

“Hmm, the mission has its merits,” Gwen said, looking over at Zoe for a few seconds.  “The things these fingers could do with such outfits.”

“Just remember, paybacks,” Zoe said finally.

“If you would follow me miss, we’ll get you ready for everything you need to know,” Pam said, looking at Zoe.

“Go on, the quicker we do this, the quicker we’re back and besides, you might enjoy it,” Gwen said, laughing at Zoe’s glare even as she walked out of the room with Pam.  It left Gwen alone with Valerie and Lori.

“She’s interesting, where did you two meet?” Valerie asked.

“She ran into me, running from some slavers,” Gwen replied, not mentioning Stephos.

“I can see why they wanted her, I’d have paid top coin for someone like her,” Valerie said after a few seconds.  “And I’m not talking about her figure.  Many of my girls have others, skills.”

Gwen’s eyebrows rose at that statement, wondering what else she was hiding.

“Oh, nothing illegal I assure you, but you see, I’ll allow Lori to explain it,” Valerie said, giving a motion to the blonde.

“I’m a Latgic, my magic is financial luck,” Lori said, surprising Gwen slightly with the admission.

“I see, having someone like such luck would be extremely fortunate,” Gwen said, realizing that luck probably did play a lot in Valerie’s financial wealth.

“Yes, there is a lot about Latgic’s that people don’t know about.  Pam is naturally cheerful, not a latgic, but always has a smile for someone.  She is also rock solid trustworthy and loves Lori,” Valerie said.

“Oh,” Gwen replied, surprised by that admission.

“Yes, we were married last spring with our mistress’ permission, she even stood for both of us during the wedding as we don’t have any real family.”

“Full of surprises, I see our instinct about you was correct,” Gwen said, looking over at Valerie.  She sat slightly confused at the statement.  “I’m not one for slavery, seen too many bad owners in the Realm, but you’ve never once mentioned them as your slaves, but your girls.”

“They are my girls, as well as my family,” Valerie said.  “My real family, well, my parents split when I was young, didn’t see much of my father, or brother, don’t care to see him actually.”

Gwen had the impression there was more to it, but did not press the issue.

“What about Greis, won’t he think its unusual for you to bring along a business partner?” Gwen asked, changing the subject away from family.  She had the feeling neither of them wanted to discuss that topic.

“I’ve done it before, but your background needs to be fleshed out so we’re on the same story,” Valerie said.

“Say I’m from the Realm, Corrort,” Gwen said.  “It’s a port city with lots of trade.”

“Yes, I’ve done business with some from there, never been there though,” Valerie said.  “Perhaps I should expand out of the Shadowlands.  Greis is a trader of more adult toys for slaves.”

“Oh, interesting,” Gwen said, but said nothing else.

“Its best to keep things spiced up, is it not?” Valerie said, looking at her for a moment.

“Yeah, though I haven’t thought of it much,” Gwen replied honestly.  True some things might be interesting to try, she was still new with being Zoe’s lover.

“The girls actually suggest what to get, I just pamper them, after all, if you don’t take care of your empire, it crumbles.”

Gwen could not argue with that statement.  She had seen too many ignore things thinking it would take care of itself.  Valerie loved her slaves and from what Gwen saw, they loved her back.  Such trust and fellowship gave her a huge advantage over others.

She listened a bit as Valerie spoke about Greis’ son and what she might have to look out for.   He took advantage of everyone, and Lori recalled her tale with the man.  He seemed to have some fighting power by the way Lori and Valerie described him.  Such power had gone to his head, thinking he was the most powerful around.

Gwen thought about that for second, wondering what he might be like had he grown up in the Realm.  There were many there who were much more powerful.  Her cover that she was from the Realm gave her leeway to use more power than normal.  She could always use the excuse she had been in the Realm army.  She almost felt sorry for him, as he probably was outclassed by a lot.

She looked up as Zoe re-entered the room.  Dressed in a short white dress that came down to about mid-thigh, both sides were open, held together by gold ring near the waist.  Gwen looked at the plunging neckline that exposed the valley between her breasts, and knew she wanted to keep this dress.

“Very sexy, we might have to keep that one,” Gwen said with a smile, watching as Zoe blushed at the assessment of her looks.  The girl might be a bit of a tease, but she also had a large amount of innocence still about her.

“Well, all she needs is a slave collar,” Valerie said.  “I have several different types that I use when out of town that you can borrow.”

Gwen thought about that for a few seconds before answer.  She did not want Zoe to have to use a collar, but understood the reasoning for it.  “Thin if you have it.”

“Remember, don’t be enjoying this too much,” Zoe said, as Gwen stood and walked over to her.

“Why not,” Gwen replied in Zoe’s ear.  “You’re beautiful in that.”  She ran a hand up the side tickling the exposed flesh there causing Zoe to move away with a giggle.

Pam returned with a few different collars, all black but no markings on them.  Picking out a thin black collar she placed it around Zoe’s neck.

”You’ll have offers left and right in Banding for her,” Valerie said, as they both looked over Zoe.  Gwen had to agree and decided to change the subject to take the focus off Zoe.

“When should we leave?” she asked.

“As soon as we’re ready,” Valerie said.  “I usually leave before noon, and arrive in time for supper.  I have already sent a note off to Greis informing him of my arrival, and I was bringing a business partner with me.  I usually stay overnight and return back home the next day when business is complete.”

“What about our stuff back at the inn?” Zoe asked.

“You’re welcome to keep it here for the night,” Valerie said.  “It’s only reasonable as you’re helping me out.”

“Okay, then I’ll go get the stuff, and should probably change a bit,” Gwen said.

“What about me?” Zoe asked.  “I’ll go with you.”

“You really want to go out like that?” Gwen asked, eyeing Zoe’s outfit.  She already knew the answer, while Zoe was a large tease in private, in public, she was more reserved.  It would be interesting to see her actions in Banding.

“Well, okay,” Zoe finally said after thinking about it for a few minutes.

Gwen headed back to the inn wondering what the day might entail.  By this evening they would be in Banding with Zoe acting as her slave.  She hoped the girl would be able to act the part.  Of course there still might be some more interesting activities later on.  It had potential, and all she had to do was keep an eye out for one person.


Gwen wrapped her arms around Zoe as they rode the horse, Valerie’s usual way of movement.  It allowed her to quickly flee a scene unlike traveling on foot.  Zoe shifted once more leaning back into the embrace as she rode in front.  Gwen had thought about having Zoe ride behind her, but decided she would not waste the opportunity to hold the girl.  Gwen adjusted slightly, hearing a familiar gasp from Zoe.

“I’m not squishing you?” Gwen asked, pretty sure she was not.

“Um, no, not that,” Zoe said, moving slightly back once more.  Gwen gave her some room to back up even as Zoe explained some more. “It’s the saddle horn.”

Gwen frowned at the statement before reaching down and feeling the part in question.  She smiled slightly as she realized what had happened, and the design of the saddle before asking the next question.

“What is hurting or exciting you?” Gwen asked, looking down at Zoe, watching the blush appear.  She had her answer even before Zoe said anything.  Flipping the dress up before scooting up a bit more making sure Zoe received plenty of contact.

“W-What are you d-doing?” Zoe asked, gasping slightly at the sensation.

“Just relax and enjoy, it’s there for a reason,” Gwen answered, reaching down under the dress and gently parting the folds.

The movement of the horse added a rocking motion to the horn which was touching the more sensitive areas of Zoe’s sex.  Gwen added a few gentle touches, looking down seeing Zoe’s nipples sticking out under the fabric of the dress.  Gwen felt out with her aura making sure no one else was around while keeping her eye on Zoe’s approaching climax.

Zoe tried to remain quiet, but as her climax neared it was a struggle.  Finally a short cry indicated her going over to the pleasure.  Gwen held onto the girl as she recovered slightly before looking over at Valerie and Lori, who both smiled knowingly.

“I see you found my secret, and why I usually sit in front,” Valerie said.

“Full of surprises,” Gwen said once more.  She wondered if not saying anything was an oversight, or a deliberate attempt to see what they might do.

“I will admit, it took a while working with Greis to get that just right,” Valerie said.  “You don’t need someone else, but it’s better that way.”

Zoe slowly recovered from her climax, but did not look over at Valerie or Lori.  She turned slightly towards Gwen before talking in a low voice.  “Could have told me what you were going to do.”

“And miss out on the fun, no way, besides I’m sure you enjoyed it, right?” Gwen said, getting her answer from Zoe’s look.  Taking a look at the sky she paused.  “How about a rest for a moment, get some water and a snack,” she called over to Valerie.

“There is a good spot up ahead where many rest,” Valerie said.

Gwen agreed and they continued on for a short while longer until reaching the spot.  It looked well used as a spot many came to rest.  Gwen did a quick sweep but found no one around.  Aside from being a nice spot, it also could be used as an ambush or robbing point.

“First time riding?” Gwen asked as Zoe walked around a bit.

“Yeah, I spent most of the ride trying to not be aroused by that saddle,” Zoe replied.

“That’s why you kept moving around, and here I thought I was squishing you,” Gwen said before continuing.  “It has possibilities.”

“I won’t survive the trip,” Zoe replied, sitting down and taking a bit to eat.

“So, do bandits use the road?” Gwen said, looking over at Valerie and Lori.

“Not really, a few groups in Banding set up traps, they pose as merchants or other groups and when they are robbed, they are taken care of.  The groups always change people and they’ll use real merchants as well.” Valerie said.  “Most of the bandits go elsewhere for easier targets.  There are a few, but they are either new, or looking for a specific target.”

Gwen nodded, knowing an active offensive against the groups usually made things better than a defensive position.  She grabbed a bit to eat and sat down next to Zoe.  “Well, now I know why you were so quiet, at least most of the trip.”

“Was I?  Yeah, I guess I was,” Zoe said after thinking about it for a few seconds.  “Between that saddle and what I was imagining later on, I’m feeling a bit nervous.”

“Like a target?” Gwen asked, seeing Zoe nod her head yes.  It was a true confession of how much she had thought about tonight, and now Gwen needed to reassure Zoe.  “Well, one thing, I give you permission to use any force necessary to avoid being hurt by anyone.  That’s the strange thing about being a slave, you only have to obey your master.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t really want to be the center of attention,” Zoe replied.

“No, but there might be some, well, some very open activities that we might have to partake in, otherwise suspicion will be case on us,” Gwen said to her, who looked confused at that.  “Let’s say that little display on the horse, it will seem tame in comparison, and you might even end up naked before the night is over.”

“Oh, well I guess so, you’ll be the only touching me?” Zoe asked.

“I have no plans on sharing if that’s what you mean,’ Gwen replied.

“Good, but remember, paybacks are mounting,” Zoe answered.

“I don’t doubt it at all,’ Gwen said, as they finished up eating.  They would be back on the road soon enough.


Gwen entered another city of the Shadowlands, and one of the ones most well-known, Banding, the slave town.  All around people were out, some were with slaves, and others were slaves running errands.  Still she saw a few more normal people out on their own.

“Here we are,” Valerie said, dismounting, followed by Lori.  Gwen jumped down before helping Zoe down.  She watched Valerie make the arrangements with the stable boy who took both the horses inside.

“A bit crowded, or is it always like this?” Gwen said, looking at the crowd and wrinkling her nose.

“Typical for a large city in the Shadowlands,” Valerie said.  “They get business from both the river and the roads.  It’s the river which allows them to have a wider trading route, they even have trades with those of other empires and beyond.”

Gwen glanced around, quickly finding the guards as they walked around the town.  They seemed to be a bit more relaxed than other towns, but that probably had to do with the slave mentally of the town.  The group made their way down one of the main streets, before turning towards a side area.  Gwen felt the relief of being away from the crowds.  Continuing on a bit longer they walked up to one of the larger houses.

“And here we are,” Valerie said, walking up to the door and ringing the bell, waiting.

“Ah, Mistress Valerie, Master is waiting for you,” an older gentleman said, moving aside allowing them inside the house.  “The master is in the sun room.”

“Thank you,” Valerie replied.

“And this is your guest?” the man said, looking Gwen and Zoe over a bit.

“Yes, Mistress Gwen,” Valerie stated.

“Welcome, how many rooms shall I prepare,” he asked.

“Lori and I are sharing a room,” Valerie said, as they looked over at Gwen.

“I’ll only need one room as well,” Gwen answered.

“That can be arranged,” he said, leading them to a large open room with no room.  Gwen assumed this to be the sun room he spoke of earlier.  She spotted several young woman in the middle playing some sort of game.  Off to one side, an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a moustache watched intently.

“Score, Nancy’s team,” the man said, looking over and spotting the newcomers into the room.  “Ah, Valerie, welcome, welcome,” he said.  Standing he walked over giving her a hug.  “Lovely to see you again.”

“Gries, pleasure as always,” Valerie said.  “This is a new backer of mine, Gwen from Corock.”

“Ah, the Realm, yes, haven’t gotten out there lately, been too dangerous you know,” Greis said, looking at Gwen for a second.

“Yes, that’s why I’m here, looking for other areas to expand to,” Gwen replied.  “Brought my newest slave along for training.”

“I see, you have wonderful taste,” Greis said, looking Zoe over a bit too much.  A man in his late twenties walked into the room, a bit taller than Greis, but a similar appearance.  “This is my son, Leo.”

Gwen said hello, but watched as Leo made all the pleasantries while looked them over.  His gaze lingered on Lisa and Zoe.  Gwen felt her guard go up the moment he looked over at Zoe.  She felt his fighting power along with the arrogant attitude he had.  She reached out with her senses to gain an idea of how powerful he was.  Once she had a grasp of his power she allowed her own to rise up, watching his eyes register shock.  He turned leaving in a huff.

“Sorry about him,” Greis said, shaking his head sadly.  “Been trying to get him into the business, but his attitude, well, it comes from his mother I suppose.”

“We can’t all get along, or want to be in business,” Gwen replied.  “Seen too much of that foolishness in my life.”

“Right, well you must be tired from your journey,” Greis said, turning as the man who greeted them entered the room.  “Carl, are the guest bedrooms ready?”

“Yes sir,’ he replied.

“Great, go and clean and rest up for supper, I’ve prepared your favorite Valerie,” Greis said to them.

Gwen thanked him, before following Carl along to their rooms.  She noticed the two rooms were next to each other before heading into the room along with Zoe.  Sitting down she mentally went over what she had seen.  The slaves in the house appeared in good health, and the girls had been having fun.  The entire atmosphere shifted the moment Leo entered the room.

“Go ahead and unpack,” Gwen said to Zoe, who looked back at her with a questioning glare.  Gwen walked over to her, taking a moment to caress the cheek before whispering in her ear.  “We’re probably being watched, so be good.”

She looked into the green eyes watching a frown form before turning to unpack.  Gwen gave Zoe’s bottom a pat before sitting down once more.

“Leo certainly seemed unhappy to see me,” Gwen finally said, musing out loud.

“Have you seen him before?” Zoe asked.

“Nope, realized his fighting power isn’t as high as mine, he might have seen it as a challenge, or he’ll back off.  Guess we’ll wait to see how stupid he is,” Gwen said.  “It will also be interesting to see if he tries anything on you or Lori.”

“He was staring at me a bit too much,” Zoe said.  “Then he went into a staring match with you before leaving.”

“That’s when I raised my fighting power,” Gwen said.  “Now we’ll have to be on guard, remember, you have every right to fight back, yell out, scream, to get away from him.  I don’t want him near you.”

Gwen watched Zoe at that.  She seemed to relax a bit at that as Gwen turned her thoughts back to Leo.  He seemed like the type who used his power and wealth to get what he wanted.  She figured he probably would try to make a move against her, but it was a matter of when and where.  She wondered if he might target Zoe, and if he did, she would not let her out of her sight.

Zoe continued to unpack, which actually was not that much.  She knew she could use Zoe to lure Leo out, but that was not the mission, only to make sure nothing happened to anyone, including Valerie and Lori.

“When we’re not together, try to stay close to Lori, if Leo tries anything, one of you come get me,” Gwens aid to her.

“So you think he’ll try something,” Zoe asked, finished her chore.

“Yeah, he’s the stupid type,” Gwen said.  “Sees you two as easy targets, and will look for a situation where we might be vulnerable.”

“Okay, so now what?” Zoe asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“Come on over here,” Gwen said, watching the blonde slowly walk over, a sway in her hips.  The outfit covered enough, but she knew what lay underneath.

Pulling Zoe closer so she had to straddle her legs Gwen ran a hand up the inner thigh, feeling the silky skin tremble at the touch.  Stopping short of the goal she looked up into darkening green eyes.  Smiling she caressed the other leg before an idea came to her.

“Let’s see how long you can remain standing, shall we,” Gwen said, continuing the light caress.  The game had begun.

End part 7, continued in part 8

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