The Milsian Princess – Part 9

The Milsian Princess

by AJ Marks

Part 9

Apollo looked at the rest of the pilots knowing their thoughts, ground combat. They had gotten the layouts of the cities and other important maps of Serria’s surface for the landing to help out the people of Serria.

“And if they think we’re invaders?” Sheba asked.

“Then we’re really in trouble. We have to make contact with any resistance group immediately upon landing,” Apollo replied.

“Yeah, otherwise that makes it three groups fighting each other, not a good situation considering we’ll be outnumbered,” Starbuck said.

“There are about thirty thousand troops on the planet according to the information,” Apollo said.

“And Red squadron will fly air cover,” Bojay said.

“Yes, unless the other squads are required. But it’s thought that the second fleet will leave with most of the ships. The Galactica should be able to defend against any outside threat,” Apollo said.

“And what about the fleet?” Boomer asked.

“Gold spar will stay with the fleet which will be headed towards the planet,” Apollo stated.

“Will this work?” Sheba finally asked. Apollo noticed they all were looking at him.

“I don’t’ know, there are a lot of variables,” Apollo stated. “And it all seems to hinge on Crystal and if she’s really telling the truth or not.”

“And if she’s not?” Bojay asked.

“It really doesn’t matter. The fleet is running critically low on fuel. We have fuel for maybe two, or three, sectors,” Apollo replied letting that answer sink in. They had no other options but to land the ship and pour the remaining fuel into the defense to stretch it out.

“I see,” Boomer finally said. “Well then, we can only go ahead with our plan.”

“Yes, we’ll help out here, it’s were the signal originated,” Apollo said. “If anyplace had the resistance it should be there. Now remember we’ll not fire on citizens, and place the weapons on stun.”

“Just in case?” Starbuck said.

“Something like that,” Apollo replied. “Adama wants to limit causalities as a back-up plan.”

They all understood that. If the major part of the plan failed they could still negotiate with the Milsian Empire with prisoners and the fact they had limited fatalities.

“Shall we go over this stuff again?” Apollo said.

“Yep, we’re only going to get one shot at this,” Boomer replied.

Apollo brought up the maps once more to go over it again.


Mark glanced round the bridge knowing that everyone was nervous. Crystal stood on the bridge with him. She seemed to be the only person who did not seem nervous.

“Scanners indicating three battle-cruisers captain,” Yvette’s voice said.

Mark nodded knowing that they Nevada would exit its jump extremely close to the planet. The Milsian ships would be able to open fire almost right away.

“Have shields on-line the moment we exit our jump,” Mark said to Yvette.

He glanced once more at Crystal who still showed no emotion.

“We’ll need an open channel the moment we exit,” Crystal stated.

Mark glanced over at Hans.

“It’s all ready captain,” he replied.

Mark nodded knowing that everything he could do had been done. He now could only hope his ship withstood the punishment long enough to give Crystal the time she needed.

“Exiting jump in five, four, three, two, one,” Kim’s voice said.

“Shields up captain,” Yvette said.

“Communications open,” Hans said at the same time.

Mark glanced at Crystal who began transmitting her message to the ships even as the Nevada came under fire. Mark rocked on his feet but remained firm waiting for something to happen.

“Damage to section seven, repair crews already headed there,” Kim said.

Mark glanced over at Crystal who kept repeating her message. He hoped that someone over on one of the Milsian ships heard them.


Admiral Otto Junkers glanced over at his communications officer as he told him that a message was coming in for him. He glanced at the scanner at the Alliance warship. So far it had not fired back at all and Otto felt suspicious about it.

“Sir, we have a person saying she wants to talk to you, and that’s it’s about Prince Boris,” the communications officer said again. “Shall I put it on ignore?”

Otto thought about that. One battle-cruiser against an entire fleet would not be a threat, but the fact it came out of jump so close to the planet caused him some concern. He finally made a decision.

“Order all ships to cease-fire and transfer the communications up here,” Otto said. He noticed the disbelief in everyone’s face. “Now people or there will be a problem.”

“Yes sir,” the reply came back from almost everyone.

“Admiral are you sure about this?” Frank, the captain of the Saturn said.

“Yes, they haven’t fired upon us yet, which means they want to talk, but back the fleet away and put it in defensive positions at once. It could be a trap and I won’t be caught looking the wrong way,” Otto said.

“Yes, a wise decision,” Frank replied.

Otto turned down to his screen waiting for the face to appear. He blinked at the face on the screen. She looked so very familiar to him for some reason. He thought the eyes looked, well, he thought for several seconds before dismissing it.

“Admiral Junkers,” the woman said. “My name is Crystal Deslion.”

“First off the Alliance ship is to not move or make any aggressive moves. Any such actions will be seen as an aggressive act and I won’t hesitate to blow your ship out of space,” Otto said before continuing. “You said you had information about Prince Boris, what is it?”

“I am his daughter,” the woman, Crystal said. Otto froze at the audacity of the woman’s boldness to proclaim such a thing.

“That is quite a claim, and nothing to back it up,” he said.

“You claimed to have known my father, he would have meet my mother close to the fighter base. She worked bartending,” Crystal said. “At least she did until Admiral Jurez killed her when I was six.”

Otto thought back to that time realizing why the woman in front of him now looked so familiar to him. She looked very much like a waitress at a restaurant he and Boris went to quite often. He looked again taking in her eyes which looked so very much like Boris. That was why she looked so familiar, the eyes.

“Are you willing to take a test?” Otto asked.

“Yes,” she said without any hesitation.

“Then shuttle over to my ship and we’ll perform that test,” Otto said.

“Very well,” Crystal said.

Otto looked at the others especially the captain after the communications ended.

“Admiral, this is unwise,” Frank said.

“And if it turns out to be true, then we have the true Empress here, with us,” Otto said. “Isn’t your loyalty to the true ruler of the Milsian Empire?”

“Of course, but to trust this,” Frank stated.

“I have my reasons, and she knew something no one else had ever known. Boris fancied a woman who she looks very much like,” Otto said. “If she is Boris’ daughter then she will have the genes. If not, we have an Alliance battle-cruiser captive. Either way we come out on top here.”

“Of course admiral,” Frank said. Otto could tell he still did not sound convinced.


Crystal climbed aboard the fighter to the protests of Mark.

“I still say it’s a bad idea,” Mark said.

“And I won’t risk another pilot and I know how to fly this fighter,” Crystal said. “Either let me go or I’ll blast my way out. It’s the only way.”

She watched him carefully before he finally relented. “Hans, inform Admiral Junkers that Crystal will be flying herself over in her fighter,” Mark said.

Crystal did not hear the reply but put on her helmet and closed the canopy watching everyone else back away from the fighter. She waited for clearance before launching and heading to the Milsian battle-cruiser. She felt fear at what would happen and hoped that this would work.

All too quickly she landed her fighter on the deck of the Saturn which had several people waiting for her all armed guards not much of a surprise to her. She powered down and climbed out of the fighter. A short man with grey hair stepped forward. She recognized the man as the admiral and waited.

“So, you claim to be Boris’ daughter, follow me,” he said.

“I do,” Crystal replied having expected the attitude. If the test confirmed her memories then the attitude would change rather quickly and information would spread through the fleet reaching her uncle quickly.

Up to the med-lab where a doctor poked her way too many times in her opinion or she had gotten used to Alliance and Colonial doctors who seemed much nicer.

“You’re awfully calm for someone who could be executed for impersonating an Alpha Supreme,” Otto said to her.

“And if the tests come back positive?” Crystal asked back. She watched him hesitate for several seconds.

“Then there is a lot to answer for by Emperor Tony,” Otto said.

They glanced up as the doctor walked back towards them. Crystal felt her heart-rate pick up knowing she was close to knowing the truth.

“Admiral, the tests have come back, and, um, well, um, you see, well, here,” he stammering slightly before handing him the results.

Crystal felt sweat run down her back as Otto turned to her.

“Well, the test confirms it, Empress,” he said. “You realize you have his eyes?”

Crystal almost fell down in relief then frowned when her mind caught up with what he said.

“Now what Empress,” Otto said.

“Inform the fleet, give the test results if you have to,” Crystal said. “You also want to prepare for my uncle to attack us here.”

“Attack, that’s civil war!” Otto said.

“Exactly, inform the captain of the Alliance ship what happened, and we’ll head over there to my new flagship for a council of war at once,” Crystal said.

“But, um, this is a bit quick,” Otto said.

“And we have to move fast, you are loyal to the true ruler are you not?” Crystal said seeing him flinch slightly before answering.

“Of course,” he replied, then caught himself. “It will be done Empress.”

“Good, now have your communications officer open a channel for me at once,” Crystal said forcing herself into a mode she hoped she was ready for, being Empress of an Empire.


Mark felt slightly relieved when Crystal’s fighter landed on the Nevada. He had been surprised when she wanted the Nevada as her flagship. He glanced over at the rest of the crew wondering how they felt about that. It was actually Hans who spoke up first.

“I’m all right with it sir, we’ve been cast out by the Alliance for now, we’ll return after all this is over. We are still loyal to the Alliance,” Hans said.

Mark realized the communications officer was right. They swore an oath to protect the Alliance from all threats. Now the threat was the Cylons and few people realized it even as the Alliance got closer to the Cylons. After this meeting he would have to talk with Senator Barnes again to inform him of what was going on.

“Sir, the shuttles have started to land,” Kim said.

“I’ll be in the meeting room, have them all brought up there,” Mark said.

“All right, still feels weird,” Kim replied.

Mark had to agree with her there. Meeting with a group of high and mighty Milsians did not sound like fun to him but he had to do it.

He walked into the room seeing Crystal there already sitting down and looking for a brief second, lost and venerable.

“You all right?” Mark asked sitting down next to her.

“I’ve never had any control, or idea about reality and now that I have it I don’t have time to even think about it,” she replied. “I went from lowly fighter pilot to empress in the blink of an eye. For a long time all I wanted was one thing, now I have to think of everyone. My actions will determine not only the Milsian Empire, but all of humanity.”

Mark realized for the first time how large of a leapt this would be for her. He doubted anyone could fully make such a jump. He finally made a decision.

“I’ll be here if you need anything at all,” he said, covering her hand with his. “And if you want my opinion, you’ve done a great job so far.”

He would have said more but the first arrivals entered the room. He sat back watching her react to this new position she found herself in.


Tony walked up to the aide who cowered before him.

“What is so important that you have awoken me?” Tony said, glaring at the man.

“This important encrypted message arrived from the third fleet,” the aide said shakily.

Tony took it from him entering the proper code and waited for the message. He already thought up of severe punishments for the person who dared disturb him when his attention needed to be somewhere else.

His thoughts froze upon reading the message.

“It seems the third fleet is rebelling against the Empire, an Alliance ship is now in control, block all communications from that fleet at once,” Tony said.

“At once emperor,” the aide said rushing off to carry out the order.

Tony quickly headed off to his office knowing already who he needed to carry out this mission. He sat down at the desk closing the door and activating the communications system. It took several minutes while he drummed his fingers impatiently on the desk.

“Emperor, I wasn’t expecting your call,” Jurez replied.

“I have an important mission for you. You are to head to Baraton, relieve Admiral Junkers and arrest him for treason against the empire,” Tony said. “And be careful, it appears Crystal is there with him. She is to be eliminated, and all evidence of her.”

“And the third fleet?” Jurez said.

“Give control to someone you trust,” Tony said. “We cannot afford failure here.”

“As you wish emperor,” Jurez said. “We shall leave at once.”

Tony ended the communications and leaned back wondering how such simple orders could become so screwed up.

“Your web is crumbling,” a voice said.

“Not now, or I will eliminate you as well,” Tony growled. He saw her appear from a corner and head to the door.

“Your time is almost over,” she said, smiling before disappearing once more.

Tony punched his desk in anger wondering if he should give the order to eliminate her. He could always make another.


Adama glanced down at the scanner watching the ships move around.

“What do you think?” Tigh said.

“Looks like they are about to leave,” Adama said. He glanced over at Tigh who had the same look. They were about to head out and basically invade another colonized planet.

“There they go,” Tigh said.

“Red alert, helm, take us in,” Adama stated. The bridge changed from normal lighting to red indicating the alert status.

“Red squadron ready to launch,” Rigel’s voice said.

Adama waited to launch anything. He wanted to check to make sure about the defenses of the planet that the Milsians had left behind.

“Two ships, frigate classes coming up,” Tigh said.

Adama saw them realizing they were the ships left behind to defend the planet.

“Open a channel,” Adama said, waiting only a few microns until he had an open channel. “This is Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica, I order you to stand down and return control of Serria back to its Alliance government.”

“You are interfering with Milsian space, I have orders to attack any ships attempting to close in on the planet,” the reply came back.

“You cannot win this battle,” Adama said, hoping that they would not try and fight. The Galactica had similar capabilities to the battle-cruisers the Alliance and Milsians used.

“Fighters coming up from the planet’s surface,” Athena said.

“Launch red squadron,” Adama said

Adama watched the fighters launch on the monitors. A full complement of thirty-six vipers launched with Silver Spar squadron waiting on deck in case more were needed. Adama turned his attention back to the two frigates.

“Don’t force us to attack you,” Adama said.

“Too late commander, you have already done that,” the reply came.

“Both frigates are heading in on an attack vector,” Athena said.

“Close blast shields,” Adama said. The massive shields came down over the window of the bridge as the Galactica prepared to engage.

“All defenses are operational,” Tigh said.

Adama nodded knowing that they had to win. Behind the Galactica Adama knew the fleet was already moving towards the planet.

“Frigates in range,” Tigh said.

Adama waited a bit longer until hearing the fighters had engaged the vipers. “Open fire, try to disable the ships,” he said.

“Targeting engines,” Omega said.

Adama watched the evolving battle with the experienced eye of hundreds of battles. Now he hoped they could communicate with the surface somehow.


Amy walked out of the cave upon hearing Lester call her name. He had remained behind to watch and see if any help came from their call. Amy watched him approach breathless from running.

“What happened?” Amy asked quickly.

“Something’s going on, that’s for sure,” Lester replied bending over trying to catch his breath.

“What do you mean?’ Amy asked wanting more information.

“We were keeping an eye on the Milsian fleet, they suddenly left,” Lester said.

Amy nodded knowing that would not be unusual. If they were doing a full-scale invasion of the Alliance the fleet would not stay. Obviously something else had happened.

“Shortly after they left another ship appeared, same one you sent the message to,” Lester said.

Amy perked up on that. The best news she had, unless they were working with the Milsians.

“They are telling the Milsians to stand down and return control back to the previous government,” Lester said.

Amy shook her head knowing the Milsians had killed almost everyone in the government to destroy any resistance, or so they thought. She had worked hard to organize a resistance.

“All right, we have no way to communicate with them, so we have to try and make contact,” Amy said. “What else is going on?”

“When I left they had engaged the Milsian forces in space,” Lester said.

“All right, let’s see if we can help them out, organize everyone, we attack the communications station now,” Amy said as the group with her moved out.

“We have no weapons,” Rene said.

“Doesn’t matter, if we surprise them we can take their weapons,” George replied to them.

“Let’s get going, our opportunity to counter attack might be very small,” Amy said leading the group back towards the city.

End Part 9

Continued in Part 10

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