The Milsian Princess – Part 8

The Milsian Princess

by AJ Marks

Part 8

Crystal waited in the meeting room knowing that a confrontation would happen. Captain Markus sat next to her as well as Colonel Kim of the Nevada. Crystal had no problem with them. Her main concern would be the admiral when he walked through the doors.

She had gone over the attack several times even finally remembering the attack that caused her to crash onto the Nevada. The admiral knew why she had been fired upon and a lot more. The doors opened allowing Admiral Jurez to enter the room. He stopped inside the door as she stood and stared at him. He was still very tall, and muscular for a man his age.

“Hello admiral,” Crystal said trying to be civil at the moment.

“A traitor,” the admiral said. She watched as he turned to Commander Adama. “So, what lies has she been spreading?”

“Actually, she wanted to talk to you,” Adama said calmly standing in the doorway behind Jurez.

Crystal could see two other men standing just behind the commander waiting patiently.

“I doubt that,” Jurez stated.

“I wanted to know why you ordered my fighter destroyed?” Crystal asked. “And what did you do to my family?”

“Your family! They were nothing but trouble makers in the Empire,” Jurez said suddenly.

“My mother was only an Epsilon, what could she have done to the Emperor to cause you to kill her, and who ordered it? I know it was you, I saw you leave the office after the order was given, who ordered it and why?” Crystal said, advancing on the admiral.

“You are only an Epsilon, you’re not capable of understanding,” Jurez said.

“No, I’m more than that, that much I know, why else would the Empress have visited me when I was young?” Crystal said.

Jurez started laughing at that causing Crystal to fly into him throwing punches. She struggled against a couple of people her eyes never leaving his.

“You see commander, Epsilons are unstable in our society,” Jurez said.

“Actually, your answers have not been very consistent,” Adama said in a calm voice.

“What, you think she’s some sort of princess?” Jurez said.

Princess…princess…princess, the word echoed in Crystal’s mind. Darkness overtook her until she could only remember one whispered phrase from her mom, to the Empress so many years ago.

“She is the princess, whether you like it or not, she is Boris’ daughter!”


Adama glanced at the two holding onto a now limp Crystal then over to Admiral Jurez.

“So what was all that about?” Adama finally asked.

“Old history when she was recruited,” Jurez finally said after several microns of silence. “I’ll take her off your hands so she won’t cause you any more trouble.”

“No, have her taken to med-lab,” Adama said, motioning for Starbuck to help them to the med-lab. The three carried Crystal out of the room leaving the admiral, Apollo and Adama.

Adama now had no idea what to do next when Tigh’s voice came through the communicator. “Commander, we’re needed back at the fleet now.”

Adama felt slightly relieved walking over to activate the communicator. “We’ll be leaving in a moment,” Adama said turning back to Jurez. “Unless you wish to remain aboard,” he left the rest unsaid but the admiral got the message.

“Very well, but a word of warning commander, what she says is lies. I don’t know how you came across her, but she has always been unstable,” Jurez said. “She will say anything to get her way.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Adama said turning as Apollo escorted the admiral out of the room. Adama quickly made his way to the bridge where Tigh waited for him. He seemed calm and Adama hoped it had nothing to do with the fleet. “Well?”

“We got this message from the surface, we did not reply to it,” Tigh said.

Adama glanced down at the message asking for help against the Milsian invaders. “Well, it appears we now know our friendly Admiral Jurez has lied to us.”

“It appears so, what happened in the meeting,” Tigh asked.

“Not a lot,” Adama said.

“The shuttle has just launched,” Athena said.

“I think yellow alert is wise, and get us back to the fleet, full speed,” Adama said.

“Are you sure?” Tigh asked.

“Yes, I know the admiral did not tell the full truth when talking to Crystal. He could not withhold the shock upon first seeing her. She means something to them,” Adama said. “They already tried to kill her once, they might attack us hoping to rid themselves of her once and for all.”

“Very all Adama,” Tigh said.

Adama felt the Galactica turn slightly and the engines powered up to full power. He hoped the admiral did not do anything so foolish.


“Captain, red alert,” Jurez said over the communicator. “Can you launch an attack against that ship?”

“Sorry admiral, it’s already leaving. While not as fast as a jump, our ships cannot catch it at regular speed,” Diern replied.

“Damn, very well,” Jurez said.

“There is one thing admiral,” Diern said, almost hesitantly.

“What?” Jurez said already annoyed by the meeting.

“A message was sent from the planet,” Diern said.

“What did it say?” Jurez asked hoping for no more bad news. The Emperor would already not be happy with this.

“They asked for help,” Diern said.

“Hm, very well, send down a punishment squad, the punishment will be severe this time,” Jurez replied. “Have a clear communications to the Emperor in place for when I get aboard.”

“It will be done.”


“We need to get going,” Amy heard Rene say.

Amy knew that and quickly followed the group out of the communications office. Amy and Pam ran out heading into the streets and for the wilderness where they had found a cave to hide in.

“Well, did it work?” one asked huffing as they ran.

“I have no idea,” Amy said. “I know the message went out, we can only hope they understood it.”

“Great, we risked all this for a maybe,” a third one said.

“If word get out then it will be worth it,” Amy replied feeling out of breath herself.

“Let’s save this for a bit later,” Rene said.

“Good idea,” Amy said. They could argue over this for a while, but Amy knew it had to be done now. Wait too long and things will get worse even if they did nothing. Amy had never sat around waiting for anything. She hoped the message could somehow get to her father, Senator Barnes.”


Crystal awoke lying in a strange bed. A blonde woman walked over to her taking a few quick measurements before saying anything.

“Hi, I’m Cassiopeia, you’re in the Galactica’s med-lab,” the woman said.

Crystal glanced around the room wondering if they all designed the med-labs the same way.

“Where are we?” Crystal finally asked. She wondered what else had happened in the meeting.

“Back at the fleet. We left shortly after you fainted,” a blonde-haired man said, walking up beside Cassiopeia, giving her a hug.

Crystal could tell the two were obviously close by their touches. “And Admiral Jurez?”

“Left as well,” he said.

“I see,” Crystal said. She glanced up at the ceiling finally understanding everything.

“You all right,” Cassiopeia said.

“I’m better than ever, yet worse than ever,” Crystal said.

“I don’t understand that one, your body is saying it’s fine though,” Cassiopeia said.

“No, I have to confront my uncle, and everyone’s life is at stake,” Crystal said. The Cylons, the Alliance, even the Colonials fate depended on her now. She glanced at the two seeing their confused looks. “I need to talk to the commander, and the captain of the Nevada.”


Mark glanced at the message, including who sent it, Amy Barnes. The name did not mean anything to him, but Hans had insisted it meant something. Now Mark was calling a Senator Barnes on his communications officer’s insistence. He almost ended the call when a man with brown and grey hair answered.

“Senator Greg Barnes?” Mark said

“Yes,” the reply came back.

“Do you have a daughter named Amy Barnes,” Mark asked, wondering if he had gone crazy. He changed his mind almost at once when the senator’s entire attitude changed.

“Yes, why?” Mark heard the concern in the man’s voice.

“Is she on Serria?”

“Yeees,” the senator said drawing out the word, clearing wanting answers.

“My name is Captain Mark Cave…”

“The captain of rogue battle-cruiser, yes we know of you. What does this have to do with my daughter,” he asked.

“Well, we have a message of help from your daughter,” Mark finally said.

“She’s alive!”

“Yes senator, she also claims that the Milsians have invaded Serria,” Mark said.

“I see, and you have proof,” Greg said.

Mark sent the file to the senator waiting a few moments as the senator confirmed everything. When the senator looked back up at Mark he thought he noticed a change in the man.

“I thought so, but they will not listen to me. Can you do anything to help her?” he asked.

“I’m only one battle-cruiser senator that’s been labeled a traitor it seems,” Mark said. “And Serria is guarded by a Milsian fleet.”

“It’s ironic, the very reason I no longer have the power I once did is the one reason I believe you,” Greg replied back to him. Mark did not understand but did not question it.

“Captain, Adama wishes to talk to you,” Kim said.

“In a moment,” Mark said, then turned back to the senator. “I don’t know what I can do, but I will try to help if the opportunity comes up.”

“And you have my support,” the senator said. “But remember, the political scene here is very unstable. It’s changing every hour. Who you once thought were allies are now enemies. I will do everything I can for you though.”

“I’ll remember that, thank you senator,” Mark said, ending the communications then turned to another one. “Commander, what can I do for you?”

“It seems that Crystal is asking to talk to us,” Adama said.

Mark blinked wondering if the small woman had managed to remember anything. “I’ll be there,” Mark finally said. He had the feeling that she had managed to remember something. Mark could only hope it meant something good.


Mark and John walked into the conference room on board the Galactica. Mark noticed Crystal already sitting there along with Markus. Kim had gone back to the Nevada to take over while he was over here. Adama followed right behind Mark along with Colonel Tigh.

Sitting down he waited for Adama to begin the meeting but he only glanced over at Crystal. Mark glanced over at her noticing she appeared slightly different to him for some reason. He realized something had happened. He looked up as everyone sat down.

“First off, I’d like to make sure I have the situation correct,” she said. “The Colonials are fleeing the Cylons who destroyed their home. The Cylons, under a guy named Baltar have managed to become allies with the Alliance. As a result the Nevada is now a rogue warship, the Milsian Empire has undertaken a full-scale invasion of the Alliance. And lastly the people of Serria have asked for help.”

Mark gaped at her at the invasion part. He had not known about that.

“I know about the invasion considering I was part of the first stage. The second stage was to capture Pacifica, but I know that failed,” Crystal said looking over at Mark. “Now is that an accurate assessment?”

“Seems accurate to me,” Mark said, looking over at the rest of the group watching them think about what she had said.

“I don’t know about much about what’s going on here, but we are fleeing the Cylons and looking for Earth,” Adama said. “If the Cylons have allied themselves with the Alliance it is a set up for destruction. I’m afraid even with the Nevada we do not have the firepower to stop such a mass destruction if that happens.”

“I could return with the Nevada and fight Baltar there,” Mark said.

“It’s possible,” Adama said. “It depends on how entrenched Baltar has gotten.”

“From reports he has gotten even more entrenched,” Markus said speaking up. “I was notified to take command of the Nevada because the second in command failed her job.”

“And, what did you decide?” Mark asked.

“What I’ve learned, no way,” Markus said. “I’ve also spread the word about what is really going on. The security personal are loyal to protecting the people of the Alliance.”

Mark did not know how to feel about that. They mutinied against direct orders. They were going against their oaths to protect and obey the Alliance and their superior commanders.

“With so many who knows it might work if you return,” Adama said.

“No,” Crystal said suddenly stopping the conversation. “There is another option that we should consider, seize control of the Milsian Empire.”

Mark stared at her for several seconds at her statement. Finally he managed to come out of his stupor. “Seize control of the Milsian Empire? With what? One warship is not enough to conqueror them considering the number of warships the Milsian Empire has. We would need a fleet of warships to do that.”

“I did not say conqueror, but seize control,” Crystal said.

“And what is the difference?” Adama asked.

“Simple, seizing means you put someone else on the throne,” Crystal said. “In this case you restore the proper person to power.”

“And who might that be and how do we contact them?” Mark asked.

“You’re talking to her,” Crystal replied calmly. “I am the heir to the throne by birth. My uncle it appears killed my father and my mother.”

“What about this Epsilon talk Admiral Jurez stated?” Adama asked.

“The people won’t follow an Epsilon,” Mark said feeling deflated. The caste system in the Milsian Empire was strong.

“True, and people of different classes generally do not get together. If it happens then the mother’s status us used, unless that person is an Alpha Supreme, which my father was,” Crystal stated. “That status over-rules all others. And considering my father was the oldest sibling he had the privileges, including reproduction.”

“Reproduction?” Mark asked getting an insight he never had before.

“All other children are not allowed to have children, some are even fixed so they cannot have children. That was why he needed me alive, an heir to the throne. He must have used my DNA to produce another heir which made me expendable,” Crystal said.

“All right, so say you are the rightful heir, how do you propose to seize control?” Mark asked.

“Simple, for that I need a fleet,” Crystal said. “Right now the Second Fleet is at Serria, the Third Fleet is here, Baraton. The admiral commanding that fleet is known for his loyalty to the throne and rumored to have known my father.”

“The moment we show up they will probably send another fleet there,” Mark said.

“Yes, the Second Fleet, will be deployed. Admiral Jurez is very loyal with the emperor. He was the one who killed my mother,” Crystal said.

Mark had to drag his jaw back up at that news.

“The Emperor ordered him to kill my mother then told me the Alliance did it.,” Crystal said.

“Okay, but the Nevada cannot defend itself from an entire fleet,” Mark said.

“You won’t have to, by then the Milsian Empire will be in Civil War. Those who remain loyal to my uncle or those who are loyal to the true Empress,” Crystal said. “Loyalty is extremely important, and if words gets out that I am Boris’ daughter, there is no thought for the lower classes, they will accept the change.”

Mark thought about that and the risk it would take to complete the missions.

“What about Serria?” Mark finally asked.

“They will have the opportunity to overthrow the Milsian guards once the second fleet leaves,” Crystal said.

Mark fell silent for several seconds wondering if this even had a chance to be successful. So much to do and so much could go wrong. The easier path would be head back to HQ and try to counter the poison Baltar had already spewed forth.

“Can Serria handle a large influx of people?” Adama suddenly said.

The question caught Mark off guard. He thought about the planet for several seconds. It had been on the edge of Alliance space but knew very little about it. He took out his computer quickly bringing up the planet in question.

“Hmm, temperate climate, good atmosphere, has been eighty percent terraformed with plants and only has a million people on it in five cities,” Mark read. “So, yeah, it could easily handle doubling the population without problems. Why?”

“We can help the population of Serria and help defend it,” Adama said.

“I can’t ask you to get involved,” Mark said.

“Our situation is actually very dire,” Adama said and Mark thought the commander suddenly looked older than he had a moment before. As if the façade finally fell away. “What you don’t know is that we’re almost out of fuel. Our ships have enough to make it to Serria, which would allow us to use our limited resources in defense. Otherwise our fleet will be out of fuel and dead in space shortly. We need a place for our people.”

“Well, I don’t know about the government of Serria, but they probably will take all the help they can get,” Mark said.

“It’s perfect,” Crystal said.

Mark thought about it for a few seconds. He looked over at Adama who looked back at him. He noticed the eyes of a man telling the truth. The Colonials might be out of options Mark realized.

“All right, we’ll try,” Mark said.


Baltar sat on the command chair as Lucifer walked into the room.

“Report Lucifer,” Baltar said.

“By your command Baltar. The Alliance is saying the battle-cruiser that helped the Galactica still has not returned,” Lucifer said.

Baltar felt slightly uneasy at that comment. “And reinforcements?”

“There are six basestar on their way, they will be here in less than a secton,” Lucifer replied.

Baltar thought about that for several microns. “Very well, six should be enough. Especially considering the border between the two groups is eroding quickly.”

“What are your orders with the incoming basestars,” Lucifer asked.

Baltar stood heading over to the starmap and studying it for a centon. “Have them assemble here, and wait for my orders,” Baltar said. The spot would be far enough away to not attract attention but close enough to move in to engage if needed.

“By your command,” Lucifer replied.

End Part 8

Continued in Part 9

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