The Milsian Princess – Part 10

The Milsian Princess

by AJ Marks

Part 10

Apollo piloted the shuttle heading down to the surface of the planet. Behind him the shuttle was full of warriors in a battle that would be at best confusing. Starbuck kept calling out numbers to him to make sure they landed in the right spot. The two frigates had already been disabled and the few fighters had been defeated by red squadron.

“Area looks clear,” Starbuck said.

“That won’t last long,” Apollo replied. He felt sure that the landing spot would quickly become an area of interest.

A few microns later the shuttle landed with a soft thud and the doors opened allowing the group to exit quickly. Apollo quickly powered down the shuttle seeing a second and third shuttle land nearby. The occupants quickly filing out as well.

“You ready for this?” Starbuck asked.

“As ready as I ever will be,” Apollo replied, checking his weapon before walking out. Organized chaos greeted him as warrior set up a defensive perimeter around the shuttles.

“The city is just over there,” one said, as three vehicles came out of the shuttles.

“How is the perimeter?” Apollo asked.

“Just about finished captain.”

Apollo watched as Boomer, Sheba, Jolly and Bojay walked up to him.

“Well, we made it down, now what?” Boomer asked.

“We head into the city and see if we can take out the Milsian military,” Apollo said.

He glanced over seeing Cassiopeia setting up the medical supplies.

A lot of rustling caught his attention as a group of warriors approached with some unknown people. Apollo walked over to hear the story.

“Found this group approaching us from behind, they were unarmed,” Greenbean said.

“Who are you, you’re not Milsian, and you’re not Alliance,” one person, a female said. She had black hair and seemed familiar to him and he quickly realized where.

“You’re Amy Barnes,” Apollo said, watching her face show shock.

“Yes, how do you know that,” she replied now very guarded.

“You sent the message, we received it,” Apollo said. “It’s a bit too much to explain here, but we need to take over the planet now. Where do you suggest we strike?”

He watched her struggle for several seconds until finally making up her mind.

“We take over the main government buildings first, oust their government along with the communications stations,” Amy said finally.

Apollo brought up the map motioning her over where she pointed out the spots.

“Your people know where they are?” Apollo asked.

“Yeah, I’ll have a few go with you to show you the way,” Amy said. “George, you and Lester take a group to the communications center, you can bring up the internet and TV stations.”

“You sure?’ one of the guys said.

“Yes Lester, me and Pam are needed in the government building, and will need the communications as soon as possible,” Amy said.

“All right.”

“We have a plan then,” Apollo said. He quickly organized four groups of warriors. One would stay to protect the shuttles, a second would be reinforcements in case one of the others got bogged down.

The two remaining groups headed out as Apollo contacted the Galactica informing Commander Adama of the situation on the ground.


Mark watched as the approaching Milsian fleet appeared on the scanner. It would be a matter of moments before they dropped out of the jump and the engagement would begin. The Galactica had informed him the moment the fleet had left Serria. He glanced over at Crystal who seemed withdrawn at the moment.

“You all right?’ he finally asked.

“Not used to sitting here, I was trained as a pilot,” she finally replied.

“Don’t worry, John is very good,” Mark replied. “Will they try and make contact?”

“I doubt it, but we will try. Jurez will probably have the fleet ignore any incoming transmissions but it can’t hurt,” Crystal said.

Mark nodded knowing that Hans would begin transmitting the message along with several other Milsian ships. That thought seemed strange to him, fighting along-side Milsian ships for the future of both sides.

“Enemy ships have dropped out of jump,” Yvette said.

“Admiral, you ready,” Mark asked.

“All ready, our fighters are already launching,” Otto replied.

“Launch fighters,” Mark said. They had decided the Alliance fighters would attack only in one sector to avoid confusion with the other Milsian fighters.

The Second fleet opened fire and the Nevada rocked slightly from the hits even as Mark ordered return fire. The battle now engaged he wondered who would win this one and how it would end.


Jurez watched the scanners as the battle progressed. He growled in frustration as his first attack was beaten back by a combination of Milsian ships and one Alliance battle-cruiser. He wondered exactly where that ship came from.

He needed to know where exactly Crystal was. If they could destroy that ship, the battle would be over. He thought she might be aboard the Alliance ship, but it was one of several ships broadcasting that message including the two Milsian battle-cruisers, Saturn and Jupiter.

“Attack again, concentrate on the Alliance battle-cruiser,” Jurez finally said, making up his mind.

“Yes sir,” Diern said.

Jurez watched the orders relayed to the rest of the fleet. He needed to make sure that Crystal did not survive the battle. He wondered if he should allow the message through and if he talked straight with her. He could have the communications pinpoint where she was.

“Communications, relay the message played up here,” Jurez said waiting a second until the message came up.

“This is Crystal Milsian, daughter of Prince Boris and rightful heir ordering you to stand down,” the voice said, which repeated itself.

“Open a channel to the rebel fleet,” Jurez said, shutting off the message.

“Channel open,” the communicator said.

“This is Admiral Jurez to Third Fleet, you are to stand down at once. Second in commands, if you’re superior doesn’t surrender I order you to take command.” Jurez said then turned back to the communications officer. “I want to know the moment you have the traitor tracked down.”

“Admiral Jurez, this is Empress Crystal ordering you to stand down,” a voice said, the one he wanted to hear. He motioned for the communicator to track the signal.

“You’ve been listening to lies of the Alliance,” Jurez said.

“No, you killed my mother who knew the truth and you, now, know the truth as well, I am the rightful heir and ruler of the Empire,” Crystal replied.

“You were born of Epsilon scum, that is all,” Jurez replied.

“Admiral, the message is coming from the Alliance battle-cruiser,” the communications officer said.

“And now I have you located, you will be destroyed, and your silly rebellion against the Emperor,” Jurez said, end ended the communications before turning to the captain. “I want that ship destroyed!”

“Admiral, we have an incoming message from the frigate Lewis,” the communications officer replied. “Serria is under attack by the Colonials.”

“So, she has them roped in as well,” Jurez said. That did not matter much to him. Once he dealt with the traitors he would deal with them as well. He knew the plan appeared to be crumbling but he would make sure those who were involved would suffer greatly.

“Admiral, we have a problem.” Diern said suddenly. “Some ships are questioning the orders.”

“What!” Jurez said, turning to look at the scanners.


“Several ships have backed off captain,” Kim said.

Mark rubbed the sweat from his brow before looking at the scanner. True enough several ships had backed away from the fight. He hoped they had listened to the message and perhaps, thought it might be accurate. Admiral Junkers had mentioned several ship captains had worked under him so they might be open to listening to him.

The Nevada rocked again as the three Milsian battle-cruiser seemed to have closed in on it.

“Damage?” Mark asked.

“Shields holding, Jupiter and Saturn closing in to help,” Kim replied.

Mark glanced over at Crystal who had been talking with someone from the opposition. He could tell the conversation had ended rather suddenly.

“Which ship did the communications come from?” Mark asked.

“This one,” Yvette replied.

Mark glanced noticing it had to be the furthest away. “Get me Admiral Junkers.” He watched Hans work quickly and the admiral appeared on the screen.

“You called admiral?” Otto asked.

“Yes, what would happen if they lost their leader?” Mark said.

“According to doctrine, they are to retreat and regroup,” Otto said. “Do you know which ship the admiral is in? Jurez has a habit of changing ships.”

“Yes, this one,” Mark said, relaying the information.

“Hmm, I can have the Saturn and Jupiter attack it, but that would leave you two on one,” Otto said.

“Not if I head out in my fighter,” Crystal suddenly said.

“Absolutely not!” several voices said.

Mark watched her face for a few seconds before finally speaking up. “No, she’s right. She is that good admiral. If she broadcasts her position and if Jurez is obsessed with stopping her he will pull everything to go after her. That gives us a tactical advantage,” Mark said.

“And if she’s killed it will all be for nothing,” Otto said.

“I feel safer in the fighter than here,” Crystal said, the Nevada rocked again by another hit.

“It will give us time we need,” Mark said. “Go.”

He turned but Crystal had already left the bridge.

“That is a gamble you realize,” Otto said.

“She is the best fighter pilot I’ve ever seen. And if the rest of the Alliance fighters fly around protecting her, well…” Mark trailed off looking at Otto

“It will be a slaughter,” Otto said somberly.

“I hope not, we still need them, if the Cylons are as much a threat as we think they are,” Mark said honestly watching Otto’s face change slightly as he realized the truth as well.


“This is Empress Crystal Milsian, I order the Second Fleet to stand down,” Crystal said. She broadcast in the open hoping someone might actually listen. She now flew in her fighter wondering exactly where she should go.

“Princess One, head to sector seven, Skull squadron is waiting for you there,” Han’s voice said.

It took Crystal a moment to realize that he was talking to her. She shook her head at the call sign they had given her but headed in the direction of the other fighters. Surrounded by other Alliance fighters she would not make the mistake of shooting down Milsian fighters.

She continued her call out to the others even as the fighting raged around her. She could see the Saturn and Jupiter heading to engage the Kitakkim and the other Second Fleet battle-cruisers engaged with the Nevada. Its shields glowing red where lasers and missile struck it.

“Captain Olin, your orders are to destroy Crystal, do so and you’ll be promoted to a starship captain, and a hero in the Empire,” Crystal heard Jurez’s voice say out of all the jumbled calls.

“And this time I’ll finish her for good,” she heard Olin reply. The thought hit her that he had shot her down. He had tried to kill her already once before.

She looked down looking for his fighter and spotted several fighters headed in her direction.

“I’m right here Olin,” she said in an open communications. “And you were never a match for me.”

“In an Alliance fighter, the advantage is mine,” Olin replied.

Crystal understood the characteristics of both fighters better than he thought she did. The Milsian fighter had speed, but in maneuverability the Alliance fighter held the advantage.

“Bring it on,” Crystal replied.

“Oh, I’ve been waiting to put you in your place,” Olin said.

Crystal snorted to herself. He had made sure to make her life a living hell while in his squadron. Any problems of the squadron was her fault, not his lack of leadership.

She twisted her fighter to meet the oncoming Milsian fighter which dodged her attack. She knew it Olin piloted it. He would finally realize that she was the better pilot all along.


Mark watched on the scanners at the battle. Everything seemed to be hinged around the dogfight between the two fighters. Mark once more felt impressed at the skill of Crystal. She maneuvered the fighter better than anyone he had ever seen, including John.

The Nevada rocked again. Reports came from a damaged sector and he hoped nothing serious had occurred.

“Incoming message from the Galactica,” Hans said.

“Put it though,” Mark ordered. He watched as Adama’s face appeared on the screen, a bit of a shock but he waited to see what the commander had to say.

“Captain, hope I’m not interrupting,” Adama said, “Testing out the new communications system.”

“It works, how goes the battle at Serria?” Mark said. He knew the engagement had begun, but nothing else.

“They left two frigates, which have been disabled, and ground troops have already met up with Amy Barnes,” Adama said.

“Good news then,” Mark said, rocking with another hit.

“Seems like you’re currently engaged, what’s the situation?” Adama said hastily.

“We’re pounding away at each other and a few seem to believe Crystal,” Mark said.

“I see, keep me updated so I know,” Adama said.

“I will,” Mark replied watching as it appeared the dogfight approached its climax.


Crystal avoided another shot from Olin. He wasted his ammo carelessly like he always did. She quickly turned using his latest attempt to her advantage.

“Any last words,” Crystal whispered, pressing the trigger. The stream of fire caught Olin’s fighter and for a second it hung in space impacted by weapon’s fire before exploding.

Crystal felt a release of tension that had built up over the years of his leadership. She freed herself of him at last.

“All fighters, destroy her!” she heard Jurez’s voice say.

“Scared of me admiral? Afraid that you know I’m telling the truth. That I am the true ruler of the Empire?” Crystal said, not expecting an answer. She had no idea what her words did as she avoided another Milsian fighter pursued by an Alliance fighter. All she had to do now, avoid the fighters allowing the others to defend her. A simple task for her to do.


Jurez slammed a fist down on the table, cracking the monitor. He did not care as long as they managed to kill Crystal. He growled slightly at the way things were going. First the Third fleet had rebelled against them, now some of his own ships and his pilots were failing to destroy a simple fighter.

He glanced up as the Kitakkim rocked slightly from another hit to hear the damage. The Jupiter and Saturn had concentrated their fire on his flagship. He knew the Alliance battle-cruiser would be destroyed way before his ship would be. Even now he noticed the shields failing.

“Admiral, is that all true?” he finally heard a voice say.

He glanced over to see the captain, Diern looking back at him. “What did you say?” Jurez asked slowly locking eyes with the captain, a Beta class citizen.

“Is it true, you are obsessing way too much for her to just be an Epsilon, and her files are classified, why?” Diern asked.

“You looked at her files? They are classified for a reason!” Jurez said, slowly walking towards him.

“Yet no other Epsilon pilot’s files are classified, so why hers? Unless what she is saying is true, if that’s the case then we are following the wrong ruler, and she’s right,” Diern said.

“Right about what?” Jurez said, now only a few feet away seeing the man sweat slightly.

“That you are afraid of her, you’ve lost all control of this battle because of one person,” Diern stated. “Maybe she is Prince Boris’ daughter.”

“She never will be Empress,” Jurez growled striking Diern watching him fall. Jurez towered over the fallen man rage filling him. “She was born from nothing but scum, we all know that! Her mother deserved to be killed and I’m glad I did it.”

“Then we are following the wrong ruler,” another voice said.

Jurez turned to see the communications officer standing and looking at him in disbelief.

“No, we are following the right ruler,” Jurez replied, pulling his gun and carefully aiming it at the man who now backed up against the consoles in fear. “You are weak, just like everyone else, even Prince Boris, he was weak, falling for an Epsilon woman, he deserved to die just like you,” Jurez said smiling, then pulled the trigger.

The shot rang out echoing in the bridge as the man slumped over falling to the deck dead. Jurez’s smile faltered when pain registered from his own chest. Glancing down he noticed a spreading red stain even as his body slowly lost strength. He glanced over behind him where Diern stood, holding his own gun pointing it at him.

“For attempted murder of the Empress, you are to be executed at once according to the law enacted by the Emperor,” he heard Diern say.

Jurez slumped forward as darkness overtook him.


Mark gritted his teeth knowing the Nevada could no longer take any more damage. The words to abandon ship almost came out of his mouth when it happened.

“Captain, the Milsian battle-cruisers are retreating,” Kim said.

“Enemy fighters are retreating,” Yvette replied.

“Incoming transmission from the enemy fleet,” Hans said.

“This is Captain Diern of the Kitakkim taking control of the Second fleet, we ask for a cease-fire,” Mark heard the voice say. “We seek proof of the validity of the claim of the true ruler.”

“Cease-fire,” Mark said, looking over at Yvette who appeared disappointed but obeyed. “Have all damage control teams working overtime to get the repairs done.”

“Yes sir,” Kim said.

“This is Crystal, I have no problem with your request,” he heard Crystal replied. “In fact I would have been disappointed if you had not asked for that.”

“Then until that is settled, we’ll wait,” Diern said.

Mark felt slightly relieved. Otto had done the exact same test and been satisfied with the results. Now all he could do is wait hoping the damage control teams could bring the Nevada up to battle readiness.

End Part 10

Continued in Part 11

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