Battlestar Argo – Part 66

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 66: Promotions

Troy walked onto the bridge of the Argo noticing the amount of destruction appeared less than he thought it would’ve. Ares stood off to the side going over reports of the damage. He glanced up as Troy approached.

“Looks better than I thought,” Troy said observing a slight cut on Ares’ forehead.

“We got lucky,” Ares replied. “It’s mostly light casualties, but we did have one fatality.”

“Who,” Troy asked. He glanced around looking noticing that Rebecca was seated at her station. From the looks of the conversation she appeared to be talking to Nall.

“We lost Colonel Aaron,” Ares said.

Troy nodded remembering the man. He’d been a good leader and would have made a great battlestar commander.

“How many vipers did we lose?” Ares asked.

“We lost a few pilots, a few vipers were damaged, but the repair crews are working on them. The Galactica’s fighters took the worst losses, with ten I believe,” Troy replied. “The distance fighting worked quite effectively.”

“Good, the Galactica’s landing bays were damaged again so we’re going to be housing some of their vipers for a while. I’ve split the groups between the Argo and Enterprise,” Ares said to him.

Troy already knew that bit of information having been told by some of the landing crews in the hangar. They were already looking for space for the extra vipers from the Galactica.

“We got a bit lucky in that the Enterprise wasn’t damaged and I think the hit on the Argo was luck as it was the only hit,” Ares said.

Troy glanced around getting the same feeling as well. If the Cylons had been able to locate the Argo it would have been hit more, much like the Galactica had. They still had at least two effectively working battlestars, two gunstars, and three destroyers. That would provide a good defense for now.

“What’s your next move?” Troy asked.

“I’m sending the Emerald on a short scouting mission towards the Colonies to see if there are any other Cylon basestars out there,” Ares said.

“And the Fire Ant?”

“I’ve given Renee orders already to carry out,” Ares replied. “That reminds me, Colonel Tigh mentioned something about building new vipers, I know that we probably won’t be able to build any new viper Vs, but we can still build the type IIs. And we’ll need pilots for them.”

“Would Bri mind doing more training?” Troy asked.


“I’ll talk to her along with Starbuck and Apollo. They might have an idea on how to get new recruits,” Troy said.

“All right,” Ares said. “I look forward to your report then.”

“Yes sir,” Troy replied. He’d have to head out and find Bri and see if she was in the mood for any training. Then he’d also have to talk to Apollo and Starbuck. He just hoped the two pilots were on the Argo at the moment.


Scott sat down on the bridge of the Colonial Bound once more. He’d been in charge of this ship longer than any other ship he’d ever had. That included three fishing vessels that he’d owned over the course of his lifetime. He had sold two and the third had been sunk by a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean months before he had found out about the space group.

Now he’d gone on important missions into deep space that he never dreamed he go. Footsteps caused him to turn his head as he looked to see his second in command, Mike walk over.

“Ay laddie, what’s up,” Scott asked. He watched as the man shook his head before saying anything.

“It’s a wonder they got anything done,” he said.

Scott didn’t have to ask about who Mike meant. “Now remember laddie, their ‘overment officials.”

“I know, I know, but still,” Mike replied. “I sure don’t envy President Chang.”

“They each have a different idea of how to protect our people,” Adama’s voice said. “It’s why I picked them. If I only chose people who agreed with me then mistakes might be made. I’m trying to get them to remember that the humans of Earth won’t give up their control just because this council represents twelve of thirteen tribes. We’re guests, or newcomers to their home, not the other way around.”

“Aye, that it be sir,” Scott replied. “They be a might stubborn then. Perhaps ye should use a different approach.”

“Different?” Adama asked.

“Aye, ye be trying to appeal to their mind, which is as stubborn as mother nature herself.
Stop trying to tame it, and channel it to where you want it to go,” Scott said to him. He watched as Adama sat there thinking about that for a few seconds.

“I think you might be right,” Adama said.

“All right, now I’m lost,” Mike said. “How does nature come into this conversation at all?”

“It just means I’ve been trying to force my way though lately. It comes from what we gone though lately but now they seem to think because of Earth and its military that things are different. It isn’t, we’re still a homeless people relying on others for help and they want to be in charge. They have enormous egos that have to be catered to, I think I know how to get though to them,” Adama said. “Good advice, but I was actually looking to see if any news had come from the fleet?”

“Yep, computer’s working on the translation now,” Scott said.
“Anything about the battle?” Adama asked.

“Just no ships were lost,” Scott replied. He could see the mixture of relief and concern on the older man’s face.

“Good to hear,” Adama said.

Scott watched as the older man walked off the bridge. He didn’t envy that man’s job one bit. He had more than enough to handle with one ship and its crew.


Bri looked over as Troy walked into the pilot’s room. From the look on his face she knew he was looking for her. She watched as he made his way over to her and sat down next to her.

“Troy, how’s the bridge?” Jax asked from her seat.

“A bit scorched but appears to be working fine,” Troy replied.

“So what’s up?” Bri asked.

“Well it appears that the fleet has started building additional vipers, mark IIs, but they would replace our losses,” Troy said.

“True,” Apollo replied from his seat. “We’ve been slowly turning one of the ships into a construction ship.”

“Perhaps they can build the mark VIIIs, just wouldn’t have that stealth material,” Starbuck said.

“It’s possible, but it might take too long to retool what you’ve done already,” Troy replied. “The primary goal of the fleet is defense. The VIIIs were designed for attack.”

Bri had to agree with that. They were fast and maneuverable fighters that could be armed for a distance or close in attack depending on the enemy as a thought struck her. “We’d need pilots?”

“Exactly,” Troy said. She watched as he looked over at Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer. She waited a few moments to see what they would say.

“I think we can find pilots, but the Galactica is still under repair so we wouldn’t be able to train anyone there,” Apollo replied.

“The Argo has the room, and a training room as well,” Troy replied. “We also have a good trainer right here.”

Bri noticed that Troy indicated her. She sighed a bit having the feeling that she’d be the one doing the training.

“Well, I think we can get the recruits,” Apollo said. “I’ll have to talk to Tigh about this but I think we can continue building extra vipers.”

“Then I’ll have Commander Ares talk to Tigh about it and start transferring a few recruits over to begin training,” Troy said.

Bri watched as Troy left heading back to the bridge. She turned to the others. “Well, I guess I’m doing more training again.”

“Need some help,” Jax asked.

“Always,” Bri replied.

“Good, these guys can help you out, I’m sure they don’t have much to do,” Jax said smiling.

“Wait a second,” Starbuck said. “I don’t recall volunteering for anything here.”

“You never do, others do it for you,” Boomer replied with a slight laugh.

Bri laughed a bit at that. To her it seemed slightly odd at how quickly the Galactica pilots mixed in with the pilots from Earth and the Argo. Of course many of the Argo pilots had been part of the fleet to begin with. She turned her attention back to the conversation going on.


Pratt glanced down at the screen indicating the latest reports from the Colonial fleet. The Cylons tried a trap but it failed. That seemed to be the good news, at least for Pratt. He looked over at the fleet’s status. He wanted to send a war fleet to intercept the Cylons as far away as possible but still had support for the fleet.

“Commander, incoming message from the President.”

“Put it though,” Pratt said watching Chang’s face appear on the screen. “Mr. President, what can I do for you today?”

“The council has been thinking about several things. We’re concerned about getting into another war, but most realize that this war will be coming regardless of what we want. They’ve authorized more construction of battlestars,” Chang said. “They also want it to be the next design. Many feel that design twenty-one will be the best for the newest design.”

Pratt recalled that design. The battlestar would be shorter, but it’s armor and firepower more powerful. “I’m for that, what would they call it?”

“The council wants a class of four, calling it the Musashi class, followed by the Litterio, the Missouri, and the Bismarck. The Musashi and Bismarck will be built with S-metal the other two will be more heavily armored,” Chang said. “Of course names are subject to change.”

Pratt realized that many names held a place in Earth history, or were past ships that had been in combat. General Pakrov walked onto the bridge with a look on his face that Pratt had come to mean something had happened. He waited for the general to stop in front of him before saying anything.

“I take it something’s going on?” Pratt asked.

“It’s that fracking Galaxy Council again,” Pakrov said.

Pratt turned to fully face the general waiting to see what the ‘council’ had done now.

“Seems they want our designs for our battlestars,” Pakrov said.

“I don’t think so,” Pratt heard Chang’s voice say even before Pratt could say anything. Pratt realized that the council had contacted the general without any knowledge of the Earth’s government, or at least the President.

“Did they say why?” Pratt asked.

“Yeah, first thing I asked them,” Pakrov said rolling his eyes. “They said they didn’t trust ‘us’ to have so many warships. They also want us to dismantle half of our war fleet.”

“That’s unacceptable,” Pratt said. “The fools really have no idea what type of danger they’re in if the Cylons beat us.”

“I’ll have another meeting with them,” Chang said with a sigh. Pratt didn’t envy the President at all with that mission. The ‘council’ had been a pain ever since the group had barged on the scene. They demanded attention at the worst time and felt they should make all the decisions about everything. Pratt sighed a bit before saying what he thought.

“Should I go along as well?”

He watched the President think about that for several seconds before answering.

“It might help,” Chang said.

“Then I’ll be there,” Pratt said. The communications ended and Pratt turned to Pakrov. “Not a word, and tell them no!”

“That’s what I thought,” Pakrov said turning to leave the bridge. “Good luck, you’re going to need it.”

Pratt wanted to say something back but they both knew Pakrov was right.


Ares waited until Troy showed upon the bridge.

“You wanted to see me commander?” Troy asked.

“Yeah, the council is planning a meeting and I’m acting in Commander Adama’s place so I need someone to take over command of the Argo,” Ares said. “I’d like you to do that until I return and I can properly appoint someone to that position.”

He watched Troy’s face appear a bit perplexed but no sign of rejection. That seemed good to him, at least better than what he would be facing.

“Commander Gunther is in charge of the fleet until I return,” Ares said.

“I think I can do that,” Troy replied.

Ares nodded then walked off the bridge headed towards the hangar where his shuttle would be waiting. And then a short trip over to the Galactica where the council meeting would occur. The Argo didn’t have the large meeting room that the Galactica had. It had been a design change to allow more storage, and recreation room on board the ship for the voyage to Earth.

He walked into the council room. Sitting around the table were the leaders of the colonies. A ruling body he hadn’t dealt with for over ten yehrens. He never imagined he’d be sitting here now part of them. Only eight others sat in the room. Four members including Adama had gone with the Colonial Bound.

“Welcome Commander Ares,” one member said. “We really hadn’t had time to know you.”

‘Uh-oh,’ Ares thought. He had flashes back to his dealings with the Earth government. He’d been acting as an authority for the Colonies. Now he might have to justify that position.

“You were born in the Colonies?” one of the council members asked.

“Yes, I served on the battlestar Pacifica, under Commander Baccus,” Ares replied. “Under Commander Cain I accepted a secret mission to find Earth.”

“Yes, yes, we know that,” the member said. “The real purpose of this is to re-establish control of the council with the people.”

“Yes, the fleet has been under martial law for too long now,” another council member said.

“I heard about the last time the council interfered with military operations, wasn’t that when you had that prisoner fiasco?” Ares replied looking at the council member. “Also the Argo might have been built by the Colonies, but the rest of the ships are under Earth’s command, not the Colonies.”

“But most ships are commanded by Colonial warriors, are they not?” the member asked.

“Warriors who have fought, died and lived along side Earthers now for over ten years. Most Earthers will not allow such a take-over of the fleet. You must understand their history,” Ares told them. “When the Arbus came and attacked the government officials did nothing. They remember this betrayal well. A take-over by the council wouldn’t create a good relationship with the Earthers.”

“We only want to make sure the military doesn’t get too powerful. You can understand out concern? We have to make sure that the people’s concerns are taken care of,” the first one said again.

“Then there is no problem,” Ares replied. “The Earthers understand the situation and are not here to takeover, but to help.”

“So you say, but they have a larger fleet from what we hear.”

“At least three fleets, eight battlestars plus a few dozen supporting ships, gunstars, destroyers and scout ships not including other supply ships,” Ares said.

“See, that’s what we must be concerned with,” the council member said.

“The Earth has a large military and, well, there are concerns among the people,” another member said.

“Strange, I haven’t heard any of these concerns you mention of. I’ve talked with hundreds of citizens and they are all grateful,” Ares said.

“Grateful now, but they are not looking at the future,” the council member said.

“Perhaps they are, and you are not,” Ares said.

“Do not mock us commander, we can still take away your commission,” one council member said.

“I don’t think the thousands of Earthers would accept that,” Ares stated. “The Earth military remains separate, you might be able to control the Galactica, but the crew of the Argo is mostly Earthers, and the Enterprise is as well. Don’t make a mistake by pushing this.”

Ares allowed his stare to meet each council member. He noticed that not everyone agreed with the two council members that had spoken. The council appeared split on this issue as well. Ares thought that interesting and something he could exploit. He sat back waiting for what else would happen in the meeting.


Pratt walked into the council meeting room beside President Chang. He looked around noticing several others already sitting there. The Galaxy Council appeared made up of different races. He wondered why if so many races were part of the council why it hadn’t done anything about the Arbus.

“Ah, welcome Earth President,” the Council President said. Pratt recognized the insectoid being from the last time they had met.

“You’ve been contacting our military again outside of proper channels,” Chang said.

“We had to, you’re government refuses to talk with us,” A’Buc said.

“No, the council refuses to accept the truth,” Chang said. “Also we’ve had no assurances that the Galaxy Council won’t attack us as well!”

“That’s absurd,” A’Bus replied. “The council would never do anything.”

“That much is obvious,” Pratt replied loud enough for several others to hear.

“You mock the council!”

“I do,” Pratt said. He walked into the center of the council looking right at President A’Buc. “This ‘council’ did nothing when the Arbus attacked Earth, or Skartia, or any other planet. Did you have a treaty with them? Or perhaps you were not considered a threat to the Arbus. Perhaps you’re more like the Arbus than other races.”

“That is an outrage,” A’Buc said. “I’ll have you all arrested!”

“How about we leave, I’ll send the coordinates back to the Cylon Empire and you can ‘talk’ with them instead,” Pratt replied. “And when a superior force with no mercy attacks you maybe you’ll finally understand what we’re up against.”

“Then why won’t you allow us to help?” another senator said. Pratt glanced over at the senator.

“Why, because this council hasn’t given the Earth leadership any reason to trust you,” Pratt replied to the senator. He watched several others think about that.

“You’re saying that we should trust you, a group of humans who apparently don’t want to trust anyone else with your technology. I see, you’re no better than the Arbus then,” A’Buc said.

“And what would you do with such technology?” Pratt asked. “Why should we trust you? The last time my people trusted a race they were destroyed.”

“Destroyed, it seems to me that you’re still here, so that doesn’t factor in here,” A’Buc said.

“My home, the Colonies, not Earth,” Pratt replied.

“Ah yes, these colonies, the mysterious homeworld you say you come from,” A’Buc said. “I find all that hard to believe, such an outlandish tale.”

“If you don’t accept it then we have nothing else to discuss,” Pratt replied.

“And you are not the leader of your people,” A’Buc said.

“He may not be, but I support him fully,” Chang said. “If you refuse to accept this then there is nothing to discuss. Also, our ships will protect themselves if any hostile action is taken against them.”

“Mutiny is it?” A’Buc said.

“Mutiny, that would require us to be part of you little group here,” Chang said. “And last I understood, Earth was a free standing, independent state.”

“What are you implying?” A’Buc stated.

“That we’re not part of this Alliance, and if you want us to join you’re going about it in the wrong way,” Chang said. “Now, we’ve got another enemy to worry about, one far greater than the Arbus.”

With that Pratt and Chang left a sputtering A’Buc and his council behind. Pratt felt quite good to be leaving that council. They had no idea what type of enemy they’d be fighting.


Ares walked onto the bridge of the Argo where Troy stood watching over the ship. Yep, he had made the right decision, one that also was overdue for sure.

“Troy, can I speak with you for a sec,” Ares said. He stopped for a moment at what he said, ‘a sec’. He even used Earth terms now. He hadn’t even thought about it when he said it.

“Yes commander?” Troy asked walking up to him.

“I wanted to let you know the latest news, and I thought you should be the first to hear this news,” Ares said. He waited a few seconds. “You’re being promoted.”

“I am?”

“Yes, the council protested a bit, but they finally saw my side. Your being promoted to Colonel, and taking over as second in command of the Argo,” Ares said.

“What,” Troy replied.

“You’ve been passed over too many times. I’ve already sent the report to Pratt, it’s about time you get promoted. You’ve been the flight leader for the Argo for too long. Bri can take over for sure, and I’m promoting Nall to Green leader,” Ares said. He knew that the three of them had resisted any such promotions because they were such close friends, and the fact Bri and Troy were married. But promoting them all and having them remain on the Argo seemed like the best thing.

“Are you sure you want Bri as flight leader?” Troy finally asked.

I think she can stop herself from killing any new recruits,” Ares said with a chuckle. “She hasn’t killed anyone yet.”

“No, but a few probably wanted to kill her,” Troy replied. Bri had a way training that took anyone down a notch or two. Something many later on thanked her for.

Ares nodded knowing that Troy said the truth. “I’ll let you tell the others about the promotions. After all that’s part of your duty as well.”

“All right,” Troy said.

Ares watched Troy walk off the bridge. He glanced over at Rebecca who’d been listening in on the conversation.

“How’s Mary?” Ares asked.

“Spoiled,” she replied. “Between Bri, Troy, his parents and you I don’t think she’ll ever be at a loss for playmates.”

Ares grinned a bit at that knowing it for the truth it was. He considered them all family, and he a father figure to all those who had been part of the mission to find Earth. The losses had been many, but the rewards and new friends and been equally great.

“What can I say, she brings out the best in me,” Ares said finally.

“If you say so,” Rebecca said turning back around to her work.

Ares went back to the command chair looking over the latest reports of the Cylon movements.


Troy quickly looked around for Bri and Nall as he entered the pilot’s lounge. They were near the back talking about the upcoming training missions they’d be flying. Troy made his way through the people finally ending up next to Bri.

“Hey, wondering when you’d show up,” Bri said. “I was beginning to think you didn’t want to help.”

“Well, actually I’m going to be on the bridge a bit more,” Troy said to her.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Ares informed me that I’m being promoted,” Troy answered. “I’m being promoted to Colonel.”

“Wow, hey, congratulations,” Nall said. “Um, so are you doing two jobs now?”

“No, I’m going to be the second-in-command of the Argo, Ares is promoting you two as well, you’re now the flight leader of the Argo, taking my position,” Troy said to Bri. “And Nall is promoted to Green squadron leader.”

“And we all stay on the Argo,” Nall said. “Yes, my dream is still alive, oof!”

“That’s still in your dreams,” Bri said looking back at Troy. “More power to me.” She said with a grin.

“Oh boy,” Nall replied. “A power-hungry flight leader, great.”

“I’m sure you both will do fine,” Troy said. “You’ve already been doing the job anyways, so it won’t be much different.”

“Except now she had the final say,” Nall replied.

“Keep it up and you’ll be on patrol next,” Bri said. “It does increase your duties in this training, you’ll be doing what I was going to be, and I’ll be doing what Troy was going to do.”

“The new recruits don’t arrive until tomorrow, so you’ve got some time to prepare, and I’ll still help out a bit. Don’t want to lose my abilities,” Troy said. “I’ll let you two work out the new schedules. I need to find out my new schedule on the bridge. I’ll see you later though.”

“Count on it,” Bri replied.

Troy walked out of the room leaving Bri and Nall to work on the recruits.

End part 66

Continued in Kamikaze

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