Battlestar Argo – Part 65

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 65: Cylons Attack

Pratt looked around the bridge of the current flagship of the Earth fleet, the Daedalus. President Chang had asked about any latest updates from the fleet and the Galactica. The last news had been the Argo had encountered the fleet from the Colonies as a devastating Cylon attack had occurred. Now they were waiting for any word on what the next step would be. The long distance made the communications hard.

“Sir, incoming message from the Argo,” the communications officer said. Pratt sighed a bit knowing that now they’d have news, but the next thing would be what type of news.

“Put it up here,” Pratt said waiting for the data to be placed on the screen. A few seconds later he had the information he needed. The Argo and her fleet had successfully helped defend against the Cylon attack. However it now appeared that the fleet was dangerously low on supplies. A few of the empty ships were to be sent ahead back to Earth for resupply. They’d send a list of supplies needed for the fleet.

However it was the last part of the message that got Pratt. Commander Adama along with several others of the council would be heading back on board the Colonial Bound. He wondered how the council and the Earth government would get along. He knew that the council could be stubborn and the Earth government could be as well. He just hoped they didn’t get stuck on something insignificant and lose sight of the fact that the Cylons were probably following the Colonial fleet.

That thought brought up something else. How were they going to make sure the Cylons didn’t know about Earth and attack them here. Perhaps they could create a way to use the empty ships as a diversion fleet to lure the Cylons away from Earth, then attack the Cylon Empire directly. He’d have to think about that a bit more but a plan already began forming in his mind. He’d wait and hash out some detail and he’d need some information from Commander Adama, but he thought it might work. Now he’d have to get the President’s approval as well. If he started working on him now it might be ready by the time the Colonial Bound returned.


Nall and Bri walked onto the hangar of the Argo’s alpha landing bay making their way over to their patrol vipers. So far the Cylons had backed off but they still knew where the basestars were. It appeared that whoever was in charge had brought up reinforcements from the empire.

“Well, so far things have gone well, but I think they are almost in position ahead of the fleet for their ambush of the fleet,” Nall said over to Bri. He began checking his viper to make sure everything was in order.

“I heard Commander Ares talking about that with Colonel Tigh. They seem to think that the Cylons might believe they have an advantage. But we still need to protect the fleet. Reinforcements are not coming anytime soon now,” Bri said.

“It’d be at least seven or so months before they arrived,” Nall replied logically.

“I know,” Bri said.

“You know, I never thought I say this but I almost feel like Earth is my home now,” Nall said.

“Well, you’ve settled down, have a family, a home on Earth, things have changed,” Bri replied back to him.

Nall thought about that for a few seconds. “You’re right about that. Are you sure that Troy’s parents are fine with watching over Mary?”

“Are you kidding, when we dropped her off it was like Mary was their grandchild. Don’t worry about it, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary’s calling them grandma and grandpa when we return,” Bri said.

Nall thought about that as well as he climbed into his viper. They had a job to do, and that was to find out what the Cylons were up to. They received clearance to launch. He pressed the turbo button and felt the viper accelerate down the launch tube then out into space.


Baltar sat on his command chair watching as two centurions and Lucifer walked in. He waited a few seconds after they stopped before saying anything. “Report Lucifer.”

“By your command, the Imperious Leader wasn’t happy to learn about your losses,” Lucifer replied.

“I’ve found the Galactica didn’t I,” Baltar replied raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, but the loss of one basestar isn’t being taken too well,” Lucifer said.

“They have another battlestar,” Baltar replied.

“Long range scans of the fleet do not indicate any other Colonial warships. Our patrol craft have ventured as close as possible and still have only found one warship,” Lucifer said.

“Then send our patrols closer,” Baltar replied. “We must know before the attack.”

“The Imperious Leader will not be happy with that order. If the Galactica finds out what is ahead they might change course,” Lucifer said.

“And if their hiding another battlestar, that would ruin any surprise attack the Imperious Leader has ordered,” Baltar replied. “Carry out my order, I’ll deal with the Imperious Leader.”

“By your command,” Lucifer said turning and leaving the room. Baltar already knew that there had to be another battlestar hiding in the Colonial fleet, and that it had to be the Pegasus. Nothing else made sense to him. Now he only had to figure out how Cain and the Pegasus survived and how to destroy it.

The ambush he figured would only succeed in confirming another battlestar and he planned on holding back until he knew for sure the location of the Pegasus. If he could find that ship then he’d be able to surprise the Colonials as well.


Bri kept an eye on her scanners as she and Nall closed in on one of the basestars. It felt odd to be fighting the Cylons again after fighting the Arbus for so long that she had to shift her mental thinking to fight the Cylons. They were machines who wanted to eliminate every human.

Movement on her scanner caught her attention. A single Cylon patrol craft appeared to have launched from the basestar. She glanced over to Nall catching his attention before pointing down at her scanner. She watched as he looked down then back up at her nodding.

She turned her viper heading towards the Cylon patrol craft. She glanced down noticing that Nall was right behind her. She also had a rough estimation of how close they could get before the Cylons picked them up on their scanners. As a result Bri kept a close eye on her range to make sure she didn’t come too close.

Flipping a switch she activated her attack computer then waited for the raider to get further away from the basestar. Nall lined up beside her communicating with hand signals.

“What to do, what do you think I’m going to do,” Bri mumbled to herself at Nall’s question. She was going to destroy the raider. It might confuse the Cylon leadership even more. She signaled back her plan watching as Nall nodded his head then they waited for the raider to get further away.

After several minutes of following the raider passed the distance that she figured would be safe. A quick signal to Nall who nodded she went to turbo quickly closing the distance on the raider. Nall would begin jamming the raider as she approached for the kill.

The growl of the missile lock indicated the missile had acquired the target. Pressing the release a single missile left the bay under her viper. Streaking straight towards the raider she watched as it tried to turn a second too late. The missile ran true destroying the target.

Now she’d report back to Commander Ares on what had happened.


“Commander,” Rebecca said from her position on the bridge.

Ares looked over from where he’d been talking with Troy. “Yes?”

“Incoming message from the patrol,” she replied.

“Put it up here,” Ares said wondering what news had occurred now. He’d been in constant communication with Tigh over the upcoming battle that the Cylons had planned.

“Captain we destroyed a scout ship from the lone basestar,” Bri said.

Ares glanced at the map that indicated where each basestar currently was. Talking with Tigh they had concluded that one had to be commanded by Baltar.

“Give Baltar something to think about, not bad,” Ares said. “Continue the mission before returning. If another scout is launched let it go.”

“Yes sir,” Bri replied.

Ares waited until the screen went blank before activating it again to talk with Tigh.

“Colonel, it seems that you’re probably right, that basestar is probably Baltar’s,” Ares said.

“Commander Adama would agree,” Tigh said. “As much as I’d like to destroy him, I think our first priority will be what looks like a planned ambush.”

Ares nodded his head in agreement at that. “The Tiger and Enterprise are already in route to the planned ambush spot.”

“Then I’ll keep the fleet on course like nothing’s happened,” Tigh said.

“The Galactica’s job is keep the fleet safe,” Ares said.

“No worries here about that,” Tigh said.

“Good, that will allow us to fight more effectively against the Cylons,” Ares said.

The communication ended allowing Ares to glance again at the map. There were five Cylon basestars, three waiting in ambush ahead, one behind and then he had what they assumed was Baltar’s basestar off to the side. He had three baattlestars, two gunstars, and several smaller ships under his command. He was outnumbered but not out foxed yet.

“Tell Enterprise and Leapord their main objective is the landing bays of the basestars,” Ares said. “Any word from the Fire Ant?”

“Yes sir, just a moment ago. Captain Renee states that the three Cylon basestars in front have finally settled in,” Rebecca replied.

Ares nodded knowing that the time for battle was closing quickly. He had moved his pieces and could only hope that the Cylons didn’t know about his ships. Now all he could do was wait for the moment to attack.


Baltar watched as Lucifer walked back into his command room. The fact that the Cylon had come back so quickly meant one of two things, either the patrol had already encountered the other battlestar, or something else more sinister had happened.

“Report Lucifer.”

“By your command Baltar,” Lucifer replied.

“You’ve found the Pegasus?”

“Not exactly,” Lucifer reported hesitantly. Baltar knew that such a stalling tactic by Lucifer meant the Cylon had bad news to report.

“What happened Lucifer?” Balter asked no in the mood to ask a lot of questions.

“Shorty after our patrol ship left it was destroyed by an unknown source.”

“Unknown?” Baltar asked looking down at Lucifer. This wasn’t what he had expected.

“Nothing appeared on our scanners, nor did the scout ship report anything,” Lucifer said. “It is quite unusual indeed, what do you make of it?”

Baltar leaned back thinking about that for several seconds before saying anything. “No reports of vipers?”

“No Baltar.”

“Has there been any report by any of the other basestars of bright lights?”

“No, it’s much like the last battle. Many reports of an unseen enemy that could not be seen on the scanners,” Lucifer said.

“So, Adama has managed to perfect a type of stealth material then,” Baltar said thinking about that. “A squadron of stealth vipers could give him a tremendous advantage over even multiple basestars.”

“Should we inform the Imperious Leader?” Lucifer asked.

“No, I doubt he would fully understand such a thing,” Baltar said. He knew that a failure here would be the leader’s fault, not his. That would allow him some time to maneuver and maybe make himself a hero while destroying the Galactica once and for all.


Ares glanced over at the scanners again. ‘Baltar’s’ basestar had gone further away from what would be the action. He had a feeling that Baltar might know what was going on. This led him to an idea that might help them out.

“Get me Captain Renee,” he said quickly. He only had to wait a few seconds until Renee’s face appeared.

“Commander, what can I do for you?” she asked.

“I need you to do something for me,” Ares said. “Does the Fire Ant have holographic technology?”

“Holo-” Renee stammered. Ares watched as she thought about that for a few seconds. “Yes, we do have a limited holographic ability, why?”

“I think we can get Baltar’s basestar to leave the area for a while. If another patrol is sent out, have the Cylon patrol ‘encounter a squad of vipers,” Ares said.

“And if they attack this squadron,” Renee asked.

“Then have them disappear,” Ares said. “That’ll cause some concern for Baltar, and the Cylons. It might also cause them to look in the wrong direction,” Ares said.

“All right, if I get the chance,” Renee replied.

“Good,” Ares said. He turned after ending the communications back to the scanner. Everything seemed to be in place, now all he had to do was wait.


Tigh stood on the bridge of the Galactica knowing that the fleet was headed towards an ambush didn’t make him feel any better. All ships had been informed of what would happen and what they were to do. Two destroyers were deployed in the fleet to act as fighter defense against any Cylon attack. They had also positioned the Galactica out in front of the fleet with the Argo and Hornet off to the side.

“Commander,” Omega said breaking Tigh’s thoughts. He turned waiting to see what was going on. “WE have movement coming from the asteroid belt.

“So it begins,” Tigh said. “All right, prepare fighter patrol to check it out. Notify the Argo of what’s going on.”

He watched as Omega relayed the message to the launch bay as Athena relayed the message to Commander Ares on the Argo. The Cylons would expect a patrol from the Galactica. Tigh had agreed with Ares to lead the Cylons into thinking that the Galactica really was alone.

Two vipers launched from the Galactica’s bays and Tigh knew that they were headed towards the Cylons. He also knew what a dangerous assignment this was. Glancing at the names he hoped that Sheba and Bojay came back safely.

“Sound red alert, all pilots ready to scramble,” Tigh said.

The bridge of the Galactica became full of activity as everyone began to race into action. He only hoped the Cylons hadn’t discovered the other battlestars yet.


Bri stood with Nall, Jax and several others. She noticed that Jax stood with one of the Galactica pilots who had come over. It took her a few seconds to remember his name, Boomer. They had gathered in the hanger as the fleet had begun approaching the Cylon ambush. She turned to see Troy standing next to her also waiting.

“I hate waiting,” she finally said.

“I know you do,” she heard Troy replied. “There’s not much you can do until the Cylon ambush has fallen into our trap.”

“A trap for a trap, a bit ironic,” Bri replied. That didn’t sound right to her and seemed headed for failure. But she also hoped that Commander Ares had thought everything though. He and Colonel Tigh had thought that the Cylons figured the Pegasus had rejoined the fleet once more so they were attacking with strength and what appeared to be a tactical advantage.

She would have said more but the Argo went to red alert. “All right, its time,” she said to her squadron. The group quickly headed to their vipers knowing that another battle was about to take place. Bri glanced once more at Troy then climbed into her fighter. Running though the pre-flight checklist she warmed up her thrusters.

“All squadrons you are clear for launch,” she heard Rebecca’s voice say.

“Understood core command, let’s go get ’em,” she said pressing the turbo button. Her fighter quickly accelerated shooting out of the launch tube and into space. Looking down she watched as the rest of her squadron lined up with her. Already she could see the Cylon raiders starting to launch in preparation for the attack.

The Cylon basestar behind them had now launched their attack heading towards the fleet. As planned the Galactica would turn back and head towards the threat while the fleet began moving forward into the trap. Now they’d begin to spring their own trap.

“Green squadron, line up and attack,” Bri said. Their main objective would be eliminating the raiders before they could attack them. To do that each member of green squadron had four missiles ready for action. She looked as the vipers lined up heading towards the Cylons who were launching raiders.

“All groups, break and attack,” Commander Ares voice said.

“Let’s go,” Bri said to her squad. Her attack computer quickly spotted a target gaining a lock for the missile. Pressing the weapon release the missile streaked out heading right for the Cylon raider as other missiles were also launched. The battle was engaged.


Baltar watched as Lucifer walked into the room. The attack should have begun. He didn’t want to join with the knowledge that something else was out there that they couldn’t identify. “Report Lucifer.”

“The battle with the Galactica had begun. Are you sure you don’t want to join Baltar,” Lucifer replied to him.

“I’m sure Lucifer, there’s more going on here than we know. If the Imperious Leader wishes to waste several basestars in this battle without proper knowledge then he can,” Baltar said.

“And if the Imperious Leader asks for our help?”

“Tell him I won’t waste another basestar without knowledge of what we’re up against. If he’s asking for help then he underestimated what he was up against,” Baltar replied.

“By your command,” Lucifer replied walking out.

“Oh, Lucifer, let me know when the Galactica has defeated this ambush,” Baltar said. “Then we can begin planning our next move.”

He watched Lucifer bow again then walked out. He knew something else had to be going on. There were reports of another battlestar, and more vipers than what the Galactica could have. What else was out there? He had to find out only then could he destroy the Galactica and Adama.


Ares watched as the Cylon raiders in front of him were engaged by green and red squadrons from the Argo. The Argo herself had now moved into position in front of the fleet closing in on the three basestars in front of him. The Galactica had turned heading to the rear basestar as had many of its fighters. He hoped that the Enterprise and Leopard had received the message. The S-metal made it difficult to spot even on the Argo’s scanners after the improvements that had been made.

“All squadrons have engaged,” Rebecca said.

Ares glanced at the control panel indicating the action that was going on. He had positioned his pieces in what he hoped had been a strategic way to maximize his forces. Now he could only rely on Gunther’s skill in handling the Enterprise. Gunther had experience in battlestar command as he commanded the Warspite but transferred command to come on this mission.

“Entering attack range in ten seconds,” Rebecca’s voice said. “Cylon raiders appear confused. Green and Red squads are maintaining their distance.”

Ares nodded his head at that new. It meant that the Cylons would be in the dark about the true force they were up against. Sure the new Vipers were more maneuverable and held greater firepower but they still had to probably fight their way through another seven months before any hope of replenishment could arrive.

“We have entered weapons range,” Aaron said to him.

“Hold fire,” Ares said. He wanted a better shot before engaging. “Get me the Enterprise.”

He watched as Rebecca worked to bring up the other battlestar. In a few seconds Commander Gunther’s face appeared on the screen. “Commander, what’s up?”

“Try and stay outside detection range of the Cylon basestars. I’d like to keep some advantage if I can,” Ares said. “The longer we can keep the Cylons in the dark about how many warships we have the better it will be for us. It might keep them at bay longer.”

“Understood,” Gunther replied. “I’ll relay the message to the Leopard as well.”

“Good,” Ares said.

“Still closing,” Aaron said.

“Open fire,” Ares said finally.

The order quickly relayed to the the weapon systems on the Argo opened fire on the closest basestar. Weapons from the battlestar quickly caught the Cylons unaware as no return fire came.

“It appears we have achieved surprise,” Aaron said.

“Continue firing, let’s not give them time to regroup,” Ares said.


Troy turned his viper again watching for any sign that their defenses were weakening against the Cylons. The last thing he wanted was unnecessary losses because he hadn’t been paying attention.

The Argo had joined the battle causing the three basestars to hesitate even more. Looking behind him he noticed that the Galactica appeared to be holding its own at the moment. That would be good news for everyone as it would allow them to not have to worry about them.

“Three raiders trying to flank us, Obaru you see them,” Troy said.

“Got them,” he heard Obaru reply. Two vipers broke formation heading that way. He continued looking at his scanners for any new developments.

The raiders had been decimated early on and now many appeared lost in their movements. IT was something Troy hadn’t seen too much of in his combat experience with the Cylons. A bright flash indicated the loss of a basestar.

He could see that the Enterprise and Leopard had joined the battle. The destroyers had stayed with the fleet to provide close in fighter support. As he vectored another two vipers in to another area he realized that this type battle defiantly was very different than anything else he’d done before. This battle was long distance where he seemed to be fighting with missiles instead of dog fighting. He couldn’t ever remember anything like this. They’d tried early on but had given up for lack of ability to keep the distance.

“Argo hit, Argo hit,” a panicked voice said over the radio. He switched his communications over to the Argo waiting to hear anything.

“Argo come in,” Troy finally asked.

A few seconds of silence and Troy thought of everything from the ship destroyed to the communications had been hit. Another flash and he knew another capital ship had been destroyed. He felt relieved when he heard Rebecca’s voice finally. “Argo here, we took a hit on the bridge, knocked the computers out for a few seconds, but we’re mostly fine,” she said.

“Good, do you require assistance,” he heard Gunther’s voice say.

“No,” Commander Ares’ voice replied. “All groups continue the attack.”

Troy nodded then went back to his fighters. He also knew that Rebecca’s voice would have helped calm Nall down. That and the fact they took a hit on the bridge meant that his parents and Mary would be safe still.

He watched as another group of Cylons came in. This would be the last of the missiles for his group. After that they’d have to close the distance and return to dog fighting.


Tigh concentrated on the basestar to the rear of the fleet. He heard that the Argo had been hit, but to continue the fight. He was a bit relieved to hear Commander Ares voice. The basestar appeared a bit confused by its actions when the Galactica hadn’t stopped when the front basestars attacked.

“Damage to Alpha bay,” Omega said.

“Damage control,” Tigh replied suddenly having a flash back to the last time the Galactica had fought a basestar. He’d said almost the same thing to Commander Adama.

“Critical damage to the basestar,” Omega said.

Tigh watched as the basestar suddenly exploded. He let out a sigh of relief at that. He glanced at the scanner and the extended scanner from the Argo noticing that three of the five basestars had been destroyed. It also appeared that the Enterprise and Leopard were harassing the last one that had attacked. The fifth one, Baltar’s, had remained out of the battle, observing. The loss of four basestar however would cause some hesitation from the Cylons in another attack.

“Fleet report,” Tigh asked.

“No ships reporting any damage,” Omega replied. “Fighters are returning.”

“Good,” Tigh said. Something went right after all. Now they’d have to wait to see what would happen next.

End Part 65

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