Battlestar Argo – Part 64

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 64: Reunions

The captain walked down the hallway of the ship. His ship had been one of the better ships in the fleet so he had the feeling he’d be there for a while longer, not that he minded, it was his home, had been for yehrens before the Cylons had destroyed the Colonies. Now he finally had a chance to repair battle damage down during attacks on the fleet.

“What’s the report,” he asked as his second walked up to him.

“We did as you asked, and found only a few major problems. We could use some new parts for the engines, especially these parts.”

The captain glanced down looking over the list. Many components were normal wear and tear on the engines. Once they were replaced the engines would be running better once again. “All right, I’ll let the commander know.”

“So is this true, those ships are from Earth?” he was asked.

“Yep, seems old Cain commissioned the mission himself without permission of the council,” he replied passing a group of people in the hallway.

“Excuse me, did you mention Earth,” an older woman asked.

“Yes ma’am, the rumors of the fleet from Earth is true,” the captain replied.

“I see,” she said. “Thank you.”

He watched her quickly walk off before he turned back to his second to continue the inspection of the ship.


Bri glanced across the room where Troy was heading her direction with a tray of food. The Colonial Bound had been stocked, as had many other ships. In all five supply ships were heading back to Earth. With so many critical supply ships Commander Ares had decided to send an additional destroyer with the ships.

“So, what’s the news now,” Bri asked as the tray was set down in front of her..

“It seems that Commander Adama and Ares have finished their last meeting. Three older ships emptied and the techs are now going over the ships looking for anything usable and transferring it to the remaining supply ship,” Troy replied.

Bri thought about that for several seconds before replying. “I think a lot of people are glad we showed up.”

“Yeah, don’t let this out but there’s a lot of ships that are barely holding together, in fact they should be scrapped now,” Troy replied.

“Can we take any passengers on, relieve the pressure on those ships,” Bri asked.

“That’s one thing I wanted to talk to you about. It seems that Commander Ares already thought of that. He’s asking for everyone to condense quarters for the next couple of months,” Troy told her.

Bri hated to think that they would lose their quarters and privacy but also understood it was for a small time. “Well, what’s your plan?”

“Well, I thought about Nall, Rebecca and Mary,”‘ Troy replied.

“Well, he hasn’t tried anything on me for a while now, I think that has to do with Mary,” Bri said. “Do you think it’s a good idea?”

“It’s either that or someone else we don’t know,” Troy said back to her.

“Do you think we can all fit in here?” Bri said looking around.

“Actually I was thinking of the other way around, us going to their quarters,” Troy answered.

Bri opened her mouth then shut it realizing that Troy was right. Nall and Rebecca had the larger quarters over theirs. Add to that the fact that four people might be able to share this room, it would unlikely that Rebecca and Nall would lose theirs with the fact they had Mary.

“I guess then we could when the time comes,” Bri finally said.

“Captain Troy,” the intercom said paging him.

Bri watched as he walked over to answer. Pressing the intercom then replying for the message.

“Yes captain, we have a message for you from one of the ships in the fleet,” the reply came back.

Bri watched the puzzled look in his face before he answered. “What type of message?”

“I don’t know but they asked for you by name.”


Ares glanced over at where Apollo and Starbuck were talking. Adama had gone back to the Galactica talk some more with the council. He would have gone as well, but some reports were needed to be sent to Earth.

He had the latest reports of the fleet and they didn’t look that good. At least thirty ships needed immediate repairs or be scrapped.

“I think this one should be the one,” he heard Apollo say.

“It’s a tossup Apollo,” Starbuck replied.

“I know, but a decision needs to be made so I can tell my father,” Apollo said.

Ares understood the decision they were trying to make. What ship would be unloaded first and what passengers would be taken to Earth. A decision he actually was glad not to be part of. The last thing he really wanted to do was make that decision.

“You do realize there is limited room on the Colonial Bound,” he finally said to the two men.

“Yeah, but we also know that the Argo and Enterprise can hold some additional people as well. That will help the situation of the fleet greatly,” Apollo said. “We’re just trying to figure out the best ships to start with first.”

He nodded his head in agreement at that statement. He wondered what the people of the fleet would think once they encountered Earth. Even though they were the same, there were some cultural differences that at first seemed too large to bridge. But he had learned that the basic similar ideas still existed in every person.

“How many council members are going?” he asked.

“My father says two,” Apollo replied. “They’ve decided that they still are needed here at the fleet.”

Ares wasn’t sure he liked that idea. He’d be dealing with them, of course he had dealt with the Earth’s government for a decade now. He had to remember that things were slightly different with the Colonial council, but many times politicians were the same.

“Commander, I’ve got the captain of the Star Voyager on wanting to talk to you,” Rebecca said interrupting anything else.

Ares figured it might be something the captain had forgotten and wanted to add it now. He nodded to Rebecca who relayed the message to where he sat. “Captain, what can I do for you?”

“Well, this an unusual request,” the captain replied. “It seems I’ve got two passengers who want to know about someone.”

Ares at first was a bit confused by the request then realized that while many crewmembers of the Argo had been orphans there were a few who had families. Perhaps someone had survived everything. “I’ll try.”

“Good, they are looking for someone named Troy.”

Ares almost fell out of his chair at hearing who he was asking for. Then he wondered who’d be asking for Troy. A family member, he knew that Troy had family before they left, and even received a message from his mother and father when the Colonial Bound had briefly returned to the Colonies.

“I think he’s still on board the Argo. I’ll send someone over to find out,” Ares said. “Page Captain Troy and have him come to the bridge.


Troy walked up to the bridge not sure who would be asking for him. Sure he had talked with a few of the ship captains, but so far no one who would request talking to him. Commander Ares stood in his normal spot on the bridge as Troy walked in. Bri right behind him as they continue up to where he stood.

“Troy, glad you made it,” Ares said. “Captain, this is the only Troy I know of.”

Troy glanced down at the screen but didn’t really recognize the man. “Captain I understand someone want to talk with me?”

“Captain Troy, yes, at least I hope it’s the right people,” the captain replied. Troy watched as he turned away from the screen to be replaced by another face. He stared at it in a bit of shock not really expecting to see that face again.


“Hello son,” his father said. “I had a feeling you were here, is that your wife behind you there.”

“Um,” Troy mumbled a bit not really able to comprehend what had just happened.

“Hello, my name’s Bri,” he heard Bri say. “We got your message a few years, I mean yehrens ago.”

“Ah yes, the one that startled the poor captain. I had to explain a few things considering that no one else knew about your mission,” he said.

“What a minute, if your here, why didn’t you say anything to Commander Adama,” Troy replied.

“Well, things have been hard for the survivors, but I’ll explain it more when we come over. Your mom can’t wait to meet Bri,” he said.

An older woman’s face suddenly appear. “Hello Troy, Bri,” she said before exciting the screen.

“Well, I guess,” Troy said not sure what to say.

“They can take our quarters, allowing someone to go to a civilian ship if they don’t want to go to a military ship,” Bri replied reasonability. “Unless your ship needs major repairs.”

“Nah, the Star Voyager was made for longer space trips, better engines, and hull than many other ships,” his dad replied.

“Then its settled,” Bri said.

Troy felt a bit unsettled by everything that went on. His parents were alive, and appeared to be doing well, had accepted Bri without any question. She seemed more at ease with everything than he did.

“Well, I guess,” Troy finally managed to say.

“It’s a great idea,” Ares said. “I know that few people don’t want to be on board the battlestars.”

“And several want to come here,” his dad added in.

“Then we have a plan,” Bri said with a slight jump.

“Well pack up and meet you on board the Argo then when the moves begin happening,” his dad said. “We’ll talk later about everything then.”

“We’ll be there,” Bri replied.

Troy thought about the fact that his parents had survived. So many hadn’t survived the holocaust it seemed unreal to him at the moment. Perhaps his father had visions of the event occurring already and already knew that this reality was a possibility. Now he’d be able to introduce his wife, Nall, Rebecca and Mary to them. The people who he’d considered family for so long now increased.


Bri sat back in their new quarters watching Troy as he paced back and forth. Nall had left not long ago to see about Mary and perhaps relieve Rebecca a bit. She was a bit glad for the chance to be able to talk to Troy about the fact his parents had survived the attack. Ever since they had found out he’d been quiet.

“What’re you thinking about,” she finally asked him. She didn’t think it had anything to do with the simple fact they survived. Everything he’d ever said about his parents had been positive. She didn’t think he and his parents had any conflicts.

She watched as he looked over for a few seconds before finally replying. “Well, I guess I feel both happy and guilty at the same time. So many didn’t survive that to have not one but both parents alive seems like a small miracle.”

“You said your dad has the same abilities that you do, perhaps he knew the Cylons didn’t want peace,” Bri said.

“Then why didn’t he say anything,” Troy replied.

“And who would have listened? If Adama couldn’t get anyone to listen what chance would your father have had? Bri argued reasonably.

“Are you trying to use logic against me?” he asked.

“Um, is it working,” Bri replied already knowing the answer by Troy’s face.

“I shouldn’t say yes, but it is,” he said. “I guess that’s why I married you then.”

“I knew I had a smart husband,” Bri said. “That reminds me, our anniversary is coming up.”

“Well, I’d take you to Hawaii, but that’s a bit of a trip,” Troy said.

“How about a romantic dinner and an evening with your parents,” Bri replied.

“Well, the dinner yes, but my parents?” Troy said. She could hear his confusion in his voice.

“Yes, you know, they can tell me every embarrassing story on you they know. It’ll be romantic, at least for me,” she said smiling.

“Great,” Troy replied covering his eyes with his hand.

“It should be fun,” Bri said. She couldn’t wait to meet his parents. She could only hope they liked her as much as she hoped they did.


Troy watched as the shuttle landed. He still couldn’t get over the fact that his parents survived the holocaust. The shuttle doors opened allowing the first group of people out who would be living aboard the Argo. The commander was on hand to welcome them aboard. He didn’t have to wait long until he noticed his mother and father walking off the shuttle.

“Mom, dad, over here,” Troy said giving a wave. He’d been worried but the moment he spotted them all worries disappeared. They looked a bit older, but that was to be expected, after all over ten years had passed since he’d last seen them.

He quickly walked over to where they were standing giving them a hug. After breaking apart he knew that he’d have to introduce his wife to them now.

“Mom, dad, this is Bri,” he said. In the back of his mind he still held a bit of doubt about how his parents would react to her. They had said they approved but that had been before they had met her.

“Hello Bri, we’ve wondered if we’d ever see you,” his dad said.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Bri said. “A lot’s happened in the past couple of yehrens.”

“That’s true,” he replied. Troy watched as his father turned to the commander. “And you must be Commander Ares. I’ve seen good things about you.”

Troy watched as Ares’ eyebrow went up at that statement. “Well, hopefully I’ve lived up to it, though I think I’ve lived up to my name on Earth.”

“Really, what’s that?” Troy’s mom replied.

“Well,” Ares said, hesitating slightly.

“It’s like this,” Troy explained. “His name is associated with an ancient god on Earth, specifically the god of war.”

Troy watched as his mother and father laughed at that. “That fits then,” his father replied. Even Ares chuckled a bit at that and it felt good to have some sort of ice breaker.

“So, we’re to be staying on this ship, I’ve never even been on a warship before,” his mother said.

It sounded odd that for a people who’d been at war for so long to have never been on a warship. But his mother had been one who had worked with the education department. His father had been a fighter pilot for several yehrans before becoming a trainer back at the colonies. That’s where they met and starting dating. Now they stood on board another ship bound for a planet that until recently had been a myth. This would be different indeed.

Instead it was Bri that came to his rescue. “Don’t forget about these three,” she said to him.

Troy glanced over noticing that Nall, Rebecca and Mary were standing there. “I didn’t forget, just, well, forgot for a second,” he said daring her to say anything.

“He forgot,” she said turning to his parents. “This rogue here, is Nall, his wife Rebecca, and their daughter Mary.”

“Any friend of my son’s is a friend of mine,” his father said. “Come on, let’s get settle in, I think you’re mother’s ready to hear everything that we all know.”

Troy had to agree there. If his father had known about his marriage, then he might have had other visions as well. He hadn’t had one in a long time, or at least anything significant recently. The last vision had been about the Pegasus, and it survival, not destruction. The group walked off the hanger headed towards Bri and Troy’s old quarters.


Adama stood on the bridge of the Galactica instructing Tigh about the fleet, and gaining last minute updates. So far many ships of the fleet needed repair, including the Galactica herself. He turned hearing footsteps as Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer walked onto the bridge.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you three so soon,” Adama said to them.

“Well, I wanted to talk to you,” Apollo said.

“I had the feeling you did,” Adama said. “It’s the same thing Tigh and I were talking about. How can we trust them, are they who they say they are. That’s why I have to go, to find out the truth.”

“I know, I just wish you weren’t going,” Apollo said.

“Why doesn’t one of us go instead?” Starbuck asked.

“As much as I wish we could, if they are telling the truth, and Earth is that far away, then we need to start preparations now, not later,” Adama said. “I’ve already spoken to Tigh, and I should let you three know as well in case this is some trap or trick. When I return, there will be a code word, something only you four will know.”

“In case the Cylons have discovered how to clone you,” Boomer said. “There’s always voice print identification.”

“Yes, and I expect you to use that as well, but I’ll also say something else, something unusual,” Adama said.

“I hope they are telling the truth,” Tigh said. “It’s been a great boost for morale.”

“I know it sure boosted my morale,” Starbuck replied.

“I think they are for real,” Boomer said speaking up for the first time.

“Why do you say that Boomer?” Adama asked really wanting to know.

“Well, I met an old flame from back in my academy days, she disappeared on a mission shortly afterwards,” Boomer said. “I just find it highly unlikely that if this is a Cylon trap they’d know about her and me.”

“True, but we can’t afford to take chances either,” Adama said. “I must also think of our people, they’ve been though a lot and now morale is at an all time high. If this is a trap it could destroy us completely.”

He could see that everyone there wanted to believe the story that Commander Ares had told them. If it turned out to be true then things would become either easier or harder depending on how the Earth government and the council got along.

“I’m going to pack a few things, keep the fleet together until I return,” he told them. “Tigh, you have the bridge until I return, for the moment get along with Commander Ares, at least within reason, but your first priority is the fleet. Commander Ares knows this, and if he’s a good commander he’ll understand.”

“I think we don’t have anything to worry about there,” Boomer said. “We’ll have the more dangerous mission, but you’ll have the harder mission.”

“You might be right about that,” Adama replied. There were a lot of unknowns he’d have to face. The fleet mainly had to face the Cylons. That was at least a known threat.


Troy walked into the room along with his parents and Bri. Commander Ares had gone back to the hanger to make sure everything went well and Rebecca and Nall had taken Mary back to the quarters for a nap. His parents didn’t have much, a few items, pictures and some clothing but nothing else.

“So, this is where you called home for the past ten yehrens?” his mother asked.

“Kinda,” Troy replied. “We also have a small apartment on Earth for when we’re on leave or the Argo is undergoing refits or repairs.”

“It’s nice,” his father said looking around. “Are you going to be fine sharing a room with a child?”

“We keep Mary quite a bit anyways, so it’s really working out even better,” Troy told him.

“So, how’d you meet?” his mother asked looking at Bri.

“On the Argo,” she replied. Troy watched as his wife kept a straight face at the answer then over at his mother who held the same grin.

“I hope so,” she finally said.

“Troy was the squadron leader and it was my first mission. It was hard not to bump into each other on the yeahren long voyage,” Bri said. “I think the first time things really progressed was on furlough on that one planet.”

Troy thought about that having to think way back to before they found Earth for that. “Oh yeah, that’s the first time I kiss you.”

“Yeah, that was hard on Nall,” Bri said.

“Nall?” Troy’s mother asked.

“He’s had a crush on me for a long time, I never thought more of him than a brother,” Bri said.

“I think up to that point he seemed fine with it, but then he realized he’d never have your heart like I do,” Troy said. “He didn’t speak to me for a few days, Jax finally told me what happened.”

“I take it he got over it?” his mother asked again.

“Yeah, he doesn’t dwell on things for long, and it was shortly after that he met Rebecca,” Troy said. “Rebecca is from Earth.”

“Oh, so things have worked out?” his mother asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Troy replied. “Now how did you survive the attack?”

“Ah, that was something I didn’t understand until just before it happened,” his father said. “I had a vision, and a strange one.”

“Had my share of those in the past couple of years,” Troy answered.

“I bet, well anyways the vision showed destruction, everything shaking. I first assumed that it had to be an earthquake by the shaking that was going on. I had only one real clue that didn’t make any sense to me. A blue flash,” he said.

“A Cylon laser bolt,” Bri said.

“Exactly,” he replied. “Only at the time I didn’t know it. I assumed it had to be a flash from an exploding power circuit or something like that. Buildings were on fire and collapsing all around us. It reminded me so much of the quake on Gemini fifteen yeahrens ago.”

“I remember,” Troy said. The images of the destruction had been devastating.

“Well, it wasn’t until the day of the attack that I figure out what the vision really was,” his father said. “By then the attack had begun, I had no way of stopping it, but with the knowledge I was able to keep us alive, then when news about the Galactica came I knew that would be our best chance.”

“Some stayed behind, but I don’t think they’ll be able to survive,” his mother told them. “The Cylons were systematically eliminating any human they came in contact with.”

“I also knew that we meet again son,” his father said.

“You did?” Troy asked wondering if he would mention another vision.

“Yes, you see I saw us, standing, well, here talking. So I never doubted that we’d meet again, I just didn’t know when,” he replied.

Troy thought about that for several seconds wondering what else his father had seen that might come in useful one day. “Anything that we might be able to use?”

“Just one confusing thing,” he replied. “I had a vision of some strange smaller people, they seem to be at odds with us, but I don’t know why.”

“How long ago did you have that vision?” Troy asked.

“Well, it was shortly after you left, but I’ve had so many over the years it was the only other one, besides the vision of your joining, that I’ve had,” he said.

“Was there a table, and we were sitting around it. Me, Commander Ares, Bri, and a few others all with them,” Troy asked.

“Yea, and a few other strange-looking creatures, but an aide walked in handing the commander a message, like something had happened between the groups,” his father said.

“I know what you’re talking about,” Troy said. “That was a peace conference between Earth and the Arbus, when we received news that the Colonies had been destroyed. I had the same vision as well.”

“Well, it seems that most of my visions then have come true then,” he replied to Troy.

“Same here, nothing major that I know about. I guess we’ll leave you to get settled for the moment. We’ll be back in a few centons,” Troy said.

“All right, your mother will need a tour of the ship,” he said.

Bri and Troy walked out to leave his parents to settle in before doing anything else. They still had to settle in their new quarters as well.

End part 64

Continued in Cylons Attack

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