Battlestar Argo – Part 67

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 67: Kamikaze

Baltar sat on the basestar command chair waiting for the next piece of information that they could gain from the Colonial fleet.

“Report Lucifer,” Baltar said.

“By your command Baltar,” Lucifer replied. “Our scouts have indicated a reduction of ships in the Colonial fleet. It’s most curious as there is no known reason.”

“The fleet is losing ships,” Baltar said. He pondered over that piece of information. Something didn’t add up in his mind. He needed more information, but how? “Are we still losing raiders?”

“Yes Baltar,” Lucifer answered. “Our scanners have yet to identify anything, nor have there been any reports from the scouts before they are destroyed.”

“Very well, send out an empty raider, have all scans by the raider transmitted straight back here. If it’s destroyed there might be something that we can use,” Baltar said.

“By your command,” Lucifer said turning to walk out of the room.

Baltar hoped that this tactic might shed some clues on what happened to the scouts, and what happened to the last two attacks. Adama had something new he’d been holding back and Baltar wanted to know what that was.


Ares sat at the command chair on board the Argo, a place he’d become very familiar with over the years. The only real differences had been who stood next to him. He recalled all those years, or yehrens, ago when Pratt stood there with him, the long voyage to Earth, the battles, and then the war where he had a host of different second-in-commands. Now Troy stood there, and he felt the ship had come full circle.

“Commander, patrol one indicates one Cylon raider patrol ship leaving Baltar’s basestar,” Troy said to him.

Ares thought about that. He sorely wanted to go on the offensive, like he’d been able to do in the Arbus war. Now however he had an entire fleet of civilian ships, unable to defend themselves.

“All right, see where it’s going, on its way back destroy it, that might cause them to think about everything a bit more,” Ares said. He didn’t have to say unless it got too close to the fleet.

“Okay,” Troy replied.

Ares glanced once more about the ship, the crew of the Argo, and how it’d changed so much, yet so little over the years. The dull green screens had given way to color screens. They now had personal computers in each quarters for duty rosters, yet every system had to be independent of the weapon, propulsion and navigation systems. The Earthers wanted to merge many of the systems, but Ares had fought fiercely against that. Many designers eventually knew what about the Cylons, and adapted quickly, even coming up with better designs.

“Commander, Colonel Tigh on the line for you,” Troy said.

“Put it through,” Ares said. He waited a few seconds until Troy transferred the signal to his station. “Colonel, what’s up?”

“I just received word from the Bellive, one of the transports, its engines are failing,” Tigh said.

“How many?” Ares asked.

“About three hundred, plus another fifty for crew,” Tigh said.

“What do you need? I expect you’ll be slowing down the fleet for this?” Ares asked.

“As much as I don’t want to, we have to slow down, at least until we transfer the people and supplies off the ship,” Tigh said. “Problem is most ships are already dangerously overcrowded.”

Ares nodded in agreement. He’d been scrolling down to see what the report of the Bellive had been. The ship had been deemed serviceable all the way to Earth. The news was blow to the fleet. “All right, I’ll have the shuttles from the Argo and Enterprise at your disposal. Do we need to bring a supply ship along side?”

“That might be the best way to transfer the supplies,” Tigh said.

“I can see which supply ship is the most empty, it can take the most supplies and fuel,” Ares said. He glanced over at Troy who already appeared to be working, calling people to get things going.

“Can the Argo handle a few more people for a while, at least until we get things settled down a bit more,” Tigh asked.

“I think so, and a few other ships in the fleet can as well,” Are said. He knew the Enterprise still had plenty of room. He’d deliberately avoided placing people on the ship for this reason. “I suggest we start right away.”

“Good, the quicker we can do this the quicker we’re moving again,” Tigh said.

“I’ll have my pilots coordinate with the Galactica,” Ares said.

“All right, I’ll let you know if anything else comes up,” Tigh replied to him. The communications ended as Ares glanced over to Troy.

“I’ve got a few pilots lined up already, Bri, Jax, Nall and Boomer,” Troy said.

“Boomer, isn’t he from the Galactica?” Ares asked.

“Yeah, he’s officially on call for shuttle transport between the Galactica and Argo, I think it has to do with Jax,” Troy replied. “We also have one of the Galactica’s shuttles on board.”

“Good, what about the Enterprise?” Ares asked.

“Talked with Gunther, he’ll need a few hours to make the necessary room on board for the people, but he’ll have the shuttles ready to go now,” Troy replied.

Ares nodded his head at that. Now they had to start the evacuation process.


Bri glanced over at Nall who would be her co-pilot in the flights to the Bellive. So far they had made two trips, each time taking almost thirty people. Now instead of heading to the Argo they were to be heading to the Enterprise. Commander Gunther had finalized his plans on where to put the people.

“So, how’s Troy adjusting to being a Colonel?” Nall asked.

“I really haven’t seen him since the promotion. We would have both been off about now but then this came up,” Bri replied.

“Have you heard from patrol one?” Nall asked.

“They were keeping an eye on a Cylon patrol,” Bri said. “They’ll probably destroy it a bit later on when it starts back or if it gets too close. Either way it’s something I’ve got to work waiting when this is over.”

“The joy of being a leader,” Nall said.

“Well, you’re going to have to get use to it as well,” Bri stated. “I’ll be needed those reports about Green squadron now.”

“Don’t remind me,” Nall replied.

“Too late,” Bri said, smiling at Nall. “I could send you messages about it as well?”

“No, don’t need that,” Nall replied.

Bri opened her mouth to reply when word came in from patrol one, they’d destroyed the Cylon raider. Bri almost felt relief at hearing it, now she could start working her mind on the reports.

“Well, another Cylon raider destroyed, you would have thought they’d stop sending out patrols,” Nall said.

“Well, they are persistent, maybe we grew too soft fighting the Arbus,” Bri said.

“Maybe, I doubt it though,” Nall said. “Probably just persistent, like always.”

Bri nodded looking towards the Enterprise. They were rapidly approaching the battlestar. Bri hadn’t spent much time on the ship, built to a different design. So far the ship had proven to be stronger, and pack a bigger punch than the Argo, even though it had undergone several major refits.

Bri heard the controller give permission for her to land in alpha bay.


Lucifer walked into the command room where Baltar waited in his chair for any new reports. He watched the human look down on him waiting, enjoying his command before saying anything to him.

“Report Lucifer,” Baltar said.

“By your command Baltar, our scout ship was destroyed. The computers are currently investigating all scans before its destruction,” Lucifer told him.

“Anything unusual in its destruction,” Baltar asked.

“We know the direction with the attack came, add in the fact of several reports during the last attack, and it seems the Colonials have found a cloak of some sort upon which to hide their ships,” Lucifer said.

“A cloak, that would explain a lot. Adama wouldn’t need a lot of ships to defend the fleet with such an advantage,” Baltar said out loud.

“The Colonial warriors would already know where our forces are then,” Lucifer said.

“Yes, is there any way to improve the scanners,” Baltar asked.

“I don’t know Baltar, I’ll have to check,” Lucifer answered. He didn’t know if the scanners could be improved any more than they were.

“Then do so, and get back to me right away,’ Baltar ordered.

“By your command Baltar,” Lucifer said. He made a slight bow then walked back out of the room.


Adama looked around the small meeting room. He’d been feeling a bit restless, even though the voyage had only started a short time ago. He read the updates from the fleet, but now was too far away to do anything about it. The fleet had suffered another ship failure, but with the addition of the fleet from Earth there still appeared to be room.

“Commander, how are ya?” Scott asked walking into the room.

“Would it make any sense if I said useless,” Adama said. Scott had a way of looking at life that at one moment seemed unique, and yet so familiar to him at the same time.

“Ay, it would,” Scott replied. “Ah spent my life on the seas fishing, until my son got caught up in this,” he waved his arms around the ship. “Now, ah carry on his legacy.”

“What happened to him?” Adama asked.

“The Arbus, killed in the first battle, a pilot,” Scott said. “What about you?”

“I lost my wife in the holocaust, and my son, well, he tried to warn the fleet of the Cylons, destroyed within sight of the fleet,” Adama replied. “My son and daughter survived and serve on board the Galactica.”

They stood in silence for several seconds before Adama finally asked. “Wife?”

“Divorced, said ah spent too much time on the sea,” Scott replied. “Perhaps she was right.”

“My wife said the same thing, but we were at war with the Cylons. She always said I’d never be there when it mattered,” Adama said. “In a way, she was right.”

“And if you’d been there, would it have made any difference for the better?” Scott asked.

Adama paused thinking about that for several seconds. If he’d been home, instead of on the Galactica, would it have mattered? He’d like to think so, but his heart understood the true answer. Of the commanders, he was the only one to raise an alarm and see what the incoming Cylons were and the threat they posed.

“Probably not,” Adama finally answered. An answer he found hard to admit because of the cost.

“All we can do, is do what we can,” Scott said finally.

“Are you sure you’re not a prophet?” Adama asked.

“Nah, ah’m only what ah am, a sailor who’s seen what he’s seen,” Scott said.

Adama thought about that for several seconds. The window showed several stars crawling by. In a strange way he realized that he shared a lot in common with Scott. The older Earthling had seen his share of things in life as he had. He wondered what would occur when they arrived at Earth, and the members could finally meet the council.


Pratt looked out over the bridge of the Daedalius, his flagship of the second fleet, currently the main fleet. The fleets had been reorganized after the Argo and Enterprise had left and joined up with the Galactica. Then the Pegasus had survived, though heavily damaged, but now on its way back as well. Pratt also had to deal with the fact that the Galactic Council seemed to want to have Earth join their little alliance. Pratt didn’t trust them for some reason yet. It might have to do with the fact that they demanded everything, not asked.

“Commander, new information from the Argo. Seems like the fleet’s ships are still wearing out.”

Pratt thought about that for a second. He realized they’d probably have to do something about that, and quickly.

“Get me Centauri One,” Pratt finally said. It didn’t take long before Peter, the commander of the base, appeared on the screen.

“Commander, you wanted to speak with me?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, what’s the ETA of the liners?” Pratt asked. A new class of fast, stealthy passenger liners had been started with the intention of evacuating the colonial fleet quickly.

“The first one should be completed the week after next, and the crew is already trained,” Peter replied.

“Good,” Pratt said. “We received word that another ship in the fleet failed. At this rate the fleet will fall apart too quickly.”

“Hmm, well, we’re working as quickly as possible, another supply ship completed, the biggest hold up is the S-metal. Production is lagging behind a bit,” Peter replied.

“I understand, but we can’t rush that, a failure there would be a worst disaster,” Pratt said. The last thing he needed would be a failure there leading the Cylons right to Earth.

“On the plus side, the Richelieu is almost done,” Peter said, referring to the latest battlestar.

Pratt nodded in agreement. The latest battlestars had been modified to fight the Cylons. He knew that he’d have to start sending out a large battle-fleet soon before the Cylons could find out where Earth was. Several bases had been completed stretching the supply line further out for what he knew would be upcoming operations. The name had been changed as well, finally finalized only a week earlier.

“When the passenger ship is complete, have it start out with the supply ship Osis,” Pratt said. “I think we can afford to send the destroyer Gearing as well for protection.”

“Yes sir, we’ll let you know,” Peter said.

Pratt ended the conversation before checking on the latest intel on where the Colonial Bound currently was. The ship, at least to its last report now was only a few months away from the furthest outpost. He sent a signal to the base to keep an eye out for the scout ship. He wanted to send the ship straight back to pick up others but didn’t know how long its passengers would want to stay.

Now he’d have to wait and see before sending some ships back.


Lucifer walked back into the command room of the Cylon basestar where he knew Baltar would be waiting for his report. The news wouldn’t be good, at least not now. He didn’t have to wait long for Baltar to swivel around in the chair and face him.

“Report Lucifer,” he said.

“It’s as I feared Baltar, the scanners cannot be updated anymore than they are,” Lucifer said.

“I see, then until the scanners are then we’re at a disadvantage,” Baltar said. “I don’t like this at all. Adama has an edge now, over the entire Cylon Empire.

“We should report this to the Imperious Leader at once then,” Lucifer said. “If the Colonials have such an advantage over our ships they could go straight into the heart of the empire.”

“No, Adama cannot afford to do that, he’d need even more ships than he has. And with us right behind him he cannot afford to stop,” Baltar said. “I have an idea.”

Lucifer would’ve rolled his eyes if he’d been able to but instead merely waited to hear what the human had to say. He was sure it would be different indeed. He’d learned that humans were surprising creatures that thought outside the normal quite often.


Ares glanced down at the reports from Tigh about the condition of the fleet. Things appeared to be somewhat normal, though he wanted to scrap most of the fleet now. Many of the ships were not fit for travel. He typed quickly another entry into his next report to Earth. He hoped that any replacements might start coming quickly.

“Commander, we have a problem, incoming wave of raiders,” Troy said.

Ares glanced up at the report then down at the scanners. Sure enough a large group of raiders were approaching the fleet.

“Scramble fighters,” Ares said, turning to get in touch with Tigh. He didn’t have to wait long until the other man appeared on the screen.

“Commander Ares, what’s wrong?” Tigh asked.

“Scanners have picked up a wave of Cylon raiders coming in, looks like an attack,” Ares said. “I’d like to use the Galactica’s vipers for close in defense of the fleet, and the Argo’s vipers to destroy the raiders with missiles. I don’t want to get in too close at the moment in case the Cylons don’t know exactly what we are yet. Maybe keep an advantage for a bit longer.”

“All right,” Tigh said.

“Good,” Ares said ending the communications. “Red alert, scramble all vipers.”

The bridge lighting changed to the familiar red glow indicating the change in alert of the battlestar. Ares watched the progress of the vipers squadrons as they prepared for combat.

“Several of our pilots are over at the Enterprise,” Troy said. “Request permission to take command of the viper squadrons, Bri is over there as well.”

“Go ahead,” Ares said. He’d be able to control the battle just fine and the viper squadrons needed some leadership. Looking down he noticed Nall, Bri and Jax all over at the Enterprise. It’d take time to bring them back, by then the battle could be over. He watched Troy quickly leave the bridge. Turning towards the scanners he watched the incoming raiders. It appeared to be about one Cylon basestar in compliment, and they were approaching very fast.

The vipers started launching rather quickly on the screen. The speed though which the Cylons were approaching would cause this to be close.

“Troy, you there?” Ares said.

“Just about to launch,” Troy replied. “Why?”

“This attack doesn’t make much sense up here. Their coming in very fast,” Ares said.

“Maybe hoping to catch us off guard,” Troy said.

Ares thought about that for several seconds. True, it might be a way to catch the fleet off guard, but he didn’t think so. Something else had to be going on.

“Be careful, I don’t like this tactic they’re using this time,” Ares said.

“We will,” Troy said.

Ares glanced back down at the screen, watching vipers line up before moving out to intercept the incoming Cylons.


Troy quickly caught up with Green squadron. He quickly took over command of the vipers before switching to missiles. The low growl reverberated in his ears before the tone changed indicating a good lock.

“Missile away,” he said, watching other vipers launch their missiles as well. Over a hundred missiles streaked towards their Cylon targets. He glanced up into space watching the explosion start. Flashes indicated Cylon raiders exploding, but his scanners indicated the Cylons were closing in.

“Fire two,” he said, gaining another lock.

The second missile streaked away heading towards another Cylon raider. He watched the target disappear again before having to switch over to lasers as the range closed in. The targeting computer switched to life. Its position was different than previous vipers, in that it was in the HUD, and he didn’t have to look down anymore. Something he wondered why the Colonials hadn’t done it.

“Don’t let any get by you,” Troy said. He fired a few times before he also noticed something wrong. The Cylons were flying very fast, in fact they were not even trying to engage.


Starbuck flew alongside Apollo waiting for the incoming Cylon stragglers that would probably get though the first wave of vipers from the Argo.

“I think I’d rather be out there,” Starbuck said looking over at the flashes of light indicating where the battle was.

“We have a mission Starbuck, besides, they can destroy more with less to endanger them,” Apollo replied.

“Yeah, I know, I just don’t like waiting,” Starbuck said. He opened his mouth to say more, but Colonel Tigh interrupted him.

“Blue squad, turn and intercept incoming Cylons as far out as possible,” Tigh said.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand?” Apollo said.

“Commander Ares and I think the incoming raiders, are suicide bombers,” Tigh replied.

Starbuck paled slightly at that news. If that was true, then the entire group could cause mass havoc on the fleet killing thousands. He didn’t wait for Apollo, turning the viper he made his way towards the Cylons. He noticed Apollo close behind him.

He quickly lined up his first raider of the battle quickly destroying it. A second followed rather quickly but he noticed the fleet was closing in very quickly.

“Apollo,” Starbuck said.

“I know, I don’t think we’re going to get them all,” Apollo replied.

Starbuck killed a third switching to another raider. The Argo’s fighters were right with them attacking the Cylons. The Galactica’s close in weapons started firing. Starbuck briefly wondered what ships would be hit. To his surprise the raiders avoided the Galactica, instead closing in on other ships in the fleet.

He managed to destroy another ship, but the Cylon raiders continued on their path, slowly zeroing in on certain ships.

“They’re going for the manufacturing ships,” Apollo finally said.

Starbuck watched the first raider impact on the ship. A small explosion occurred. He knew with his knowledge that the ship had taken damage. Another raider impacted on the side of the ship followed by a third in rapid succession.

“Well, this isn’t good,” Starbuck muttered.

He watched the ship suddenly explode from the damage, the explosion taking him back in time to the when the Atlantia exploded. An image that seemed like a lifetime ago to him, yet just yesterday.

“Cylon raiders have been destroyed,” Rigel’s voice finally said. “All fighters return to base.”

Starbuck turned his viper knowing that about a thousand people had died, and the fleet had lost it manufacturing abilities. That would hamper any repairs that needed to be done. He turned his viper around heading back to the Galactica.


Troy wondered if the Cylon leader understood what resources he’d used to cause such damage to the fleet. The raiders had succeeded in destroying one ship, and damaging two others. All three were involved in the manufacturing of parts for the fleet.

He headed towards the Argo with Rebecca giving him the information he needed to land. He’d have to have a meeting with the squadron leaders and see how they could avoid such an attack again.

Landing he waited for the crew to settle his viper before getting out.

“Good to see you haven’t lost you’re touch,” a voice said. He glanced over to see Bri standing there.

“I didn’t think you’d get over here in time, and the Enterprise probably didn’t have any spare vipers ready to go,” Troy said. “So, someone needed to be in charge of the viper squadrons.”

“And you did a fine job with them,” Bri said, closing the distance between them.

“I haven’t been away that long,” Troy said. “I may not have the natural abilities you have, but I can hold my own.”

“I know, so, what happened?” she finally asked.

“That’s the strange thing. I’m calling meeting of all viper squadron leaders to discuss it. The raiders completely ignored the vipers heading on suicide mission against the manufacturing vessels,” Troy said. He started towards the elevator to head to the bridge and talk it over with Ares.

“Sounds like a good idea, something many of the Argo and Enterprise pilots haven’t dealt with yet,” Bri said.

“I already know what they’re going to call them,” Troy said. “And it might be a good designation for such an attack, Kamikaze.”

They walked onto the bridge where Ares already appeared to be talking with Tigh on the battle damage.

“So, you’re saying that any major repairs we can no longer undertake,” Ares said.

“All three manufacturing vessels were hit, and the main ship was lost,” Tigh replied.

“How would they know which ships to hit?” Ares asked. A good question in Troy’s mind.

“It’s probably Baltar, he would know. He spent some time as a prisoner with the fleet,” Tigh replied.

“Now that we’ve been hit, how do we stop this from happening again,” Ares asked.

“I think I can help with that, I’d like to convene a meeting of all squadron leaders,” Troy said.

“All right, I’d also like the commanders of all warships to be there as well,” Ares said.

“I think we can do that, get everyone working together on this,” Tigh said. “Let me know when the meeting it, I’ll be there, along with Starbuck and Apollo, and perhaps a few others as well.”

“I’ll let you know, and try to think what else Baltar might have learned,” Ares said.

Troy wondered what would happen next.

End part 67

Continued in Visions

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