Battlestar Argo – Part 41

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 41: Marriage Ceremony

Troy walked down the hallway. So far there had not been much lately in the war against the Arbus. It seemed like they were waiting, or rebuilding their forces.  Everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before they returned.  Troy knew for a fact that they had not heard the last of the Arbus. There was still much to learn about their attackers.  That and the vision of the future he had still have not come to pass.

Sometime in the future the Arbus and the humans would sit down to talk. He had a feeling that it would be for peace talks between the two sides.  He had to wonder how long this battle was going to go on for and how many others they were going to lose as a result of the war.  It was a bit of a sobering thought as he sat there.  He might even lose people that he was friends with.  They had lost Martin early in the voyage to Earth and now others would lose their lives fighting another enemy that they did not know.

He turned the corner and saw Rebecca and Nall standing there. He knew that their wedding was coming up real soon.

“Hey Troy,” Nall said.

“Hello,” Troy said. “What is going on?  I didn’t interrupt anything did I?”

“No, we were just talking,” Rebecca said.

“Ah, then you heard about the latest attack by the Arbus,” Troy said.

“What, they attacked recently,” Nall asked wondering why he had missed that piece of information.

“No, just checking to see if you were paying attention,” Troy said with a smile.

“Where’s Bri,” Nall asked.

“She’s flying patrol at the moment,” Troy replied.

“I thought you were her wingmate,” Rebecca said wondering what was going on.

“She is, but Charlie was feeling sick so she took his spot,” Troy said.

“Oh, that makes sense,” Rebecca said. “I’ve been given some time off.”

“I’m just hoping that the Arbus stay away a bit longer for me to enjoy my wedding,” Nall said.

“Well, one piece of good news is that the new battlestar has just been started,” Troy said.

“I heard about that,” Nall said. “It’s about time.”

“The two destroyers were finally completed,” Troy said thinking that the fleet now consisted of one battlestar, one cruiser, and now three destroyers. “Any idea as to where you’re going for your honeymoon?”

“I’m leaving that to Nall,” Rebecca replied.

“I’ve got it all figure out already,” Nall said.

“All right, I better get on up to the commander’s office then,” Troy said.

“Wanted to talk to you did he,” Nall asked.

“Yeah, they are starting to work on the ship that will head back to the colonies,” Troy said.

“Are you going back,” Nall asked.

“Probably not, there is much work to do here still,” Troy said.

“Yeah, I was just wondering. After all you still have family back there,” Nall said.

“True, but I think they would understand,” Troy said then continued on his way down the hallway to the commander’s office.


Gunther stood on the bridge of the Fire Ant. The latest destroyer to be completed.  She did not have the S-metal that the other ships had but she had better armor than the Sprint had.  His ship was on patrol around Earth.  The Sprint was sent to Centari One to help out the Tiger while the other destroyer, renamed Pincher was at the refueling base to protect that one.

The fleet was definitely shaping up that much was for sure. Centari One was constructing the fuel tanker while Earth was constructing the next battlestar. That left an open dockyard on Centari One which rumor was would be starting the ship that would head back to the Colonies.

“Hermes inbound captain,” his second in command said.

“Thanks Eric,” Gunther said. “Looks like they are right on time.”

“Yes sir,” Eric replied. He was new to the fleet but already Gunther could tell that the man was going to be fiercely loyal. He had lost his wife and two children in the Arbus attack and was one of the first to strike back when the Argo arrived to help free Earth.

“All right, you have the bridge Eric,” Gunther said going to retire for the day. It was the end of his shift and he was tired for a change.

“I’ll let you know if anything happens,” Eric said. “Though it has been quiet for a while now.”

“All the more reason to keep a close eye out,” Gunther said.

“Right,” Eric said as Gunther walked off the bridge.


Bri and Troy was sitting around with the other warriors helping him celebrate his upcoming wedding tomorrow. They were all relaxing as their friends that could come were in the room.  Most were people from the colonies that had started out on the mission almost three yehrens ago. They had lost many over the years but had gain new friends and new allies in the journey.

“Well, how’s it feel to know that tomorrow you will be married,” Bri said to Nall.

“Strange,” Nall said knowing that he was taking a large step in his life.

“Well at least you found a woman that can keep you restrained,” Troy said with a smile.

“Well it does feel different with her,” Nall said not sure how to explain it.

“I just wish that Martin could be here,” Bri said.

“Me too,” Nall said thinking about their friend who had started the mission with them. They had accepted that Martin had landed on a planet and that he still had a mission to undertake.

“I wonder what he would make of you getting married,” Troy said.

“He would probably ask to how many,” Bri said with a sad smile.

“And then he would ask if Bri was one of them,” Nall said.

“I’m a happily sealed woman now,” Bri said giving him a look.

“Yeah, not that that has stopped him,” Troy said.

“Hey what about it, one final fling before I’m a married man,” Nall said waggling his eyebrows at Bri.

“Do you want to walk down that isle tomorrow,” Bri asked him watching as Nall’s eyes widened.

“You wouldn’t,” Nall said watching Bri’s face. “You would.”

Troy just sat there laughing at his friend. This was going to be an interesting wedding that was for sure.


Troy was lying next to Bri in bed as they were just being lazy until they had to get up. Today was the big day for Nall and Rebecca. It was going to be both a happy and sad day as well.  Rebecca had lost her parents in the first Arbus attack. She had asked Robert to walk her down the aisle.  This would also be the first time that they had seen an earth wedding as well.

“So, do you think he’s awake,” Troy asked Bri.

“Knowing Nall, he’s probably been awake all night,” Bri said with a smile.

“Remember our wedding,” Troy said. “Rebecca was not too happy with you that day.”

“Oh yeah, it wasn’t until she realized that I was marrying you that she was happy,” Bri replied.

“According to Jax, Rebecca was downright unhappy with you,” Troy said.

“It’s a good thing that Jax realized what was going on,” Bri said as their alarm went off again. Troy’s hand slapped the top of the alarm silencing it again.

“We really should get up,” Troy said.

“But I’m comfortable right here,” Bri said with a pout.

“Come on,” Troy said finding a ticklish spot on his wife’s skin causing her to squeal and jump a bit.

“Ohh, you cheat,” Bri said grabbing at the hands that were trying to get to her.

“Well, with you in the morning I have to do something to get you up,” Troy said.

“All right, I’m getting up,” Bri said hopping out of the bed as an amused Troy looked on. “But if I have to get up then so do you,” she said watching as he stretched in bed.

“Yep, but you are one who likes to lie in bed all day,” Troy said finally getting up. “But we’ve got a wedding to go to.”


Nall stood nervously off to one side waiting for the wedding to begin. There was a lot that had gone on to prepare for this day and now that it was here he was hoping that Rebecca was not having any second thoughts.  He noticed when Troy came in and walked straight up to him.

“Hey, nervous,” Troy said with a bit of a smile on his face.

“Yeah,” Nall replied with a bit of a smile. “I guess this is a bit of a big step for me.”

“Well, it does mean commitment,” Troy said.

“Yeah, where’s Bri,” Nall asked.

“She’s on her way. She wanted to stop by and see how Rebecca was doing,” Troy said.  “You know that this is a bit different, having Bri as your best man.”

“I know, but she is the closest thing to family that I have,” Nall said.

“I know and she was very happy to participate,” Troy said looking up as Bri came walking towards them. “Well, I should get to my seat then.”

Troy gave Bri a slight kiss before heading to a seat in the front row. Bri walked up to where Nall was standing.

“I see you’re still standing,” Bri said.

“At the moment, yes,” Nall replied.

They both turned when they heard the music to begin the ceremony. Nall found himself standing there watching as the bridesmaid came first followed by Rebecca. She was dressed in white and looked even lovelier to him.

“Hey, breathe,” Bri whispered to him. Nall blinked a bit and realized that he had forgotten to breathe for a moment while he was watching her. He watched as she came up to him and the priest began the ceremony.

He felt Rebecca take his hand as he looked into her blue eyes. He felt that he was doing the best thing in his life.  The only sad thought was he had wished that Martin was here.  Several moments later, or at least to Nall, and the ceremony was over. He kissed his new wife as they walked back down the aisle.


Troy and Bri sat off to the side resting as the wedding celebration continued on though the night. They had already danced quite a bit and were not watching others dance.  Troy wondered where they were going to go for their honeymoon.  He had heard Nall say something about Hawaii, a few of the islands in what was the Caribbean Sea, a town called Venice, or a couple of other places that he was not too familiar with.

“So when do you think that they are going to be leaving,” Bri asked Troy.

“Hmm,” Troy replied looking at the newlywed couple. “Seeing how Nall looks right now I would think that they are seriously thinking about it.”

A chiming caught their attention once again as Nall and Rebecca were standing in the front of the room. Troy figured that it would be the announcement that he and Bri were just talking about.

“Now that I have everyone’s attention I would like to thank you all for coming. Rebecca and I appreciate everyone for coming to help celebrate this with us.  Now I hear that it is customary to take the bride to bed on the first night.  So without further ado I think I will,” Nall said turning to Rebecca then surprising her by picking her up and then carrying her out of the room.

Bri and Troy just looked at each other with smiles on their face. It was just like Nall to do something like that. They noticed while Rebecca squealed a bit when being picked up she went along with it even though she was blushing a bit.

“Oh, everyone is welcome to stay and party, but there is a private party waiting for me and Rebecca in our room. Hope you don’t mine, and everyone enjoy yourselves tonight,” Nall said from the door way before continuing out of the room.

“Well, that was typical Nall,” Bri said. “Glad you didn’t do anything like that.”

“I like not having bruises on my body,” Troy replied. “That and I didn’t want to spend our first night sleeping on the couch either.”

“I knew I joined with a smart man,” Bri said. “Come on, let’s get our own private party started.”

“I like the way you think,” Troy said.


Ares watched from where he was sitting at a table along with Robert and Sam. So far things had been going well all around.  He knew that it would not last forever and decided to have a good night himself.

“They make a lovely couple,” Robert said at last.

“I can’t believe that she tamed Nall,” Ares said with a chuckle.

“Well, he definitely is better than her last boyfriend,” Robert said. “Though I will admit when I first meet him I thought he was crazy.”

“I can imagine,” Ares said.

“That reminds me, when are we going to tell everyone about where the Argo and her crew are really from,” Sam asked.

“Well, there is still the war with the Arbus, I don’t think bringing up the Cylons will help out in any way,” Ares said.

“Yes, but there are rumors and all sorts of theories going on,” Robert said having heard a few himself. He had even been asked but had given no comment.

“Perhaps the best time is when the war with the Arbus doesn’t look so bleak,” Ares said. “We’re still outnumbered by their forces, or at least I assume so.”

“I would agree with that, but the next battlestar has been laid down finally,” Sam said.

“Yes, that will help out a lot,” Ares said knowing that it would in more ways than one.

“What is the timeline of its completion,” Robert asked.

“Well, its not being built with the s-metal so it will be constructed faster,” Sam said. “Workers are working on it twenty-four/seven to rush it into service.  There is also another team working on a new design as well.”

“That’s good news,” Ares said. The battlestar was in need of an upgrade and he was curious as to what the new design would be. “The designers must also know about the Cylons and their capabilities as well.”

“Yes, they have been told. As a result they know not to integrate the systems.  Many will wonder about that but it will make sense for later on,” Sam said.

“Well, it was a great evening, but I must be up early tomorrow,” Ares said getting up and stretching.

“Me too,” the council wants to talk with me again,” Sam said rolling his eyes.

The three men got up and walked out of the room wondering what tomorrow would hold.


Troy was lying in his bed next to Bri who was asleep. The night had been wonderful that was for sure.  They had watched Nall get married to Rebecca. Troy wondered back to a vision he had early on in this mission.  He could see Nall along with Rebecca but there was also a child. Troy wondered when that child would come.

He also wondered about the reason why Nall would give both his wife, and Troy assumed Nall’s child a kiss before walking off. Something had happened that much was for sure.  Troy wondered if it had anything to do with the current war against the Arbus.

He was just about to drift off when the room changed around him. He recognized it for what it was.  He waited to see what would appear before him this time and he was not disappointed.

The bridge of a battlestar appeared in front of him. There was smoke from an unknown fire someone nearby.  He glanced around to see if he could spot anyone that he recognized but was not able too.

“Status report,” a male said.

“It worked,” another person said.

Troy was wondering what was going on when he suddenly saw Commander Cain. Then the vision was gone.  Troy shook his head at that and wondered what the meaning of that was.  The Pegasus would be involved in a heavy fight and survive, but when, or was it the battle that the fleet would be destroyed in that he had seen.

Now he was confused about this vision. His restlessness woke Bri up as she felt the turmoil going on in Troy.

“What’s wrong,” she asked a bit sleepily.

“Another vision,” Troy said.

“What happened this time,” Bri said traces of sleep suddenly gone.

“I saw Commander Cain, and I assume the Pegasus surviving a battle,” Troy said.

“So what’s the problem,” Bri asked.

“I’ve also seen the fleet destroyed, or at least most of it. I thought that the Galactica is the battlestar to survive,” Troy said.

“And now you’re not sure,” Bri said.

“Right,” Troy said.

“What if Cain is the commander of the Galactica,” Bri said.

“No, Adama is the commander of the Galactica. Cain likes the Pegasus too much to change command,” Troy said.

“Then perhaps the Pegasus also survives the battle,” Bri said.

“Maybe, I guess we won’t know for a while,” Bri said.

“Maybe we can get word back to Commander Cain when the scout ship is completed,” Troy said.

“When is that due to be completed,” Bri asked.

“Beginning of next year,” Troy replied.

“Good,” Bri said. “I take it then that the mission back will be a secret one as well?”

“Yep,” Troy said. “We’re being asked to still to keep the Cylons a secret for now.”

Bri nodded her head as a yawn escaped her lips. “You know, next time you have a vision, do it when I’m more awake.”

“I’ll try but it’s not like I have that much control over it,” Troy replied.

“We’ll have to work on that then,” Bri said as she snuggled back into her spot and drifted back off to sleep.


Keela watched from the overhang of the porch as water fell from the sky. There was a brilliant electrical show going on as well.  In a way it was terrifying yet beautiful at the same time.  It was unlike anything he had seen on his home planet.  That thought caused a bit of sadness in his facial expression.

“Anything I can help with,” Ares said walking up to the Skartian that was standing there.

“Nothing that you can do yet commander,” Keela replied.

“Maybe, what is it,” Ares asked prodding a bit more.

“My world, I miss it,” Keela said.

“I know what you mean,” Ares said quietly causing the Skartian to look at him with a strange expression.

“I don’t understand, you are home,” Keela said.

“It would take too long to explain,” Ares said. “How are your people cooping?”

“As well as expected,” Keela said.

“Well, if you have any concerns be sure to talk to the president about it,” Ares said.

“He does seem to be quite capable,” Keela said. “Yet at the same time I also wonder if you do trust us.”

“To be honest, there is still some concern about where your loyalties are,” Ares said continuing quickly before Keela could say anything. “We know that the Arbus clone people, and there is no way to understand if you are part of an Arbus plan or not. You could be clones sent here to infiltrate us after all we have managed to keep them from invading our planet several times so they might be trying something new.”

“What you say is reasonable, I will keep that in mind,” Keela said. “But I do feel that there is more going on then just the Arbus here.”

“I get that feeling as well,” Ares said getting a startled look from Keela.

Keela was feeling more confused by these humans every time he talked to them. He also wondered what Ares meant by some of the things that he said.  He said that he understood what Keela had meant when he was talking about his homeworld. But was Earth not his home?  He watched as Ares walked away to head to his office here on the planet.  He would have time to figure out what Ares had meant.


Troy stretched as the morning came. He was sure that Nall and Rebecca would still be asleep as their flight did not take off until this afternoon. Bri was still sleeping and he did not really want to bother her just yet. His mind wondered back to the vision that he had.

The vision was a bit strange as he had heard voices. Usually his visions did not include a voice or any type.  This time he heard sounds and wondered if that meant anything.  He also wondered if he was analyzing it too much.  He did have a habit of doing that a bit with some visions.

“Thought you were going to sleep in today,” Bri’s voice said breaking him out of his thoughts.

“Nah, old habits are hard to break,” Troy said.

“Old,” Bri said raising an eyebrow.

“All right, a habit is hard to break,” Troy said. “We have to be back on board the Argo by mid afternoon.”

Bri sighed. “I know,” she said wishing that they could spend a bit more time down here on Earth.  “Ugh,” she said as she could hear the beginnings of a rainstorm.  “Hope that clears up before we have to leave.”

“I did bring the umbrella this time,” Troy said to her.

“Good,” Bri said. “Knew there was a reason why I kept you around.”

“Gee and here I thought it was my charming personality,” Troy said with a smile.

“You’re just full of it today,” Bri said glaring at Troy.

“Yep, someone has to as I know that you will be missing Nall for the next couple of days,” Troy said still smiling.

“Haha,” Bri said. “Like some of the earthers say, you’re a regular comedian.”

Troy looked at her then realized that they needed to start heading back up to the Argo. The first complete squadron of new vipers was finally complete.  They were supposed to be completed almost a year ago but the Arbus invasion and other problems delayed the final product. They finally had a couple of factories that could produce the new viper.

The two of them finally got dressed even though it had started to rain. Using the umbrella Troy led Bri to the waiting car that would take them to the shuttle.


Colonel David Hamm stood on the bridge of the Argo currently the commander of the ship. It was a bit of a daunting position but one that he was used to.  He had recently been promoted to the level of Colonel when the previous colonel had left to take command of the destroyer Puma.

“Colonel,” one of the operators said.

“Yes,” David replied turning to look at the officer.

“We have just received the last of the new vipers,” she said to him.

“Good, I’ll let Commander Ares know. Is Lieutenant Gabrielle and Captain Troy back on board yet,” David asked watching as the woman turned to see if her screen showed that or not.

“No colonel, their shuttle has just left the planet’s surface,” she said to him.

“All right, let me know when they arrive,” David said then turned to head to the command chair. He really wanted to let the commander know but taking a look at his watch he realized that the commander would be in with the council of Earth.  He would have to wait until it was noon there to try and speak with him.

“Were the Viper Vs put in alpha bay,” David asked wanting to make sure that everything was being done like they wanted.

“Yes sir, just waiting for the test ride by the pilots,” the reply came.

“Excellent,” David said sitting down in the chair. So far today was turning out to be a nice day.  He only hoped that it continued for a while longer.

“Sir, Captain Troy and Lieutenant Gabrielle have landed and are on their way to the pilot’s briefing room,” the officer said.

“Now we’ll find out if the new vipers are better than the old ones or not,” David said. He knew that the new vipers had more powerful engines, better turning radius for dog fighting.  The weapons were also improved adding missile and bomb bays to the fighter to make it a better overall fighter as well.  Today they were going to be having Gold squad face off against Green squad in the advanced fighters in a mock battle.  It would give everyone an example of how efficient the new design was.

End of part 41

Continued in The Battle Continues

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