Battlestar Argo – Part 40

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 40: Time

Ares walked on board the Skartian ship that was now orbiting Earth. The Skartians were typically larger than a human was but with skin that had a bit of a reptilian look to it.

“Welcome Commander Ares,” the Skartian said.

“Thank you,” Ares said. He was waiting until the pilot said that he was ready for the flight down to Earth.  Keela was to meet with the council to see what the next step was. Perhaps his story would make the council see that there was a larger threat to their race by the Arbus than what the council thought.

“Sir, we’re ready to head on down to the surface,” Troy said walking up to him.

“Thanks Troy,” Ares said.

“If I ask, how did you escape first attack,” Keela asked as they walked to the shuttle.

“We got lucky that the Argo was here,” Ares said.

“Argo,” Keela asked not sure about it.

“Truth,” Ares said looking at the alien. He had a gut feeling that he could trust this him more than he could trust most of the humans on Earth.

“If you tell me,” Keela said.

Ares sat down once he got on board the shuttle. Keela sat down next to him.

“All right, truth is the Argo and her crew are not from Earth,” Ares said.

“Human you are, yes,” Keela asked.

“Yes, it’s difficult but we came from a planet called Kobal,” Ares said.

“Kobal, not heard of it,” Keela said.

“An ancient planet, long since dead,” Ares said. “Thirteen tribes headed away from the planet as events on the planet made living there unbearable.  Twelve tribes landed close to each other the thirteen tribe came here.”

“You are making contact with lost tribe,” Keela asked.

“In a way, but we were looking for help in our war,” Ares said.

“Against Arbus,” Keela asked.

“Nope, against someone even stronger and deadlier,” Ares said. “A machine race called the Cylons.”

“Machine race,” Keela said. “Would mean computer intelligence, not possible.”

“Possible, and we’re fighting them right now. If we lose they will sweep though the galaxy eventually coming here and even engage the Arbus,” Ares said.

“I see,” Keela said as the shuttle landed. “Then much there is to do.”


Troy leaned back against the wall as he watched what was going on. Bri came up to him and leaned against him.

“Hey gorgeous,” she said to him.

“So what have you been up to,” he asked taking in her slight smile that she usually had whenever she had done something to Nall.

“Nothing, much,” she said whispering the last word.

“Oh boy, what did Nall do this time,” Troy said almost afraid to ask.

“Made a remark about my butt,” she said. “He really should learn to walk without bumping into stuff.”

“Oh I don’t know,” Troy said taking a look at said item. “I think it looks fine.  What did he say about it.”

“That it would make a fine handle,” she said.

Troy chuckled at that. “Well,” he said leaving the rest hanging.

“Keep it up and you won’t be getting any,” she said giving him a slight bump with her hips.

“I was only stating a truth,” Troy said as he wrapped his arm around her. “Have you learned anything else,” he asked her.

“Nothing else that is useful,” she said.

“I know, what did they just say,” Troy said turning his attention to the council floor.

“Is the council sure,” Harvey asked from where he was sitting at his position.

“Yes mister president,” the leader of the council said. “This latest incident indicates that the threat is going to remain.  That and the fact that the Arbus have done such a thing before makes us determined to fight back now.”

“Then we’ll begin the construction of two new shipbuilding yard here at Earth with the purpose of constructing battlestars,” the president said.

Troy looked at Ares who looked back at him. They were thinking the same thing. The fact that battlestars would be constructed would make it easier when the Cylons would be brought up.


Troy left the council room after that with Bri right behind him. He was lost in his thoughts until he heard her say something.

“I can’t believe that they are authorizing construction of a battlestar,” she said.

“Maybe they’ve finally understood the danger that they are facing,” Troy said. “The battle with the Arbus is not over by a long shot. We still have to defeat them before we can concentrate again on the Cylons.”

“Yes, fortunately the fleet is holding their own. But did you hear that the Fifth fleet is going to be heading out to help out some allies,” Bri said.

“Yeah, the Pegasus and Commander Cain,” Troy said. “If anyone can stop those Cylons it’ll be him.”

“Yeah,” Bri said. “If he could he would do it himself.”

“I think you’re right,” Troy said.

There was something else that was changing. He could feel it in the air.  It felt to him like a good thing as well.  He had a feeling that for the first time his visions of them sitting down at the table with the Arbus would be with the Arbus surrendering to them.


“They just went and attacked you,” Harvey asked Keela in front of the council.

“Yes, after what we thought was a friendly meeting with them. They were nice until they attacked us,” Keela said. “Then everything turned.”

“Was there anything that happened that might of started it,” Harvey said. “Something that was brought up in some way.”

“Nothing that is relevant,” Keela said thinking about what had happened.

“I have found that sometimes the slightest thing could be what triggered it,” Ares said from where he was sitting.

“Possible, I will have to think about it,” Keela replied.

“Of course, you have been though a lot as well,” Harvey said. “Let us adjourn for now and come back tomorrow morning and continue this discussion when we are better rested.”

“Rested,” Keela said.

“Yes, sleep,” Harvey said.

“What is this ‘sleep’ that you talk about,” Keela said.

“You don’t have to rest every now and then,” Harvey asked.

“No,” Keela said.

“Ah, here when it get dark, we rest, or sleep,” Harvey said. “It is a way to revive ourselves.”

“All right,” Keela said still not sure that he understood. “How long does ‘sleep’ take?”

“Usually about eight hours, but we will reconvene in the morning at nine,” Harvey said to the council. “That will allow us to eat as well.”

“Eat I’m familiar with,” Keela said as they walked out of the room.


Nall walked in to see what Rebecca was doing. She was sitting down at the desk with her laptop busily typing away at it.  He quietly walked up behind her and put his arms around her shoulder.

“Hey,” he said into her ear causing her to jump a bit.

“Do you always have to try and scare me like that,” Rebecca said as she turned to look at Nall.

“Yes,” he said with a smile.

“How I ever fell in love with you I don’t know,” Rebecca said with a smile.

“Must be my charm,” Nall said the grin never leaving his face.

“Must be,” Rebecca replied. “So, where are you taking me tonight my warrior?”

“I thought that we might meet up with Troy and Bri down on the surface,” Nall said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Rebecca said. “I think we can swing that while the Argo is under repair.  Where were you thinking?”

“Bri was stating something about some food called Chinese,” Nall said.

“All right,” Rebecca said as she got up from her chair.

“Good,” Nall said.


“So what do you think,” Bri said as she and Troy arrived at the restaurant.

“I think yes,” Troy said. “In fact I almost guarantee it.”

“Really,” Bri said raising an eyebrow at him. “I wonder about that.”

“No doubts wife,” Troy said to her giving her a hug. “Come on,” he said noticing that Nall and Rebecca were walking their direction.

“Hey,” Nall said. “Are they crowded tonight,” he asked them.

“Not really,” Troy said. “We can walk right in.”

“All right,” Nall replied as they led the two women into the building where they were seated at a nice table.

They ordered some wine which was actually quite something at the moment. Many of the wine producing areas had been destroyed in the battle for Earth so the wine industry was still struggling to recover.

“A toast,” Troy said after the wine had been delivered to them. “To friends, and family,” he said looking at each of them.

They toasted and had a drink. Troy could see that Nall was nervous and gave a nudge to Bri who noticed it as well. Nall jumped a bit then looked over to Bri who just glared at him for a second.

“What did he do now,” Rebecca said with a smile wondering what he had said or done. She would not blame Bri for anything that she did.

“Well, actually,” Nall said a bit hesitantly as he fumbled a bit which was completely out of character for the man. “It’s sort of like this,” he said taking a breath then getting up.  “I’ve been reading about your traditions and such and well,” he said as he went to a knee pulling something out of his pocket.  “Will you give me the honor of joining with me,” he said holding out a small box inside which was a wedding ring.

Rebecca sat there stunned for several seconds not able to speak let along breath as she realized what Nall was saying. Her brain finally caught up with the emotions of Nalls face which for this brief instance was wide open allowing her to see all of the man which she had grown to know and love.

“Yes,” she finally said causing Bri and Troy to give a yell of excitement and Nall a wide open grin of happiness as if he just found the best treasure in the universe. Of course to him he had just found that.

The rest of the meal went quickly as several people came over to offer their congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Nall was walking on could nine for the rest of the night knowing that he had a future that could include a family? He was sure that there was still a lot to do in the coming years but for now, he was happy.


Ares was standing the next morning once again in the council chambers while listening to the council talk to the Skartian. The two of them had talked for a while over a meal where he learned a lot about the alien’s history.  He still was trying to understand the reasons for the Arbus actions for going to war. Were they trying to conquer the galaxy, or was it religious or something else.  If they could figure that out then many things might start to make sense.

He listened in again as Keela was again questioned about what had happened with the Arbus. It seemed like they were trying to figure out the same thing that Ares was.  But he had the feeling that Keela did not know the answer to that question.

“What do you think Commander,” Pakrov said as he approached him.

“I think we’re not going to get any more information from the Skartians about why the Arbus are acting like they are,” Ares said.

“That’s what I thought as well,” Pakrov said. “But you know council members, they don’t know when to leave a dead horse alone.”

“Dead horse,” Ares asked not familiar with the phrase.

“A phrase meaning they don’t know when to stop their questioning because they are not going to get any more information,” Pakrov said. “They will probably find at least another ten ways to phrase the same question, almost as bad as the media used to be.”

“Ugh,” Ares said. “That would never have worked back in the Colonies.”

“No,” Pakrov asked.

“Nope,” Ares said. “We’ve been at war with the Cylons for so long that we no longer know anything else. The only way I can see the war ending is with one side or the other winning.”

“That bad,” Pakrov asked.

“No, we’re up against an enemy that won’t surrender, retreat, or change its fundamental views,” Ares said. “Only one will win, unfortunately it’s that simple.”

“Not like this one,” Pakrov said.

“Nope,” Ares said.


Keela was glad that the questioning was over. Some of the senators seemed like they could talk all day just to listen to the sound of their own voice.  He saw that the President was walking towards him and wondered what was up this time.

“Keela, sorry about subjecting you to all that,” Harvey said to the alien.

“You people love to talk,” Keela said.

“Some of us, yes,” Harvey replied. “I had hoped that the recent war and everything that happened might cause things to operate differently now, I was wrong.”

“You people have always been that way,” Keela asked.

“In a way, but it seems to get worse each passing year. Everyone thinks that they are right, and heaven forbid if someone is wrong,” Harvey said with a smile.  “I sometimes think that in order to become part of the government there is a requirement that you cannot admit that you were wrong about anything.”

“Interesting concept, would not work in our government,” Keela said.

“Didn’t think so,” Harvey said. “Though many will expect your government to operate the same way because it’s how ours operates.”

“Again, strange concept,” Keela said. “We operate on council, but if anyone is found to be purposefully lying they are removed, no exceptions.  So truth is very important.”

Harvey was about to say something else when the sound of thunder echoed though the building causing Keela to jump a bit. Harvey glanced at the alien for a second wondering what was going on.

“You are under attack, yes,” Keela said as another rumbled echoed though the building. He was confused by the strange calm look on Harvey’s face.

“That,” Harvey said as another rumbled came though. “That is thunder, caused by the storm that is on its way here.  A natural occurrence on our planet.  Basically electricity is present in the air and is shot down from the atmosphere to the ground.  This is lightning.  Because it goes faster than the speed of sound a sonic boom is created which is the thunder that you’re hearing right now.”

“This does not frighten you,” Keela asked.

“No, not really, we have a healthy respect for it but do not fear it,” Harvey said.

“Interesting,” Keela said. There was much to learn about this world and its people.


Ares walked to his office on Earth’s surface. He preferred the one on board the Argo over this one.  He had not been sitting down for very long when there was a knock on the door.  He told them to come in and Troy, Bri, Nall and Rebecca walked into the office.

“Hey, what can I do for you today,” Ares said glad to see some friendly faces for a change.

“We were just wanted to let you know about some exciting news,” Bri said.

“We’re engaged,” Rebecca said wrapping her arms around Nall.

“Well, that is good news,” Ares said finding himself smiling at the news. “So do have you have any date set up yet?”

“Nope, not yet, have to think about that,” Nall said. “We just thought that you would like to know about it.”

“It is an exciting event that is for sure,” Ares said. “I’m glad that something good is happening today.”

“What’s going on,” Troy asked.

“The council, they’re talking with our Skartian guest, Keela. It seems that the members of the council like to hear themselves talk a bit too much,” Ares said.  “I think I fell asleep there a few times.”

“That would not surprise me,” Nall said. “I know that I would.”

“Yeah, but then you miss important things,” Ares said with a sigh. “You know, sometimes I miss just being in charge of a battlestar. It’s a lot less stressful than this.”

“But you’re so good at it,” Nall said with a smile.

“Keep that up and I’ll make you my official ambassador to the council,” Ares said with a smirk.

“You’ve been taking lessons from Bri,” Nall said.

“Nah, just seen the two of you interact too much, that’s all,” Ares replied. “I wouldn’t do that to a friend anyways, much too cruel.  Anyways, congratulations.”

“Thank commander,” Nall said.

“You will have to let me know when you have a set date,” Ares said.

“We will,” Nall said as he and Rebecca left the room. Bri left with them as they went to tell others about what happened.

“So, what’s really going on,” Troy asked sitting down across from Ares.

“Ah, just the normal,” Ares said rubbing his hand over his face. “What about you and Bri,” Ares asked.

“Doing fine,” Troy said with a smile. “We were worried about the Argo for a while.”

“Yeah, fortunately Renee noticed the course of the Arbus ships otherwise it might have been ugly,” Ares said. “We could really use more ships.”

“Well, they are under construction. I’ve heard that they are going to construct another battlestar,” Troy said.

“Yep, construction on the shipyard is already underway,” Ares said.

“Good,” Troy said.


Jax sat in the rec room watching the Earth pass by the window. She thought that the planet was pretty and that had been confirmed by her visits to the planet’s surface.  The rec room seemed different now that others were there. She was sure that others looked at her as some sort of veteran to look up to.  She had even found a few imitating what she did and how she acted.  It was strange she thought.  She was almost glad with relief when she spotted Nall, Rebecca and Bri come walking into the room.

“Hey Jax,” Nall said with a smile on his face as the three of them sat down with her.

“Would you believe that I’m actually glad to see you three,” Jax said looking at her friends.

“Feeling lonely,” Bri asked.

“Yeah, it’s strange,” Jax said. “It’s like the first time I was on board a battlestar.”

“Really,” Bri asked. “I wasn’t on another battlestar before being taking this assignment.”

“Be glad,” Jax said. “On a battlestar ranks appear between the pilots that have nothing to do with actual ranks.”

“That doesn’t make much sense,” Rebecca replied.

“The rank is how long you’ve been aboard the ship. The longer you been on the less friends you have,” Jax replied. “The newbies have only themselves as friends. The reason for that is the veterans don’t want to make friends for someone who might be Cylon fodder next mission. The longer you last the better chance you have of making it into the veteran group.”

“Then you’re gaining friends,” Rebecca said.

“Yes, but you also lose those friends. Those friends you gain are the only ones.  As losses take their toll it whittles down the group until only a few remain.  They usually doing make any more friends with other pilots,” Jax said.

“How do you know all of this,” Nall asked.

“I made a mistake of trying to talk to one of them on the battlestar Atlantia,” Jax said. “He was one of those who had been around a long time.  He told me why many people did not talk to me.  The only way to gain friends was to survive.  You first gain pilot friends, then you gain shipmate friends.”

“Then it’s a good thing I volunteered for this mission,” Bri said. “I might not have found Troy.”

“Or at least he probably would not have talked to you,” Jax said. “I jumped at this mission for that reason.  There would be no groups yet.  So what brings you here?”

“Well, actually good news,” Nall said.

“Really,” Jax asked.

“Yep, we’re engaged,” Rebecca said holding Nall’s hand.

“Really, who asked who,” Jax asked with a smile.

“I asked her,” Nall said watching as a shocked expression came over Jax’s face.

“I didn’t think you had the guts for commitment,” Jax said with a smile.

“I guess if you find the right person,” Nall said.

“I guess so,” Jax said. She was happy for him.  Everyone could see how happy they were together and figured that it was only a matter of time before Rebecca asked him.  She would be proud to gloat that she won the secret bet of who and when they would get engaged.

“You’re taking this better than I thought,” Nall said looking at Jax.

“She’s just happy for you, and the side pool,” Bri said stating the last part in a whisper.

“What, did you say side pool,” he asked confused.

“Ah, they were wondering when you were going to ask, or is Rebecca would instead,” Bri replied. “Jax and I were the only one to bet on you. She just beat me to this month,” Bri said looking at Jax.

“I should have known,” Nall said. “After all they bet about everything else around here.”

“Yep, even someone’s love life,” Jax said with a grin.


Bri made her way back to her quarters hoping that Troy would be back already. Whatever he had been talking with the commander about took a while.  Nall had been congratulated by the remaining pilots from the Colonies that were still aboard the Argo. She had told the group that she would see them later to return to her quarters.  She and Troy had wanted to spend a quiet moment alone back at their quarters.

“Hello beautiful,” a voice said from behind her causing her to turn. She saw that Troy was walking down the hallway.  “Are you busy?”

“Well, if you must know I’m meeting with my husband real soon,” she said to him.

“Really, anyone I know,” Troy asked.

“Well if you must know yes, and he gets real jealous as well,” Bri said with a smile.

“Well, I can be quick if you want,” Troy said returning the smile.

“And if I don’t want quick,” she replied.

“Hmm, then I might have to meet this husband of yours,” Troy said. “That could prove to be unpleasant.”

“Come on, take me to bed,” Bri said as they walked through the door letting it shut behind them.


Ares sat at his desk wondering about everything that he had heard today. The Skartians were friendly enough and he did not sense any hostility from them. So what was it that was keeping him awake?  He thought that it was the fact that the Skartians were at about the same technology that the people of Earth was. He realized that it was that thought that caused him problems.

The people of Earth, or the thirteenth tribe, should be more advanced than they were. It was almost as if something was going on in this sector of space.  Then there was the fact that the Arbus did not seem much more advanced than anyone else was either. He had a strong feeling that everything was connected in a way that he could not see right now.

Rubbing his eyes he glanced over at the clock. It was later than he thought which would explain why he was hungry.  Getting up out of his chair he walked out of his office.  He would grab something to eat then perhaps he would talk with General Pakrov and see if the man had any ideas. He also wondered if Doctor Weaver had found out anything from the wreckage that had been gathered from the destroyed Arbus ships.

The other thing that bothered him was how long would this war go on. The Skartians had also not seen an attack come. The difference between the two was the fact that the Skartians welcomed them in first. On Earth it appeared that the Arbus had been called ‘grays’ even before they knew about them. They abducted people on the planet.  Ares figured that that was for cloning purposes.  With a shake of his head he put those thoughts out of him mind as he walked into the cafeteria to get some food.

End of part 40

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