Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara – Part 7

Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara

by AJ Marks

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Part 7

Arble sat back in his chair, so far he had spent the morning doing damage control. His plans were still intact, for the most part. He just had to figure out if he had enough power to begin his plan without the communication company in place. He was deep in thought when one of his lackeys walked into the room.

“Ah, Garret, come in my boy,” Arble said the young man. “I have a job for you, I want you to begin the operation,” he told the man.

“Is that wise sir?” Garret asked wondering if his boss was all right, or if the recent events had finally pushed the man over the edge.

“Don’t question me!” Arble thundered suddenly standing up and Garret had to take a step back as he caught the look in Arble’s eyes.

“I’m sorry sir!” Garret said unconsciously taking a step back.

“That bitch survived, and I want her dead,” Arble said smashing a glass against the wall. The fragments showed all over the room from the force of the impact, but Garret managed to remain still.

“Is that my mission sir?” Garret asked hoping that it was not, he did not want to take on a Jedi.

“No,” Arble said coming back to his senses. He eyed the man closely for a second, he was handsome, average height, with blonde hair. He would do nicely. “I want you to go to our hired help and deliver a message.” Arble said handing the man a written message. Garret looked at him a bit confused, they had not used paper in a long time, only for official purposes. This was an important message.

“Yes sir, I’ll do my best,” Garret said taking the message.

“And make sure you don’t read it, if you do, I’ll know,” Arble said his voice cold and hard.

“You can trust me sir,” Garret said and Arble watched the man walk out the door.

“Yes I’m sure I can,” Arble whispered to the closing door with a cruel smile on his face.


Xara walked into Bri’s room and wondered for the first time why she had returned. It was true that she really had no place to go, she had lived almost her entire life on the road and had no place to call home. She glanced around the room seeing little things about it that made her seem that Bri did not spend much time in the room.

A look at the items on the dresser show signs of dust that meant either Bri was lousy at keeping anything clean, or she was not here much. A glance around the room made her think that the young woman liked to keep her room clean and therefore it must be because she was away a lot.

Bri was still sleeping on the bed and Xara did not see many areas to sleep. Taking a blanket and one of Bri’s pillows she set up an area on the floor. It was not as comfortable as a bed, but it was not the most uncomfortable place she had ever slept as well.

Xara had briefly thought about climbing in the bed with Bri, but did not know what type of reaction she would have gotten form the woman. Xara decided to play it safe and seep on the floor. She knew that trouble was brewing and that her masters would be looking for her. With that thought she remembered a person that she had met tonight, Cal. He seemed almost possessive of Bri for some reason, or he had a personal vendetta against her. That was something she would have to talk to Bri about.

The man still worried her. She examined her thoughts for a few minutes. She went over everything she had seen from the man. It seemed like he was hiding something from her, or he was jealous of her for some reason.

The more she tried to sleep, the less it seemed like it would come. Her mind was a swirl of thoughts that wanted answers to the many questions. After two hours she gave up on her quest of sleep and went in search of someplace to perhaps meditate.

The hallways were silent, except for the passing Jedi to and from their quarters. It seemed that even in the dead of night there was activity going on. She found her way to a small room that held several pads, and seeing that the room was empty she walked in and sat down.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Closing her eyes she allowed herself to concentrate on the trouble at hand. She realized that this would be the first time she really allowed herself to meditate on the Force. Usually she would try and bend the Force to her will. The feeling of the Force felt different to her this time, perhaps the Force itself was reacting to her own change.

She had been meditating for a while when she felt the air around her change as the door opened. Opening an eye she noticed that Yoda was walking into the room. He did not seem to be surprised to see her in the room. He quietly walked over to another pad and sat down. He looked at her and noticed that she was no longer in meditation.

“Sleep well?” he asked form where he was getting comfortable on the pad.

“Not really, too many questions,” Xara replied.

“Answers not always given freely, not wanting to be found they might,” Yoda replied. “Seeing you here, not surprising.” Xara did not say anything at the comment and Yoda continued. “Trained you have been,” he said making an observation on her. “Know I do from my padawan. You beat him with a lightsaber.”

“Yes that’s true, but it doesn’t mean I’ve been trained,” Xara replied.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Yoda replied giving a nod at Xara, as they both knew she had a point. “Learn much from Bri, you can,” he told her then closed his eyes to meditate.

Xara went back to her meditation as well and they sat in the room in silence.


The fogginess began to clear a bit as Bri became slowly aware as to where she was. Her eyes refused to open, as she tried to figure out where she was. The last thing she remembered was pain. She thought about it some more and images of Xara came into her mind. She could remember thinking about the mysterious bounty hunter and she had passed the time wishing that Xara would rescue her. Now she was not sure if she was dead or alive and which images she remembered were real or imagined.

It was then she remembered Arble, her uncle. Anger flared in her as she thought about the man. He was the one responsible for her parent’s death, and would have killed her as well. The feeling of sheets made her believe she was in a bed, but what type she was sure about yet. Her memory became clearer as the fogginess began to slowly dissipate. She could remember Xara freeing her and telling her that she would have to walk to a waiting ride. She remembered seeing some dead bodies, and then once in the taxi nothing else until she was awakened for something to drink. She remembered being quite angry with her for that.

Her mind again went to Arble, and what he had done. He was willing to sacrifice his own family for his gain. He had told her much while she was chained up. He was the mastermind behind a powerful cartel that was moving into position to take over the government. They had moved to control several businesses to gain money and influence. They took over the heads of several large corporations to make a power base that they could use.

They then went into the companies that held government contracts to infiltrate the government officials. With this leverage they would know everything that was going on, and had the power to either directly, or indirectly, effect every decision that the government made, from the simple question of where to eat to military action to when the Jedi were called in. They even had a plan to reorganize the Jedi council that was where the Jedi that had been with her uncle came in.

She then could remember Xara defeating this Jedi that thought stopped her thoughts. How had she been able to defeat a full trained Jedi Master without any training? Xara would have some explaining to do, that was for sure. There was still some fogginess, but she could feel her stomach growling reminding her that she had not had anything to eat except for the drink they had made her drink.

She slowly opened her eyes and let them adjust to the light level of the room. The sunlight was pouring in through the window and Bri groaned that it was a bright day. Slowly blinking her eyes she adjusted enough to look around the room. She had never been so glad to see her quarters as she was right now.

Her stomach growled again and this time she felt the weakness of her body from the lack of food. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and glanced around again. She noticed a small sack on the dresser that was not hers, and figured it to be Xara’s. A glance around again and she realized that the woman was not in the room, but there was an area on the floor that had a blanket and a pillow indicating that Xara probably had sleep there. A brief thought went through Bri’s mind as she wished Xara had slept with her and she could imagine the feel of waking up in Xara’s arms.

Bri pulled herself out of the bed and noticed that she was still dressed, just missing her robe. She glanced down reveled clothes that were wrinkled and not smelling as fresh. She decided that she also needed a shower and headed to the bathroom.


The news of Tali’s death was not received well by his master, as he had expected. Tali’s defeat by Xara only reinforced his thinking that she was one of the best fighters he had ever seen. Her defection had cost him dearly, but now he would be out for revenge.

He walked over to the counter of the spaceport.

“Good morning sir,” the way to cheerful attendant said as the man approached her. “What can I do for you?” she asked with a large grin on her face that he briefly wondered if she had had implanted on her face.

“Coruscant,” he replied watching her look in the computer for a flight.

“Next flight will be taking off in two hours,” she replied cheerfully.

“I’ll take a seat, first class,” the man replied.

“Of course,” she said with the ever-annoying smile. “I have two openings; do you want an aisle seat?”

“Yes,” he replied to her question.

“All right, one first class to Coruscant, that will come to one thousand Republican Credits,” she replied.

“Free,” he replied with a slight wave of his hand.

The attendant seemed to react with shock at first, and then her eyes took on a slightly glazed look as she repeated what the man said.

“Thanks,” he said with a slight smile as he walked away with the ticket in his hand.

The attendant wavered for a moment before her usual bubbly side reemerged and she asked for the next customer after a shake of her head.


Yoda felt the restlessness of the body beside him and he opened his eyes to look at the woman beside him. She was now sitting there with her eyes open looking out the window at the bustling city.

“What troubles you?” Yoda asked his meditation not having reveled much of anything.

“I think that the storm is just beginning,” Xara replied. She had felt a large darkness surround her while she had been meditating. She was not sure where it was coming from, or if she could even stop it. “I’m a bit hungry, think that I’ll go grab something to eat then back to Bri’s quarters.”

“Yes, sounds good,” Yoda replied getting up with the Xara and headed to the cafeteria. They walked in silence to the cafeteria, Xara still wondering what the meaning was behind the feelings that she had during her meditation. “Where’s your padawan?” Xara asked as they walked into the cafeteria.

“Still guarding Mr. Julies,” Yoda explained. “Out of danger we don’t know.”

“I’m afraid that I don’t have much information on that just that my job was to either make him see our way, or kill him,” Xara replied back. “It’s entirely possible that they are in the process of hiring someone else to take my job.”

Yoda nodded his head at that, it was the same conclusion that he had come up with. He figured that his padawan would be enough for most the protection. They had increased security after Xara had made her way inside his office. They each grabbed a plate and sat down talking about politics and the current situation in the council.

“It was nice talking to you, I see where Bri got her abilities,” Xara said giving the Jedi a compliment.

“Not just did I teach her,” Yoda relied with a shake of his head. “Some she taught me,” they shared a short knowing smile before Xara left the room.

Yoda thought about Xara for a few moments, she defiantly had potential, and she would only grow under a partnership with Bri. She had taught Yoda quite a bit, and there was an inner part of the young woman that seemed to shine out casting away the darkness. He was about to rise to meet Markus when Xara came back into the room.

“She’s gone,” Xara said with concern written all over her face.

“Gone?” Yoda repeated not quite sure what to make of what Xara had just said.

“Yeah, she’s gone. I looked all over her quarters and there was no trace of her,” Xara said in a rush. “She changed clothes, and her lightsaber is gone.”

“Disturbing news this is,” Yoda said quietly, then got up and they walked over to where Aqat’s quarters were.

After telling him the news they began to search the Temple. They searched anyplace where Bri might be, from the archives to meditation rooms. Yoda had asked Xara if she thought that Bri was in trouble to which Xara replied she did not think so, and that she was feeling no fear from their link. Yoda was relieved at that, but concerned that the young woman was missing.

“Master Yoda,” a slim green skinned Jedi said holding the hand of a small, young red skinned Jedi in training. “He says that he remembers seeing Master Bri this morning.”

Yoda walked over to the small boy, who was about the same height as he was. He gave the youngster a smile that was returned.

“Saw Bri did you?” Yoda asked gently to the youngster who nodded his head.

“Yes Master, she passed me quickly, running down the hallway she was, almost knocked me down,” the youngster said in a rush.

“Hmm, say anything to you did she?” Yoda asked now knowing that Bri was awake hoping that the youngster had heard something.

“Not to me, but I overheard her mumbling something about family,” he replied.

Yoda looked at Xara a bit confused at the statement. He thought that Bri’s family was all dead, no one had come forth to claim the child and there were no records of any family that he was aware of.

“I thought that Bri’s family was all killed in a hover car accident?” Xara asked a bit confused by the information given to her.

“An uncle I believe she has. Could not find could I,” Yoda answered her. “Believe him to be dead as well.”

Xara nodded her head then closed her eyes a bit and searched for a link between her and Bri. A few seconds later she opened her eyes and looked at Yoda. A slow shake of her head and Yoda understood that whatever was affecting Bri it was making it hard for Xara to communicate with her.

“A mystery we have, and no clues to answer it,” Yoda said to the others. “Search the archives we must.” The others agreed and it was not long before Xara and Yoda were walking towards it.

“Something’s not right about all of this. Bri usually doesn’t do things like this, does she?” Xara said looking right at Yoda as she spoke. Yoda looked up at her ad she knew the truth before he even spoke.

“No, she does not, and nothing I sense from the Force,” Yoda told her.

“Then I guess we must hope that the archives shed some light on our mystery,” Xara said hoping that they would be able to find something that would lead to Bri.


Garret had traveled all night to get on a fast transport to arrive on time. His boss had been very specific on hand delivering the message to this Sith lord. Garret was not beyond admitting that he was very afraid of these people that he was about to meet. Others had told him that they were overly cruel, killing without remorse or sometimes even reason.

A black robed figure met him at the entrance of the building and Garret could not see the person’s eyes. He did not even know if the person was a man or woman. There was no verbal communication between the two of them, but he understood that the robed figure wanted him to follow him.

Garret watched as they passed several empty rooms, and a few rooms that he could tell were for training. Passing one such room he noticed that there were several people standing around two others. They were obviously in lightsaber training, and by the looks of them they were very good.

A sudden realization came to him. He would not be able to leave unless they wanted him to. That thought sent a shiver of fear down his spine something that he was not used to dealing with. Usually the position was different. He finally understood what his captures went through. He put those thoughts away for another time. He was here just to hand deliver a simple message.

The robed figure in front of him suddenly stopped. If he had not been paying attention he would have slammed into the figure. Again there was no communication but he understood that they had arrived at the place of the strange person who he was to give the message to.

Walking through the door was a sudden chill hit him. Part of it was because of the air, it seemed to be still, and cold. It hug around him like a suit of clothing that was too tight and he had to resist the urge to tug at his collar. A quick glance around the room reveled sparse furnishings. There was a small table over in the corner along with a couple of chairs. Another chair was directly in front of him and he noticed that it was in front of another grander chair, where a man was sitting down. Garret did notice that there was a door behind the man, but this was a room for meetings. They had designed it for maximum intimidation.

As that thought went through Garret’s mind and he thought that it was definitely working, he was intimidated. The man sitting in the chair motioned for Garret to sit down, which Garret did. The man then sat there in silence, as if studying him.

A bead of sweat formed on Garret’s forehead and he wondered how much longer he would have to endure the silence. The absence of noise began to wear on Garret’s nerves. Garret was smart enough to understand that he was not allowed to talk until the man in front of him did, but with each passing second Garret grew more uncomfortable.

“Speak,” the man finally said a few minutes later, but to Garret it had seemed like an eternity.

“I, uh, I have a message for you from my boss,” Garret replied wondering if he should bring the message to him, or what. Garret pulled the message out of his pocket and presented it to the man.

“A message for me? What does it say?” the man asked almost amusingly to himself as he stared at Garret.

“I don’t know, I did not read it,” Garret answered truthfully.

“No, you didn’t it, did you,” the man replied with a cold smile on his face. It was if the man knew something that Garret did not.

Before Garret could move the paper was plucked from his hand causing him to jump in reflex. The paper floated over to the waiting hand of the man in the chair. He took the note and opened it carefully reading what Arble had written on there. Garret watched as the man’s face screwed up into real anger.

Garret flinched when the paper burst into flame consuming it in a matter of seconds. The ash of the paper then floated down to the ground as the man ground the remains of the paper in his fist. Garret could tell that the man was angry when the eyes focused on him. There was a burning coldness in them that he had never seen before.

Pain suddenly went through Garret’s body as he was struck by some sort of lightning coming form the man’s hands. The pain was overwhelming, as the man did not seem to let up. It was then that Garret realized that he was the sacrifice.

The man watched with mild amusement at the suffering of Garret. The man would not last too long under this kind of attack. He kept it up until most of Garret’s body was charred, he had stopped moving long ago but the man’s wrath was not easily quenched. The man sent one last lightning bolt at the smoking remains before turning away and heading towards the door.

Servants cautiously waited until their master had completely left the room. He had been in a foul mood over since this morning and the servants knew enough to stay out of their master’s way. He would not hesitate to kill any of them no matter how loyal they had been in the past. Once he had left the room the servants entered and began to clean up the mess.

He strode out of the room, angered beyond anything he had been before. He warily noticed that even his most loyal servants were keeping a wary eye on him. What did they expect when he had been betrayed? His second in command had betrayed him. He had left the planet and was currently on his way to Coruscant to probably join up with the traitorous backstabber Xara.

The man knew of the plan to use Xara to get rid of him, but any plan he was aware of he was not afraid of. He was going to use Tali to counter Xara, but he had underestimated Xara’s power. Somewhere along the way she had gained power that was the only thing that worried him. He would deal with the traitors soon enough. He would wait for his second in command to return before putting his own plan in action.


Bri made her way down the street with a determined stride. She had remembered quite a bit of what had happened when she had been captured and under the drug’s influence. Most of all she had remembered what her captor had told her. He was apparently her uncle, not only that but he had been behind her parent’s death. She now had a mission, find this man who had stolen her life from her.


Xara followed Yoda as they made their way over to the large achieves of the Jedi. It was the most complete source of information in the galaxy. Xara knew that it would be difficult to find anything on Bri, but right now she was willing to try. Something was going on with Bri and she felt that this uncle was the cause of everything.

They entered the archives and Xara had to glance around in wonder at the immense size of everything. The Jedi archives must take up the entire building. Upon entering Yoda directed Xara over to one of the terminals and gave her a quick instruction on how to operate the system, but she noticed that it was not much different than other archives on other planet. This one was know as a collection of everything.

Xara quickly brought up her terminal and began to look through the listings of Bri’s heritage seeing if there was anything of significance that stood out. She noticed that Yoda had gone over to another terminal and had begun his own investigation. It was then that she realized that he had done this before, and had not been able to find anything. She was not sure that she would be able to find the answer either.

Xara sat at the terminal trying anything that she could think of to see if anything popped up. So far all she had come up with was several dead ends. There was nothing about her family that she could find.

She had been at the terminal for a while when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Glancing up she noticed that it was Yoda.

“Check on my padawan I am, need anything do you?” he asked her. It was only then that Xara realized that it had become lunchtime.

“No thanks,” Xara said turning her blue eyes back to the screen in front of her. Yoda nodded seeing that she was fully involved in her quest and left the room, he would bring back something to eat anyways.


Markus sat at on the round cushion on the floor of Otto Julies’ office meditating while Otto went about his business. The older man had at first been disturbed by the Jedi’s presence, but had come to ignore the presence. Markus was quite quiet and if Otto was concentrating on his work he could easily forget that Markus was even in the room with him. The communicator beeped and was only a bit surprised when Yoda appeared on the screen.

“Master, what news?” Markus asked wondering if his presence with Otto Julies was still necessary.

“Nothing new, has Bri come by to see you or Mr. Julies?” Yoda asked hoping that she had been there, but he was not hopeful.

“No master, has something happened to her?” Markus asked, last he had heard was that the mysterious Xara had shown up at the temple with Bri.

“Disappeared again she has.” Yoda replied.

“We’ll keep an eye out for her Master,” Markus replied as the line went dead.

Markus and Otto looked at each other for a second.

“So, she’s missing again, I thought she had been found?” Otto asked wondering if he had heard wrong.

“No, the woman who was here earlier found her,” Markus answered. “Master Yoda seems to be quite concerned about it.”

“I’ll let my people know in case they see her,” Otto said going over to tell his own security guards.


Arble paced around his small room. He hated to wait for anything. He was only awaiting word that his ties with the Sith mercenaries had been severed before he began his next phase. The first phase had been botched, but it was only a minor setback in his opinion. He would inform the rest of his group of his decision in a few minutes.

A young woman walked into the room and waited for Arble to acknowledge her presence before telling him the news.

“Report!” he said to her.

“We have conformation that your message was received,” the woman said nervously. The Sith had actually contacted them saying that the ties were not severed yet. She told him that as well.

Arble stood there, it was what he had expected, these Sith people were so predictable, it was a wonder that the Jedi had not found them yet he thought to himself.

“Very well, cal the others together, I’ll be there shortly,” Arble answered watching as the woman walked out of the room. He allowed himself to smile, at last he was close to his goal, total domination of the black market, and legal as well. He would control everything, from the government to the economy to the black market to the Jedi as well. He was not concerned with a few threats by a rogue group of Jedi who embraced the Dark Side, not when he would have the power of the Jedi to back him up.

He was informed that the other members were gathered. A smile came to his face as he walked out the room towards the meeting area.

He walked into to room full of other businessmen who had joined on with him for this control. Most were with him only for the wealth that they would gain after his plans came through.

“What’s this about the Sith making threats against us?” one said while another wanted to know if the rumor was true that Arble had severed ties with the Sith.

“Yes its true, but do not worry,” Arble said making the rest of the group grumble. They were not as confident as he was.

“Do not worry!” one said getting up with his arms spread. “What’s not to worry about, the fact that your plan is falling apart, the Sith are about to hunt us down, and a Jedi was allowed to escape, and you say there is nothing to worry about.”

“Sit down, first of all the plan is not foiled, I just allowed you to think so. It would have been easier with Galactic Communications with us, but it does not matter, we have enough to continue,” Arble said with confidence. “As to the Sith, I will take care of them if they chose to come.”

“If they choose to, you’re an idiot man,” The one standing said.

“I have a plan,” Arble replied to which many wanted to know this plan. Arble only replied that they would have to wait and find out for themselves.


Xara was beginning to feel the strain of the constant scanning through the files with no clues coming up. She had a strong feeling that if they could find out more about this uncle then she would have a clue as to where Bri was going. She had a feeling that time was not an option this time. The dark anger that washed over her this morning she figured came from Bri.

She was about to close the file she was working on when a small phase caught her eye. She read it again and knew what it was. It was a code used by the criminal world to signify a name change. Somewhere along the path Bri’s father had changed his name to Lightner. There would be no record of what the name was previously. Xara quickly looked around to see if there were any pictures of Bri’s father that she could use to compare with pictures of known crime bosses.

It took a while to find the picture but when she did she realized that if she just aged the man a bit, she would have the same man who had been in the room where she had rescued Bri. Was it possible that the brothers were twins she asked herself?

There was one easy way for her to find out. She accessed the archives for the known crime bosses and their siblings to see if any had a twin brother. It was a bit of a stretch she realized as she was looking, but it was her best lead so far. A name came up, one that she was familiar with, as it was the same as one she had done work for in the recent past. They had done a lot of work for him she realized.

She thought about the past projects for a few minutes. The family history of the man did not indicate any family that was known, so it would seem the man was a dead end for her research. Yet she could not shake the feeling. She recalled the jobs she had done for the man, and she realized that they were all the same. She had gone after corporate executives. She tried to find a picture of the man, but there were no known photos of the man except one, but it was not known if it was real. It was a picture of two boys standing next to each other posing while off fishing.

Yoda walked in, as she was about to get up. She had to get more information on this man, and she knew where she had to go.

“Find something did you?” Yoda asked seeing that she looked like she was about to leave.

“I think I found out who her uncle is,” Xara said pointing to the screen.

“Arble Jexinx,” Yoda said. He had never run into the man that he knew of, but if he were Bri’s uncle then it would explain why he could not find him.

“Bri’s father changed his name a few years before Bri’s birth, when he met her mother. I guess he wanted out of the family business,” Xara said thinking it through.

“If he is, finding him hard will be,” Yoda said.

“I have a source that I can try. I’ll keep in touch,” Xara said walking out of the room and heading for Bri’s room to pick up her lightsaber and then going to her rented room.

The trip to her room was uneventful, but Xara kept up her defenses just in case. She fully expected her former employer, the Sith to be watching the room in case she returned. She cautiously entered, and not finding anyone or any traps let out a small breath, and quickly found the communications device.

“What does the traitor want?” the voice replied after a few minutes.

“Just some information,” Xara replied.

“We already know that you’ve joined the Jedi,” the voice came back, and Xara was a bit shocked by the news then realized that they had spies in the Jedi Order as well.

“I just want information on Arble Jexinx, then you won’t see me ever again,” Xara said and waited, as there was a pause in the transmission. It seemed like they were thinking it over.

“If you kill him, I will give you the information,” the new voice said, and she knew that this was the Lord of the Sith.

“I will,” Xara answered not realizing that her tone had grown hard as she realized that he was responsible for Bri’s capture and nearly killed her.

“So be it,” the voice said and the information was transferred. “One last thing, kill Lord Zaris.” Then the line went dead.

Xara stood shocked, Lord Zaris was his right hand man, why would he want the man killed. Xara then was able to put two and two together, Zaris was coming after her. Things just got more dangerous as she retrieved the information and walked out of the room.


Bri made her way into a small run down bar. Inside there were a few people milling around waiting for tonight or getting an early drink. The inside stunk of alcohol and the condition of most of the furnishings had seen better days. Off to the side there was a group of people standing around talking. Everyone stopped talking as Bri walked in.

“Well, well well, a Jedi here, it must be our lucky day boys.” One of them said making the others grin. They did not see the glint in Bri’s eyes as she approached the man.

With a flick of her wrist the man went flying across the room landing with a thud. In an instant blasters were drawn and they all heard a click hiss of a lightsaber coming to life. Bri stood calmly in the center of the room with her green blade softly humming as the only sound that could be heard.

“We can do this two ways, you can tell me what I want to know, or some of you will die and I still find out what I want to know, your choice,” Bri said softly, but deadly to the group.

“Information will cost you pretty one.,” another one said giving her a look over. He barely got the words out when he too went flying back into the wall.

“Where’s Arble Jexinx?” Bri asked the group that was still standing.

“We can’t tell you, he’ll kill us,” one said with a shaky voice.

“I’m more deadly than he is right now,” Bri replied her green eyes flashing with danger as she approached the man. He looked at her and realized how much danger he really was in.

“All right, I’ll tell you,” the man said.

A few minutes later Bri walked out of the bar with the information she needed. She raced off down the street, her destination was only a few blocks away, and with it her revenge. She arrived at what looked like an unimportant building and walked inside. The regular guards that she would expect to find in a place like this greeted her.

“What can we do for you?” a green skinned guard asked.

“Take me to Arble Jexinx,” Bri said with a wave of her hand.

The guard wavered as the full effect of the Force hit him as Bri bent his will to her own. “I’ll take you to Arble Jexinx,” he replied after a brief pause. The other guards looked at him strangely for a second at his response.

“The rest of you will stay here,” Bri replied with another wave of her hand. The guards repeated what she said and followed the green-skinned guard out of the room.

She followed him as he led her up the elevator. The doors parted and revealed a small desk in front of a door that Bri assumed was Arble’s office. There was a pretty redhead sitting at the desk looking quite bored as she did her nails.

“I’m here to see Mr. Jexinx,” Bri said calmly.

“Do you have an appointment?” the redhead said as Bri answered that she did not. “I’m sorry but-” she was cut off as she was tossed to the wall and slumped down having been knocked out.

“There’s my appointment,” Bri said turning to the other guard she did the same thing, then grabbing her lightsaber she cut through the door to reveal a startled Arble sitting behind his desk.

He had been going over his recent meeting in his head when he heard thumps coming from the next room. He had gotten up when the door to his office exploded inward causing him to jump. He quickly recovered glancing at the door while his other hand sought out the blaster underneath the tabletop. He raised the blaster to the figure coming into the room and was only briefly surprised when he noticed that it was a Jedi.

“Hello uncle!” Bri spat out as she spied the man alone in the room.

“Family can be so irritating,” Arble said taking a shot at Bri, which was blocked and reflected quite easily. “I suppose your here to destroy me,” he said with a cruel laugh. “That’s not the Jedi way.”

“I don’t care,” Bri replied. “You destroyed my life, what it could have been,” she said. “And all because my father wanted out of the ‘family business’. He had more courage than you ever had.”

“He was a weakling, and needed to eliminated, but you can join me,” Arble said.

“You’re fooling yourself,” Bri replied as she blocked another shot from Arble.

“My only regret is that I wasn’t able to finish you off as well, a mistake I won’t make this time,” Arble said with a slight laugh.

Before he could fire again Bri yanked the blaster out of his hands and the gun went flying across the room. He then felt himself flying back and impacting the wall behind him. Bri was standing in the middle of the room and the desk that was between him and it went flying off to the right crashing into the wall making a hole in it.

Arble struggled to his feet when he went flying again across the room and landed heavily on the opposite side of the room. He had almost blacked out from the force of the impact. Bri watched emotionless as she tossed him around the room. The man would pay for everything he had done.

Bri advanced on him, as all he was able to do was watch. Her green blade twirled several times as he noticed the look in her eye was anything but pleasant. It as a look he had never seen before, at least not directed at him.

He closed his eyes as he saw the blade come down and expected to feel the pain. He opened his eyes after a few seconds when he had felt nothing wondering if she was playing with him. What he saw was not what he had expected to see. The green blade had been stopped just short of his forehead by a red blade.

End Part 7

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