Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara – Part 8

Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara

by AJ Marks

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Part 8

Bri had anticipated herself for the strike that would have cut the coward of a person in front of her in half. She wanted it so much and was shocked when her blade had been stopped so close to her goal. It took her brain a few seconds to realize what had stopped her lightsaber and the color of the blade. It was red and she realized right away who it was.

“Stay out of this Xara,” Bri growled out not taking her eyes off of her intended target to look at Xara.

“Can’t Bri, you know that,” Xara said not moving her blade. She had arrived just in time to see Bri rear back and bring her saber down on the man. Xara had used all of her training to stop Bri from making a large mistake, and a path that Xara knew very well, something she could not allow to happen to Bri.

“Let me, I need to do this,” Bri ground out applying more pressure on the blade hoping that she could overpower Xara.

“No,” Xara replied as she felt Bri apply more weight to the blade to which Xara easily responded. She knew that this battle would be very important to both of them. She could not hurt Bri, and she had to stop Bri from killing anyone. The task was going to be harder than she imaged it would be.

Bri realized that Xara was not going to back off. With a growl she tried to shove Xara’ s blade out of the way. Xara responded with a shove of her own and pushed Bri back a step. She narrowed her eyes and locked on to Xara instead. The green eyes had gone dull with anger that Xara could relate to and knew that Bri was close to stepping over the edge.

Bri slashed out attacking Xara with everything she had. Everything that she had been put through by Arble was coming out in her attack. Xara had to focus solely on Bri and not allow the young woman to hurt her. She could spare no attention to Arble or what he was doing. The man slowly got to his feet and noticing that they two women were engaged in combat decided to try and make a break for it.

Bri noticed him trying to leave and with a quick Force push knocked him into the wall. The man was knocked unconscious by the blow and slumped to the floor.

“Why are you doing this Bri?” Xara said in between blocks. The woman was very good and Xara wondered how long she could keep this up.

“He destroyed my family,” Bri said bitterly. “He planned the killing of my parents just because my father did not want to be in the family business.” She replied attacking again.

“He’s destroyed a lot of families, I’ve destroyed families,” Xara said admitting the truth to Bri who did not even flinch. “Let him be tried,” Xara said trying to somehow appeal to the younger woman’s sense of justice.

“He killed my sister as well,” Bri said in a rush leaving Xara a bit confused. As far as she knew Bri did not have any siblings.

“Your sister?” Xara asked not having run across any siblings in her research earlier in the day. Xara blocked another attack by Bri.

“My father had a daughter from a previous engagement. She did not want to be part of the Jexinx empire. My father was on his way to meet up with her and leave the planet when we had the accident,” Bri replied trying not to think about what could have been.

“What happened?” Xara asked noticing that Bri’s attacks were weakening and that she was close to breaking down. Xara felt like she only had to push a bit and Bri would crack.

“He ordered my parents and me killed. He ran us off the road and into a building killing my parents instantly. He then went to where my sister was waiting; she was ten years old at the time. He, he,” Bri could not say it. “He told me everything he did to her before he killed her,” tears began to flow down her cheeks. “I have to destroy him for everything he’s done. If he can do that to family, what does he do to others?”

“Vengeance will not help, I know. I’ve been there Bri and I know where it leads,” Xara said still between her and Arble.

“I have to,” Bri whispered trying to continue her attack.

Xara noticed that Bri’s attacks were getting clumsy. She was over swinging and leaving herself very open and she would take a large wind up. An idea suddenly came to her that might end the fight. Xara allowed Bri to get in close to her and after a few more lunges Bri brought her arm back again. Xara took a quick step in and wrapped the younger Jedi in a hug catching her off guard and she poured all of her feeling into the hug.

Bri was overwhelmed as she felt everything that Xara felt for her the moment the woman embraced her. The feelings powered their way through her anger and sorrow on its way straight to Bri’s soul. It wrapped around her soul comforting it in a way that no one else could. Bri gave up the fight and allowed herself to cry for all that had happened over the past couple of days. Her lightsaber fell to the floor as she latched onto Xara with everything she had.

Xara was relieved that Bri had stopped struggling and just allowed a safe place for Bri as she worked things out. They stayed like that for some time when a sound alerted Xara that something was not right. A quick glance and she noticed that Arble was now awake and that he had a blaster in his hand. She watched as she saw the finger tighten around the trigger even as her own lightsaber sprung to life.

The blaster fired and Arble felt like he was about to get revenge on the person who cost him everything. He barely noticed that the taller woman’s lightsaber had sprung to life when his shot was deflected right back at him. He felt shock for a second as the shot hit him in the chest. Bri spun around to see what happened and noticed the blaster in Arble’s hand and the lightsaber in Xara’s hand and knew what had happened.

“I think we have much to talk about there, slick,” Bri said looking at Xara and at the lightsaber. Xara could only nod her head knowing that it was the truth. Bri thought about what she had done and was glad that Xara had found her when she did. If Xara had not stopped her she would have slipped to the Dark Side of the Force without even knowing it.

Xara watched the emotions flicker though the small Jedi in her arms and she could guess as to the thought of Bri. It was like her first time with the Dark Side of the Force. There was something seductive about it that pulled a person in. Xara wondered at how she would tell Bri about her past, it was something that she was afraid that would make Bri turn away from her. At the same time she knew that she had to tell Bri or else it would rip their relationship apart.

Xara just decided to hold the small form in her arms for a while as Bri came to terms with what she had almost done. Bri just allowed herself to be comforted by the strong arms around her enveloping her in a warm sense of security.

Xara could sense that Bri would need some time to talk about what happened in the past couple of days, but she was confident that they could work through it. Somehow the thought of her telling Bri about her dark side seemed like it would help comfort the young woman.

“I think your right, we do have a long talk ahead of us, but we can have it later,” Xara said feeling Bri’s headshake against her chest.

“You bitch, you ruined all of my plans,” a cold voice said from behind Xara. She knew who it was before she even turned around.

Standing in the doorway was a black-cloaked figure staring at the couple. Bri’s eyes showed shock at the sudden appearance of the person. His voice was cold and by the reaction of Xara knew that the two knew each other. She released Xara and felt her arms leave her waist as they faced their new adversary together.

“Darth Zaris, what a pleasant surprise,” Xara said in a flat voice not betraying ay of her emotion. Here was the man who was responsible for most of her life, and who she was and he had big plans for her. She knew that one day she would end up as the head Sith Lord, something that she no longer desired.

Bri stepped back to allow Xara room to move, she knew that they were about to battle, and she feared that it would be to the death. So far this Zaris character had made no comment about her, and perhaps he dismissed her as too weak or something. Bri thought to soon as she heard the next comment.

“So this is the reason you turned against us,” Zaris said glancing at Bri for the first time taking in her looks in a quick glance.

“Only part of it Zaris,” Xara said omitting the title that he held, cutting the last tie. She saw the spark of outrage on Zaris’ face at the omission.

“I’ll destroy you, you know that,” Zaris said quite confident about his abilities.

Bri jumped a bit as two lightsabers sprung to life, both red. Xara seemed to be watching her opponent very carefully, looking for any opening that he might give her. He had trained her, so he would know all of her abilities, her strength and weaknesses. It was something she had never been against in her entire life. A small part of her wondered if she could even win.

Xara made quick eye contact with Bri who seemed to be standing on the side watching and Xara knew where her extra strength would come from.

“You’ll try,” Xara said as their lightsabers met with a hiss. “But you won’t succeed this time.”

Zaris attacked with anger, at first driving Xara back. She knew that he was tapping deeply into the Dark Side of the Force in this engagement. His blows had real power behind them. Xara found herself on the defensive just trying to stay alive for the second time today. He backed away for a second to evaluate his attack.

Xara knew that she would have to do something quickly, or else she would not last long in this fight. She began a few counter-attacks to probe his own defenses, but to her dismay she found that he deflected her attack quite easily and had to rush to defend herself from his quick counter-attack.

Bri watched as the person who was her soulmate battled a man who she finally realized was a Sith Lord. Xara had called the man Darth Zaris. She knew that the name ‘Darth’ was an ancient tradition passed down by Sith lords since Darth Bane had been alive. So this is where Xara had her training in the Force, by the Sith. She also realized that Xara had turned away from the Dark Side, something that was previously thought to be impossible.

The two red lightsabers crossed again and again as Xara was slowly pushed back to the wall. She could feel that the wall was closing in on her, and felt helpless to stop it. Zaris was stronger than she was in just about every way. He had obviously been holding back in her training until Zaris overthrew the current head of the Sith.

Xara blocked another attack and saw Zaris raise his hand. Before Xara could react she felt herself pushed as Zaris used the Force to slam her against the wall. Her lightsaber fell from her hands as she slumped down from the force of the impact. She tried desperately to regain her senses. He quickly slashed her leg and sword arm to insure that she would be alive for a while, but no real threat, he had plans for her.

“NOO!” Bri yelled as she saw Xara fall from the force of her impact.

Zaris turned his attention to the short strawberry blonde Jedi who had been watching. He had ignored her because he felt like he was stronger than any Jedi, and that his real opponent would be Xara. He would teach a Jedi to interfere with his business. He looked at the green eyes staring at him with determination and again glanced over the Jedi’s body. He was sorry that he would not be able to enjoy her.

He raised his hand with deadly intent, knowing that it would only take a few seconds for him to kill this slight Jedi. Streaks of lightning shot forth from his hand streaking towards an unprotected Bri. Xara watched as she saw what was happening, and knew that she still would not be able to save Bri from the painful effects of it.

Bri watched as the man had turned form her soulmate to her and with a raised hand she knew what was going to happen. As the lightning streaked toward her she allowed herself to feel her connection with Xara and the Force, allowing herself to be calm. Her mind recalled a few things that Yoda had taught her, stay calm, stay focused and a Jedi can overcome anything. Bri raised her arm at first to shield herself, but instead extended her hand.

Xara was not sure who was more surprised, Zaris or her when his lightning not only failed to inflict any pain on Bri, but she caught it and extinguished it with only a slight effort.

Bri allowed herself to be calm. Her hand felt a bit weird after catching the lightning, something she was not sure she even would have been able to do. Yoda had once demonstrated it to her when she despaired over her size one day. She remembered being transfixed by Yoda as she realized that with the Force, brute strength was not everything.

Zaris could not believe that nothing had happened, it was impossible yet here was a Jedi who had withstood his attack. Reigniting his lightsaber he rushed to attack her knowing that she did not have a weapon.

Bri waited for a second until the man was committed to his attack then rolled under his arm and away from him. As she got up her hand clasped around her lightsaber as she pulled it towards her. It ignited with a click hiss as the green blade sprung to life and Bri spun around to face Zaris.

Zaris spun around quickly, but was greeted with a Jedi now with her lightsaber. This Jedi was quick, and he wondered for a brief instant if he had underestimated his enemy. He shook the thought out of his head and rushed to attack with al the power he had.

Xara watched from where she was amazed as Zaris’ attack was stopped and he was put on the defensive. Bri’s green blade became a blur to anyone watching as she attacked Zaris. Her attacks were beginning to weaken Zaris and he felt anger that she was getting the best of him. He tried a couple more attacks and found that not only were attacks stopped but also his cloak had been cut off.

Xara watched amazed as Zaris’ cloak floated to the ground. She looked close and noticed that his clothing was cut in several places. Bri was a natural sword fighter, one of the best she had ever seen. Bri had Zaris looking like an amateur. Xara wondered if Bri had been holding back earlier or if Bri’s emotions had gotten to her, or if their connection had somehow saved her from Bri’s full abilities.

Bri could feel the anger coming of Zaris in waves. She was surprised that she was not able to see them they felt so real. Bri also knew that her opponent’s anger, while giving the man a feeling of invincibility it also blinded him to what was going on around him.

Zaris kept up his attack but realized that his opponent was not fazed by his attack. She stood her ground and deflected all of his attacks quite easily. He gathered himself for another attack and launched himself against her with everything he had swinging clumsily at her. Bri was able to deflect his attacks but she realized that she had no plan on what to do with the man. It was not in her to kill the man, yet he would not stop unless she was dead.

He attacked with everything he had in a viscous downward slice that was meant to overpower her strength and it might have worked if she was still standing there. Bri realized what he intended to do and moved out of the way leaving him off balance and falling. She realized only after he went by her that Xara had been behind her. At first she was afraid that she had made a mistake, and that it would cost Xara her life. She glanced at the figure and noticed that Zaris was not moving. It took her only a second to realize that there was a red lightsaber sticking out form the back of the man. She realized what had happened. His over swing had allowed Xara to run her lightsaber through the man from where she had been sitting.

Xara had taken advantage of Zaris falling toward her by activating her lightsaber and putting it through the man’s chest. He seemed a bit shocked by it at first as his eyes went wide, but then she could see the life in his eyes fade as he died. Xara pushed the body off her and noticed that Bri was standing there with a bit of a shocked expression.

“I’ll explain it all to you later, I promise,” Xara told her as she put her lightsaber away and slowly pushed herself up with help from the wall.

Bri mentally shook her head from what she had seen. She knew that Xara had killed people, but to actually see it like this was something else. She did not like what had happened, but a small part of her mind realized that it probably had to be done, and that it was for the best. She would allow Xara to explain the rest to her.

“Is this case over?” Bri asked out loud seeing that Arble was dead, along with a mysterious stranger who she realized was a Sith Lord.

“Almost, I’ve got one last call to make,” She said as Bri walked over to help Xara. She bent down to search Zaris’ body and finding what she was looking for activated a communicator. It took a second for it to activate, but another man appeared.

“Yes?” the man said in a cold voice and Bri thought that this was the head of the Sith.

“He’s dead,” Xara replied.

“I’m surprised that you were able to do such a deed,” the man replied if she could kill Zaris then she would be a great asset to the organization.

“I didn’t do it, a Jedi did but I don’t think that we’ll be saying anything,” Xara said looking at Bri.

At first Bri did not understand, this was something the needed to be told. She just looked at Xara for a second then slightly nodded her head knowing that it was something that they would have to talk about later.

“Then it is good bye,” the man said knowing that he had lost Xara for good. He had seen the look that Xara had given Bri, and knew that she had found a soulmate, the one thing that he feared even more than a Jedi. A soulmate was a powerful connection that could turn anyone from the path that they were on, it could turn a good person bad, or a bad person good. It seemed that this time the Light Side of the Force had prevailed, but there would always be next time he thought as a smile came to his face.

“Send a team to this address, to clean up your mess,” Xara said giving the address and waiting for the acknowledgement before terminating the connection. “Let’s get out of here,” she said turning to Bri and leaning on her for some support.

“It’s been a long day,” Bri said, as she felt a bit hungry. “Let’s get you checked out and then grab something to eat.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Xara said allowing she to lean on the small woman.


Yoda sat down where he had been resting. He had just finished talking with his padawan who was still guarding Otto Julies. So far there had been no threats made against the man. It appeared that Xara was the one with the contract against the man. Yoda had to caution his padawan not to get complacent just yet, at least not until he had more information.

Yoda also knew that Bri had disappeared, and shortly afterwards Xara also had left saying that she knew where to find Bri. He was not worried about Xara finding Bri, but what type of situation would the young Jedi would be in. He had felt a disturbance in the Force earlier, but had no idea as to the cause. It had felt to him like the Dark Side.

“I take it that you felt the disturbance in the Force earlier?” Aqat said as he walked into the small room that Yoda was sitting in.

“I did, yes,” Yoda replied wondering if the older Jedi Master had any information about it.

“It disturbs me,” Aqat said grimly as he thought about his youth. “It reminded me of the last time the Sith had been active. I think that the last Sith Lord, Darth Bane, managed to escape. We never found anything to support that he had been killed,” Aqat told Yoda. It was something that he rarely mentioned.

“The Dark Side, I thought I felt,” Yoda replied a bit worried. “From Bri I thought it was.”

“I guess we’ll have to wait until she gets back to see what happened,” Aqat replied not happy with the way things were going right now.

Yoda remained silent for a moment thinking about what had happened recently. In the past couple of days he had found out the Bri had a soulmate, been kidnapped and was now missing for the second time this week. He hoped that the rest of the week went by quietly, as it had started out with a bang.

Yoda finally gave up on any meditation. “Want to grab something to eat?” He asked Aqat who was taken aback by the question. Aqat quickly recovered and nodded his head that they went off toward the cafeteria.

On the way down the hallway Yoda spied two familiar figures coming down the hallway towards them. The shorter one seemed to be supporting the larger one, but there seemed to be smiles on their faces as they got closer.

“Bri, good to see you,” Yoda said as they closed the distance between each other.

“Master Yoda,” The small strawberry blonde Jedi replied not releasing her hold on her tall dark haired partner.

“You are hurt,” Aqat said to Xara who merely nodded saying that it was nothing more than a scratch causing his gray eyebrows to go up. She had a bandage on her leg, and one on her arm, and she was leaning on Bri in order to walk. This was one story that he could not wait to hear.

“I’ll explain everything later,” Bri promised shooting a look to Xara. “Right now I need to take care of my partner here,” Bri said gaining a grin from Xara.

“Look forward to it we will,” Yoda replied then headed off with Aqat behind him.

“That should be an interesting story,” Aqat stated once they were out of hearing range of Bri and Xara.

“Yes, it should,” Yoda said as they entered the cafeteria.


Bri and Xara entered the medical room of the Jedi Temple where the medical robot came right on over and inquired as to the problem. Xara quickly explained what her injury was.

The medical robot went to work quickly placing a bandage over the wounds that Xara had received. They were medically treated to help in the healing of a lightsaber wound. They were both glad that this type of wound happened quite often in the Temple. Usually it was because of a practice duel between two Jedi as the participants could get carried away.

The robot examined the leg wound and declared that it had cut into some of the muscle and went about repairing it. After it was done it told her that she would have to stay off it for twenty-four hours to let the muscle heal properly. Xara was not too happy with that but thought that it would allow Bri and her a chance to talk about what needed to be said.

“Come on, I’ve got a bed that you can use,” Bri said with a smile as she led Xara down the hall to her quarters. She led Xara into the room and helped her onto the bed even though Xara could have probably done it herself.

Xara had thought about telling Bri that she could get into the bed herself, but seeing the green eyes and Bri’s face as she helped her made her realize that to shake off Bri’s attempt to help would hurt the woman. That was something she did not want to do, and she added in the fact that the woman’s presence was comforting beyond any rational reason. The gentle touches that Bri did, like the smoothing of Xara’s hair touched a place so deep inside Xara that she thought it had died a long time ago.

Bri was not able to bring herself to leaving Xara. It felt like she wanted to stay with Xara, keep her in her sight. She wondered if it was the same when Xara had brought her back to the temple after the kidnapping. Bri could remember the wonderful feeling when Xara had finally cut her down from her confinement. It was when they got into the vehicle that she remembered feeling such a feeling of peace and safety that she had willing abandoned herself to the dark-haired woman.

Bri’s stomach growled bringing each other out of the trance. Xara grinned at the strawberry blonde hair framed face as the blush crept its way across the face making the woman seem even more attractive.

“I think that you had better feed that monster before it gets angry,” Xara teased.

“All right, you want anything? They have wonderful Alderaanian goulash,” Bri asked not getting up and still looking into Xara’s blue eyes.

“Sounds wonderful,” Xara replied giving the cheek in front of her a caress watching as Bri leaned into it.

“We’ll have to continue this later,” Bri said not wanting the touch to end as she slowly leaned down to capture Xara’s lips in a kiss.

It went on longer than either person had intended it to. Bri had to pull away to catch her breath and even then it was quite ragged. Xara’s breathing was not much better as her hands ran up and down Bri’s back.

Bri went back to capture another kiss as she felt her body heating up in a way she had never felt before. Xara felt the familiar feeling and knew where it was headed. The problem was did she want to go there just yet. Another kiss and resolve melted away into nothing as she slipped off Bri’s robe. Bri allowed herself to be led realizing that she had no experience in this area, and that Xara also knew that by the gentle ways she was taking Bri higher and higher.

Sometime later two naked bodies lay entwined on the bed. Xara was serving as a body pillow for the younger woman. Bri had her head on Xara’s shoulder and there was such a look of peacefulness on her face that Xara could not help but stroke the hair. Xara recalled her previous lovers, and knew that none of them even compared to Bri on any level. The young woman had been inexperienced, that was for sure, as she had been a virgin. It was such a gift Xara had wanted to cry. She had such an ugly past that she hardly felt worthy of such a gift from someone like Bri. She was sure that Bri felt otherwise. Bri had been uncertain at first, but it had not taken the younger woman long to learn what to do, that and there was such a connection emotionally that it heighten the experience tenfold.

Xara felt Bri stir and she looked down into the face as green eyes popped open. The closed again as a blissful smile came to her face and she squeezed Xara a bit.

“That was wonderful,” Bri replied in a dream state.

“Glad I could help,” Xara said as Bri’s stomach made its presence felt again.

“I guess I should get something to eat,” Bri said.

“You need to keep up your energy,” Xara said running her hand over Bri’s naked back sending shivers throughout her body. A low moan was her answer as Bri’s head collapsed back onto Xara’s shoulder and a smile crept over her face. Xara’s stomach decided to join in on the fun and grumbled at not having any food since the day before. “Come on, get up,” Xara said giving Bri’s cute bottom a pinch.

Bri yelped and jumped up rolling away from Xara’s hands and right off the bed landing with a thump. Xara could not help herself as she started to laugh. Xara could not help herself as Bri stood up and gave Xara a withering glare that would have made Xara stop, except for the fact that Bri was entirely naked and it ruined the effect.

“Now that you’re up, you can get us something to eat,” Xara said watching the compact form of her soulmate walk around the room to gather her clothes from where they had been tossed earlier in the day.

“Just wait until you see what I get you,” Bri replied to the laughter as she gathered her clothes and put them on with as much dignity as she could. She walked out of the room after she finished dressing and walked down the hallway feeling a bit sore but happy.

Bri walked into the cafeteria aware that it was quite crowded. Wondering what time it really was she found out that it was time for dinner. That would explain why she was so hungry. Of course the recent activities she and Xara did. It was something that she would not trade for anything else in the universe. It was the most special time she had ever had in her entire life, including when she made Jedi Knight.

Yoda noticed the moment when Bri walked into the cafeteria. He got up as she made her way to the line where the food was being served. He intercepted her halfway to the line.

“Hello Bri, how are you?” he asked as she stopped in front of him. He looked at her and noticed that she seemed quite happy, and there was a glow around her that he was sure it came from Xara.

“I’m doing just fine,” Bri answered giving Yoda a smile that lit up her eyes. “We were tired after getting back, but now we’re hungry.”

“Xara, how is she?” Yoda asked wondering how the woman was. He had heard that Xara had been injured and that the wound had been made by a lightsaber. That information had made Yoda a bit curious as to what had happened.

“The doctors say that she should not get up and walk around for at least a day. Otherwise she should have a full recovery,” Bri said not mentioning how she got hurt.

“Look forward I do to your report,” Yoda said as they made their way to the cafeteria. “Want to see you soon the council will.”

“I know,” Bri answered wondering why the council had not asked for her presence already. Perhaps they had and she had slept through it. She would have to check her messages when she got back.

Yoda remained silent at his former padawan’s statement. It was one of acknowledgement of something that had to be done, but not what she wanted to do. He thought about it for a while and figured that there was probably not much of a threat left or else she would have said something. He would keep his padawan on for a bit longer until the council had talked with Bri.

He watched as she filled a tray with food and he knew that it was for both her and Xara. She was going to go back to her quarters and eat there instead of here. He would let her go, for the time being.

“Talk to you later, I will,” Yoda said as she finished loading her tray and he knew that she was leaving the cafeteria.

“Yes master,” she said with a slight bow of her head and walked off towards her quarters.

Aqat walked up to Yoda after seeing that Bri had left the room. He saw Yoda and Bri talking when he had walked into the room and waited until she had left to approach him.

“When should we call her to the council,” Aqat said as he approached the diminutive Jedi.

“Call tomorrow morning, allow them to talk,” Yoda said looking up to the Jedi Master. He was sure that the two women would want to talk first, and then they would be ready to talk to the council.

“That sounds good, has there been any word form you padawan, Markus, about anything unusual or threatening calls?” Aqat asked wondering if they had heard the last of this particular mission.

“No, nothing heard is good news indeed,” Yoda replied back to his friend. He glanced back at the door and wondered himself what type of discussion was going to go on between Xara and Bri.

Aqat glanced down at the Jedi and figured that he would have that information tomorrow morning.


Bri had just left the cafeteria when another Jedi blocked her path. She looked up. He good mood quickly vanished as she saw who it was, Cal. He always thought that he owned her somehow and it bugged Bri quite a bit.

“Hello Cal,” she said as he stood there.

“Glad to see that you made it back safely,” Cal said with a grin that she thought was somehow not very friendly.

“Yes, well I must get back to my friend,” Bri said trying to get around the man without spilling her food.

“She’s not what she says she is,” Cal whispered to her as she passed. “She’s done evil things.”

“I know,” Bri replied looking the man in his eyes. She then turned and continued down the hallway leaving a stunned Cal standing alone. It was something he had not expected her to say.

Bri let out a breath of frustration like she did every time she encountered Cal. Even though he was a Jedi, she would nearly lose it whenever Cal was around. She found the man to be overbearing to the point where he thought he could tell her what to do. That part became really clear when she was knighted. He felt it was his duty to make sure she was all right. He had treated her like a child, which she disliked. He kept thinking that they were friends, but really she tried to stay away from the man.

Bri dismissed those thoughts as she thought about who was waiting for her in her room. She had left Xara there still in bed, even though she was under doctor’s orders to take it easy until tomorrow. Bri felt that they could use that time to talk.

End Part 8

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