Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara – Part 6

Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara

by AJ Marks

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Part 6

Master Aqat walked into the small quarters that made up Bri’s room. He noticed that Yoda was still with the small group and that Bri was now lying on her own bed still sound asleep. He put down the drink that he brought for Bri and briefly wondered if they would be able to wake Bri up to get her to drink it. The drink was made specific for humans to replenish lost nutrients quickly.

He watched as the other woman known as Xara brushed back some of the hair on Bri’s face with such tenderness he was not sure he should have been watching. Xara spoke softly in her ear and he watched as it took a while but the young Jedi reluctantly woke up.

They watched as her sleepy eyes paused on each of them before finally resting on Xara. “Hi,” she said sleepily then closed her eyes again to go back to sleep.

“Oh no you don’t, not yet,” Xara said giving Bri a slight shake. This time annoyed green eyes opened as she fixed them on Xara.

“What?” she asked getting annoyed at being kept awake by her friends keeping her eyes on Xara.

“Here, drink this,” Xara said handing her the glass to drink. “Drink it all down and then we won’t disturb you again until you wake up,” Xara told her hoping that Bri would just drink it without much fuss.

Bri grumbled but took the glass then quickly downed the contents before glaring at Xara again. “Satisfied?” she asked and not waiting for their answer turned on her side away from the group and went straight to sleep. The group looked at each other as Xara put the glass back down on the table.

“Would you be willing to answer some questions for us?” Aqat asked when he realized the Bri was not going to stir anytime soon, and the council would like to know what happened.

Xara at first did not answer, as she was putting a blanket over Bri to make sure she was comfortable enough. Xara pondered the question, was she up to a room full of Jedi, she knew that they would be asking several tough questions that she might not want to answer.

Aqat thought for a second that the woman would not answer him, but was surprised when she said that she would answer what she felt comfortable answering. Aqat said that was fair enough, and knew that this woman was a warrior, and would feel uncomfortable in too many personal questions. He would have to warn the council before the questioning started.

“Oh, by the way Master Yoda, the visitation for Kintu is tonight, there are a group of us that will be going,” Aqat said knowing that Yoda would go see a person who had the small store.

“Yes, I will, only wish I knew what happened,” Yoda said as he watched Xara with his former student. She was standing there just watching the form on the bed. “Later we will talk,” Yoda said knowing the now was not the time for any conversation like that.

“Of course, may I ask when the council should expect you?” Aqat asked so he would know how long to stall the council.

“Give me an hour to freshen up,” Xara said breaking her contact with Bri to look at Aqat. The man nodded his head then walked out of the room leaving Yoda and Xara with the sleeping Bri.

The two of them stood in the room. Yoda wondered if anything else had happened and he asked her point blank.

“You’re direct, I’ll give you that,” Xara said. “I’m afraid that Bri will know more than I will. Let me know when you go to the visitation tonight for Kintu.”

Yoda was a bit shocked at that request. “Know him you did?” he asked wondering how she would know him.

“Yes, I also knew that he was at one time Cata Paq, one of the best bounty hunters ever. He told me the story, and I was there when he died,” Xara said watching as Yoda perked up with that last bit of information. “He was going to tell me something, and someone form my past caught up with me, wrong time and place.”

Yoda nodded, but he had the feeling that she was not telling him the truth. He would have to pry a bit deeper to gain the truth, but that could wait for another day. “Say anything did he?” Yoda asked.

“Not too much, but he was returning to his wife, his soulmate,” Xara said remembering the expression as Kintu died in her arms. “His face was happier than I had ever seen it.”

“Reunited he was,” Yoda said glad that the former bounty hunter had found his peace. He had run across the man years ago after he had given up his bounty hunter ways and had settled down. A former enemy of his was after him, and Yoda had help save the man’s life. Kintu had been grateful and was a good source of information, as he had many contacts back then that were still alive. Yoda would later learn that Janson’s sister and husband knew Kintu and his wife and it was through them that he had learned of the passing of Kintu’s wife. He did not know what type of reaction a loss like that would have, but he had kept tabs on the man and learned that he had continued on with his life until last night. He was glad that Kintu found the peace he searched for.

Xara walked over to the small sink and splashed her face with some water to freshen up a bit before her encounter with the Jedi Council. Yoda dismissed himself and walked out leaving Xara and Bri alone. Xara wondered how long the young woman would be out. From previous experience with the drug she knew that a person could be out for a long time, and the longer they were kept awake then the longer the person would need to sleep to get rid of the drug. The drug had been developed for surgeries, and it was later found to have a serious side effect and was banned. Bounty hunters and other dark groups found the drug useful for torture and a slow death. She figured whoever was behind this wanted Bri dead, but they also got their pleasure that way.


Arble was not sure how things had turned out so badly in such a short amount of time. This morning he was to be rid of the one person who knew the most. He had been in the room with Bri tormenting her again when his new protector came into the room and said that someone had broken into the building and was headed right to this room.

He briefly wondered if he should just have the woman killed when he heard commotion coming from the control room. He did not have a weapon and knew that he could not strangle the girl, as she was too high off the ground.

He was about to ask the Jedi to do it when the door swung open and a woman he had never seen before walked into the room with a red lightsaber. He knew who she worked for and wondered if they had finally betrayed him. His Jedi and the woman engaged in a duel and even he could see that she would defeat him. Arble then decided to leave the scene through a hidden door that lead out of the building.

Now his plans were falling apart and he was not sure that they could even be salvaged anymore. He would have to think about what his next move would be. He wondered if he could trust the Sith mercenaries that he had hired after what happened this morning. He decided to contact them and see if they were surprised at him still being alive.


Xara walked into the Jedi Council room. She was a bit nervous if she was to tell anyone the truth. However, she would not admit that one unless she had to, the last thing she wanted anyone to know was trained by the Sith. She held no illusions that they might be able to detect he knowledge of the Force, Master Yoda had felt her Dark Side and warned her against it, she had chuckled after she left if only he knew the truth, she would not be here.

She looked around the room with a confidence that she dredged up from somewhere and looked each of the members in the eye. She was not going to let them intimidate her.

“Welcome Xara,” Aqat said with a smile. She held her composure better than most people did with their first council appearance. He wondered what the other members thought, as they were used to being intimidating.

“Jedi Master Aqat,” Xara said responding to the elder man sitting in his chair. “You asked to see me?”

“Yes we have a few questions about a few things,” Aqat said.

“Then ask away,” Xara said holding her hand out to the side as if to say bring it on.

“Yes,” Aqat said hiding a smile at Xara’s actions. This would prove to be quite interesting he decided. “You were on a mission to either take out or make Otto Julies, of Galactic Communications to cooperate, right?” Aqat asked starting with an easy question.

“Yes,” Xara replied not saying anything else as she gave only a one-word answer.

“Do you know who you were working for?” Janson asked seeing if she would answer this question.

“No,” Xara calmly replied knowing that the answer was not what they were looking for.

“What do you mean no, surely you talked with them,” one of the members asked.

“I mean no, I only had brief contact, and never met them face to face,” Xara said giving a bit of an explanation. She had to maintain her bounty hunter image until she could talk with Bri about it.

“Now Ri-Jun, you know that’s how a lot of bounty hunters work, as long as they get paid they don’t care about their employers. And usually the employers don’t want to meet them,” Aqat said before the man could ask another question. The rest of them nodded their heads knowing that it was a fairly common practice. “I’m going to ask this but you probably don’t know. Do you know what their plan was?”

“No,” Xara answered. So far they had not really asked any pointed question, but she was sure that would change once they began to ask about her rescue of Bri.

“So you don’t know anything about what has been going on with the company CEOs?” Ri-Jun asked not really sure that he understood what she was saying.

“No I don’t and even if I did I would not say anything,” Xara said as several of the council members stared at her in shock, but one just laughed.

“A bounty hunter to the end, I like you,” a small Jedi member said with a bit of a laugh. “You are a warrior in your spirit and you let nothing intimidate you, do you?”

“Alright, I did not think that we would gain any information about who was behind all of this, but you probably can tell us what happened in your rescue of Jedi Knight Bri,” Aqat said as the council switched topics.

Xara wondered how much she should say about the rescue, or if she should even mention the Jedi she had encountered at the end. Instead of saying anything about it she asked where they wanted her to start.

Janson seemed to think that one over and he decided on an area that would be safe, for both her and Bri. “What happened once you got to the building, as obviously your informants led you there?”

“You’re right, and I can’t give away those secrets,” Xara said privately relieved that he had not said anything about the connection that she and Bri had. “It was one of the warehouses, I think that Halliu controls it,” she said mentioning the company that had its symbol on the building. “Once inside I had to make a choice between several doors to go through, and I believe that it was at this time that I tripped an alarm, or they saw me enter the building. It was deserted, and opening one of the doors exposed a long corridor. This made me believe that I had chosen the right one. I had just taken a step inside when the other side opened up and several men started firing at me. I returned fire and killed all of them.”

“How many were there?” one member asked.

“Don’t know, doesn’t matter,” Xara said. “I then walked cautiously down the corridor until I arrived at a room that looked like a control room. There was a man there, probably in charge of the equipment. After a brief struggle I used his own dart gun on him and he fell unconscious.”

“Was it the same drug that they used on Bri?” Aqat asked.

“Probably, after that I entered a room where they had Bri chained. I cut her down and led her out to the waiting cab that I had,” Xara said.

“I have one question, perhaps the most important one in my mind,” Ri-Jun asked turning his attention to the woman. “Why rescue her?”

“She’s my friend,” Xara said slowly as if tasting the word for the first time. Standing here saying those words made an impact on her like nothing else had ever done. This was real, she had betrayed her ways for another path. She gave it a brief thought, and then decided she would worry about it at a later time.

“A friend?” Ri-Jun asked in a bit of disbelief.

“Yes, a friend, we met when we were both taking a vacation on Naboo,” Xara said getting tired of this Jedi’s questioning.

“I think that those questions are not important Ri-Jun,” Aqat said looking right at the Jedi. “You’ll have to excuse Ri-Jun, he has had some bad experiences with bounty hunters in the past,” he explained looking right at Xara as if to tell her she had a few allies in the room.

“I understand,” Xara said knowing that even he did not know the real truth, that she had been trained by the Sith, if they found out then the questions would not end.

“Was there anything else that you can tell us?” Janson asked hoping for something that they might use as a clue to unraveling the mystery of this case.

“Only one, when I was fighting the man in the control room, there was another person, I did not get a good look at him, and I just remembered him. But when I had finished fighting the man had disappeared,” Xara said still not mentioning the Jedi that she had fought. That would bring up to many questions that she did not want to answer.

“Do you remember anything of what he looked like?” Aqat asked pressing for any type of detail that they might be able to use.

“No, he was a bit below average height, blonde hair with streaks of gray, he was human and dressed rather well, but aside from that nothing else,” Xara said as she really tried to remember what the man looked like. “That you’ll have to ask Bri about, she might be able to remember more.”

“I think that your right, but she will probably not be awake for at least a day or so,” Aqat said watching as Xara nodded her head at the statement. “If you can remember anything else please let us know.”

“Of course,” Xara said as she walked out of the council room and headed back to Bri’s quarters.


“My Lord,” a man said as he bowed to another dark man, his face obscured by the shadows.

“Report,” came the reply.

“We still have no contact with Xara, and Tali was found dead along with her men at a small apartment. There was another man that had been killed, and it could have been assumed that he killed all of them, but Tali died from a lightsaber, I believe that Xara was involved,” the kneeling man said.

“So Xara has betrayed us,” the man in the shadows said, his voice cold and calculating. “”No matter, send a spy to watch the visitation of the man who was killed, perhaps Xara will show up there.”

“Yes my lord,” the man said getting up and walking out to carry out his orders. Inside he was fuming, he needed Xara to complete his plan to take over the Sith and Xara would become his right hand. Now she would die for her betrayal.


Xara was sitting on a chair near the bed cleaning her lightsaber when a knock on the door interrupted her. Quickly hiding the weapon and glancing over to make sure that Bri was still asleep she answered the door. She was only partly surprised when Aqat and Janson standing there.

“May I come in?” Aqat asked her waiting for her answer before moving. Xara motioned them inside but told them to be quiet.

“I think we have some questions and answers for both of us, and what we say will be off the record,” Aqat said once they were inside and at Xara’s arched eyebrow he explained more. “We know the truth about your relationship with Bri.”

“My sister has a soulmate, she said that you do as well, and Master Yoda mentioned to us that Bri had found hers, so we concluded that you must be hers, and that is how you found Bri,” Janson said having talked to his sister just after Xara had left the house this morning.

“I guess I am,” Xara said taking a quick glace at the sleeping form just a few feet away. “It’s still all pretty new to me, so I’m still not sure about all of this.”

“If you want, when the smoke of all of this mess clears I’ll introduce you to my sister, and then you can have a long talk with her,” Jason said as he sat down on one of the nearby stools.

“Why didn’t you ask me about that in the council meeting? If you knew why did you say that it was from one of my informants?” Xara asked as she remembered what happened in the council meeting.

“If the council found out about the fact that Bri had a soulmate then we would stand to lose one of our best members, and that is something that I don’t think we can afford,” Aqat answered truthfully. “Bri has a way of finding the peaceful solution without violence. Very rarely does one of her missions lead to bloodshed.”

“There is a growing number of Jedi who try to use their lightsabers as the negotiation tool, instead of the Force,” Janson said continuing Aqat’s train of through.

Xara felt proud for a moment about Bri, the fact that she used her mind and wits to get things done instead of force was an accomplishment. She would know, having used brute force most of her life she knew that it was the easy way. “So what are you going to do about us?” Xara asked wondering what they had planned for Bri.

“As you know, we don’t want to lose her, and seeing as she will not take a padawan we have a couple of choices, but the ultimate decision will be yours,” Aqat answered waiting a minute to tell her the choices. “There are three that we know of. One is for Bri to leave the Jedi Order to be with you, second is for both of you to never see each other again.” He paused a bit looking at Janson who just nodded his head. “The third is for you to partner with Bri on her missions, it would allow you to stay together, Bri could stay in the Jedi Order, but it would mean when here on Coroscuant you would have to hide your affection for each other.”

Xara sat there thinking about the three plans for them. It was obvious that they had put a great deal of thought in to the situation, but one question came to her. “What about the Council? I think you would expect us to appear before them, would they know?”

“You may or may not know this but only two of the twelve are permanent members for life, the others are elected and rotate in and out, one only the permanent members would know,” Aqat said. “In this case the only ones on the council who know are Janson and myself. Along with Master Yoda we are the only ones who know about all of this.

“It appears that you’ve put a lot of thought into this,” Xara said, she knew what she would like, but she still had some items to clear up with Bri, and until those issues were addressed then no decision could be made. “I’ll have to talk with Bri about this, and a few other things before we make out decision.”

“We were not expecting a decision until after the current mission is over,” Aqat said. “Now is there anything else that you can mention that was not part of the council meeting?”

“Just one, I encountered a Jedi in the last room where Bri was being held,” Xara said seeing the look of surprise on their faces. “It looked like he was helping them.”

“This is not good news,” Aqat said before a thought came to him. “You defeated a Jedi? How?”

“That will have to wait, until I talk to Bri,” Xara said dropping the matter.

“If a Jedi was involved then you must tell us.” Janson said not believing that she withheld such information from them. “This increases the importance of the mission, and we need to know if he was part of a mission that we sent him on.”

Aqat had to agree with Janson on this one, and told Xara so, but the woman steadfastly refused to talk about it any longer, instead turning to the bed and ignoring the two council members.

“Please tell us?” Aqat asked. “This could be the important break that we need.”

“Perhaps you are not meant to solve the puzzle,” Xara answered wanting nothing more than to spend time cleaning and testing her lightsaber, but the two Jedi did not appear to be going anywhere.

They were looking at each other when Yoda walked into the room and immediately felt the tension in the air. He chose not to comment on what he felt, instead turned to Xara. “Hungry are you?” He asked her.

Xara thought it over, she had not had anything all morning and now her stomach was beginning to make itself know to her. “Yes, I could use something to eat, are you offering?” She asked the small Jedi who nodded his head. She excused herself from the other two Jedi and with a glance back to the bed walked out of the room following Yoda.

The other two Jedi looked at each other for a moment before they left the room.


Yoda led Xara to a small cafe inside the Jedi Temple. Inside there were a few Jedi eating, mostly sitting by themselves, and most looked like they were doing research for whatever mission they were on. Very few looked up to see who came in or out of the door.

They grabbed something to eat in silence and sat down. Yoda was trying to figure out a way to make the tall woman at ease in her surroundings, as he knew that she was uncomfortable in the temple by her actions.

“How did you meet Bri?” he asked figuring that this was a safe topic.

“On Naboo. She was running one way, and I was walking the other,” Xara replied. “I thought it was odd when she just stopped, at first I thought she had hurt herself or something,” Xara told him remembering the look on the young woman’s face as she stood there staring at her. “We began to talk a bit and I asked her if she would like to grab something to eat, and the friendship grew from there.”

“You know why she stopped?” Yoda asked remembering Bri mention Xara’s eyes and he noticed the color was a unique blue.

“She told me about the dreams, yes,” Xara said.

“Blue eyes, you have,” he said as they dropped into a comfortable silence and ate their meal. “Bri could always eat, amazed everyone she would by the amount,” Yoda said breaking the silence, watching as Xara looked up with a smile. That was something she had learned on their first meal, and she had been amazed at the amount of food that they young woman had put away.

“I wondered where it all went,” Xara said playfully.

“So do we, but active she always is,” Yoda replied.

“I’m sure that you have some stories of her as she grew up,” Xara said watching Yoda nod his head.

“Even when she was young, potential I could see,” Yoda said remembering the first time he saw Bri. “First time I saw her, I knew.”

“How did you meet her?” Xara asked wondering about Bri’s past, and with Yoda she had a chance to learn about her from someone who cared for her as well.

“Came across her, in an accident scene I did. The hovercraft had lost control. Her parents killed instantly, and I was about to leave when cry she began,” Yoda said remembering the twisted wreckage of the hover car. The two adults had been mutilated almost beyond recognition. “Protected she was by her mother. That maternal instinct is strong.”

Xara sat and listened to the story that Yoda told and to her it was almost incredible that she survived. Yoda described the twisted wreckage and she was more impressed by how the mother had protected her baby.

“Any relatives?” Xara asked.

“Find none, we could,” Yoda replied. “Only one lead, an uncle she is supposed to have, never found.”

“She has no family then,” Xara relied wondering if her own family was still alive somewhere.

“You are a bounty hunter?” Yoda asked watching her head nod. “How did you become one?” he asked a bit curious.

“I kind of fell into it,” she said with an evasive answer. “I met the wrong person at the wrong time and my career took off.”

“A matter of situation,” Yoda replied understanding what Xara had told him. The story was for Bri first, then they might tell others. “What would you do, about the choice?”

Xara sat back to think about the question. “It’s up to Bri, but I want to stay with her, and I think we would make a good team,” Xara told Yoda who looked like it was the answer he was expecting. “Of course it will depend on how she reacts to what I tell her.”

“Things work out they will,” Yoda said with much faith in their strength in each other.

“I hope you’re right.” Xara replied as they finished their meal.

“The visitation is going to be in four hours, are you coming still?” Yoda asked knowing that she wanted to go to Kintu’s visitation before the funeral tomorrow.

“Yeah,” Xara replied then walked out of the cafeteria and back to Bri’s room.


Xara got up when she heard the knock on her door. She knew who it would be, Master Yoda telling her that they were leaving for the visitation. She had thought much about how she would tell Bri about her past, most of it was not pleasant, and she had done some terrible things so far in her lifetime. Bri seemed to be like a saint compared to her, and she probably was. Xara had killed more people than she could count, or remember, including one death that had taken her down the path she was now on.

Of all the death she had both dealt out and seen, this was the first time that she was going to honor someone who had been killed, or that she felt like she should honor.

Opening the door she saw that the small Jedi was waiting for her and she felt no pressure to be in a hurry. They greeted each other and Yoda walked into the room and looked at Bri, who was still sleeping. The doctors figured that she would probably sleep until sometime tomorrow night. Xara was trying to figure out what to do during that time.

They left the room making their way to the transport that was awaiting them. Getting on board Xara saw that there were just a few on board, but she did recognized Master Janson and Aqat on board. She decided to just ignore them for the time being, as she knew that now was not the time to bring anything up.

The ride over was a bit quite as only Aqat and Janson were talking. Xara had managed to pick up bits and pieces of what they were saying, apparently a Jedi had recently shown up dead. She heard his name was Jan-Li, but the name meant nothing to her. A description of the wound made her realize that Jan-Li was the one she had fought earlier in the day. This morning seemed like so long ago to her that it felt like it was a month ago.

She did notice that there was one Jedi sitting in the back that had been staring at her for the entire ride over. Something about the man made her defenses rise up. She glanced back at the man and they silently stared each other down. She realized that he was a bit different from the others, his eyes held something that she had never seen from a Jedi, but she had from a Sith Lord. She allowed a bit of her dark side out, not enough for the others to feel.

She watched as she knew her eyes had gone cold and hard like steel. She enjoyed the satisfaction that he was the first to blink and look away. With a small grin she gave him a once over and turned away. No one else had witnessed the silent interaction between the two.

Arriving at the funeral home they all got out and Xara walked out into the night air. She followed Yoda and the others into the building and were lead to a large room where Kintu was laying. She watched, as there were quite a lot of people in the area. Off to one side she noticed a unique group and something inside her recognized them.

One of them looked over to her, whispered something to the woman he was with and they both looked at her. She felt nothing hostile coming from the couple and turned her attention back to the casket.

She waited a bit until just about everyone had walked by the casket before she went over. She walked up to the casket and looked at the still face of her friend. She felt bad that she was the reason for the man’s death, but the last breath of the man had reassured her, he had gone home. She whispered her thanks and told him that she had found her soulmate and she could imagine the man smiling at her telling her to follow her heart.

Xara walked back down and headed outside. The night air was nice and the stars were out. She had not looked at the night sky for so long she had almost forgotten what it was like. A noise to her left brought her attention back to the door, and she noticed that the man who had first seen her was walking out of the building.

“Hi there,” the man said walking up to her. “My name’s Tillis,” he said extending his hand.

“Xara,” she replied shaking the man’s hand.

“Where’s your soulmate?” he asked taking her off guard. She had never liked surprises.

“My what?” she asked deciding to play innocent.

“You don’t have to hide anything, all of those couples that you saw inside are soulmates. We can tell when someone has a soulmate, it’s in their eyes, someone who doesn’t understand can’t see it, but I think you can,” Tillis said to her.

“Sleeping off a drug,” Xara replied.

“How did you know Kintu?” Tillis asked.

“He helped me out of a tight situation, and because of it he died,” Xara said.

“He’s home now, when his wife died he was devastated. We all know that one of us will know what that will be like, it is something that we don’t want, but is part of nature,” Tillis told her then with a nod silently walked back into the building.

Xara only had to wait a few more minutes before she heard another noise. This one was quite faint, and this time her defenses rose up. There the noise was again off to her right, a person was trying quietly to approach her, and that meant trouble. She weighted her options, she could go inside, wait for the person to get near her, or she could force the situation.

Deciding not to have a confrontation now she walked back into the building, intent on keeping an eye on the door and to see who was missing from inside. There were several groups standing around and she recognized Janson and his sister, along with her husband, Aqat and Yoda standing around talking. Seeing movement coming from the door she was not surprised to see the Jedi who had been staring at her on the bus walk into the room.

The man walked right up to her, and calmly stood next to her.

“Don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Cal,” the man said with what Xara could only see as a fake smile.

“Xara,” She replied not saying much else.

“You may have fooled the others into thinking that you’re something else, but I know better, watch your step,” Cal said walking away.

Xara watched as the man walked away, he was going to be trouble that much she knew. How the man was involved she did not know. She watched as the man went over to talk with the others. Xara made up her mind to go over as well.

“Hello Xara, I see that you’re doing better,” Eva, Janson’s sister, said as Xara walked up to them.

“Yes, I resolved my earlier trouble,” Xara replied back seeing the understanding look in Eva’s eyes.

“That’s good to hear,” Eva replied then went back to the conversation as the recalled some of the tales of Kintu’s life.

Xara stood listening to the stories and laughing at a few of them as she found herself caught up in a life that was full of adventures. Xara had thought that once he had stopped being a bounty hunter his adventures had stopped, instead it had just increased.

Things began to wrap up and Xara followed the other out the door. The ride back to the temple was uneventful and Xara found herself tired as the day’s events caught up to her. The transport stopped in front of the temple and the small group got off and Xara made her way to Bri’s quarters, where she would probably stay until things were ironed out.

She had almost made it to the door when Cal intercepted her again. “Let’s get one thing straight, Bri is going to be mine,” he said menacingly and Xara was hard pressed to believe that he was a Jedi, and also had to fight the urge to pound the man through the wall.

“And let me tell you something, I know what you are as well, you don’t hide it very well, Cal,” She said turning her back and headed to the room leaving Cal sputtering for a comeback.


A silent cloaked figure made its way down the corridor towards the communications room. Looking both ways before entering the figure quietly opened the door and went inside. Once inside the figure sat down at a terminal and made several quick instructions.

“Report!” a voice said.

“A mysterious person showed up with Bri and rescued her. Rumors have it that Bri had been kidnapped. Everyone not on a mission was assigned to find her, and some non-Jedi shows up with her, says she is a bounty hunter. She is not intimidated by Jedi either,” the person replied.

“So she is there, interesting, keep up your reports,” the voice said as the communication died.

The figure exited the screen, wiped the area and left the room calmly walking out of the area

End Part 6

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