Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara – Part 5

Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara

by AJ Marks

Part 5

“I’m glad you could make it,” the man said as a blue robed person walked into the room. There were several others in the room as well. They had decided to enlist another person into their scheme as their current hired help looked to be turning on him. The last discussion had led to him almost being choked to death, an experience he did not want to repeat.

“What do you want?” an even voice said from under the hood that masked the features of the man.

“Our current hired help appears to be turning on us,” the man said glancing around to the others. There had been much discussion over bringing in another person into their scheme. A few thought that it was beginning to get out of hand.

“You want me to make sure that they don’t reach you, right?” the robed figure said correctly guessing the motive of his being here.

“Yes, that’s correct,” the headman said. “We can pay you very well.”

The man seemed to be silent for a few seconds as he thought it over then began to laugh out loud. “I’ll accept the job, but there will be a condition later.” he said.

The leader’s eyes narrowed at the robed figure. He did not like this thought, and said so out loud. He was met with laughter again.

“You wish to know, than I’ll tell you. I ask to be lifted to the head of the New Jedi Order that you will create with the new government,” the figure said.

The group seemed to think about this for a few minutes before one spoke out. “I think that we can do that.”

“Very well, I hear that you have a prisoner?” he asked.

“Yes, someone who was too close to reveling what we were doing,” the leader spoke up. “Would you like to see her?”

“No, just don’t let her go. She could be trouble,” the robed figure said then walked out of the room leaving them alone.

“Are you sure about this Arble?” one man finally said after the robed figure had left.

“Yes, he is out insurance against those cursed Sith mercenaries we hired,” the man called Arble replied as he rose out of his chair. “We are too close to have everything fall apart. We have move silently for years to get to this position, and now we have almost reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for.”

“Arble’s right, we have almost everything in place, we just need Galactic Communications, then we will have everything we need,” another one said. “We can use the Jedi to get Mister Julies to our side.”

“I’m going to visit our guest, we’ll meet later,” Arble said as he walked out of the room.


Bri felt as though there was a thick layer of fog in her head, as she could not shake off the sleepy feeling. A sharp pain on her cheek briefly cut through the fog, but only for a minute.

“Wakey, wakey,” she heard a voice say followed by another slap to her face. This time she tried to open her eyes. It took a great amount of effort but she finally managed to crack open one of her eyes.

Standing in front of her was a dark haired man, with long sideburns. She noticed that he was wearing leather and thought that it was odd; usually people did not wear that type of material, except for certain occasions.

“I see that you’re finally awake,” the man’s voice said as she received another slap. “Let’s just make sure though.”

After a few more slaps Bri noticed that the fog was still there, but she now had both eyes open and now could see where she was. Her arms and legs were bound and she was suspended in the air along with a blue energy field flowing around her. She noticed the field right away and knew that it was a Force dampening field, she would not be able to use the Force to help her out of this one.

“The head still foggy, want to fall back asleep?” the man asked as he walked around her form. “It’s the drug we used to capture you, I’m sure you’re aware of it, Axito.” He said watching as her eyes went wide with shock. Normally it would not be deadly, if the person was allowed to sleep it off, but prolonged wakefulness would cause a painful death.

The man walked to the wall in front of her and indicated a button with his finger. “Now I would like nothing more than to keep slapping you, but I have found it to be ineffective, now a small jolt here,” he said pressing the button watching as Bri reacted to the sharp jolt of electricity that cursed through her body, “that is much more effective. I can keep you awake for a long time.” He said as his eyes lit up with joy that made Bri shudder again.

Bri’s mind was racing, well as fast as it could without the pain or fogginess that would creep back in afterwards. She was in trouble and she doubted that anyone would know where she even was.

“I’ll just set this timer, its specific for maximum pain, both from the drug, and the shock. Sleep well!” he said with a cruel laugh as he walked out of the room.

“Well done,” Arble said as the man walked out of the room and to the observation area. “This bitch almost cost me everything, and that I will not allow,” he said coldly. The man next to him nodded his head.

“I will enjoy this,” the man replied. “It’s been to long since I had to do this type of torture, and I’ve ever done a Jedi, this one should last longer than all the others.”

“What’s the record?” Arble asked a bit curious.

“Twelve hours,” the man replied. “You have time, I would come back tomorrow morning, that’s when she should start to really feel the pain from the drug.”

“Perfect,” Arble said and left to go home and get a good night’s rest.


“She is not here Milord,” the woman’s voice said.

“Then find her, she was supposed to be there, find her and punish her,” the cruel voice replied. “This could cost us dearly.”

“We’ll find her, and punish her,” the woman said turning to her men as her eyes seemed to light up with the thought of punishing someone and her men took a step back. “Spread out and find her, and let me know when you do.” She said her voice almost crackling with glee.


Xara had walked all over the local area and without any luck. She had not been able to find any trace of the young Jedi, and the more she looked the more worried she became. Darkness had begun to creep across the streets and lights were coming on and Xara felt that she could not stop. She walked aimlessly down another street when she heard a familiar voice.

“Xara!” she turned around and noticed Kintu, who was closing up his shop.

“Hello Kintu,” Xara replied wondering why she had walked down this particular street.

“I can tell by your voice that you haven’t found who you are looking for,” Kintu said almost seeing the energy coming off her.

“It’s getting worse,” she said not really sure why she was telling him.

“Come with me,” Kintu said and lead her to his small living quarters. She noticed that it was well kept and the pictures that lined the wall, there were of his wife.

“This must be your wife,” she said picking up a picture of Kintu with a woman. They were both smiling.

“Yes, it is,” he replied and before he could say anymore the door burst in and four dark dressed men rushed in followed by a tall blonde woman.

“Xara, Xara, Xara!” the blonde said mockingly at Xara. “You’ve been a naughty girl, and I’m here to punish you.” Her voice was full of glee.

Xara felt that this was a critical time, she would either be strong enough to leave now, or she would be a slave to her Sith Maters forever. A long look at her heart and she found the answer in a sharp desperate tug. She turned to look at Kintu who understood the look and an almost indictable nod down she noticed that he had a small blaster near his hand.

“Tell the masters that I’m through Tali,” Xara said moving around for position, making sure that all of their attention was on her, and not Kintu.

“I don’t think so, your mine tonight,” Tali said “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

They both ignited their lightsabers at the same time as shots began to ring out form where Kintu was. Two of the men grunted and fell, never having known what had happened, another was too caught up watching Tali and Xara to realize what was going on. The fourth realized and shot back.

Xara did not know was had happened as her concentration was on the blonde in front of her. She knew that Tali was good, but there was something else that was driving Xara now, and she delved deep down inside herself and called upon that part of her that had never been used. The energy responded right away filling her like she had never known. The power of her strokes took Tali off guard, Xara was not this strong, even on her best days, something had changed and for a brief second fear flashed in her eyes. It was all Xara needed. She powered through Tali’s defenses and gave her a mortal wound. Tali slumped down on the floor with shock in her eyes as the life slowly faded away.

Xara looked around and did not see any of the others standing, and it was then that she realized that neither was Kintu. She rushed over to where the man was lying, a wound in his chest and she could see the labored breathing of the man.

“Here let me take a look,” she said reaching for his shirt only to be stopped by his hand. She glanced into his eyes and saw something she had not expected to see.

“Please.” he said. “Do nothing. Been so lonely.” His eyes briefly closed before they opened again. “To find, concentrate with your heart,” Then with pained breath he closed his eyes and Xara watched amazed as a smile came to his lips and he passed away.

Xara thought that she should have felt sad, but the last look and she knew that he had been reunited with his soulmate. She got up and quickly wiped down what she had touched, then with one last look behind her and saying good-bye to a friend she did not even realize she had, she left. He had given her a way to find Bri, and for that she would be thankful.

Xara also knew that she could not stay at her rented place, and she needed a place to stay that would be safe. She had no friends and no allies. Who could she trust, one person flashed in front of her, and knowing that it was a gamble went somewhere she never thought she would go.


Yoda walked over to his own quarters to see if anything else had come up. So far there had been no word about Bri, and Yoda was worried that something had happened to the young Jedi. He had dropped by in her quarters and found it like it usually was. There was no sign that she had been back since this morning. The situation was one of the few times that he had felt unable to do anything to correct the situation.

Master Aqat had no information for him on the ongoing mission either. There seemed to be a complete stoppage in whatever was going on. There had been no further attacks on any high-ranking corporate official, or political official. It just seemed like whoever was behind it was waiting for something to happen. Both Jedi Masters hoped that they would be able to stop whatever plan had been set in motion.

Yoda looked around his room and grabbed a clean robe to wear along with one for his padawan. He reviewed what they had learned so far, which was not much. Someone, or some group, was going around gathering the cooperation of businesses that had, or were in the process of getting government contracts. The only purpose that they had been able to think of was to gain control of the leaders of the Republic. Besides that no one seemed to know why, and it was beginning to bother Yoda.

The investigation team so far had not come up with anything else that could be used. Everyone they had talked to had refused to talk, and fear of something could be sensed. This also disturbed Yoda. There was a powerful group that put fear in people even with protection from the Jedi.

He walked back out of his room and was headed back to Otto Julies house where he and his padawan were staying until further notice. The only excitement had been when the mysterious Xara had showed up at his office. Markus had challenged her to a duel and lost very easily. Yoda had gotten the complete story from Otto as his padawan was embarrassed about the entire thing. He knew that he had sensed the Dark Side in her, but after listening to Otto, he was almost sure that someone had trained her.

As he waited for a transport he felt something, and he knew what it was. He had felt it when he had approached Otto’s office after lunch. He turned around to see if he could pinpoint the feeling, but it was still too vague. One shadow however seemed to rise up from around the surrounding shadows. Yoda watched as the shape took the form of the very mysterious bounty hunter.

“Xara, to see you here I did not expect,” Yoda said as the figure moved cautiously closer. Now that she had closed the distance between then he could see the lines of worry on her face. “What can I do for you?”

“I need some help,” Xara said looking around. She felt very tense being so close to the Jedi Temple and Yoda also noticed her eyes dart around as if she was in danger.

“What help can I be?” Yoda asked wondering what was making the young woman give off such nervous energy.

“I need a place to crash tonight,” Xara said not reveling the real reason. She had come to the Jedi Temple to find the Jedi Master and had stood outside in the shadows for the past twenty minutes trying to gather enough courage to see the small Jedi out. She had been relieved when he had come out of the Temple.

“Staying at Mr. Julies I am, not sure if you are welcome,” Yoda replied honestly to Xara.

“If he does, so be it, if not, I’ll find somewhere else,” Xara said.

“Very well,” Yoda said as the transport stopped at the docking area. The two got on the transport and rode in silence. Yoda was wondering what was going on with Xara, and she was just glad to be going away from the temple.

All her years of training and condition by the Sith Lords had taught her to despise the Jedi and their ways, now here she was sitting next to one of the most powerful Jedi ever, and was worried about another Jedi. Xara rubbed her eyes a bit, she was tired and had spent most of the day looking for Bri, only to come up empty handed.

“Did Bri show up?” Xara finally asked hoping that the young Jedi had appeared.

“No, worried we are, did you find anything?” Yoda said allowing his own worry to come through, knowing that Xara picked up on it.

“No, I haven’t. I think I know a way though to find her,” Xara said not saying much else.

“Yes, a soulmate connection,” Yoda said watching the shock in Xara’s eyes appear. “Told me, Bri did about her vacation.”

“That’s why you helped me earlier?” Xara said realizing that Bri understood before she did. Again what she had told the young woman crashed down on her. How could Bri forgive her when she herself had lied about who she was?

“Yes, I had met some soulmates a long time ago, helped him I did,” Yoda said. “His name is Kintu, he lives around here.”

Xara chose not to say anything as she recognized the name that Yoda had said. The man had died earlier tonight because he was willing to help her, and had gotten caught up in her world. She figured if he had been twenty or so years younger the man would have survived, but he was now at peace and had given her a piece to finding Bri.

Yoda got up as the transport stopped at their destination. He noticed for the first time the bag that Xara carried, it was not much, but he figured that from whoever she was running from she did not have much time to gather much. She got up with the small Jedi and they went to Otto’s house.

Walking through the door brought back a few memories for Xara. This was the area where she had fought Bri, until she realized who the Jedi was. Yoda led her to the back room where Otto and Markus were waiting.

Both of them recognized her as soon as she walked in the room. Otto was a bit concerned, and Markus quickly looked at his master to see if everything was all right. It appeared to be, and Markus waited to see what was going on. He was trying to learn his lessons and this was defiantly one of them.

“Good evening,” Xara said to the two who were watching with curious expressions of their faces. “I was wondering if I might be allowed to crash here tonight?” Xara asked Otto.

Otto was a bit taken back by all of this. He glanced back and forth between Yoda and the woman who had just days earlier been trying to kill and intimidate him. “I’d like to discuss it with Master Yoda alone first.” Otto said. The woman shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room followed a few seconds later by Markus.

Yoda watched as the two left the room before turning to Otto. “You wish to know whose sides she on?” he asked Otto who nodded his head and Yoda thought about it for a second. “Know that, I do not. After you, I do not think she is.”

“She’s tried to kill me at least once, has been stalking me for days and has tried to intimidate me and now you lead her right into my house,” Otto said getting it all off his chest.

“More concerned about Bri she is,” Yoda replied. “Something has happened to her lately, and I feel that she is lost right now.”

Otto paced for a few minutes wondering what to do. This woman could just be playing with Yoda, telling him what he wanted to hear so she could get close to him and strike. On the other hand if Yoda was correct then she would pose no threat to him.

“Alright, I’ll allow her to stay here for the night, but just one night,” Otto said making up his mind.

Xara was a bit glad that Otto had allowed her stay; she knew that she would need her rest, ad that she would need her energy to find Bri. She was allowed a small room and she put her stuff down and cleaned herself up. A bath had felt quite good and the bed was nice and comfortable. In minutes she was asleep, but her mind was still trying to find Bri.


Xara woke up the next morning still tired even though she had slept the entire night. Something was keeping her from sleeping well even though she did not have any dreams. So far she was no closer to finding Bri than when she had met with Yoda last night. Hearing voices in coming from the kitchen she rose and headed toward it to see what was going on.

As she entered the kitchen she noticed several people in there. Master Yoda and his padawan, Markus along with several others that she had not seen before. Two of them appeared to be a Jedi, the other two looked to be a couple, and a man she recognized as retired Admiral Petan.

Several of the group looked up to see who had entered the room. There was something about the couple that Xara found odd, an inner sense that she felt. They looked at her almost with knowing eyes. She looked at Master Yoda next who seemed to be a bit sad and wondered what type of news he had just received.

“Good Morning Xara, well did you sleep?” Yoda asked as he watched the woman enter the kitchen. He had just received some sad news, but at the same time news that relieved his heart.

“No, not really,” Xara replied as the couple shared a look between them.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jedi Master Aqat,” the gray haired Jedi with kind eyes said. “This is Jedi Master Janson, his sister and husband, and retired Admiral Jason Petan.” Aqat said identifying each other the others around the table.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything?” Xara asked as she looked around.

“I was just telling Yoda about an old friend of ours that was killed last night,” Aqat said. “He was a local store owner,” Xara knew who they were talking about, Kintu who had been killed by Tali and her goons who had been sent by her former masters.

“I’m sorry,” Xara said not reveling that she knew him. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to get going,” Xara said as the feeling that she had ever since yesterday seemed to be getting stronger. “Tell Mr. Julies thank you for letting me stay here last night,” Xara said leaving the room where she had begun to get uncomfortable. Three Jedi Masters were more than enough to set her on edge.


Arble walked down the hallway towards feeling quite pleased with himself. Walking with him was his newly hired protector and a fully trained Jedi Knight, not the scum Force users that he had relied on early on. They were to be eliminated anyways as he knew that they could not be trusted.

A smile came to his lips as he thought about what was awaiting him today. He would finally be rid of a nuisance that had plagued him almost all his life. He thought that she had died years ago, but when he saw the young woman he knew who she was. He would enjoy telling her.

Walking into the control room he saw his hired help sitting down at a control panel watching through the tinted window. The man just looked over to see who had walked in and turned back around.

“She’s trying to be tough, but she will succumb eventually, they all do,” the man said to Arble with a cruel smile on his face.

“Good, very good,” Arble said returning the man’s smile as he walked over to the window. He could see the Jedi still held in her chains, she appeared to be in a bit of pain as the drug really began to work in her system. Even from here he could see the sweat on her face. As he watched another shock went through her keeping her awake. He watched her body jerk at the shock.

“I think I might have something to make the fight either last longer or shorter,” Arble said to the man who just looked at him in question. “I have some information that I know she’ll find interesting.”

“Go on ahead then,” the man said to Arble and they went into the room.

Bri managed to see that two men were coming into the room. She felt like an entire herd of nerfs had run over her, back up and ran over her again. Her head was beginning to really hurt, and the strain of her body jerking at the shocks had the rest of her tired. Apart from that she could begin to feel the drug starting its own torture of her.

Arble walked up to her, he could see that she was awake enough to focus on him. He walked around her just watching as he could see the beginning of the pain in her eyes from the drug they had given her.

“Well, well, well, the great Jedi Knight Bri Lighter,” Arble said mockingly in her face daring her to say anything. “I have a secret.”

Bri was trying to push away the pain and drowsiness to see what this man was going to tell her. Until it was over there was always a chance he might slip, although she admitted it was slim.

“I know who killed your parents,” he said watching shock in her eyes. He knew that everyone thought it was an accident. “You see, I did, I arrange everything, the only problem was you survived,” the man said finishing the sentence in a growl.

Bri was not sure she understood, except for the fact that this man had killed her parents. She had always assumed that it was an accident, and now this man was telling her that he arranged everything.

“That Yoda had to come along when he did, it almost ruined me, but I’ve got my revenge now,” Arble said. “I tried to get my brother to agree with me, but he was always talking about doing the right thing, never about money. He was a weak fool,” Arble spat out. “He found out what I was doing and was going to flee after talking to the local authorities, but I made sure he never got there.”

Bri knew that everything that had happened to her lately was taking a toll, but now this man was telling her a tale that she was sure she believed. She did not know she could believe it.

“Yes little girl, I’m you uncle,” he said in her face. “And I’ll enjoy watching you die.” He said walking out of the room.

It was almost too much for Bri, the thought that she not only had some family left, but that he wanted her dead shook her soul. He was responsible for all of this, everything she had suffered from the accident, and never knowing her parents. Her mind tried to think though the fog that enveloped her as the drug took control. Another shock shook her awake again and she tried to think of what she could do. The field around her dampened her use of the Force, so who could she call.

Even as she thought of the question her soul and heart answered for her. A vision of blue eyes flashed in front of her, and she wondered if the field would dampen that as well. She was running out of options that much was for sure. She closed her eyes and let her heart guide her as she focused on nothing but Xara.


Xara had returned to her room and was packing up her stuff. She really was not sure what she would do, or go when the woman who had been in the kitchen walked in.

“I hope that I’m not interrupting?” the woman said as she walked in to the room.

“No, I’m just frustrated,” Xara said.

“You have met you soulmate, haven’t you?” she said and they both knew it was not a question.

“Yes,” Xara said continuing to pack her stuff.

“I could tell, your actions in the kitchen gave you away,” the woman replied. “My name is Eva.”

“Xara,” came the reply as the she continued to back her few belongings.

“Is you soulmate alright?” Eva asked as she watched Xara pace around packing her stuff. The woman did not have a lot, but seemed to be on edge.

“I don’t know, we had a fight, I said some things I did not mean and now no one knows where she is,” Xara replied grabbing her clock and lightsaber.

Eva was about to reply when she heard Xara gasp. She looked at the woman who looked pale and was griping her lightsaber so hard her knuckles were turning white. She was getting something from her link between her and her soulmate. Eva quietly went over to the woman and sat them both down on the bed.

“Bri’s in trouble, big trouble,” Xara said as she regained control of herself. “I don’t even know where she is.”

“Let the link guide you, close your eyes and open your heart,” Eva said. “You will know if you are headed in the right direction, it will feel right.”

“I need to go, it feels like she won’t last the day, perhaps even the morning,” Xara said as she ran out of the house still clutching her lightsaber, forgetting about her bag.

Yoda waited for a second as Eva walked back into the room. They had all seen Xara rush out of the house like she was on fire. They waited for Eva to break the silence.

“Her soulmate’s in trouble,” Eva said more to her husband than anyone else. He nodded his head, he had seen the look in the woman’s eyes and knew that something was very wrong, and his wife just confirmed it.

“In serious trouble then, Bri is,” Yoda said watching as they all agreed.

“Is there anything we can do?” Janson said, wondering if they should put everyone on alert and on the lookout for Xara as well.

“No, she’s already gone. Whatever is happening it’s blocking the Force, otherwise we would have already felt Bri,” Aqat replied as Yoda nodded his head in agreement.

“Wait, is the only thing we can do for now,” Yoda replied watching as Markus and Otto entered the room telling them that he was off to the office and that they were welcome to stay, and just to lock the doors when they left.


Xara ran down the street in what she thought was the right direction. She had never done anything like this before and she was not sure that she was even doing it right. She ran past a corner and suddenly stopped, it felt different. Turning back around she walked to the corner and began walking down the other street, that was felt the same as well. Turning around she felt like it was the right direction and began to run again. She had taken the time to tuck her lightsaber away so she would not attract attention to herself.

She stopped for a second as she was getting tired of running, and she had no idea as to how long of a run she had. She spied a taxi just sitting on the side of the road and she quickly ran over to it and jumped in.

“Hey lady, can’t you see the sign, I’m off duty,” the driver growled to her as she got in.

“Now your back on duty,” she growled. “Go that way.” She pointed down the street.

“Look lady, I’m not moving-” The last word got cut off as Xara held him by his neck.

“Now you look,” Xara barked at the man staring him right in his eye and knew that he was feeling fear. “My friend is in trouble, and we’re going to find her.”

“Alright lady, just quite choking me,” the driver got out as he was released. “Where to?”

“That way, I’ll give you the directions as we go.” Xara said not wanting to tell him she was not sure either.

“Alright,” the driver said as he switched on the meter and pulled out.

It took an hour to get where Xara felt like Bri was. She and the taxi driver had finally gotten a system ironed out as to her directions. He had missed a few turns and they had to make u-turns but now the driver sat looking at the building.

“Park over there,” Xara pointed out at a small little area that would hide a taxi. Xara figured that she might need to get out of the area fast, and having him nearby would be a good idea.

“Okay,” He replied not caring, only hoping that she would be able to pay the tab.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” Xara said turning around then back to the driver. “Oh yeah, if you do take off, I’ll hunt you down and kill you myself, and it won’t be pretty.” She said pinning the driver with her stare and watched as he nodded shakily. She then turned and went towards the building.

Xara made her way to the building, extending her senses to feel for any danger. So far she was not feeling any danger, but the distress that she now acknowledged was Bri was getting more desperate. Making her way to the door she grabbed her lightsaber and opened the door expecting anything.

She quickly went inside and waited for her eyes to adjust. Looking around she did not notice anything, no security or anything that made her nervous. She looked around to see what felt right, there were several doors, and she noticed that one seemed right.

Opening the door she noticed a hallway, although it was long, it was also perfect for an ambush, but she knew that she had to go through it.

She made it about halfway when the door opened and several armed men came through firing their blasters at her. Her lightsaber already flashed to life before any thought went through her mind and she deflected their shots still advancing on the men. Several fell by their own shots directed back at them, the rest still held their positions.

She quickly used the Force to pull several of them forward and their blaster flew even further as they lost their grip on the weapons. She quickly closed the distance and cut the men down before they could recover. She knew now that whoever was behind this was alerted to her presence, but they might not realize that she was here to rescue Bri, and she could use that to her advantage.

They had locked the door, but that was no problem as she cut through the door and quickly entered the room. There was one man a control panel a couple of doors and a window. The man was holding a gun of some sort.

“You can’t block this, Jedi,” The man said with a sneer.

“I’m not a Jedi,” Xara replied as she recognized the weapon, a dart gun.

“Doesn’t matter,” he said firing the weapon watching stunned as the woman lifted her arm and his dart stopped just short of his intended target, her neck.

Xara realized that the dart was tipped with a drug, one she recognized as non-lethal, usually. It was a sleeping drug that caused death if one was kept awake; allowing a person to sleep and the drug wore itself out of the system. Keeping a person awake would cause a lot of pain and eventual death.

She looked at the dart that she had stopped, just hovering in front of her, then at the man standing looking at her in shock. With a flick of her wrist it turned around and went straight at him. He tried to duck but it struck him in the arm. He pulled it out quickly but they both knew that the drug was already in his system.

Xara only had to wait a few seconds until the man dropped and she knew that she was no longer a threat. She walked over to the window and was shocked at what she saw. Chained up and in a blue field that Xara knew was a Force dampening field was Bri. She looked terrible and Xara realized what was happening to the strawberry-blonde.

She ran into the room and was almost taken by surprise by another person, who she realized was a Jedi.

“You might have defeated everyone else with your tricks at your slim knowledge of the Force, but I’m a master at it,” the man said as his blade sprung to life. Xara did notice that there was another gray haired man in the background of the room, but he did not seem much like a threat.

Xara smiled grimly as she looked at Bri, and knew that she had to get her down quickly, and that a prolonged fight would not help her condition. Xara’s own red blade came to life again. She twirled her blade a couple of times waiting for the Jedi to make the first move. He came in quickly aiming for her shoulder, which she blocked quite easily as the sound of hissing blades striking each other filled the room.

The Jedi that Xara was facing decided to up the tempo of the fight, which Xara willing allowed and matched the man stroke for stroke. She blocked his attacks easily and knew that he would have been no match for either her or Bri from just the little that they had fought. The man quickly realized that his opponent was better than he first thought, the thought made him mad and he quickly fought with anger rather than like a Jedi had been trained.

Xara vaguely realized that this Jedi in front of her was more like a Sith now than she was and the back of her mind wondered when the switch had occurred. Xara had watched for weakness in the man’s technique and was quick to spot it. Whenever he swung with power like he was doing now to his right he left himself open to attack. Xara positioned herself to make the man attack and when he did she struck.

The man knew the moment that he had brought his blade down that he was in trouble. His teachers had told him that it was a weakness, but he had never paid attention to them thinking that he was better than all of them. Now he realized that he was not better, and that the teachers knew what they were talking about as he felt the pain of the lightsaber strike him. He gasped as the pain went through his body. He slumped forward as he lost his grip of his lightsaber and it clanked noisily on the floor.

Xara looked around and did not see the other man who had been the room when she first starting fighting the Jedi. Not seeing him she turned her attention to Bri who had been following the fight as much as the pain she was in would allow her to.

Taking her lightsaber she made quick work of the chains holding her. Bri slumped forward only to be caught by Xara and a feeling of security surrounded her. She knew that they would have to talk, but right now she had never been so glad to see anyone as she had when Xara had stepped through the door.

“D..d..dr..drug,” Bri stammered out wanting to tell Xara what had happened.

“I know,” Xara said stopping herself from calling Bri sweetheart. “Can you do something for me for a few minutes, stay awake and try and walk, I know that you’re in pain, but there’s a taxi waiting outside and we might have to fight out way out,” Xara explained. She would be more than glad to carry out Bri, but it would hamper her fighting abilities. She watched Bri nod her head and knew that she would try.

They made their way as quickly as possible through what Xara thought was the control room, through the hallway, where Bri noticed the bodies of several men, and then out the door. Xara had to help Bri several times from falling as her sleep deprivation, the drug and the pain from the drug were beginning to take their toll on her. Xara quickly lead them to the hidden taxi and climbed in the back pulling Bri inside with her.

“The Jedi Temple, and watch out for anyone following you.” Xara said as she waited for the taxi to pull away. Once the building was out of sight she pulled Bri onto her lap and held the young woman as she fell asleep.

The taxi pulled up to the temple a few minutes later. She told the driver that she would be right back to pay her tab after she took care of Bri. Picking up Bri carefully so she would not wake she walked into a place that she never saw herself going in. As she walked across the entranceway she was aware of several stares coming toward her that made her uneasy. Fortunately for her two of them walked towards her, one she recognized as Jedi Master Yoda.

“Found her I see,” Yoda said seeing his former pupil in the woman’s arms. She appeared to be asleep and Yoda was a bit worried.

“She’s been drugged with Axito, and forced to stay awake, for how long I’m not sure,” Xara said watching as Yoda and the other one who she realized was Aqat nodded her head.

“Rest she needs, and liquids as well,” Yoda said. “Her quarters this way,” Yoda told Xara and began walking as Aqat said he would bring up some liquid nourishment for Bri, she would have to wake up for a few minutes to drink it, but it would replenish what she had probably lost until the drug wore off.

“I also need someone to pay for the cab fare, he’s waiting outside,” Xara said still holding on to Bri.

“No problem,” Aqat said as he walked away and sent a young Jedi out to take care of it.

End Part 5

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