The Milsian Princess – Part 15

The Milsian Princess

by AJ Marks

Part 15

“Close blast shields, launch all vipers,” Adama ordered.

He watched the orders relayed to the rest of the bridge crew. They were all battle-harden veterans who went about their orders without question. Adama knew he could trust them all to do their duty.

“In weapons range,” Tigh said.

“Open fire,” Adama said glancing at the screen to see the vipers launching. The Galactica rocked slightly as the ships exchanged fire. Damage reports started filtering in quickly.

“Commander, we’re picking up transmissions from the surface,” Athena said.

“Put it through,” Adama said watching the monitor. The images reminded him of what happened to the colonies not that long ago. Cylon raiders swooped through the sky firing at will.

“Still no reports on the military,” one voice said.

“What’s that?” another voice said.

Adama watched as the camera zoomed in on a Cylon raider and shortly behind it a white sleek shape. Adama recognized it right away even before it opened fire destroying the Cylon raider.

“I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” the first voice said as the camera followed as the viper destroyed the other two Cylon raiders.

The Galactica rocked slightly indicating another hit. Adama returned his attention back to the fight at hand.

“Pattern Alpha,” Adama ordered knowing it would bring the Galactica’s main weapon systems to bear.

“Sally, we’re getting reports of an unknown warship engaging the Cylons,” the voice said from the monitor. Adama glanced as the scene from the destruction of the city was replaced to one of space. It seemed surreal to him watching the Galactica firing on the basestar. “We don’t know where this ship came from as it doesn’t appear to be either Milsian or Alliance.”

Adama blinked slightly as he watched the Galactica be hit and felt the hit at the same time. It also gave him a unique perception on the battle.

“Damage to alpha landing bay,” Tigh stated.

“What about the raiders?” Adama asked.

“Our warriors are taking them by surprise,” Tigh said. “Apollo states the raiders have already taken heavy losses.”

“Good, take us straight in to point blank range,” Adama said. He wanted to end the engagement quickly.


Mark watched from his command chair as they approached Pacifica. The Cylon basestar was now leaving orbit on the far side.

“Captain, incoming message from Admiral Pappas,” Kim said.

“Put it up here,” Mark said as Corey’s face appeared on the monitor. “Hey old man, thought you might need some help.”

“You want to tell me what’s going on, I’ve got half dozen planets in chaos right now with reports of Cylons and Milsians attacking each other and the planet and nothing makes any sense,” Corey said.

“Yeah, the Milsian fleets are attacking the Cylons who are attacking the Alliance,” Mark replied.

“And why are the Cylons attacking us?” Corey asked.

“Because they are a race of machines who want to destroy all humankind,” Mark replied honestly. “Commander Adama was right about them, good thing I listened.”

“And the Milsians?”

Mark started to answer when Kim interrupted him.

“Getting a report from Admiral Junkers, the Cylon basestar at New Asia had been destroyed, they are heading back, their losses were light, one destroyer,” Kim reported to him.

“Good,” Mark replied turning back to Admiral Pappas. “Well, the order was to head out destroy the basestars and return to Milsian space.”

“What about Sahara? Who is there? I don’t recognize those fighters or that ship,” Corey replied.

“The Galactica, the Colonials that the Cylons are chasing, who they almost destroyed,” Mark said.

“This has been very confusing,” Corey replied looking like he wanted to say more but was cut off by an aide. Mark watched for second before Corey looked back at him. “I’ll talk to you later, I have the President on the line now, probably as confused as I am.”

“Yes sir, I’m also to relay that Empress Crystal Milsian and Commander Adama wish to talk to him. There is a lot to discuss still.”

“I’ll relay it,” Corey replied.


Crystal looked out the window looking at the ships in orbit around the planet. She could make out several Alliance ships, the form of the Galactica and a few Milsian warships. She turned to see Mark walk up to her.

“We’re here,” he told her.

“I know, a sight I never thought I wanted to see, or dreamed of,” Crystal stated.

“It does seem unrealistic,” Mark said.

“If we hadn’t acted it wouldn’t be here,” Crystal replied. The first fleet had almost arrived too late. They had burned out a dozen jump-engines getting here on time and lost one destroyer by pushing too hard. Now those same ships were orbiting the Alliance planet, Corestar. The Milian fleet had lost a dozen warships in the offensive against the Cylons. Crystal hoped their sacrifice would be enough to bolster at least a cordial welcome by the Alliance.

“John’s waiting to take you down, and I’ll be right beside you,” Mark said.

“I guess we go meet the locals,” another voice said. Crystal turned to see Amy Barnes standing there. She represented Serria which had broken away from the Alliance after it had been liberated from Milsian rule. “My dad will be waiting for us, don’t worry he is a good listener. I’ve also been told that Senator Agnot has been placed under arrest for being a Milsian agent.”

Crystal nodded having received that information from her aides.

“Seems like the Alliance wants to place him on trial for his working with the Cylons and putting us in such a venerable situation,” Mark said.

“It will be an interesting meeting that’s for sure,” Amy said.


Adama looked on in the meeting room watching as Amy walked in. He looked around as there were several senators in the room already. Beside him sat Uri and on the other side Apollo and Starbuck.

The doors opened again as Crystal and Mark walked into the room followed by another man. Behind them an older man walked in who looked weary from everything that had happened over the past day or two.

Everyone sat down around the table with the older man at the head. Adama figured he was President Winerich.

“Thank you all for coming here, I know it’s strange for some of you to be here. I’m President Eric Winerich,” the man said confirming Adama’s suspicion.

The group went around introducing themselves. Adama recognized Senator Barnes’ name and saw some resemblance with Amy on the opposite side of the table. Adama counted three other senators, and another admiral for the Alliance. The Milsian Empire had Empress Crystal and one aide along with Admiral Junkers and Adama felt that Mark was on Crystal’s side.   Once that finished Eric took over control of the meeting again.

“Perhaps someone here can tell me exactly what happened?” Eric said.

“It’s simple,” the Alliance admiral said. Adama recalled his name as Corey. “Thanks to a lie by Baltar, the Cylons were able to use our war against the Milsians to set up their ships for a deadly strike against us.”

“In fact, we wouldn’t even be here if the Milsians had not attacked their own pilot when the Nevada went to investigate Serria,” Mark said.

Adama sat back slightly listening as Mark relayed the story on what happened on the Milsian side. He began to realize how lucky they all were by the fact that Crystal survived that attack. He heard about the strange e-mail that Mark received to investigate the Galactica and her fleet.

“I still don’t know who sent it,” Mark said.

“I did,” a voice said causing them all to look towards the corner of the room. Adama blinked in shock seeing a child standing there. She appeared to be five or six years old.

“Um, sorry, but this is a private meeting,” Eric said.

“I know, but I’m Sara, a clone of Crystal and Emperor Tony’s daughter,” she said rolling her eyes when she said daughter.

Adama watched the girl walk over and sit down almost unimpressed with what Eric had told her. He looked over at Crystal who appeared slightly in shock at what Sara had said.

“I sent the message, and several others,” Sara said again.

“Um, if you’re Tony’s daughter then how did you get here?” Crystal finally asked.

“Hitched a ride on the Nevada,” Sara said logically as if that explained everything. Mark looked over at Crystal who simply stared in shock at Sara.

“Um, you stowed away on board an Alliance battle-cruiser, that’s a crime,” Eric said. “In fact you shouldn’t even be here.”

“Please, you needed me here,” Sara said ignoring what the President said. “And if you really didn’t want people on board you would have made it harder.”

Adama looked over at Mark who still held a befuddled expression on his face at the comment. Adama knew that boarding the Galactica would actually be easy.   The Galactica had a lot of people and children that would make it easy for a stowaway to come aboard.

“How were you not seen?” Mark finally asked.

“Simple, I went to places where people don’t look,” Sara said as if it was the most logical answer.

“The same way I could launch a fighter in a crowded hanger bay,” Crystal said. “You know some of my abilities?”

“Yes,” Sara said. “I also have some of your memories, but modified by my ‘father’ in ways he probably wished he had not.”

Adama sat back wondering what might happen next. He glanced across the room taking in the befuddled expressions on everyone’s faces at the fact a child had now entered the discussion.

“Simply put, I know more about what’s going on here than anyone else in the room,” Sara said boldly. Her statement shocking the room.

“And what would that be?” Eric asked. Adama had the feeling the man was lost and trying to regain some control.

“I hacked into my father’s computer, saw the intel from the Cylons and understood what he was before anyone else did. Several high level senators were ordered to work with Baltar to ensure the Cylons could destroy the Alliance,” Sara said.

“Are you saying the Milsian Emperor wanted the Cylons to destroy the Alliance?” Adama asked, a bit shocked at the inability of the man to understand the danger of the order.

“Yes, he always lacked foresight,” Sara said. “I never trusted Baltar, or his words. Something about his story did not make sense. So I sent the Nevada to find the Galactica, the quickest way to find the truth. I did not anticipate the Cylons attacking the Galactica at that time.”

Adama recalled the attack, it forced the two to work together.

“But that worked out for the best,” Mark said. “Without that attack, I would have never been forced to work closely with Commander Adama.”

“By ignoring a direct order,” Eric said, sounding a bit perturbed by it.

“And if he hadn’t, the Cylons would have destroyed our planets,” Corey said.

“We lost a lot of good people protecting you from a bad position,” Junkers said.

“A position you placed us in,” Eric said.

“I think,” Adama said, speaking up loudly knowing where the conversation would head and wanting to refocus the conversation, “we have a unique chance here. The threat of the Cylons is not over. They will continue to attack you. There will be no negotiation like we have here.”

“And how do you know?” Eric asked.

“Because the one negotiation I was a part of, ended in the destruction of twelve of my worlds, the destruction of our fleet, and the almost total destruction of my people,” Adama said.

“We were there,” Apollo said. “It’s not something you forget, seeing entire planets in flames.”

“No option but to flee,” Adama said.

“You must attack, never let up,” Uri said, surprising Adama.

“I am willing to form an alliance over this,” Crystal said. “This new enemy is more dangerous than anything else we have ever faced. Can we afford to not fight together.”

Her words silenced the room as they all thought about it. Deep inside they all knew the truth, they had to work together.

“Then I suggest, we plan on a way we call all work together,” Sara said.

The End.

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