The Milsian Princess – Part 14

The Milsian Princess

by AJ Marks

Part 14

Apollo waited for the communication to the Galactica to connect and his father’s face to appear on the screen. He had learned quite a bit in the meeting and felt slightly relieved that at least a few people understood the tremendous problem of having Cylon basestars around populated human planets. If the Cylons attacked now billions would lose their lives.

“Apollo, what’s the news?” Adama said appearing on the screen.

“Its mixed,” Apollo replied honestly. “It appears Baltar has managed to work in way into the Alliance. He somehow managed to convince the Alliance into a military alliance, we’re working on locating which planets have basestars around them.”

“I see, how many basestars?” Adama asked.

“Anywhere from six to eight it’s hard to say,” Apollo replied knowing that such numbers would be difficult for the Galactica to defend against. He watched his father think about that for several moments.

“Inform them if they need the Galactica’s help we’ll be there,” Adama finally said surprising Apollo slightly. He knew how stretched they were for supplies that to provide help could cause the risk of running out of supplies and fuel before any new supplies could be made.

“I’ll let them know when we meet again,” Apollo replied.

“Good, what else is going on?” Adama asked.

“Well, there is a lot of tension between the Alliance and the Milsian Empire. However I think we expected to hear that,” Apollo stated. The two empires were at war and from what Apollo heard had been for quite some time.

“Yes, I can understand that,” Adama said. “Are they at least willing to work with each other?”

“Some more than others, it’ll take time,” Apollo answered.

“Time we might not have,” Adama said.

“I think the group we’re going to have the biggest problem with is the Alliance not the Milsian Empire. From what I’ve seen the Empress holds almost all the power and she believes in stopping the Cylons now,” Apollo stated recalling how Crystal spoke of acting quickly to neutralize any Cylon threat to both empires.

“Then we have an ally in the Milsian Empire yet the group that I would have thought been easier to work with is now working with the enemy,” Adama stated.

“Looks like it,” Apollo replied. He realized the lines of who they could trust and who they could not were extremely blurred.

“Captain Apollo, they are meeting again,” a young woman said walking up to him.

“Well, more meetings, I’ll tell you more later then,” Apollo said.

“I’ll look forward to it,” Adama said.

Apollo followed the young woman back to the meeting room.


Crystal sat down watching Captain Apollo come in and sit down followed shortly by several others.

“Thank you all for coming back so quickly,” Crystal said, turning slightly to Issin, the person who led the spies in the Alliance. “You have some information?”

“Yes, it seems like our upper spies are already heavily influenced by Baltar. I’ve had to cut them off for now. Our lower spies in the military and government system do not trust the Cylons.”

“What do you mean influenced by Baltar?” Mark asked speaking up quickly.

“It appears that they have formed an alliance with him. Baltar has used our upper spies to great effect in weakening the Alliance military which is their goal,” Issin said.

“Do we have a list of which planets?” Crystal asked turning the conversation back to the important information at hand.

“Yes, Corestar, Pacifica, Sahara, New America, New Europe, New Asia and Ursa,” Issin said.

Crystal looked over at Mark who seemed slightly pale.

“If they wipe out those planets the Alliance would never recover. Ursaa has the smallest population at six hundred million and Corestar has over ten billion,” Mark said. “Our production, economic, and military centers would all be gone.”

“Then we’ll have to make sure the attacks don’t happen,” Crystal said. “Which are the most important?”

“Corestar, New Asia and New America,” Mark replied. “Pacifica will never be defenseless.”

“Then that’s where we should concentrate,” Crystal said turning towards Apollo. “I assume the Cylons won’t stand still for much longer?”

“I’m not sure,” Apollo replied. “Under Baltar they could do anything. They used him to destroy the colonies, so if they’ve learned anything its patience. But if they think the opportunity is right they will attack.”

“What is the status of the Alliance military?” Crystal asked.

“Well, my contacts state its massing along our border in ‘defensive’ positions,” Issin replied. Crystal had no doubts what he thought about the defensive positions.

“We’ll need their help,” Crystal said.

“I think the Nevada could help out there,” Mark said.

“And the Galactica,” Apollo spoke up.

“I highly doubt they will stop to talk if Milsian ships suddenly appear in their space,’ Mark said.

“And our ships will defend ourselves if attacked,” Otto replied back.

“Where are our fleets?” Crystal asked. She sat back slightly while Admiral Junkers pointed out the fleet positions. Crystal knew little about fleet movements then asked to put the planets where the Cylon basestars were on the screen next.

“As you can see, all the major Mislian fleets are located around homeworld, the Fourth Fleet is located at Nebir,” Otto said. “The Fifth Fleet is scattered among the remaining colony worlds for defense. We believe that the Alliance fleets are massing around Vernada and New Zeus for something.”

“Pull the Fifth Fleet together and prepare the Fourth as well. We’ll send in the First, Second and Third to the three important planets to attack the basestars,” Crystal said.

“That won’t look good, and to the most heavily defended planets in the Alliance,” Otto said.

“No, remember the Alliance has pulled their ships out of those planets defenses,” Mark said. “They are almost completely defenseless against any attack.”

“Make the preparations to head in at once, gather up the other fleets in preparation to attack as well in case Mark cannot persuade the Alliance military of the threat the Cylons pose,” Crystal said.

“And if the Alliance attacks us?” Otto finally asked.

“We’ll sacrifice them for the sake of all of humanity,” Crystal finally stated after thinking about it. A hard choice for her to make but she realized one thing and realized she would have to explain when looking at the admirals and generals seated around the table. “The Alliance will not kill everyone, they will conquer. The Cylons will kill us all and in that there is a huge difference.”

“She’s right,” Apollo said. “As long as the colony remains you can get it back, and neither of you strike me as commanders who will completely destroy a colony or planet.”

Crystal glanced around the room watching everyone thinking about that. Finally Otto spoke up.

“I think we all understand that, it goes against everything we’ve trained for,” he said.

“I know, I grew up wanting to liberate the Alliance, but I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of days. It’s time to grow up past that. I’m not saying to suddenly be the Alliance’s friend but there are forces out there that will require all of us to defeat,” Crystal said.

“If you both fall then everything you’ve worked for is for nothing,” Apollo said.

“Very well Empress, I’ll inform the captains and we’ll get moving,” Otto said.

“I should get back to the Galactica. Commander Adama will probably want to help out, we might be able to either go to the alliance fleet or head to another planet,” Apollo said.

“We’ll work on that as plans develop,” Otto said.

“I’ll head on back and see about convincing the admiralty about the dangers of the Cylons,” Mark said.

“Let’s get moving then, time could be against us,” Crystal said. She watched the admirals and generals walk out. Most looked anything but happy but once the Cylons were wiped out they could go back to hating the Alliance.


Adama sat listening to Apollo. It sounded like the new Empress took the threat of the Cylons seriously. He felt slightly relieved at that but knew the situation now was dire. If the Cylons attacked now it would cripple the Alliance and quite possibly any chance of defeating the Cylons.

He thought about what he might be able to do of even if he should try and talk to an Alliance fleet. It might be easier to attack one of the Cylon basestars.

“What do you think Apollo?” he finally asked.

“It looks like everything is headed for a showdown,” Apollo said.

Adama had to agree. Forces had lined up and were now moving towards an inevitable clash. The question he asked himself was where would the Galactica do the most good.

“Thanks, I’ll think about this for a few microns,” Adama said.

“Everything going all right here?” Apollo asked.

“Yes, so far, the new government of Serria has been very welcoming,” Adama said.

“Commander to the bridge,” Tigh’s voice said suddenly.

Adama sighed wondering what had happened this time. He stood and along with Apollo made his way to the bridge.

Adama stepped onto the bridge heading straight towards Tigh.

“Three ships just came into scanner range, traveling very fast,” Tigh said.

“Alliance ships?” Adama stated.

“Quite possibly,” Tigh replied.

“Do we have Governor Amy on the line, or someone from the surface?” Adama asked. If it really was the Alliance anyone from Serria would help out tremendously.

“Getting a message from the incoming ships,” Athena said.

“Put it through,” Adama said wondering what they would want. He had hoped whatever the Alliance ships wanted it would not involve him. Now that thought was dashed.

“Unknown ships, you are to surrender to the Alliance at once and prepare to be boarded,” the authoritative voice said.

Adama looked over to Tigh who seemed to have the same look on his face, astonished surprise.

“This is Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica, who are you?” Adama replied hoping to buy some time before answering.

“Captain Nathan Sorm of the Alliance battle-cruiser Bismarck. We are in charge here not you.”

“I disagree with that statement,” another female voice said breaking into the conversation. Adama recognized the voice at once as Amy Barnes.

“The Alliance does not recognize your authority here,” Nathan replied. “The Second Alliance fleet will be here shortly and you will be outnumbered. We have authority to take back the government by force if necessary.”

“You’ve made a deal with the Cylons,” Adama said remembering what Apollo had said.

“That is no concern of yours,” Nathan replied.

“Actually it is, they will destroy you,” Adama replied. “I don’t know what you’ve been told, but they are not friends of humankind.”

“Baltar said you’d use any means to distract us,” Nathan replied.

“And Baltar has manipulated you very well,” Amy said. “You might question your orders a bit more, or are you brainless as well?”

“Incoming ship, Alliance,” Athena said.

Adama groaned slightly wondering what else would happen now.

“This is Captain Mark Cave of the Alliance battle-cruiser Nevada to Captain Sorm.”

“The traitor shows up,’ Nathan replied.

“I request to speak with your commanding officer at once,” Mark said.

“He will not speak with traitors,” Sorm said. “If you will not surrender we will destroy you.”

Adama sighed in frustration at the situation. The communications suddenly went dead leaving Amy and Mark still on the line.

“What happened?” Mark asked.

“It appears that the Second Fleet is on the way here,” Amy said speaking up.

“Great,” Mark said.

“Commander, Alliance ship is powering up, we have a confirmed fighter launch,” Athena said.

“Red alert, close blast shields,” Adama said. “Prepare to launch all vipers.”

The very thing he wanted to avoid now appeared to be happening.

“Nevada is maneuvering into defensive position around the planet with us,” Athena said.

“Captain Sorm, you’re making a mistake, think about it, the Cylons are in a position to destroy our most important planets,” Adama heard Mark say. “Corestar, New America, New Asia, Sahara, come on man, think about it!”

“More ships on the scanner, looks like a fleet,” Athena said.

Adama nodded knowing that things were getting bad. The Galactica rocked slightly as the fighters begin attacking the battlestar.

“Launch vipers, try and minimize causalities,” he said. “But all pilots have permission to fire.”

“Nevada launching fighters as well,” Tigh said.

Adama shook his head. A full-scale war had erupted. He only hoped reason would finally override the emotions by the Alliance commanders.

“Commander, incoming message,” Athena said.

“Put it up here.”


“Empress,” a young aide said walking up to Crystal.

“Yes,” Crystal replied wondering what happened. The aide appeared slightly out of breath.

“Report from the Alliance battle-cruiser Nevada, it and the Galactica are engaged with the Second Fleet of the Alliance,” he said.

Crystal nodded her head knowing the information was not good. They hoped Mark would be able to convince the Alliance of the threat of the Cylons. Now instead it appeared everything was fracturing apart before it could be bonded together.

“Empress, are you sure about this? I mean invading the Alliance when we’re so weak?” the aide asked.

Crystal thought about that but knew the answer to the question. “Yes, the Cylons pose that great of a threat to us. If they are not eliminated then we all will lose.”

“You do realize how the Alliance will react when our fleet appears in their space.”

“Yes, and I fully expect a counter-strike. But as Captain Apollo stated, we can regain our territory. The Alliance will not kill or eliminate the planet’s population,” Crystal said.

She watched the aide struggle with that, something she had struggled with as well. Being the Empress was a scary situation she had been placed in. Now she had to quickly go from a fighter pilot to total control.

“It might put your position in question by the people,” the aide said. “They might think that you are working for the Alliance.”

“Then we must begin telling the people about the danger of the Cylons,” Crystal stated.

Crystal looked up as another person walked into the office.

“Empress, a new report, the Cylon basestars are all in position around the Alliance planets. I also have information about all Alliance fleets,” the man said.

“Go on,” Crystal said.

“The Second fleet is currently on route to Serria, the First is located close to our base in sector ten, the Third is orbiting the Alliance advanced base of Betlan, the Fourth fleet is at the small base of Vier and the Fifth fleet is assembling at Dorgin with orders to head to reinforce Serria,” the man said.

“And our fleets?” Crystal said.

“All fleets have been assembled on your orders.”

Crystal stood and looked out the window at the information. The news of where the Alliance fleets were disturbed her greatly. She felt the pressure of command and longed for the simple times when she flew a fighter. It seemed like such a long time ago in her mind. Now she had quite possibly the most important decision to make not only for the Milsian Empire, but all humanity. Surprisingly she made it easily.


“Report,” Baltar said hoping to hear good news finally.

“All basestar commanders are in position. Only here are there any large groups of warships and there are no large battlestar size ships. Our fighters should be able to take care of them easily,” Lucifer stated.

“And the Galactica?” Baltar asked. He felt nervous about the fact Adama could still ruin his plans.

“The Galctica is currently engaging an Alliance fleet,” Lucifer said.

“Good, good, tell all commanders to begin the preparation for the assault,” Baltar said.

“By your command,” Lucifer replied.

Baltar watched Lucifer head out to carry out the command. He would deal this Alliance a death blow then turn on the warfleets of both sides. The Alliance would not be able to produce warships and with seven of their major planets destroyed the Alliance would fall easily to his forces.

Then without any additional support he could turn his fleet on the Galactica and rip it apart. A smile came to his lips at that thought. Victory was within his grasp and all he had to do was reach out and take it.


Admiral Corey Pappas rushed towards the command center when the alert sounded. Inside the room he noticed a lot of very anxious faces.

“What’s the status?” Corey asked.

“We have conflicting reports coming in from several planets calling out distress signals.”

“Milsian invasion?” Corey asked.

“Unclear sir, there are Milsian ships but we’re also getting conflicting reports about the Cylons,” the aide replied. Corey frowned wondering about what might have happened.

“Can we contact Baltar to see what’s going on?” Corey asked. He wanted to get to the bottom of whatever was happening and he figured the best way was to contact the source.

“The Cylons are not responding sir.”

Corey glanced at the reports seeing that there appeared to be large battles going on around Corestar, New Asia and New America. If the reports were accurate then something big was happening. He doubted that it was the Milsian’s invading. They had never done anything so big and leave their own planets defenseless.

“Um sir, report from Sahara, the Cylons are attacking them.”

“What!” Corey said as the realization of what he had been told crashed down upon him. “Damn, I knew it was a mistake listening to those damn senators and trusting the Cylons.”

Corey looked down at the scanner bringing up where each of the Cylons basestars were stationed. Sure enough every place was reporting that they were under attack except for Pacifica. He suddenly felt uneasy.

“Put all ships on alert, keep a close eye on the Cylon warship,” Corey said still looking down at the scanner.

He looked realizing that there were seven planets with Cylon warships orbiting them including Pacifica. Of those five were also reporting Milsian ships which appeared to be in conflict with the Cylon ships. Only Sahara reported Cylon attacks. He also had no way to send any ships to help.

“Admiral, the Galactic Web has erupted with these reports, it’s not looking pretty. Sahara is under attack,” one aide said.

“Put it up here,” Corey said. He watched the screen flicker to life with a news cast.

“…not sure, only they began attacking…” the image went fuzzy before coming back. “Widespread destruction, and no idea where the military is.”

“Can we get anything there?” Corey asked.

“The Fourth is closest but still too far away to help out.”

Corey felt sick.

“Sir, incoming ships, it’s the second fleet, and we’re getting a message from the Nevada.”

End Part 14

Continued in part 15

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