Princess Elsa – Part 8

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 8

Elsa checked her phone again seeing nothing and felt slightly disappointed. Lynn should have arrived by now as they sat down to eat. They had gone out to eat at a fancy place, or so Rapunzel said, it was supposed to have some great food.

Placing her phone back into her pocket she listened as the others talked about what happened over the course of the day. They would be here for another three days. It felt different the moment Lynn left, as if she lost a friend, a friend she never knew she even had before. Sure, Anna and Rapunzel were there, but now she understood the term third wheel and hoped Lynn hadn’t felt that way.

Ordering their food her phone buzzed causing her to quickly take it out and saw the short message from Lynn.

Made it back, everything fine.

Elsa felt a wave of happiness flow though her at the few words on the screen before quickly typing back a reply.

That’s good, how was the flight? Did your luggage make it back? Went to the geyser basin again, saw a few erupt which didn’t when you were there, have both photos and videos for you.

She sent the reply and then waited. To her surprise the reply came right back.

Luggage arrived on time as well. Can’t wait to see the pics, any with you in it?

Elsa read the reply and silently facepalmed as she hasn’t even thought of that.

No, will do that tomorrow though.

Okay, well about to arrive back at my apartment, ugh, not looking forward to this, its only for a night though.

Elsa frowned then recalled what had happened, her ex had cheated on her with her roommate, who was already seeing someone else, and everything seemed to explode after that.

Good luck.

Elsa looked up to see their food arrive.

“So, how’s Lynn?” Anna asked.

“Made it back all right, she’s not looking forward to seeing her roommate, and she’s moving tomorrow,” Elsa said.

“Does she have help?” Kristoff asked.

“A few friends,” Elsa replied back, recalling the conversations they had about it. “She’s moving across campus.”

“Hang on, you know her address?” Kristoff asked.

“I can get it, why?” Elsa asked.

“I can get her some help to move,” Kristoff stated.

Elsa looked at Kristoff seeing only sincerity coming from him. This was the person Anna had fallen in love with. Elsa gave it some thought before agreeing it might be nice before sending off a text.


Lynn walked back into her apartment a bit surprised at the state it was in. Boxes were everywhere but even as she entered she heard voices in what appeared to be an argument even as Hans and Brea stepped in as well.

“Oh boy,” Lynn said, looking at the other two.

They stepped back as two angry people moved into view.

“You don’t listen, never have,” Mary shouted at her boyfriend, or was that ex-boyfriend, Lynn didn’t know.

“At least I didn’t cheat with some floozie,” Randy replied back, his six foot frame looking even bigger.

“She at least would notice me,” Mary said, stopping as she noticed Lynn and her friends standing there.

Lynn should have felt angry, or something, instead all she felt was weariness at the entire thing and wanted to get away from it all. Surprisingly Randy looked at her, flicked her off and stormed out.

“Well, that was different,” Hans stated. “Rude, but different.”

“Um, not sure what to say,” Mary said sitting down.

“Don’t,” Lynn said looking around again. “Moving out as well?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, getting away from it all,” Mary replied. “What about you?”

“Tomorrow,” Lynn answered. “Already have a place lined up.”

“Looks like Kris screwed us both over,” Mary finally said. “She was already seeing someone else as well.”

Lynn heard the words, and it should have hurt, but she found herself just not caring at all.

“Though, the rumor is she wants you back,” Mary said.

“She’s tried to text me every day so far,” Lynn replied. “I really have nothing left to say to her.”

“Just warning you, she’s crazy,” Mary said, disappearing into her bedroom.

“Great, a jealous ex who’s crazy,” Lynn said wondering if things couldn’t get more confusing. Then add in her new feeling for another person who happened to be the princess and things really got complex.

“Let me just unpack real quick,” Lynn said.

“All right, I’ll order some pizza,” Hans said, looking at her and Brea.

“Sounds good,” Brea stated.

Lynn headed to the back to unpack hearing the TV turn on and wondered if it was even worth unpacking only to repack it tomorrow and decided it was. She thought about the text Elsa had sent wondering about her address. She had replied with both her current one and the one she was going to. Pushing that though aside she made her way back to the main room to see Hans and Brea on the sofa.

“Pizza’s on its way,” he said.

“So, what did you eat?” Brea asked as Lynn sat down noticing the show, the most eligible people in the empire.

“Oh, a bit here and there,” Lynn said, “watched my budget.”

“And pictures?” Brea asked.

“Let me organize them,” she said, knowing she’d have to edit some out, especially a few of them.

“Generous? More like a pompous fool,” Hans said towards the TV causing them both to see an actor on the TV screen who they were talking about.

“What, Roger, he’s astronomical,” Brea stated.

“You would say that,” Hans replied.

“So, did you see them again?” Brea asked.

“See who?” Hans asked.

“The princesses?”

“What? You saw them?” Hans said. “Get their autographs?”

“No, and tried not to look for them,” Lynn said not saying anything about actually meeting them and hanging out with them. It just didn’t feel right, like it was something private she had over everyone else in the empire.

The pizza arrived and Lynn talked about the hotel, the hot tub, and the geothermal features on the planet.

“Still can’t believe you went by yourself,” Brea said. “I couldn’t do that.”

Lynn heard the TV announce number one, already knowing who it would be, Princess Elsa. The others looked on as well.

“Too bad you didn’t see her too much,” Brea said, even as Lynn’s mind went to a picture on her phone of Elsa in a very, skimpy bikini. And the fact she had done a lot more than that, like give her a massage, and kissed her while feeling up her breasts.

“You okay?” Hans asked.

“Um, yeah,” Lynn said.

“She’s just upset she missed out on a fantasy,” Brea said.

“She is graceful,” Lynn said. “And smart, intelligent, and drop dead gorgeous. Though I think the measurements are a bit off?”

“What do you mean?” Hans said. “Are you saying her breasts are not that big?”

“Um, actually, I think a bit bigger,” Lynn replied recalling the flesh in question.

“A lot of people have studied her figure, I think they would know,” Hans said.

“You know, that sound a bit creepy,” Brea stated.

“Well, she doesn’t show much, and had been, well, very conservative,” Hans said, sounding a bit disappointed.

“Anything out there on the web is fake,” Lynn said, wondering how much the internet would melt if she released her pictures. Elsa was trusting her tremendously allowing her to take those pictures.

“She is graceful, always graceful,” Hans said. “My fantasy, dating a princess. Though, really, I like Anna better.”

“She has red hair,” Brea said, they both knew his taste of women.

“Yep, but, she’s a married woman now, lucky bastard,” Hans said.

“Kristoff, he’s nice,” Lynn said without thinking, recalling his attitude. He also had been helpful in her overcoming her shyness around three princesses and her accepting to go with them, the best decision she had ever made.

“How’s your uncle handling this?’ Brea asked.

“He was okay with it, the new place is about the same as this one, so he wasn’t too worried, did ask if I thought Kris should be take out. I said no.”

“Might only cause trouble,” Hans said.

Lynn thought about it for a second, recalling how Kris was the niece of a powerful senator. That added another problem, she had used that to her advantage.

“Well, perhaps we should be careful as well,” Hans said.

“Yeah,” Lynn said, hoping her ex would just leave her alone.


Elsa flopped down on her bed having come back from the restaurant. She noticed that there were already people in the pool area, and really didn’t feel like going to the hot tub tonight with some new people.

Part of her still wished Lynn was still here, things were not the same without her. Elsa had grown accustomed to the dark-haired woman in the short amount of time. A knock on the door caused her to get up and allow Anna into the room.

“No hot tub tonight?” Anna asked.

“Nah, don’t feel like being social with a new group of people,” Elsa said.

“Ah, Kristoff said it was an older couple,” Anna stated. “We might go later on, we’ll see how things are going.”

“What about Rapunzel and Eugene?” Elsa asked.

“Oh, they are already in the hot tub,” Anna said. “Told them to probably not expect us to night.”

“Let them see how they are,” Elsa stated.

“We didn’t look before going the first time and Lynn was in there,” Anna said.

“Yeah, but she was our age, and didn’t seem that bad,” Elsa said recalling her first meeting with Lynn. She had dropped her phone.

“She was shocked,” Anna said.

“So shocked she dropped her phone,” Elsa said.

“Yeah, because of you,” Anna said, “she mentioned it to Eugene.”

Elsa took out a bottle of water and sat down listening to this. She wasn’t aware of that.

“So, how did she react to that swimsuit?” Anna asked. “Come on, tell me, after all I had to drag you to buy that. I think all my effort deserves to know the results.”

“Well, she liked it, if her reaction was anything,” Elsa replied, thinking back to only yesterday that it happened.

“And?” Anna asked.

“Well, we did kiss, or I kissed her,” Elsa said.

“This is getting better, do tell?” Anna said, hopping over to sit down next to Elsa on the sofa.

“Not much to tell, she said giver her some time to sort things out,” Elsa said watching as Anna folded her arms in annoyance at that. “Well, she did only break up with her ex a few days ago, and I made such a move, she probably wasn’t expecting me to do that.”

Anna still looked unconvinced as Elsa thought of something.

“And she wouldn’t have kissed me back this morning,” Elsa said.

“Oh, yeah, forgot about that,” Anna said, brightening up.

“She also didn’t want to be a one night stand,” Elsa said.

“Ah, didn’t want to be your experiment, interesting,” Anna stated causing Elsa to look confused. “It means she wants more than just sex. I take it she’s had sex?”

“Um, yeah, when she gave me a massage, which she was real good at, she said it was a code in high school,” Elsa said recalling the conversation. “It meant they wanted to have sex with her.”

“Oh, so she’s real experienced,” Anna stated.

“And I have none, with anything like this,” Elsa said, looking down at the floor. “I mean, what can I offer, its not like I’m a normal girl who can become a girlfriend.”

“You have a lot to offer, and I’m sure we can work out a way for you to see each other,” Anna said.

“I can’t really sneak out like you did,” Elsa said.

“I didn’t exactly go by the rules,” Anna said.

“I have to be better, especially for the future, people want to see me in a certain way,” Elsa said, feeling the pressure of her position once more and how it could have an effect on her dating.

“I think we can think of something between us,” Anna said with confidence.

Elsa wasn’t sure, but for now, she really had no idea what else to do.

“She at least is texting you, that’s a start, and a way to have fun,” Anna said.

With the look on her face, Elsa knew she was thinking of something.

End part 8

Continued in part 9

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