Princess Elsa – Part 7

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 7

Lynn paused looking at her phone, her last full day had gone very well. Elsa claiming to be a bit tired decided to head back and go to the hot tub, asking if Lynn wanted to go with her. She had to balance being alone with Elsa and seeing the geothermal features. She reasoned, she could always return, but being alone with Elsa in a hot tub, she would probably never get another chance.

She hadn’t texted her friends much the past two days. They had texted her, asking her how things were going and such. She said fine, sent a few pictures of her in various areas, always sure not to send any with the royalty in it.

Now, as she changed she felt slightly nervous, true she felt attracted to Elsa, who wouldn’t be. She was going to be alone with a princess. She had learned a lot about the princess over the past couple of days, including a bit of how lonely she was for real friendship. She had talked with Kristoff a bit and learned that Anna and Rapunzel were probably Elsa’s closest friends.

Making her way to the hot tub, she noticed Elsa wasn’t there yet, not unusual as she was the last one to arrive most times. Setting her stuff down, and her phone, she stepped into the water feeling the warmth. The door opened allowing Elsa to walk in wearing t-shirt as normal.

Lynn watched as Elsa placed her towel down then with her back turned took off her shirt. Lynn stopped breathing at the sight in front of her, glad she was already sitting. From her viewpoint Elsa appeared, well, nude. It took her a few seconds to realize she was wearing a bathing suit, sort of. She noticed the ‘string’ going over her shoulders, and forming a ‘Y’ down her back.

She turned around confirming what Lynn thought, the princess was wearing a sling bikini, from the front if looked more like a ‘V’ and barely covering anything while leaving the sides completely open.

If Lynn wasn’t sitting, she would have fallen down for sure as she watched Elsa walk towards the hot tub, a sway in her hips, something she couldn’t look away from. She had seen a lot of nude forms in high school, but this beat them all.

“You like?” Elsa asked, pausing at the edge of the hot tub and posed.

Lynn very much liked what she saw before finally managing to get a hold of her mental abilities.

“You’re flirting,” Lynn asked seeing a sudden deflated look on Elsa’s face.

“Am I not doing it right?” she asked. The confidence earlier was gone, a shy young woman now stood in front of her looking like she wanted to run.

“You’re doing it right, in fact probably too good,” Lynn said seeing Elsa brighten slightly and entered the water and sat down next to her. In a way Lynn felt a bit of disappointment she couldn’t see better under the water.

“Anna’s idea,” Elsa said suddenly.

“Ah, and you being tired?” Lynn asked.

“A way to get us both together alone,” Elsa replied honestly.

Lynn smiled at that, they were working to flirt with her, but for what? Of course just seeing Elsa in the swimsuit more than made up for it. She remained quiet for a couple of minutes thinking of a lot of things surprised when she found Elsa suddenly sitting on her lap and looking right at her.

Before she could even say anything she found herself being kissed. Lynn could only think of how soft Elsa’s lips were. She found herself quickly leading the kiss as the inexperience of the princess showed.

Lynn suddenly became aware of where her hands were and broke off the kiss. Her hands were under Elsa’s swimsuit cupping Elsa’s breasts acutely aware of how hard her nipples were.

She tried to figure out the emotions swirling around in her, a part of her wanted nothing more than to take the princess back to her room and ravish her all night long. Another part of her was confused and warred with her emotions of wanting and wanting some distance.

She felt Elsa got off her move away. Reaching out to grab her hand and stopped her. Elsa turned back around to look at her, and Lynn noticed that she hadn’t fixed her swimsuit and her breasts were completely exposed.

“You don’t feel the same,” Elsa said, looking down at the water.

“What? No, its just, its complicated,” Lynn said standing to wrap her arms around Elsa feeling the shorter woman tremble slightly and she realized how big of a step this had been for the princess.

“Complicated, how? I thought it was simple?”

“I don’t want some roll in the hay, or one night stand anymore,” Lynn said. “I don’t do those anymore. It was fun in high school but now I want someone who will be there, a long term relationship. I thought I had that with Kris, and she stabbed me in the heart. It’s still healing.”

She remained quiet for a few more seconds trying to get her own emotions under control.

“I don’t know what you’re looking for either,” Lynn said. “Am I just an experiment to you?”

“I, I don’t know,” Elsa said finally as well laying her head on Lynn’s shoulders. “I never felt this before, a desire for you.”

Lynn’s heart skipped a beat at hearing that. The princess wanted her.

“I didn’t think how you might feel, after everything you went though so recently,” Elsa said to her.

“Well, to be honest, with you around I haven’t thought about my ex too much,” Lynn said. She had been happy, much happier than she had expected. “I know, I’d love to get to know you better, in a more proper way.”

“Really?” Elsa asked, looking up so Lynn could look into the blue eyes.

“Yeah,” Lynn said, then took a chance and gave Elsa a slight kiss.

“I think I could enjoy that,” Elsa replied after they broke apart.

“Just one more thing?” Lynn said.


“Straighten your swimsuit.”

She watched Elsa look down then blushed as she straightened her suit out covering herself up.

“Better?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Lynn said as they sat down again.

“So, you really liked what you saw?”

“The fact I asked you to cover yourself should tell you everything,” Lynn said, recalling how soft those breasts felt in her hands but decided not to say anything about that. “But, yes, very much so.”

“I think my hips are too wide,” Elsa suddenly said, standing up on the step so she was almost completely out of the water. “See,” she said, turning slightly back and forth.

Lynn now was presented with a full view of the princess’ lower half and barely covered most private parts. All she had to do was reach out and touch her but managed to restrain herself knowing what was behind that blue fabric.

“Um, I don’t think so, its very nice,” Lynn finally managed to squeak out.

“And my breasts are not the same size?” she said causing Lynn to cough this time.

“Ah, didn’t notice,” Lynn finally said but looked as Elsa had dropped down and now stood in front of her hefting both breasts. To Lynn they appeared the same size.

Standing up as well, Lynn seized Elsa’s hands stopping their actions.

“You really have no idea the effect you have on others,” Lynn stated seeing a confused, innocent look from the blue eyes. “No, you don’t.”

This was another aspect of what was going on. She didn’t want to be a no one for the princess.

“Let me put I this way, I’m so glad I’m not a guy right now,” Lynn said.

“Oh, why not?” Elsa asked confusion in her voice.

Lynn mentally smacked her forehead at how innocent Elsa really was.

“Well, I’d have a hard time hiding my excitement,” Lynn finally said seeing Elsa’s eyes widen.

“Oh, you mean, I heard about that. It really happens?” she asked.

“Yep,” Lynn said watching Elsa’s face go from a shock to a slight giggle.

“Is that why they walk funny at times?” Elsa asked causing Lynn to almost choke before laughing at that.

“Ah, well, I don’t know,” she finally said sitting down again.

They remained quiet for a bit longer as Lynn reviewed everything which happened.

“I’m sorry,” Elsa finally said.

“What?” Lynn asked.

“I forced it, sorry,” she repeated looking a bit down.

“I’m not,” Lynn said as she looked over at Elsa. “In fact, I’d like one thing.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Elsa asked.

“A picture of you, in that swimsuit, with your hair down,” Lynn replied watching Elsa’s facial expression.

“Hmm” Elsa said looking as if she was giving it some thought. “Only if I get you in a picture of your swimsuit as well.”

The request caught Lynn by surprise but agreed. It felt odd, but she relaxed a bit, as Elsa leaned back as well. Taking a chance, Lynn wrapped an arm around her noticing that it actually felt nice, just to sit and hold someone.

“You have to go back tomorrow?” Elsa asked.

“Yeah, have to get ready for my last semester,” Lynn replied. “I have one more class to take, its either that or wait until the end of the year to graduate, and I’d rather not wait that long. Also, the prize only lasted this long and I can’t really afford such a place on my own.”

“Well, I think we’ll miss you,” Elsa said. “I’ll miss having you around.”

“You’ll have to send me some pictures of where you go the rest of your trip,” Lynn said with a smile.

“I think we can do that,” Elsa replied, then stood. “But I’d rather get my picture now.”

Lynn took in Elsa’s appearance and decided she was right, quickly gathering up their stuff and headed back to Elsa’s room.


Lynn watched as the porter took her bags down to the waiting taxi which Elsa had called for her to take her back to the space port. Now she stood before three princess, and two guys who she had gotten to know over the course of a couple of days.

She got a hug from everyone, including Kristoff and Eugene, who wished her the best. Rapunzel had been interesting, but was the one she had gotten to know the least of the three, mostly because Lynn had spent all her time mostly with Elsa instead.

“Thanks for humoring my sister,” Anna whispered to Lynn as they hugged.

“Actually, I thought the opposite,” Lynn replied back to her and saw a slight smile and a mischievous look in those blue eyes which were similar to Elsa’s.

Finally Lynn stood in front of Elsa, not really wanting to go. She noticed Elsa fidgeting slightly with her fingers.

“You’ve got my number?” Lynn asked.

“Yeah,” Elsa said looking up a bit. “You’ll let me know you arrived back safely?”

“Of course,” Lynn replied, knowing that Elsa sounded like a mother, but she was only worried about her safety. It felt nice in a way, and something Kris had never done. It was a whim of a thought but she acted on it.

Taking Elsa in her arms, she quickly kissed her, bending her slightly like one might see in romance movies.

Straightening back up she looked into the blue eyes which were shocked and happy at the same time.

“Couldn’t go away without a proper parting kiss,” Lynn said, knowing it was a bit cheesy of a line but tried it anyways.

A slight clearing of the throat reminded them they were not alone, causing Elsa to blush a deep red which Lynn thought was really cute.

“Better get going so you don’t miss your flight,” Anna said speaking up.

“Thanks for having me along,’ Lynn finally said moving to the doorway.

“I think we’ll see each other again, that’s a promise,” Elsa said to her walking her to the door and then down to the elevator.

Lynn felt her heart flip flop at that thought.

“I’d like that as well,” Lynn finally said.

The elevator opened and she had to go in, with one last wave at the group and Elsa the door closed and headed down. Flicking on her phone she quickly flipped to one of the photos she had taken yesterday. Looking at it felt add, just knowing she had seen this live, had been the one to take the picture and there was nothing like it on the web that wasn’t fake.

Hans would go ballistic if he found out.

She wondered what might happen next. They had agreed to take it slow, allowing Lynn to concentrate on graduating. She hoped it might grow but wasn’t going to push and she had a feeling if anyone was going to push the relationship, it would be Elsa. It would be an interesting summer.

End part 7

Continued in part 8

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