Princess Elsa – Part 9

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 9

Lynn made her way to the door to see a couple of her friends standing there, Hans and Brea. Jessica was out of town today.

“Hey, glad you could make it,” Lynn said to them, allowing them inside. She had spent her morning packing things up.

“Well, friends stick to each other,” Hans said. “Jessica isn’t coming over?”

“She’s out of town, visiting her parents,” Lynn stated.

“Oh, right, thought she was coming back soon,” he said.

“Today, or more like tonight,” Lynn stated.

“Then we can have a get together and break in your new place,” Brea said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Lynn said.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t take long,” Hans stated.

“Shouldn’t, only have a few things,” Lynn stated. “Most of its packed and in the bedroom, no furniture, except that couch.”

“Oh yeah, that thing,” Hans said, looking at the three of them. “Guess the three of us can do that.”

Lynn hoped so, the last thing she wanted to do was call for more help, like from Mary who seemed to have her own agenda. She felt glad she had a fully furnished condo already. Her new place had a pretty similar set up.

They started to move boxes to Han’s truck when another, larger truck pulled up and two guys hopped out. Lynn figured they were there to help Mary and looked on watching as one appeared to be about six and a half feet tall and quite muscular.

However, they walked up and seemed to focus on her instead of anyone else.

“You Lynn?” the shorter one asked with blond hair.

“Um, yeah,” Lynn replied unsure what was going on.

“I’m Olaf, this bug guy here is Percy, but we call him Marshmallow,” Olaf said to her before leaning closer to her so only she could hear. “We’re friends of Kristoff. He asked if we could help you out.”

Lynn’s mind took a second to connect the dots before she realized what had happened.

“Yeah, thanks,” Lynn said leading them inside the apartment. “I actually don’t have much, the largest is that couch.”

“Ah, we can take that easily,” Olaf said as Hans and Brea walked out of the bedroom with some boxes.

“Some friends, well friends of a friend,” Lynn said as Olaf and Percy, or Marshmallow, took the sofa, heaved it up and began taking it out to the truck.

“Where did they come from?” Brea asked suddenly real close to her. “And the tall one, who is he?”

“He’s Percy, well actually he said to call him Marshmallow,” Lynn stated watching as Brea leaned slightly to look back outside.

“Whoever they are, I’m glad,” Hans said. “Wasn’t looking forward to lifting that thing with you two.”

Lynn thought about saying something else but decided against it, instead she moved back into the bedroom picking out another box and heading to one of the trucks to load up. With the additional vehicle they probably would only have to take one trip. Walking back out she headed to Han’s truck and noticed that Brea was trying to ‘help’ the other two.

“I see Brea found someone she likes,” Lynn said.

“Yeah, some sort of height fixation on that girl,” Hans replied back to her.

Lynn looked back noticing it seemed odd to seeing the height difference between the two of them. But they continued to work and allowed Brea to help out where she could. Being smaller she could get into the smaller areas to help them load the sofa.

It didn’t take long as they headed back into the apartment as Mary stacked a few boxes herself.

“Got yourself some more help I see,” she said looking at Olaf and Marshmallow.

“Friends of friends,” Lynn stated.

“I’ve got people coming later on this afternoon, will you be done by then?” Mary asked.

“Probably, think I only need one trip,” Lynn said as she disappeared back into the bedroom with the others. Directing what went and what would stay, she watched as everyone grabbed something and headed back out.

A short while later everything was packed up and Lynn was checking around to make sure she hadn’t left anything behind. With no vehicle of her own she wouldn’t be able to get over real quick to get it.

“I think that’s it,” she said to the group even as another person appeared, who she wished had not shown up.

“If it isn’t the relationship wrecker,” Mary said looking at Kris who stood there.

“Well, you were a lousy lay,” Kris said, directing it at Mary.

“Funny, that’s what you said about Lynn,” Mary said.

The two stared at each other for several seconds before Lynn stepped forward noticing that Kris had brought a few others with her as well.

“What are you doing here?” Lynn asked.

“I can’t talk with my girlfriend?” Kris replied moving towards Lynn.

Lynn moved away, seeing a look she didn’t like in Kris’ eyes. It was extremely fake. There was no emotion there and she wondered if that was how she had always been. And compared to Elsa, well, there wasn’t much to compare which. Elsa was head and shoulders above Kris in every way.

“You know I didn’t mean it,” Kris said moving in a bit too close for Lynn’s comfort.

“You’re a toxic person,” Lynn finally said moving away from Kris and retreating towards her friends.

“You belong to me, we both know that,” Kris said.

“Don’t think so,” Lynn replied but noticed that Kris’ two friends had stepped up.

“You might want to reconsider,” Kris said with a very sickly sweet voice, and it seemed more like a threat. “No one else would want you.”

“Oh, intimidation measures,” she heard another voice say.

She looked over to see Marshmallow had stepped up, the largest guy in the group along with Olaf. It was surprising to see Kris appeared shocked at the sudden reversal of power.

Lynn walked up to Kris. “It was over the moment I saw you in bed fucking Mary,” Lynn said to her. “And if you must know, there is already someone sweeter, kinder, and much better looking I’m interested in.”

The words had the effect she wanted and watched as Kris huffed a bit, but retreated.

“Well, that was interesting,” Olaf said. “Nothing like a scornful ex to make things interesting.”

“An ex is all she is,” Lynn said but knew it probably wouldn’t stop.

“Yeah, but she does have some powerful allies, like an uncle who is a senator,” Hans said.

“Which one?” Olaf said.

“Senator John Brown,’ Lynn said seeing Olaf look thoughtful.

“How about we get out of here,” Brea said.

“I’m for that,” Hans stated. “I think we’ve got everything.”

“I’ll look though the apartment one last time and meet you out at the cars,” Lynn said, moving back into the bedroom as the others left. She scanned the room before seeing Mary standing in the doorway.

“I’d be careful with her, she’s unstable,” Mary said.

“I will,” Lynn said. “Is that why you’re really leaving?”

“One of many reasons,” Mary finally stated. “But she is after you.”

“Ah, well, I got a few allies myself,” Lynn said knowing she did have more than one, some she didn’t want to get involved, others were a darker. All she had to do was contact either and things would escalate probably.

“Take care of yourself,” Mary said.

“You too,” Lynn said, before heading to the rest of the house and not seeing anything headed out to the others. “All set, let’s get out of here.”

Lynn watched as Brea continued to talk to Marshmallow as he and Olaf were leaving after unloading everything. She looked around at the apartment, smaller than the other one, and only had one person at the moment. The previous renters both graduated before the summer school, and no one else seemed to want it which is why it was so cheap at the moment.

The renter had two renters lined up for the next fall semester, but no one during the summer time. Lynn had been lucky to find it. She would have to be out by the end of summer, but she hoped to have a job by then and could afford something other than a school rental.

“So, friends of friends?” Hans stated.

“Yeah,” Lynn said.

“Which friends?”

“Someone I met during my vacation,” Lynn replied.

“Wouldn’t happen to be this sweeter, kinder and better looking person you mentioned to Kris?” Hans said causing Lynn to turn towards him.

She ignored him and instead made her way to Oalf.

“Thanks a lot,” Lynn said to them.

“Hey, no problem, hope we see each other a bit more often in the future,” Olaf said with a wink.

“Well, that’s complex,” Lynn replied knowing that to probably see them more meant she would probably see more of Elsa.

“Hey, don’t let it overwhelm you, they’re just people like you and I, and they are nice as well,” Olaf said. “They treat us very well.”

“Well, first off, I’m going to concentrate on graduating,” Lynn said.

“Get your priorities set, make sure she knows,” Olaf said. “She might look strong, but she is fragile.”

Lynn understood, had seen it first hand in the hot tub when Elsa had been the bold one.

“I will,” Lynn finally said.

“All right, yo, Marshmallow, quit flirting and come on,” Olaf said.

They watched them go before Brea gave Marshmallow a hug and left. Lynn made her way into the apartment sitting down.

“How about lunch?” Hans asked.

“Sounds great,” Brea said, looking excited and at her phone.

Lynn took out her phone.

The help was most appreciated, give my thanks to Kristoff.

She sent that off unsure when Elsa might receive it, especially if they were at a geothermal feature which didn’t have much reception. Looking over the entire apartment she realized there unpacking would require a lot of work, and school about to start up time was running out.

She moved out to join Hans and Brea heading off to a fast food place for a quick bit to eat.

“So, you get your pictures organized?” Brea asked.

“Yeah,” Lynn replied.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see the princess?” Brea said.

“I was wrapped up in the features, and it was cold that day,” Lynn replied.

“Oh, did you meet them anywhere else, I’d be looking,” Hans said.

“You would,” Brea said. “Though, I’d switch sides for them.”

Lynn stepped into the truck and wondered what they might think if she told the truth, something she wasn’t ready to do, not yet and with so much uncertainty. And she knew they wouldn’t keep their mouths shut, and she would be harassed by reporters, or others looking for a story. The last thing she wanted considering she wanted to concentrate on her studies.

Ordering their food she sat down waiting for her name to be called and handed her phone over after opening the gallery where her pictures were.

Flipping through the pictures and videos of the features. There were several with her in them as well.

“You get someone to take some of these, they are not selfies,” Brea said.

“Yeah, ran into a few people who I recognized after a while,” Lynn replied and heard her name, she went over to picking it up and came back to a shocked expression from both of them.

Hans had taken the phone and was now studying it critically making her wonder what happened.

“It’s a fake,” he finally said.

“No, couldn’t be,” Brea said.

“Yep, a good one, but her breasts are too big,” Hans said. “And her waist, and figure, doesn’t match up with her measurements. Though, where’d you get it off the net?”

Lynn looked at the phone and almost choked, there the picture of Elsa in her swimsuit, not just any one, but the real sexy one.

“Ah, don’t remember,” Lynn said wanting to snatch the phone and tried to figure out a way to explain it.

“You do have a crush on her, then again, who doesn’t,” Hans said with a smile.

Lynn snatched her phone back. “All right, so I do,” she mumbled wondering how they would react if she told them not only was the picture real, but she had kissed Elsa as well.

“Nothing to be embarrassed over, though, I’d love to have that picture, even if it is fake,” Hans stated. “Close enough people would actually believe it was real.”

She remained quiet and focused on her food, hoping they might end the conversation, and wondered why she didn’t check her pictures more closely, and how did that picture make it through? She must have spent too much time last night looking at it, and fantasying about what could have happened in that hot tub.

Thankfully Brea turned the conversation to the other features which she could answer easier.

End part 9

Continued in part 10

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