The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Ch 11

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 11

Jezic walked into his office to receive an important communications from the government on Cimalius. He closed his door then activated the security procedures and waited for the computer to recognize him. Seconds later the screen activated showing a man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Admiral, how’s the offensive going?” the man asked.

“The 3rd CF had a slight setback on Pacifica but things shall be righted soon,” Jezic replied with proper respect.

“Good, I don’t wish any more failures but a contention of trouble might have appeared,” the man said.

“Trouble, I don’t understand,” Jezic said. He didn’t know of anything new that might confront their forces.

“Our spies in the Alliance have given us some potentially very bad news. It appears that flight leader Meia survived the battle. She was spotted on the surface of Pacifica with some military officials,” the man said.

“She’s an elite pilot, she is but an Epsilon class citizen,” Jezic said. He didn’t understand where such a low-class citizen might make a difference.

“Hope you never find out admiral,” the man replied. The tone sent a chill down Jezic’s spine. “I have a message to relay to Pacifica at once.”

“A message, that doesn’t’ make any sense,” Jezic replied. He didn’t know why they didn’t use the normal relays for the message.

“This one is different,” the man explained. “This war is still early. Such an advantage of how we’re communicating might help the Alliance out. Now carry out the order or be replaced and punished,” he ordered.

“By your will then sir,” Jezic said. The conversation ended leaving him more confused than before by what he’d been told. He figured it probably had to do with something the Alpha Superiors had thought about. They were always thinking ahead keeping the Empire on course for the day they’d regain the glory of the past.

“Admiral, we just received a communiqué from Cimalius,” Captain Diern said.

“Good, relay it to the end coordinates at once,” he told the captain.

“But sir, that’s in the Alliance territory,’ the captain replied.

“This is from the highest command, relay them at once,” Jezic ordered.

“At once then admiral,” Diern replied.

Jezic turned to look out the window. The Kitakim orbited the planet along with the rest of the 3rd CF. Now all he had to do was prepare for the next battle and do his duty.

Hecus adjusted the screw one last time making sure that the part fit snug, but not too tight. He and his crew had worked overtime to make sure the fighters were in top shape. The last thing he needed was the new flight leader finding some fault that didn’t exist. The fighters so far had passed all checks but now it would have to pass the check of the new flight leader.

“Well, I hope for your sake the fighter passes,” Olin’s voice said from across the hangar. “If not, well, it’s your neck not mine.”

Hecus finally turned to see Olin walking towards him. The young pilot’s face held a scowl giving Hecus an idea of what the younger man was thinking. It made him glad the only times he had to deal with the green haired pilot occurred during the inspection.

“This way,” he said.

Together they walked over to the nearest fighter. Olin checked out several parts on the fighter, tsking several times. Hecus felt it didn’t matter how the fighter looked there would be something wrong with it.

“This servo isn’t on tight enough,” Olin said. He wiggled the part in question.

“As it should be, tighten it up and it’ll snap under the strain of combat. Then you’ll have no power at all,” Hecus replied to the question.

“Don’t be giving me any lip dirty Gamma,” Olin said. “Otherwise I’ll be sure to let the admiral know about this.”

Hecus watched as Olin finished his inspection of the fighter then without a word walked away. He knew that Olin was a Beta class citizen. Betas always thought they were better than everyone else, almost as if they had something to prove to the universe. Many times they treated those under them as sub-human.

“I take it he found something,” another mechanic asked, walking up to Hecus.

“Nah, he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Hecus replied. “I’m surprised his head can fit though the door with that ego.”

The other man gave a soft snort at that. “Pilots.”

“Not all of them were bad,” Hecus said.

“If you’re talking about Meia, rumor was she was an Epsilon class citizen, even them you don’t want to talk to,” the other man said.

“No, but then again she treated us better than this Beta does,” Hecus said. He walked off to another fighter leaving his fate up to the admiral if Olin actually carried though with his threat.

Randy opened the door to his office allowing John to walk into the small office. He quickly sat down surprising Randy as he closed the door then sat back down.

“This is a surprise,” Randy said. “What’s up?”

“I’ve been thinking Randy, and well, have you thought about what you’re going to do with Meia?”

Randy leaned forward resting his chin on his hands as he thought about that question. “Really, the only plan I’ve had has been to gain her trust,” Randy said. “Once she’s healed it’ll be harder to keep her around to carry out that plan.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that,” John replied. “And I think I’ve got the solution for you.”

“You’ve got my attention. I really don’t think sending her into a prison or to intelligence to be interrogated by some bruiser will do anything.”

“We’re about to head into battle, against an enemy that she might be able to help us with,” John said. “Now you know I’ve no love of this enemy, but she might be able to help us solve that technological edge they have.”

Randy sat back as John explained his plan. He had to admit the idea had some merit, but he wasn’t sure if Meia would help or not. “It might work, but my mother noticed some strong emotions from her. It confirmed what I’d thought as well. I think she’s got a huge grudge against the Alliance for some reason,” Randy said. “I’ll talk to her about it but unfortunately I don’t think I can promise anything.”

“I also noticed something else, while you were eating, Senator Agnes leaving the restaurant, and he didn’t look happy,” John said.

“Well, he is a government official,” Randy said. They laughed at that thought. “Seriously I’ve never seen the man smile at anything, but Kim did say something about a mysterious signal sent by someone on Pacifica.”

“A spy on the planet,” John asked.

“Possibly,” Randy said. “They did have a scout ship near the asteroid field. No telling how long it’d been there. A spy on Pacifica would be difficult to find. Kim sent the communiqué to headquarters for a more in depth analysis of the data.”

“Hopefully its nothing,” John said. “Anything else happen.”

“No, the reports from Vernada and Hesslius are back. HQ is sending the Dragon back to Vernada for a more in depth detail but the ships total over thirty ships, twenty-one at Hesslius and fifteen at Vernada. More than a match for us. The new strike fleet has four battle-cruisers but I don’t know given the technology edge,” Randy said.

“I see,” John said standing up. Randy watched as he walked to the door before stopping at the door. “I think she knows more than she thinks. I also thought I saw a struggle going on within her. This trust will work Randy, have faith in it.”

With that Randy watched as his friend walked out the door. The closing door echoed though the quiet room. He wondered if John had noticed anything more between him and Meia or had he imagined it. His heart hoped not.

Meia glanced around the med lab. She knew that today the doctor would be officially releasing her. With that happening her thoughts drifted to what might happen next. What would the Alliance do to her next? She had been down to the planet’s surface and either the entire set up had been a giant hoax or it had been real. The few questions she’d asked had been greeted with confusion so either Randy had shown real emotions or he’d been acting.

Before Meia could think about it any more Randy walked into the med lab. She watched as he had a short conversation with the doctor. She watched him closely trying to pick up any clues to his actions. Randy then walked over with the doctor with him over to her bed.

“Well, it seems that my patient has made a full recovery, and she’s free to go,” the doctor said. “Though she’s been one of my best patients I’ve had in a while. I’ll go start the release.”

Meia watched as the doctor walked back over to his desk leaving her and Randy alone. She waited to see what he had to say.

“I have a proposition for you,” Randy said to her.

Meia waited to hear what this proposition would be. She quite a few idea go around her mind with many not being good.

“I’d like for you to be an advisor,” Randy said. “I know what you’d say, so I’d like for you to take a bit of time and thinking about this.

“And if I can’t,” Meia replied.

“Promise me you’ll think about it. The fleet is headed into combat and I just, well, hoped a bit that you might be able to help us a bit,” Randy said. “I realize though that you’d have friends or even family on board those ships so I’d understand if you didn’t.”

Meia thought about that for a few seconds. It’d be so easy to lie to him as well, but she didn’t have anyone on board the ships she could consider family, or friends like Randy did. Perhaps she needed some time to sort out everything. Even her memories of her mother seemed jumbled.

“Well, everything checks out and your system is finally clean, you might experience some withdraw symptoms, if you do please let me know. I don’t know what the resulting withdrawal symptoms might be for that drug. You we’re taking anything unusual were you,” the doctor said asking the final question.

Meia frowned at that wondering what the doctor had been talking about. “No, unless you put it in me,” she said.

“No, the only thing was a pain reliever that wore off shortly after your surgery,” the doctor said. “No this stuff would have affected your memory. Side effects could be anything.”

Meia filed that away for when she was alone. Perhaps the Alliance had affected her memory. This might explain what she remembered about everything.

“Well, no matter, you’re free to go,” the doctor replied.

Meia glanced at the doctor then at Randy. Neither seemed really concerned about what the doctor had said. We’re they saying the truth or another elaborate hoax.

“I managed to get some quarters for you,” Randy said. “It won’t be much but better than the med lab, and it’ll give you some privacy as well.”

Meia got up off the bed then followed Randy out of the med lab.

“I was wondering,” Randy said as they approached an elevator. “Your hair, blue isn’t a natural color, yet yours is, how,” Randy asked.

“It’s natural,” Meia replied. She reached up twirling a lock of the blue hair in question in her fingers.

“There isn’t a gene in that I’m aware of that can make blue hair,” Randy asked. Meia could hear the confusion in his voice. She thought about not telling him then where this questioning might go but couldn’t identify anything that might be used against her.

“It’s a process to identify skill level among pilots of the Cimalian fleet,” Meia finally answered.

“Then you must be a Hades of a pilot according to John,” Randy replied. “He made a few kills but said you flew like an elite pilot.”

Meia thought about that. They already knew her skills were good, telling them that would make no difference, as long as she didn’t tell them her rank. “Blue hair is an elite status. I noticed you don’t have a similar system. How do you tell how good a pilot is?”

“Well, we don’t,” Randy replied. “Usually rank is an indication but right now that isn’t the way. A higher ranked person might not be as good, but then rank is also supposed to be an indication of other abilities as well.”

“If they are not skilled then why hold a higher rank?”

“The main reason, people leave the military for a civilian life,” Randy replied. “A good leader can make a very good living in the private sector than the military using the same skills.”

Meia didn’t reply not sure about the answer she’d received. It correlated with what Mary, Randy’s mother had mentioned. She’d lived her entire life in a business that had nothing to do with the military. Did the Alliance not believe like she’d been told? The Cimalian Empire tested all children at age five for skills then placed the child in the correct academy. Some gifted children were placed as pilots, other mechanics and others still for ground troops or building ships.

“Sound’s illogical then,” Meia finally replied.

“Not much in life is logical,” Randy replied leading her off the elevator towards a door. “Here we are.” He said opening the door for her.

Meia glanced inside looking around the small room. Actually the room was larger than she thought it would be. A small table with two chairs on one side of the room opposite the bed made up the main pieces of furniture in the room. A small door led to the bathroom. A sliding door revealed a small closet with hanger and drawers for clothing and other knick-knacks.

“I realize it isn’t much but it’s got the basics,” Randy said. “Let me know if you need anything. Press this button and let whoever answers you want to talk to Admiral Randy White.”

“I will,” Meia replied. She watched as Randy left leaving Meia to herself wondering what would happen next. The one thing missing in the room however had been the small music box her mother had given her. That memory still remained constant.

Randy walked onto the bridge heading straight for Kim. So far he could see that everything appeared to be ready for the up coming counter attack at Vernada.

“Incoming message from HQ,” Hans said.

“Put it though,” Kim said. Randy waited to see who HQ wanted, or if it was a general communiqué.

“Captain Basil, oh good Admiral Randy is with you,” Randy heard then noticed his father’s face on the screen. “How’s the schedule?”

“The Akagi is ready to go admiral,” Kim replied.

“Our departure is in five minutes,” Randy added. “Then next stop will be Vernada.”

“Good, glad I caught you then. Remember when you heard about Vernada and Hesslius,” Jack asked.

“Yeah,” randy replied not sure where this would be going. He knew that the information had come from Senator Barnes.

“Well, the reason why we’re going after Vernada instead of Hesslius first is Senator Barnes’ daughter. She’s on Vernada, she’s one of your top priorities to find,” Jack ordered.

“Well, I’ll tell Commander Jorkins about this,” Randy said.

“Good, it might help us,” Jack said. “Other than that, your mother says return safe.”

“I’ll try my best,” Randy replied.

He watched as the conversation ended and the screen went blank. He glanced around to see the rest of the crew. They appeared to know what would come next. Everyone on board had already been though combat.

“T-minus two minutes and counting,” Hans’s voice said over the intercom.

Randy glanced down checking on the status of the other ships in the fleet. Everything showed green. Next stop, Vernada.

Jack watched from HQ as the Strike Fleet went into hyperspace. He hoped he’d see his son again, but in war anything would be possible. He really hoped for all the men and women to return but knew that would be wishful thinking.

“Admiral, you have a call from the President,” Chad said.

Jack turned a bit with a sigh knowing that another type of battle would soon begin. He hoped the goddess would give him strength.

“Admiral White here,” Jack said.

“Admiral, it’s come to my attention that some new information has appeared about this mysterious ‘enemy’ that suddenly appeared not long ago,” President Eric Winerich said.

“And what info would that be sir,” Jack asked.

“Several of your men were seen with a blue haired woman, who is probably part of this ‘enemy’ fleet. My people tell me that this is proof that the military is behind this.

“And how old was this woman,” another voice said from behind Jack. He turned to see Greg standing there. He briefly wondered where he’d come from then noticed Chad not far behind him.

“Well, I, you would side with the military on this issue,” Eric huffed.

“Siding with the military on an invasion of the Alliance, yes I would to protect the citizens of this Alliance, I wonder about your allegiance though sir,” Greg said back.

“I’d tread very carefully if I were you senator. Every political game has a price to pay,” Eric said.

“You’re right, are you ready to pay that price,” Greg asked.

Instead of answering the screen went black.

“Seems the President didn’t like your question,” Jack said. He turned to his friend. “Seems like someone let you in as well,” he said looking at Chad. “Good job!”

“Thank you sir,” Chad said. Jack could see the relief on the young man’s face.

“I actually came to tell you that I’ve been hearing some radical things from the Constrict party lately. Watch yourself Jack, I don’t think many in the Constrict party are level with us, especially our dear Senator Charles Agnes,” Greg replied.

“That bad,” Jack asked.

“I’m not sure what it is, my sources haven’t yet been able to crack it, but it’s making me weary,” Greg said.

“All right, then you be careful as well,” Jack said.

“Will do, after all there’s that new restaurant we should try real soon,” Greg told him.

“Mary will love it,” Jack said. “I look forward to you next call then.”

“Yep, places to go, people to see,” Greg said.

Jack watched as Greg left the room. He decided to see if intel had broken the code on the message the Akagi had sent down.

End Chapter 11

Continued in chapter 12

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