The Uneasy Alliance is fast approaching its conclusion.  Coming up next will be a short Battlestar Argo prequel, followed by the third, and conclusion, of The Cimalian Princess.

Following that I hope to have some new stories ready to go, along with finishing uploading any remaining stories which were here before everything got moved to a new domain.

Currently working on finishing up a rewrite of ‘Masters of Violence’ and still going on a sequel to ‘Ring of Salvation’.

In regards to comments, if you’ve posted a comment before, you should be able to post without problem.  If you are new, I do approve comments, especially as occasionally the site gets struck with spam comments.  So be patient and I try to get into the site once a day and check.


2 thoughts on “2017

    • At this time there is only the one side story. Attempted a few sequels but I’ve had no luck with a good storyline. I have toyed with a few prequel storylines centering around Ares, but nothing good there either.

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