Ephiny and the Battle for the Amazons – Part 1

Ephiny and Battle for the Amazons

by AJ Marks

Part 1

Ephiny made her way towards the lake hoping to find Princess Gabrielle there as Melosa asked her to find the princess and bring her back to the Queen’s hut. Eph’s first stop had been Terreis’ hut, which was not Gabrielle’s hut only to find it empty.  She was considering where to go next when Zona appeared delivering some clothing who told Eph that Gabrielle and the Conqueror had gone towards the lake.  Eph had quickly made her way in the direction of the lake

Now closing in she heard some unmistakable sounds and sounds in her tracks. She knew the sound and realized what she would be interrupting and thought twice of her mission silent cursing her queen.  She made sure to be make a bit more noise as she approached hoping it would alert any couple ahead of her before entering a small clearing and stopping at the sight before her despite the fact she was expecting it.

Lying near the lake the Conqueror and Gabrielle were making love. Eph had the feeling she should leave, or at least turn away from the sight but felt mesmerized by the sight before her.  Of course she wasn’t helped at all by the fact Gabrielle climaxed leaving Eph opened mouth and staring, her brain refusing to function at all after that sight.

She noticed the Conqueror whisper something to Gabrielle before rolling off her and both of them got up. She realized they were walking towards her now.

“Eph, what’s up?” Gabrielle asked as she approached her, a slight smile on her face.

Eph heard the words, recognized that she had been asked a question but seemed unable to focus on an answer. The sight before her did not help her mental faculties as Gabrielle repeated the question and seemed to have a twinkle in her eye.

“Ah, yes, queen, talk, you,” Eph managed to stammer out, her brain happily replaying the sight she saw when she arrived at the lake much to her disappointment.

“All right, the queen wants to see me,” Gabrielle said back to her.

She nodded unwilling to trust her voice while wondering if she would ever get that image out of her mind. She had a sudden urge to find Eponin and drag her off to bed where sleeping wasn’t an option.

“She probably wants to see you now,” the Conqueror said from where she stood.

“Think so,” Gabrielle said, turning towards the Conqueror and Eph felt a bit relieved she was no longer looking straight at Gabrielle, but now had a good view of her cute butt as she walked away.

“Yeah, it’s the only reason Ephony would have continued into the clearing despite knowing what was going on,” the conqueror said.

The words finally snapped Eph out of her stupor.

“Princess Gabrielle, the Queen would like to talk to you,” Eph said proud she hadn’t stumbled and managed to say something intelligent at last.

“Okay, let me wash up real quick,” Gabrielle replied surprising Eph.

She watched as Gabrielle jumped into the lake and walking back out after a moment or two where the Conqueror was holding a towel for her. Eph took that time to look across the lake hoping to calm herself down a bit more.

“Let’s go,” Gabrielle said to her.

Eph saw a now dry Gabrielle making her way towards her. She managed not to stare and looked anywhere but at Gabrielle.  Each time she did her eyes seemed to travel south, looking at the chain attached to the nipple rings.  Forcing her mind to her duty she managed to push the thought out of her mind.

She felt relieved all she had to do was drop Gabrielle off and not go in. With a bow to the queen she left hut and walked out before noticing Eponin nearby.  Quickly walking over she dragged her lover back to her hut and closed the door.


Eph stretched a bit feeling quite pleased with herself despite lying on top of Eponin. She wondered if her lover thought she was crazy for dragging them back to the hut like some sex-crazed honeymooner who had only been joined a few hours ago.

“Ya know, I’m not complaining here, but what brought this one?” Eponin finally asked causing Eph to lift her head to look into her lover’s eyes wondering if she wanted to know the reason and finally decided to answer her.

“Ah, well,” Eph said, taking a moment to scratch her nose. “The queen wanted to talk to Gabrielle, and well, I found them.”

“Ant this has what to do with our morning make out session?” Eponin asked.

“Well, I found them at the lake, and they were having sex,” Eph said quickly feeling her cheeks heat up with a probable blush.

“Let me guess, it made you a horny teenager all over again,” Eponin said.

“I think they could make the elders feel that way,” Eph finally said, placing her head down on Eponin’s chest feeling her laugh at that comment.

“Its funny you said that, and you’re not the first. Ericka ran across them that first day, don’t’ think Cybela’s recovered yet.” Eponin said.

“She probably hasn’t seen that much action in years,” Eph replied laughing as well joining Eponin.

“Don’t’ worry about it, seems to be a normal reactions, I’ve seen it happen to a lot of others,” Ephonin said.

“Great, so now the whole village knows what happened,” Eph stated. “So, why haven’t I seen this?”

“Probably because you’re around her when they are in the village,” Eponin replied. “Its when they are off alone that people try to sneak a peek, and that when they stumble upon them in more, well, private matters.  Personally, I’m not sure how much of it is show, or not.”

Eph gave that some thought with what the Conqueror has said to her about Gabrielle, she enjoyed showing off. However Eponin’s next question threw Eph off.

“Speaking of the princess, there is something I want to run by you.”

“All right,” Eph said, getting out of bed and searching for her clothes, which were scattered all over the hut. “Make it quick, the Queen wanted me to come by later, and I don’t’ want to be too late.  She also mentioned you might have something on the Romans?”


Eph walked into the Queen’s hut giving Eponin another glance before continuing inside and stopping at the sight of her mother sitting in the hut across from the Queen. She barely noticed the fact that the Conqueror and Gabrielle were also in the hut, but when she did she had to take a double take, as Gabrielle sat in the Conqueror’s lap.  Shaking her head from any further thoughts she looked back at her mother.

“Um, mother, I wasn’t expecting to see you here?” Eph finally said, but she had an idea already why, and looked over at Eponin and back at her mother.

“Oh, Ephiny, I was talking with the queen about a small problem which had developed in regarding our new princess,” her mother said.

“And that is?” Eph drawled, looking back and forth between her mother and lover, who avoided her gaze.

“Well, as you know, Gabrielle isn’t technically an Amazon, and as such would need to be adopted into the nation,” her mother replied almost too logically.

“Aaaand?” Eph said drawing the word out, but she already knew this, having been briefed by Eponin before making her way over here, and now she faced with the decision of her mother.

“I’ve made the motion to adopt Gabrielle,” her mother said matter of factly.

“Really,” Eph said, looking over at Eponin. “What a coincidence, that’s what Eponin wanted to do.”

“Then its settled,” her mother said clapping her hands together. “We’ll adopt Gabrielle.”

“Then this issue is settled and will avoid many things. A lot of people are afraid of adopting Gabrielle, even as our new princess because of the Conqueror,” Melosa said speaking up.

For a second Eph paused wondering what that meant. Gabrielle would become a member of the Nation and then realized that made the Conqueror a ‘sister-in-law’ to the Nation, and whoever adopted her.  Eph had a feeling worse things could happen, and she knew Gabrielle had spent a lot of time in the library with her mother so they shared a common interest.  They all looked over to see Erika walk into the hut.

“My queen,” Erika said, giving a slight bow to Melosa and then Gabrielle after a slight pause at the position she had on the Conqueror’s lap.

“Report,” Melosa stated as they all waited.

“The Centaurs were not easy to convince, but shortly after we arrived an emissary from Greece arrived and with their help some real progress took place,” Erika answered which slightly shocked Ephiny. “They agreed to be there if, and when, we need them.  It appears they have more problems with the Romans than they do us.”

“Interesting,” the Conqueror stated thinking about something.

Eph had a feeling the Conqueror knew a lot more than she stated but everyone remained quiet for several heartbeats. Several times Eph thought about saying something but remained quiet until Solari walked in and by her friend’s face knew something had happened.

“My queen, the Roman camp had some visitors,” Solari stated, giving a slight bow to Melosa.

“Who?” Melosa asked as everyone silently asked the same question.


The name silenced everyone. Eph looked at her friend knowing she wasn’t lying and the situation become different if she was involved.

“Valaska sent me to inform you the moment we saw her,” Solari said explaining why she was there.

Before Melosa could ask anything else a commotion erupted outside the hut and a stray voice could be heard. Eph had a feeling she heard the voice before but could not place it.  What surprised her was the speed which the Conqueror stood and left the hut while Gabrielle only stood calmly before making her way out as well.  Eph and the rest followed to see what was going on.

Eph blinked a bit allowing her vision to adjust to the bright sunlight looking on to see why the voice seemed familiar to her. In front of them, flanked by two Amazon warriors, stood Autolycus with the Conqueror standing in front of him, staring at him.

“Um, Autolycus, what are you doing here?” Ephiny finally asked breaking the tension in the group. Her knowing him seemed to bring the tension down a bit.

“Well, I was bringing information about the Romans here, but,” he looked at the two guards before continuing, “now I’m not sure.”

“Spill it, you can ogle the women later,” the Conqueror growled.

Autolycus hesitated for a few seconds looking at the Conqueror and then back to the guards before looking at Gabrielle and making his decision.

“They are moving tonight against the Amazons,” he finally said.

For a second no one spoke as the situation of what he said sunk in.

“And how do you know?” Solari asked finding her voice first.

“I overheard the commander giving the order after talking with the Amazon, Tanis,” Autolycus said.

“She’s no Amazon,” Melosa growled.

“All right,” Autolycus said holding up his hands. “She said she was, also said something about being the rightful heir to the throne.  All she needed was a force to take it back.”

“So, the game begins,” the Conqueror said. “I suggest contacting the Centaurs, they’ll need time to start moving, as will my guards and a few others.”

“This is still Amazon land,” Melosa said. They all looked over at the Conqueror who merely nodded her head in Melosa’s direction and waited.

She knew that to completely ignore what the Conqueror said would be foolish. One of the greatest military minds at your disposal and to ignore it would be foolish at best.  Melosa was silent for several seconds before finally speaking up.

“Very well, there is a lot to do and little time to do it in,” Melosa said turning to Erika. “Go to the Centaurs, inform them of our information.”

“Yes my Queen,” Erika said, giving a bow then heading off again.

“Summon all captain, we have a battle to plan,” she said to the others.

End part 1

Continued in part 2

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