Earth at Last Part 9

Earth at Last

by AJ Marks

Part 9

“What?” Adama asked, a bit surprised by the question. Arkis had said he wanted to go on the offensive, something Adama wanted to do, but felt shocked at the question anyways.

“I would like to start conducting offensive campaigns against the Cylons as soon as possible. We have the m off balance, the last thing we need is for them to get comfortable.”

“We fought them for a thousand yehrans, and lost the war, you want to just go and strike them?” Adama asked, looking down at the screen.

“Commander Adama,” Arkis said politely, taking a moment to formulate his words carefully. “With all due respect, I think there is something you should know about us, something important.”

“Are you saying you lied to us?” Adama said, not sure he could handle that, especially after everything that happened.

“No lies commander, just an omission of a few facts,” Arkis said calmly. “Everything I told you was true, there were no lies.”

“Then what did you leave out?” Adama asked, wondering what that might have been.

“Well, you see it’s like this,” Arkis said, pausing slightly before starting his explanation. “The race you see now is a race of clones, engineered for war, all aspects of it, building, fighting, tactical, everything. Our mission was to destroy our enemies, something we excelled at too well. It wasn’t long until the only ones left were clones. We decided to stop the war as our mission was gone, the people we were fighting for and against no longer existed. But, despite it all, we still thirst for battle, and we welcome the opportunity to fight once more.”

“I see,” Adama said, taking a few microns to process the news. Their new allies were clones, and bred for fighting. He wondered how this might go over with the council, knowing they would need to know the news. Uri had already suspected something about them, as did he. “I guess you’re ready to start fighting again.”

“Commander, don’t let the fact that we’re clones destroy our relationship. We are trying to create a new society, something we desperately need your help for,” Arkis said, shocking Adama once more.

“I don’t understand what you might need us for?” Adama asked, perplexed at the statement from Arkis.

“This is a bit embarrassing to us, but we have no idea how to have a normal society,” Arkis said to him. “We know nothing about a civil society, all we have ever known is fighting and war. This dictator democracy is our first attempt to create something outside the military. We could really use your help in this aspect of our growth.”

“Do you still have the cloning technology?” Adama asked, knowing that the council would ask this same question when he brought it up.

“We still have that ability, though the technology has not been used in over a hundred years,” Arkis answered back to him. “Are you wanting this technology?”

“You misunderstand, the council will ask that question, I needed to know the answer, but I figured you still knew,” Adama said, wondering if they would employ t again in the battles against the Cylons. A technology the Colonies never quite were able to perfect. He briefly wondered how the war might have gone if they had before listening to Arkis once more. “We only know of a civilization from reading books, everything else we’ve had to try and relearn. You might say we are viewing ourselves as a new beginning to mankind here on Earth. I can only hope that you may stay. It might help us overcome our failure of destroying the previous civilization. We want to help.”

“Well, I don’t think my people will be too spooked by this news,” Adama said, thinking about everything his own people had been through. “You and your people are trying to adapt, but the fact you are so adept to war will help you in the fight against the Cylons. By the way, how old are you?”

“Our aging was slowed down quite a bit, I am four hundred years old,” Arkis said to Adama, who appeared shocked.

“Four hundred, you look to be y age,” Adama said, more to himself than anyone else. “How long do you live?”

“We don’t actually know, most were killed during the war, but estimates put it at around five hundred years,” Arkis said. “We’ve seen only a few die of old age, aside from that we are able to reproduce. We have a few children from several couples. The children appear to have a diluted slowing of their aging as the actual growing up phase takes a lot of energy away. But their life will be extended as well.”

“Any other differences?” Adama asked, wanting to get everything out of the way now.

“No, we have documents that they were experimenting with enhancing strength, and other physical abilities, but never got out of the experimental phase. Even one who might be immune to the vacuum of space,” Arkis said.

Adama nodded knowing what type of advantage such a clone might have. Even against the Cylons such a clone might have proven too useful. He thought about what type of problems such cloning might have had, and hoped there would be no problems with the Council.

“Can’t say I blame them, such an advantage would be useful,” Adama said. “You say it never got out of the experimental phase.”

“Well, no one wants to test the vacuum,” Aarkis told him.

“Good point,” Adama replied. “I’ll see about sending over someone with some information, perhaps Apollo and a few others, I’ll talk with the council again.”

“Fair enough, till we talk again commander,” Arkis said, signing off.

“Well, this should prove interesting,” Adama said, looking over at Tigh.

“You think this will change the council’s vote?” Tigh said.

“I don’t know, personally, I hope not,” Adama answered before heading off the bridge to look for Apollo and his friends.

Adama found his son and friends in Cassiopeia’s room. Starbuck playing with his daughter, Alieva on the floor while Boomer and Apollo looked on. Athena and Boxey were playing a game at the table, and they all looked up as Adama walked in.

“Nothing’s wrong, at least nothing you have to worry about,” Adama told them quickly. “I do need some volunteers though, our new allies are planning to fight the Cylons, with or without us. They are requesting information on the Cylons.”

“I’d like to go”, Boomer said, speaking up before either Starbuck or Apollo could say anything surprising them all. Starbuck shared a look with Cassiopeia having a silent conversation.

“I already know them, so I have no problems, once they took us out of the cells, it was very nice, a lot of room, at least compared to what I’ve gotten used to,” Apollo replied.

“He’ll probably go,” Cassiopeia said, speaking up for Starbuck. “I know you, if Boomer and Apollo are going you’d mope around at being left behind.”

They looked over at Starbuck, who had a grin on his face confirming her statement. Adama nodded remembering the same situation in his life. He wondered if he concentrated on his family more if he would have died on Caperica with his wife. If he had, would anyone have seen through the Cylon attack? He still had a son, daughter and grandson, and an extended family in Starbuck and Boomer.

“So, what exactly are our new allies thinking of?” Starbuck said from the floor, they all looked at Adama.

“They want to go on the offensive as soon as possible,” Adama said.

“An offensive, are they sure?” Apollo asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Adama replied. We all know they have quite a lot of firepower, they don’t know how well equipped the Cylons are, their ships abilities, that’s what they want to now.”

“Well, they had the firepower to match the Cylons in battle,” Starbuck said, thinking back to the battle. “Any reason why they want to go on the offensive?”

“If Arkis can be trusted, the reason is their genetic makeup, they are clones,” Adama said to the group, watching their reactions.

“Clones?” Starbuck, Athena, Apollo and boomer all said at ocne.

“Yes, clones, they were built for war, and, according to Arkis, feeling restless,” Adama said to them. “Seems like their aging was slowed down, many are over a hundred yahrens old, and they have been trying to develop a civilian society. They have a hard part with that, mostly due to no experience or examples. Also he mentioned something about making up for a failure.”

“What failure?” Cassiopeia asked.

“They feel like they failed the previous groups they fought for by destroying them,” Adama said. “We might be their redemption.”

“I don’t think we’ll just sit back and allow them to fight for us,” Apollo said.

“Well, that’s something that you can work out with them. Right now the Galactica needs serious repairs, our defense forces are almost depleted,” Adama said with reason. “It would take at least a yahren to repleanish our forces to what they were before the last attack on our own, without any new Cylon attacks.”

He watched as Apollo thought about that, recognizing the truth. They had suffered a serious blow to the military. The Galactica had taken a beating, the viper squadrons were a quarter what they had been, and the fleet was out of fuel.

“You know, it would be interesting to be an advisor, something I’ve never been,” Starbuck said. “And it would be interesting to see what their training faculties are like. Less risk.”

“Has the council been told this yet?” Apollo asked.

“Not yet, their next, and I’m hoping to persuade them to stay here,” Adama said.

“I’m up for going still,” Boomer said.

Adama watched as the other two agreed as well. He had three warriors who would head over to give them what information they had on the Cylons. Now he had to convince the council.

“So, what’s happened now Adama,” Uri asked, everyone was seated around the table waiting for the reason why Adama called them all back together.

“Lord Arkis contacted me wanting some information, and to tell me a few more things,” Adama said, wondering how this might go.

“What type of information?”

“Arkis contacted me and he wants to begin an offensive campaign as soon as possible against the Cylons,” Adama said, watching the members talk amongst themselves at that news. He waited a few microns until everyone had settled down before continuing. “He also said gave me some more information about who they are. It seemed they are not quite descendants of Earth, but clones designed for war against their enemies. They fought the war on both sides, and it seems as the war drifted on those enemies died out, killed in the war until all that was left were the clones.”

He watched the group closely as they digested that news before continuing on.

“They are trying to develop a society, and are asking for our help. It seems they don’t know how to create a society, they can defend us, and are eager to fight once more, but need guidance in a society,” Adama said to them.

“And can they still make clones?” one asked.

“Yes,” Adama replied.

“How can we know if they are any different than the Cylons, created for war,” Uri said.

“They might not be able to live in a civil society,” another member said, voicing concerns that Adama had as well.

“We don’t know,” Adama said, speaking up and gaining everyone’s attention. “What we do know, they are asking for our help, and we need their help.”

“How do you come to that conclusion Adama?”

“Simple, they want change, even trying to make those changes developing a new area. To develop a lasting society, they’ll need help, and we have experience in such things. Our people are hardened survivors, they know what is needed to be done, they do it. It will take energy and focus to rebuild a civilization out of ruin,” Adama told them. “The other part is, the Galactica is heavily damaged, our warriors are few, and the fleet is almost out of fuel.”

“Are you suggesting that we stay?” another said.

“Yes, with our depleted military, it will take us almost a yahren to recover, and that’s without any Cylon attacks. Here we have some protection, a group who won’t stop in their push to destroy the Cylons,” Adama said to them.

“You really think we can work together?” Uri asked.

“Yes I do,” Adama said. “Our differences are what will make a new strong civilization.”

He watched the group think about the situation for several microns, a few talking to each other in whispers. He knew they were trying to do what was best for the people, as he did.

“Are they human?” one finally asked.

“To me, yes,” Adama said. “If we look at them in any other way, then we will divide our strength.”

“I think many of our people won’t have problems, they have been through too much, seen too much,” one of the quieter members said. “They can greet our allies as equals.”

“I suggest we put it up to a vote then” Uri suggested.

Adama nodded as the rest agreed. He knew anything could happen, but watched the vote, pleased with the outcome.

“I will inform Lord Arkis,” Adama said.

“What about the offensive he wishes to undertake?”

“I already have a couple of volunteers who will head over to help advise them on Cylon tactics,” Adama said.

“Then we should start making plans to ferry people down to the surface, and create new city,” Uri said.

Adama left that to them, and went back to the bridge. It took only a few moments before he had a channel open to Arkis, and the man appeared on the screen.

“Ah, commander, I didn’t think you’d get back to me so quickly,” Arkis said. “I take it you’ve talked with your council?”

“Yes, they had some questions, but considered the situation, and everything else, we will be staying for now, and I have three warriors who are willing to advice you about the Cylons, I fact they are looking forward to it,” Adama said, recalling the conversation.

“That is good news,” Arkis said. “I’ll inform Victor, he is in charge of developing our first city, he would welcome any help from your people.”

“I think that can be arranged, they are looking to build a new city to ferry people down,” Adama said.

“It would help, we have several people who have families, and could learn from you,” Arkis said. “We have cleaned up several areas on Earth, and are waiting for development.”

“I think we can work together on this,” Adama said.

“Then, welcome to Earth.”

The End

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