To Three From One Part 1

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To Three From One


A.J. Marks


The enemy surrounded him. He was injured, and every man in his recon team lost. Gripping his weapon tighter, he dove into the bushes for cover. His ammo supply low, and he had already thrown all of his daggers, except one. Now he gripped that dagger in his left hand, hoping he had not lost too much blood. He wanted to finish this fight.

He could count on no reinforcements coming to relieve him. His commanders knew the possibility of this outcome. They would review the battle, and look for adjustments in tactics, and sent out another group. He calmed himself, knowing that panic would not help him. The simple recon mission of the enemy base turned to disaster. They were to probe the base for any weaknesses for a planned attack on the base. The commanders needed the information to know how many soldiers they would need to attack it.

He could not recall tripping any alarms, but it also meant the enemy had adjusted to their new tactics. One moment he and his comrades were slowly sneaking though the trees and bushes, the next, they were surrounded by the cyborgs.

The killing started immediately. The captain in front of him had been the first to die, hit right in the middle of his chest, jerking once before falling over dead. He guessed it had to do with the poison the cyborgs used in their weapons. A deadly toxin that could kill in seconds even from a graze.

The two sides then engaged each other, where he made his first kill of the day, pumping here trioloslugs into the cyborg. His second kill came from a dagger, which he used to slit the throat of the next cyborg. He remembered hearing someone shout retreat, and they followed taking a path clear of Cyborgs. The machines were slow, but they forgot a critical error, they were smart. He and his group continued to run, keeping a wary eye behind them.

The escape path turned into a trap. After a few minutes of running they ran into the waiting ambush. The Cyborgs dropped out of the trees in front of them, catching the recon group by surprise. They were too busy looking behind them taking precious seconds to realize the situation. They engaged losing two more people in the battle.

The rest of the day the group skirmished against the Cyborgs, each time their numbers dwindling. The Cyborgs ahd picked them off one by one, making sure they could not get away. Now, injured, he was the only one left, a wounded leg and arm.

Three cyborgs emerged from the bushes, he used the last of his ammo on two, then threw his last dagger, wounded the cyborg, but not stopping it. He tried to retreat, but his leg buckled under his weight and the injury. Another Cyborg emerged into the clearing, and raised his arm.

Ray Triordus jerked awake, sweating slightly from the dream. He hated that dream. A nightmare from a past life, one he wished he could forget. Struggling out of bed, he looked around the room, on board the startship.

“Computer, what time is it?” he asked.

“The time is six thirty-one,” the computer replied.

“Well, another day,” Ray thought to himself, heading over to the shower, his shift would start soon enough, and sleep would evade him for a while anyways.


Captain Jean Luc Picard walked into his ready room, going straight to his desk and activated the screen. It took only a second for the computer to come to life, displaying his screen.

“Computer, activate message for Picard, Jean Luc, security clearance alpha one delta,” Picard said, watching the screen spring to life.

“Security code accepted,” the computer replied. His screen switched over and an older gentleman with no hair appeared on the screen.

“Admiral Overprot, to what do I owe this honor, old friend,” Picard said, with a smile. “It’s been awhile since we’ve last talked.”

“Aye, about a year if memory serves me correctly, but you know what they say, memory goes as you grow older,” Overprot replied. “I wish this was only a social call, but alas, I have some serious news to inform you about Picard.”

“I’m sure the Enterprise and her crew will be able to handle it sir,” Picard replied, curious about what might have happened. He could recall nothing in any diplomatic reports that might have concerned Starfleet. He could only conclude something off the record happened.

“That’s what I’m counting on, the Enterprise has the best field record of any starship. As you know the war against the Jem’Hadar has been quiet for a while, and our relations with the other races, the Klingons and Romulians is stable, at best. However, besides the track record of the Enterprise, there is another reason why you are being selected,” Oveprot said.

Picard raised his eyebrows, but remained quiet. He knew everything the admiral mentioned, and wondered what the mission might be.

“Starfleet needs your experience in this captain, Starbase 12 reported Borg activity nearby. The last time the Borg invaded the Federation, we made the mistake of not sending you, and we all know how that ended up. Your mission is to report to Starbase 12, and figure out what is going on,” Oveprot said. “We cannot afford a war on two fronts, you will be on your own captain.”

“Understood admiral, Picard out,” Picard replied, shutting down the message.

The screen switched back to the Federation symbol. He leaned back in his chair knowing how bad the information was. The Borg had returned, and the Federation needed to know what their strength was. One Borg cube, or more? Picard understood that if the Federation fell to the Borg, no one in the Alpha quadrant would be safe.

A flash of light caused Picard to look up. He wished he had not, and felt sick to his stomach.

“What’s the matter Picard?” Q asked. “You’re looking a bit down, anything I can help you with?”

“No!” Picard replied, knowing what type of ‘help’ Q usually supplied, and it was the last thing he needed. “What do you want?”

“I’m hurt Picard,” Q said, putting his hand over his heart while making a shocked face. “I came to offer you my services and you think I’m up to something. I thought we were friends?”

“Because you’re usually up to something Q,” Picard replied, getting up and walking out onto the bridge, with Q right behind him.

He spotted both Warf and Ricker, both of whom looked at him, then over at Q, Picard could almost hear their thought of ‘O great, just what we needed now’ comment.

“Great, as if things were not already busy, we don’t’ need your games Q,” Riker said.

“We would appreciate it if you left Q,” Picard said, turning to his crew. “Data, set course for Starbase 12, warp factor eight, engage.”

He watched the crew step into action, even as the new shift started coming on.


Ray finished his shower, and checked to make sure the uniform fit, it was new and it was the first time he tried it on. Satisfied that it fit well, he made his way out the door, stopping for a second as he felt his skin tingle. He looked around and saw nothing. However he knew something strange had happened, and made sure to remain on guard for anything unusual. Heading to the turbolift he thought back on his life, surprised he was still alive. So many times he should have died, only to escape death by a hair. He stepped out of the turbolift, hearing the captain giving a destination and speed. He looked around, finally spotting a new person dressed in an ornate uniform, knowing he was not Starfleet. Ray knew because every bone in his body was screaming warning at him.

“Lieutenant, take your post,” he heard Picard say, knowing he stood there too long.

“Yes sir,” Ray replied, quickly walked over to his station. He relieved Warf, who did not leave the bridge.

“Picard, when will you learn to start trusting me?” the man said.

“Maybe if you stopped talking in riddles Q, we might have a better relationship,” Picard said, giving Ray the man’s name.

So this was Q of the Continuum. The one he heard rumors of from everyone on board the ship. Ray understood that the man caused quite a bit of trouble with the Federation.

“You put us into situations you know are beyond our understanding, and put us into dangerous situations, endangering my ship and crew. Perhaps if you didn’t act like a child I’d like you a bit more. Now, I have enough trouble with the Jem’Hadar and the Borg,” Picard said, winding up his rant.

“If it wasn’t for me, Picard, your pathetic Federation wouldn’t be prepared for the Borg,” Q said, his attitude very smug, but Ray was seething now.

“Hold it!” Ray shouted, looking over at Q, fury coursing through his body. “You mean you introduced the Borg to the Federation?”

“That’s right,” Q said smugly. “The Federation thought they could handle anything, I only introduced them to something they never had encountered before.”

Ray walked slowly across the bridge to where Q looked on with amusement. The look turned to shock when Ray backhanded the man, sending him crashing to the floor. Everyone on the bridge stood in stunned silence, looking between Q and Ray. “Sorry sis,” Ray said, finally realizing the truth of the situation.

“Lieutenant, remain at your post,” he heard Picard said, his voice indicating the shock from what he saw.

“Do you know what you’ve done?” Ray said quietly, looking down at Q. He watched as Q’s expression turned from stunned to mad.

“Do you know who I am?” Q stated, standing back up. “This outfit is priceless, look what you’ve done. I’ll have to teach you to respect me.”

“Q don’t!” Picard said, shouting a warning, Ray stood waiting knowing what the outcome would be.

Q pointed his hand at him, his face indicating his rage. After a few seconds, Q look confused as nothing had happened. Ray had felt the energy around him, but easily neutralized it.

“Don’t bother with your tricks with me,” Ray said, in a calmer voice. “It won’t work on me, never has.”

“Impossible!” Q said, getting flustered.

“No its not,” Ray said, looking around at the group. He would need some information and also realized that his story would need to be told. He wondered how well they would take such a truth. Who had unleashed the worst disaster on the universe, and the failed experiments after that to counter such a failure, each one a failure. “Perhaps the ready room would be a better place for this captain, you and Q, and anyone else you think would be needed.”

He watched as the bridge crew exchanged glanced with each other. They all appeared confused by what he said.

“Oh, and one last thing captain, please make our destination Earth, we have to pick something up, very important for this mission,” Ray said.

“I would like an explanation lieutenant,” Picard said

“You will get one captain, I just hope everyone is ready for this truth, especially you two captain and Q,” Ray said.

“I’m still not convinced,” he heard Picard say.

“Neither am I, besides, what truth would I not be ready for,” Q said, in tone smug.

“Captain, we are losing time, and what I have to pick up back home will stop this Borg incursion,” Ray said, watching as he looked confused. He watched as Picard seemed to struggle with his decision. Councilor Troy walked up to the captain.

“He’s not deceiving you captain, he truly believes what he is saying,’ Troy said, looking at Ray. He watched the captain look at her, then back at him, and finally over at Q. Ray knew he had a lot of decisions to make, and not a lot of time to make it in.

“Ensign, set course for Earth, warp factor nine, engage,” Picard said. “Let’s go hear this story, and lieutenant, it better be good.”

“Don’t worry captain, it will be,” Ray said, as they walked off the bridge and into the ready room.

End Part 1

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Continued in Part 2

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