Battlestar Argo – Part 59

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 59: Consequences and War

Ares glanced out across the deck of the hangar at survivors of the Pegasus. They looked a bit rough, but he couldn’t blame them. He also wasn’t about to take over their ship, but he wanted to help.

“Colonel Ares,” a voice said causing Ares to turn to towards the voice. A black-haired man looked back at him. He thought the face looked familiar to him somehow. “It’s me, Colonel Markus,” the man said.

Ares realized who the man was, one of the chief engineers of the Pacifica when he’d been the second in command.

“Of course, sorry, its been a long time,” Ares said walking over to him. “You haven’t changed much.”

“Neither have you, well you have but you haven’t. That same steel determination that we all saw so long ago. What happened to you?”

“That’s part of the story,” Ares said. “For now my men and fleet are on their way. I’d like to know how we can help, what supplies are needed.”

The group hesitated at first then started at once when they realized this wasn’t a joke. There really was someone there to help them.

“Commander, we have contact with the fleet,” Troy said walking up to him.

“Good, form a line, we’ll communicate what’s needed to the Argo and see what we can do,” Ares said.

“Commander, I’d like to transport Commander Cain to the Argo,” Hans said.

Ares thought about that for a few seconds before finally replying. “Let him decide.”

“He won’t go!”

“Then let him stay, make him as comfortable as you can,” Ares said.

“But commander-”

“No, he deserves this, if he wants to stay let him,” Ares said. “He’s earned the right.”

“Yes sir, I don’t like it but I’ll go with the wish,” Hans said.

“Good, let me know if his condition changes,” Ares said. He then walked over to the shuttle where the communications had been established. He had some work to do gathering supplies.


Troy walked over to a few of the others who were watching everything. Another shuttle from the Argo had already arrived bringing the chief engineer over as well as several damage control officers. They had to examine the condition of the Pegasus quickly and prioritize what repairs would occur and when.

Troy glanced over at Bri who appeared to be looking around.

“What are you thinking about?”

“That I could of been here, on this ship,” Bri said. “One of my choices was the Pegasus.”

“So why did you not take it. Working under Commander Cain,” Troy asked.

“Nall, he heard about the Argo and practically begged me to go,” Bri replied. “At the time he was my only family. Not wanting to lose him I agreed.”

“I couldn’t be happier then. I’ll have to thank him later on,” Troy said.

They walked onto the bridge which seemed to be filled with people. Commander Ares and Talen were standing next to each other talking. So far there had been quite a lot to do and people were quickly working. Torches were working on the Pegasus’ bridge as steel beams were cut, and removed. Major repairs would be needed to the ship, but it was structurally sound enough for a trip back.

The engines were easy as they had suffered only slight damage but needed specific parts. The engineer had been positive that the ship’s engines would be up and running quickly.

“Captain, what’s the condition of the hangers?” Troy heard Ares ask another engineer.

“The Alpha bay will require major work at a dock, but Beta bay we can get operational, partly. Six launchers along with the landing bay will be operational,” the captain replied.

“Troy, select six volunteers who will be placed aboard the Pegasus, they’ll make up a scouting group for the ship,” Ares said.

“Yes sir,” Troy said. He already knew who wouldn’t go, but he could tap from the Warspite as well. Three from each wouldn’t affect the operations of either ship considering they had extra pilots and spare vipers on the supply ships.

“What’s the final verdict,” Ares asked.

“About a day or two to get the engines, scanners and communications operational again,” the chief engineer said. I can have a few of my people remain to help out repairs.”

“Do it,” Ares said.

Nall came running up onto the bridge. “Commander, problem, incoming Eastern Alliance destroyers!”

“They’ve spotted the Pegasus,” Ares said. “Troy, get your squads together and prepare for battle.”

Troy glanced at Bri and Nall then the three of them took off for the hanger. He hoped that at least one launcher was working. Along the way he grabbed a few of the men to help him out in the hanger. They’d have to move four vipers into a working launch bay.


Nall glanced down at his scanner noticing the two Eastern Alliance destroyers. It seemed like a lifetime ago since he last has seen such ships. Now the ships were coming but this time they were better prepared to take care of them.

Commander Ares had gone back to the Argo to coordinate the fleet. The fleet, now with the s-metal giving them greater element of surprise. There was no indication that any of the ships had spotted them.

“Battlestar Galactica, you are surrounded, surrender at once.”

Nall seemed a bit shocked at the name used. They had seen the Galactica. This would indeed be interesting wondering how Ares would handle this.

“This is Commander Ares, of the battlestar Argo, stand down, or we will destroy you,” Ares replied.

Nall waited to see what would happen next if anything. Silence greeted the commander’s words. Two destroyers were no match for two battlestars.

“Our scanners indicate your ship is in no condition to fight. Surrender at once.”

“Green squad, fire warning shots at the destroyers,” Ares said.

Nall turned his viper with his wingmate towards the destroyers. Lining up a shot he depressed the trigger watching as several streaks of laser fire shot blast the front of the first destroyer.

A few seconds later the two destroyers backed away turning around. But Nall had the feeling that this wasn’t over with.


Ares glanced down at the scanner watching as the two destroyers left the scene. He would have to keep a close eye out for them. For whatever reason the leaders of the group didn’t seem too interested in keeping a peace with others.

“Commander, it doctor Hans,” Rebecca said.

“Put it though,” Ares said.

“Commander, I’m afraid that its Cain,” Hans said.

Ares braced himself for the worst.

“He passed away, I’m sorry commander,” Hans said.

“No, as you said we were too late,” Ares said. He walked off the bridge to his office. Now he’d have to tell the rest of the crew the news. He could still remember the first time he ever met the striking commander. He had been a fighter pilot leader when Ares had first joined.


Ares glanced around the hanger of the battlestar. His first assignment and he was on board a battlestar. Combat would come soon enough but for now he had a mission to do. He walked over to his fighter watching as the crews took care of the ship. Another young man caught his attention. From his pose the man looked confident, strong, bold.

“Ah, you must be one of the new recruits,” the man said walking right up to him. “You look good, hopefully you fly as well.”

Ares was taken back by the man’s attitude.

“Give me a couple of squadrons, and we’ll fly all the way to the Cylon homeworld,” he said. “There isn’t a tin head out there that’s worth one human.”

Ares wasn’t sure what to make of the man. The war had turned into a stale-mate so far. No one seemed to be winning the war. Here was a person talking about winning the war. That was a bit refreshing to hear after so much political and media jumbling of words.

“I’m Captain Cain, and you are?”

Ares glanced down to see Cain’s hand outstretched waiting for him. Ares grasped it in the traditional shake. “I’m Lieutenant Ares.”

“Well, Ares, I think you’ll be fine,” Cain said. “Come on, I’ll show to the rest of the squadron.”

Ares followed Cain off the hanger to meet the others in his first assignment.


Ares leaned back in his chair wonder how many had survived from that squadron. He knew that many died before they reached Captain. The battle of Cameria 3, where they had lost over half the squad. Then Cain had been promoted to the bridge and the squadron had been broken up. He had taken a position as flight leader on the Pacifica. He had wanted to go to the Pegasus but the positions had been filled.

A couple of the others had gone to the other battlestars. One had gone to the Galactica, another to the Atlantis, and still another to the previous Argo before it had been destroyed.

He looked down noticing the file from the Pegasus. Opening it up he noticed that the file contained everything that they knew and understood to be true about what had happened in the destruction and after with the Galactica.

Looking though he noticed that the first that stuck out was the fact that another human had betrayed the Colonies. It wasn’t just any human, but a council member that did it.

Ares read the name, Baltar. He was faintly familiar with the person. An eager member who wanted power.

“Commander,” Aaron said sticking his head into the office.

“Yes,” Ares said looking over at the colonel.

“Commander Gunther has reported in. So far the boarder of the Alliance is quiet. We might have scared them off for now,” Aaron told him.

“Good,” Ares said. “What’s nearby, anything?”

“We’ve got scouts out looking, we’ll know shortly,” Aaron replied.

“Very well,” Ares said getting up. “I’ll be heading over to the Pegasus, you will be in charge until I return.”

“Yes sir,” Aaron replied.


Jax piloted the shuttle with both commanders on board. The funeral for Commander Cain had brought everyone who had volunteered for the Argo over. There were still a few who had remained back at Earth, like Doctor Leaver, and a few others. But many had decided to return and help.

The ship landed after another shuttle. She glanced over at her co-pilot who would head back to the Argo to keep a clear hanger on the Pegasus.

After walking off the shuttle she noticed that Nall, Troy, and Bri were already there. Rebecca had stayed behind on the Argo to watch Mary.

“Jax, wasn’t sure if you’d show up,” Troy said.

“Well, I thought it was only right, after all he was responsible for us being here now,” Jax replied.

“True,” Nall said.

Jax thought back to the day she had first heard of the assignment. She had been approached by her commander, on the Pacifica. He had asked her if she wanted to join a special mission, a top secret one.

She had jumped at the opportunity to do something that might help change the war, or be part of something different. That was when she had met Commander Cain. He had been over on board the Pacifica for some reason and he explained what the mission was.

“You know, just thinking about this, I find it a bit ironic,” Jax said finally to the group.

“What,” Troy asked.

“I never thought that Commander Cain believed in such things, like the thirteenth colony, or anything like that. But here we are, and his forethought might help the survivors,” Jax said.

She watched as Troy and the others thought about that.

“Everything I’ve heard of mentions Cain as a person of high beliefs, and a very strong ego,” Bri said.

“Interesting mix,” Nall said. “But I can see your point Jax. I guess he thought enough of it, or was desperate.”

“Perhaps he saw this day coming,” Troy said. “He might of known, had visions but didn’t tell anyone.”

“Or he just got lucky, some people are like that,” Jax said looking at Nall.

“Now why is everyone suddenly looking at me,” Nall asked.

“No reason,” Bri said smiling.

“Captain Troy,” Ares voice said. The group glanced over to look at him as the commander walked over.

“Yes sir!”

“I have a mission for you. The Warspite discovered a planet, minimum life support for us, but there are a dozen or so life forms. I’d like you to investigate when we’re done here,” Ares replied.

“Yes sir, I’ll take Bri, Nall and Jax with me,” Troy said.

“Good,” Ares said.

Jax watched as the commander walked away then the ceremony for Commander Cain began.


Troy banked the fighter down thought the atmosphere of the planet. It was thinner than normal, which meant no strenuous activity. Behind him Bri, Nall and Jax were also heading down towards the planet’s surface. They had decided to land close by but hoped they didn’t encounter any hostile people.

“Remember last time we were in the Alliance territory,” Bri’s voice said.

“Yeah, not the most memorable meeting, but you have a knack for trouble,” Troy replied.

“Me, we didn’t do anything except ask a few questions,” Bri replied.

“Are you saying we should be careful,” Jax piped in.

“Yes,” Troy and Bri’s voice said.

“There’s only a few of them, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Nall said.

“I just don’t want any problems,” Troy said as the four vipers slowly made their way to a small landing area.

“Troy, do you see what I see,” Bri’s voice suddenly said.

Troy glanced down scanning for a few seconds before he spotted it as well.

“I don’t believe it,” Troy said.


Two sets of eyes watched as four fighter looking craft landed nearby at the landing pad. They looked at each other then back at the fighters. The fighters looked familiar, but the black color of the ships and sleeker design seemed a bit strange to them.

“I suggest we go back and inform them,” one said.

“I agree,” the other said.

The two quickly ran off glancing behind them as they did.


Troy hopped out of his fighter as the others landed as well. Glancing around, he didn’t see anyone nearby.

“Be alert, I’m sure our arrival was spotted,” Troy said to them.

“Yeah, but they might already know about us,” Nall said. “Otherwise why would two vipers already be here?”

“Good point,” Troy said. He walked towards two vipers wondering why they were there.

“Hello,” a voice said from behind them. All four spun to see a man with dark hair, dress in a silver uniform.

“Hello,” Troy said speaking for the group. “I’m Captain Troy.”

“Michael,” the man said walking towards them. Troy thought it seemed a bit strange that the man didn’t have any fear. “Though I must admit I never expected to see a Colonial warrior again.”

“Do you know where the pilots are?” Troy asked.

“You don’t know,” Michael asked. Troy noticed that the man seemed confused by everything.

“Perhaps we should start again,” Troy said. “I’m Captain Troy, this is Bri, Nall and Jax of the Battlestar Argo.”

“Then you’re not from the Galactica,” Michael said.

“No, we’re looking for her,” Nall said.

Michael suddenly got a bit defensive looking at them. He pulled a weapon before saying anything else. “You’re not a Cylon are you?”

Troy almost choked on his own saliva at that. “Ah, no, we are Colonial warriors.”

“But only the Galactica survived,” Michael said. “And Apollo and Starbuck warned me about these Cylons.”

“Cylons are mechanical beings, usually silver in appearance and not prone to talking,” Jax said.

“Perhaps we should talk a bit more, especially if you know anything about the Galactica,” Troy said.

“All right,” Michael said relaxing a bit. “Hector, Vector, come out.”

Troy watched as two life like mechanical ‘beings’ walked towards them. Ten years ago their appearance might’ve caused some concern, but now, they barely flinched instead taking everything in stride.

“Not the normal reaction I expected,” Michael said.

“Well, we’ve had quite an adventure,” Troy said. He had a feeling this would be an interesting exchange of information. “Nall, tell Commander Ares we’ve made contact and will report later.”

“All right, how do I find you?” Nall asked.

“I will stay behind,” one of the two ‘beings’ said.

“All right Hector,” Michael said. “Shall we?”

“Lead on,” Troy said as the group hopped aboard a few land vehicles and sped off.


Bri glanced around the household watching as a group of children ran out of the house. All three froze at the sight of them. A blonde haired woman walked out of the house to see what had happened. She noticed them and stopped as well. Bri hoped that this wasn’t a sign of what would come.

“Michael, what’s going on,” she said.

“It appears that they are from another ship, a different ship,” Michael explained.

“We’re just here for information, we passed this way several years ago but weren’t welcomed,” Troy said.

“Come inside and have a seat,” Michael said. “We’ll get comfortable.”

“Sounds good,” Troy replied as the group walked into the house.

“Vector, can you watch over the children,” Michael said.

“I’ll help Vector,” the woman said.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“All right, there is another one still to come,” Michael said then led the group into the house.

Bri glanced around noticing the d├ęcor. It actually seemed quite Earth modern in appearance. Sitting down next to Troy she waited for him to talk.

“So, you’re from the same part of space that the Galactica came from, the Colonies?” Michael asked.

“Yes, we were sent on a special mission to find a planet called Earth,” Troy said.

“You know, Starbuck and Apollo asked me that question, if Terra was Earth,” Michael said.

“Terra,” Troy asked.

“Our home-world,” Michael replied. “But I wouldn’t go there. There’s been reports that the Eastern Alliance is going to strike.”

“Are they the ones with the destroyers,” Bri asked.

“Yes, they’ve got a lot of them. They had been secretly building hundreds of them. When war broke out about ten years ago they claimed that we attacked them,” Michael said.

Bri glanced over at Troy wondering if they were thinking the same thing. It seemed to be at that time when the Argo went through the area.

“Yeah, it seems that they claimed we had built a large powerful ship. They still haven’t found the ship responsible,” Michael said. “At first many thought our government was lying to us, now, with no ship ever in sight, we now think the Eastern Alliance lied.”

“What if the ship wasn’t human,” Bri asked. “In our travels we’ve encountered several other alien ships, the Arbus, and now the Galaxy Council. It could be a race that doesn’t want contact?”

“Interesting thought,” Michael stated.

“Or, they fired first on a warship passing though the area,” Troy finally said.

Michael glanced over at him in silence for a few seconds. “How long ago did you pass though?”

“About ten years, they attacked us,” Troy stated.

Michael sat back in his chair thinking about that. “What happened?”

“We did recon,” Troy said pointing to himself and Bri. “We were greeted by hostile actions. When trying to leave they approached, and attempts to end the conflict peacefully didn’t work they opened fire.”

“Typical,” Michael said. “They’ve never been one to talk, not when they believe they have the upper hand.”

“They attacked, and we fought back. The fight really wasn’t much of a battle,” Bri said.

“I think war would’ve happened no matter what. That was just an excuse,” Michael said. “So did you find this Earth?”

“After a year of travel, its several months of travel away from here,” Troy said. “If its taken the Galactica almost a yehren to travel this far, it would take them almost ten yehrens to get to Earth at their current speed.”

“I got the impression that their fleet wasn’t the best ships,” Michael said.

“Well, one thing that you answered for us. The fleet is headed towards Earth, and they are on the right path. I just hope we find them before the Cylons do,” Bri said.

“Are we in danger,” Michael asked.

“This planet, probably not,” Troy replied.

“You’re too few for them to bother with,” Bri replied. “They might land and check you out, but if you don’t act aggressive, and it might help.”

“Chances are they’ll fly over the planet check it out and unless the population grows they won’t do anything,” Troy said.

The door opened allowing Nall to walk in.

“So, what’s the news,” Troy asked.

Bri watched as Nall sat down before replying.

“Well, nothing too much. The Pegasus and the London have left towards CB2,” Nall told them. “Any news?”

“We might have a destination of the Galactica,” Troy said hopefully. “We need to know where Terra is. I have a feeling that that’s where they are headed.”

“If so they are headed into trouble then,” Michael said. “Most of the astro-charts were destroyed, but I know someone who does know.”

“We should probably go then,” Troy said.


Ares sat in his office listening to the report from Captain Troy. So far everything he had heard seemed to be normal. No mention of how many ships, or the condition of the fleet. The best report came from the Pegasus. The fuel for the fleet seemed to be the biggest concern for the fleet the Galactica led. Ares had a feeling that he would be sending back a report for fuel.

“In short they really don’t have much information other then the Galactica intercepted their ship somewhere on route to their home,” Troy said. “Michael relayed everything. It seems that Captain Apollo and Starbuck helped them out as well against the Eastern Alliance.”

Ares watched as they stopped there in their story. He had the feeling more had gone on and waited.

“Remember when we came though here last time,” Troy said. Ares nodded his head that he did remember. “Well it seems that our battle started a war.”

“A war,” Ares exclaimed.

“The Eastern Alliance claimed that we were part of the other side, and destroyed their destroyers declaring war. They’ve been at war now for several years,” Troy said. “Recent reports from Terra states that the two sides have come to an agreement though.”

“I see,” Ares finally said. For now he still had to figure out where the Galactica and the fleet had gone. He also had to keep an eye out for the Cylons. They might be anywhere.

“I suggest we head for this Terra, they might have seen the Galactica,” Troy suggested.

“Perhaps,” Ares said. He didn’t want to send the entire fleet, but splitting up might mean a break up. The last thing he the fleet needed would be to break up. “I’ll take it under advisement.”

“Yes sir,” Troy replied.

Ares sat back thinking about it all. He needed to send back a report to Earth. He still had to include the Pegasus in the report. Pratt would be sadden by the news for sure.


Scott walked onto the bridge with purpose after being summoned yet again. For the last couple of days they had kept an eye on a Cylon basestar in the area. It seemed to finally set up base in a system of five planets.

“All right laddie, what’s the problem,” Scott asked.

“Scanners just picked this up,” the scanner operator said. “The basestar had just settled into orbit.”

Scott glanced down at the screen looking at in shock.

“Do we have a position of the fleet,” Scott asked.

“The last report we managed to pick up from Commander Ares put them about here, in the Eastern Alliance territory,” the communications expert said.

Scott sat back thinking about what to do.

“All right, prepare a narrow beam transmission, heavy encryption,” Scott said.

End part 59

Continued in Contact

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