Battlestar Argo – Part 58

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 58: Old Friends

Ares walked back into the meeting room aboard the Argo. President Chang, Pratt, Pakrov, Robert, and Sam were all waiting for him. The meeting with the Arbus had gone better once Senator Sam had been able to talk with just the Arbus. He didn’t think the Galaxy Council posed any threat, they just wanted to be included in things. They also thought they were more powerful than they were. If the Arbus had been able to keep the council at bay then the Earth military would be able to keep them at bay as well.

“Gentlemen, we have a problem,” Ares said sitting down. He didn’t have to explain, they all understood what it was.

“I’ve taken the liberty to send the Colonial Bound to the Colonies to assess the situation,” Xai stated.

Ares sat back knowing that something was being done. He also knew that the scout ship wouldn’t have the supplies to make it back.

“How are the supply ships doing,” Ares asked.

“We have six ready to go. They can handle operations for several months. Two fleet tankers are also ready,” Pakrov replied.

“We would be able to send about ten warships with six supply ships, including the two tankers,” Pratt said.

“Well then, I suggest we put a priority on supply ships at once,” Xai said. “If we are to help we’ll need a way to supply our troops.”

“What about the population?” Robert asked. “There will be many questions to answer.”

“Yes, but the Arbus destroyed much of our history. The Atlantian ship has confirmed that it was part of the thirteen tribes. In fact it’s been hard keep that a secret,” Pratt replied. “Perhaps it time to make that public, then see what the people say.”

“It might help,” Xai said.

“You know, a decade ago anyone who heard this would state the government was covering a conspiracy to keep military expenses up,” Robert said. “Ironically this time we’re telling the truth, and it seems people understand.”

“Perhaps humans on Earth have finally grown up my friend,” Ares replied. “They can now spot the important, from the unimportant.”

“True, but I think perhaps we should send begin to send the fleet to the Colonies,” Xia said. “We’re in a position to help.”

“Perhaps start making bases along the way,” Pratt said. “The Skartians have already pledged their help to us with this. They’re great builders, has something to do with that no sleep thing.”

“If their willing, then we’ll begin operations,” Ares said. “The Colonial Bound is already on its way. Next I think we should start building bases towards the Colonies. Anyone have any suggestions.”

“Well, there was that system a week away that could make a good base,” Pratt said.

“Yes, if we start building that up now, it would make a good staging point for the next base and to launch the fleet,” Ares replied.

“I’ll ask the Skartians if they are willing to help,” Xia said. “Pakrov will be in charge of the base construction, Ares, I think you’ll want to head the fleet heading back to the Colonies, correct.”

“Yes,” Ares said.

“I would like to keep Commander Pratt for homeland defense,” Xai said.

“I can handle that, make sure the fleet remains trained, and new ships are brought into the fleet. Basically the same job I’ve done for the past year,” Pratt replied.

“We’ve got our jobs, let’s get going,” Xai said.


Troy watched with Bri as Mary played around in the rec room of the Argo. They had watched her for Nall and Rebecca while they were on duty.

“So, what’s going to happen next,” Bri asked.

“I don’t know,” Troy replied as Mary ran in a circle to the amusement of a couple of other pilots.

“Hard to believe that some people are so easily amused,” Bri said. “You’d think adults would be more sophisticated than watching a child run around in circles.”

“We are,” Troy replied.

“Well yeah, but we’re supposed to be watching her,” Bri huffed back.

Troy watched a bit more wondering what his parents would say to this. He’d thought of them a bit but so far didn’t have anything else to go on. He hadn’t had any new visions lately and he wondered if that meant something good, or bad.

“When do you think we’re going to be leaving,” Bri asked.

“Well, CB1 is approaching completion,” he said, referring to the slang term for the new base. People had begun calling it Colonial Base One, or CB1, for short. “We’re to leave after that.”

“What about the people,” Bri asked.

Troy thought about that. The people of Earth had been told much about what had happened, and the history of the Colonies. Some thought it was a conspiracy, but to others it answered so much. The conspiracy’s didn’t hold up well against so many truths.

“I think after everything they’re taking this in stride pretty well,” Troy said.

“I wonder if the commander has finished what ships are going to be going,” Bri said.

“The Enterprise and Argo, cruisers, Leopard, and Hornet, along with the destroyers London, Moscow, Calgary and Houston and the scout ships Fire Ant and Emerald,” Troy said.

“To go with the six supply ships,” Bri said. “Sixteen ships, I wonder what this mission will bring.”

“That’s a good question,” Troy said. He didn’t know himself.


Troy looked across at the pilots for the Argo. Many were pilots that had come with the Argo. Jax, Nall and Bri were on board the ship and he was sure that Gunther would’ve taken his place if he wasn’t put in charge of the Enterprise. The transfer from the Warspite to Enterprise had been mutual.

The pitter patter of small feet running across the deck caused him to turn. He already knew who it was. Mary came running across the deck straight for Nall. He watched as Nall bent down and picked her up. Such a long trip and Ares had made some exceptions to the rules. Some families were allowed. Most were on the supply ships because of the extra room. The voyage itself didn’t concern anyone. Supplies would be plentiful for a trip to the colonies and back with the supply ships. It was the unknowing of what they’d find that kept some from going.

“This will be some trip,” Bri said walking up next to him.

“Not quite the homecoming many of us expected,” Troy said.

“I don’t know, in a way we’re still doing our original mission,” Bri said.

“I guess, are you packed,” Troy asked.

“Didn’t have much. Nall and Rebecca had to pack more than I did,” Bri said.

“Yeah, clothing for one. Of course the ships are stocked with clothing for all sizes,” Troy said. There was not telling if another child would be born with the families along. One of the supply ships had a couple of room converted to entertainment purposes allowing some time off and a place to go for entertainment.

“This will be a different trip, that’s for sure,” Bri said.

“Hopefully its a short, successful, trip,” Troy said.

“That would be nice,” Bri said.

“Any word from the Colonial Bound,” Nall asked. Joining the conversation.

“It called in a couple of days ago, didn’t report anything new,” Troy replied. The ship had left a month ago while the Earth government concluded the negotiations with the Arbus and everything else. The Galaxy Council had been allowed some influence just to keep peace. One they fully understood the magnitude they quieted down a bit.

“If the Galactica did survive any idea where it might go,” Bri asked.

“Commander Ares is working on that,” Troy replied. He thought the same thing.


Ares glanced down at the screen one more time looking at the words. He had read up about the commander of the Galactica hoping to find a clue as to what to expect once the Argo and the fleet arrived.

Commander Adama, he is, was, a member of the Council of Twelve, a competent commander, respected by others and a good leader. Ares had meet the man once a couple of years before the Argo had left. The man seemed to be everything the words told him to be.

He also noticed two sons, a daughter and a wife. He wondered how his family had survived the holocaust at the Colonies.

“Commander, the fleet is ready to move out,” Aaron’s voice said over the communicator.

“Very well, begin,” Ares said looking out the window at the small world that currently had CB1. The Skartians were already working on CB2. If they kept this up then the supply chain to the Colonies would be easy. Two new supply ships had been laid down and crews were working around the clock to finish them.

“Incoming message from Doctor Leaver,” Aaron said.

“Doctor, what can I do for you,” Ares said.

“I just wanted to wish you good luck commander,” Leaver said. “I wish I could go with you this time.”

“I understand,” Ares said. “But it’s not often you get a chance to study our past.”

“Hopefully more will be understood when you get back,” Leaver said.

“We shall return,” Ares said. “We’ll be sending updates once a week.”

“I’ll have to tell Commander Pratt to relay them to me then,” Leaver replied.

“I hope you’ve finished exploring the Orion when we return, frack, it might even be operational,” Ares said.

“That’s the plan,” Leaver said referring to the old Atlantian ship that had been discovered on Centari One.

Ares signed off knowing that for the first time in several years the scientist could really work on the old ship. The plan was to make it operational again. Ares knew that Leaver was working hard to understand the power plant of the old warship, and if anything could be discovered from it.

The engines of the Argo came to life reaching the familiar whine of full power. He glanced back out of the window watching as the planet slowly started to fade away. Now would be the long voyage to the colonies and an undecided future.


Captain Scott rested in his quarters. The Colonial Bound had been in transit now for almost six months. They still had another three months to go before arriving at the Colonies. So much could have happened that he wasn’t sure what to expect. The one thing he was sure about was avoiding a fire-fight. They had just passed the Alliance space with no problem. The scans there seemed to indicate they were now at war.

“Captain to the bridge,” the speaker said.

He heard no urgency in the voice as he got up. That meant usually some sort of contact had been found. The S-metal was a god-send to the ship allowing it to avoid anything else.

“What’s going on?” Scott asked.

“Scanners picked up a target.”


“Defiantly Cylon, basestar,” the reply came.

“Heading,” Scott asked.

“The course is towards this planet,” the man said pointing towards small planet that was in a direct path from the Colonies to Earth.

“Any indication they’ve spotted us?” Scott asked.

“No sir.”

Scott wondered what the Cylon basestar was doing this far away from the Colonies. The Alliance appeared to be intact, perhaps the inter-fighting meant that the Cylons wouldn’t interfere with them.

“Prepare a signal back to Earth of our findings,” Scott ordered. “We continue on our mission. We’re to find the Galactica.”


Pratt glanced at the construction yard from the bridge of the Daedalus. The construction techniques had sure improved using computers from Earth even though the ships used a primitive system. That had been an argument for a while but after several ideas it was decided to keep the current situation until contact had been made.

“Incoming message from the Colonial Bound.”

Pratt walked over to see what the message was. The messages from the Colonial Bound were more infrequent than the Strike Fleet. Commander Ares continued to give weekly reports since he had left. So far the fleet appeared to be making good time.

He read the message from Captain Scott quickly walking over to the map to see where the Cylon basestar was.


“A Cylon basestar, here,” Pratt replied. “Send this to General Pakrov and President Xai at once.”

“Yes sir.”


Commander Ares watched from his post as another month had gone by. They would be approaching the Eastern Alliance once more. The last time he’d been though their territory the results hadn’t been peaceful.

“Any word from our patrols?” Ares asked.

“No commander,” Aaron replied. “We’re still waiting for word from them.”

Ares had hoped to avoid any of the Eastern Alliance destroyers. He didn’t want to get into another fight with them. The last time the Argo had destroyed about four of their destroyers. The Argo had split from the area rather quickly after that.

The entire journey to Earth seemed like a lifetime ago, yet really it had only been less than ten years ago. Then he thought about the last meeting he’d had back at the Colonies, with Commander Cain. He’d been saddened when he learned of the Fifth Fleet’s destruction.

It really was a shame that they lost such a great commander. He wondered if Cain ever understood how much sending the Argo to Earth would help humanity in the long run. Sighing he looked at the screen knowing that they were approaching the point where the Colonial Bound had spotted a Cylon basestar. He would also have to wait to see what the patrols uncovered before sending one towards that spot.


Troy banked his viper in a tight turn to begin another leg of the patrol. Bri was with him this time on patrol as they continued on their way.

Glancing back a bit he spotted her viper as they made sure the local area around the fleet was clear. Right now they were opposite of the Alliance checking out to make sure there wasn’t any destroyers this far out that might surprise them.

“Troy, check your scanner,” Bri’s voice suddenly said breaking the silence.

Troy glanced down expanding the view until he noticed a blip on the edge of the scanner. He quickly brought the war book up hoping to identify the ship.

He watched as the computer scanned though the list before stopping. Now he stared at the screen in shock.

“Let’s get this information back to the Argo, now,” Troy said.

The two vipers banked again heading back to the Agro at full speed.


“Commander, incoming vipers, very fast,” Rebecca said.

Ares walked over to the scanner watching as the patrol came back too quickly for Ares’ comfort.

“Alert the rest of the fleet, be ready for anything,” Ares said.

“Yes sir,” Aaron replay.

“Tell those pilots I want them up here right away,” Ares ordered. He knew the patrol was piloted by Troy and Bri. He figured that something had to be wrong for them to be heading back at a high rate of speed.

He only had to wait a few moments until Troy and Bri walked onto the bridge. He watched each of them as they walked over to where he stood.

“Commander, I think you’ll find this interesting,” Troy said.

“I hope, you rode your turbos all the way here enough for me to have the fleet on alert, I hope it’s good,” Ares replied.

“We’ve found a battlestar,” Troy said.

“What, where,” Ares asked.

“From the direction we came from,” Troy said.

“Turn the fleet in the direction of this battlestar. Then we’ll launch another group of fighters to check out the ship, it might be the Galactica. Troy, Bri you’re in charge of that mission,” Ares said. “Also have a shuttle ready, they might need some help.”

The group quickly went off with a renewed purpose in their steps. They were about to receive the information they wanted since they left.


Troy and Bri, along with Jax and Nall were slowly approaching the battlestar. Even from this distance they could see the damage the ship had taken. Troy thought it was amazing the ship even survived. The hangar facing them appeared unusable, and it looked like the engines were only working at half power.

“Looks like it was in quite a fight,” Bri said.

“It does,” Troy replied. It was time to see if anyone was still alive on it. “This is Argo patrol to unidentified battlestar, come in?”

He waited several seconds still approaching the ship. Nothing came back on the intercom.

“Nall, you and Jax see what the situation of the other hangar is, we’ll go from there,” Troy said.

He watched as the two quickly went around to the other side.

Looking back at the shuttle with Commander Ares, which Troy still didn’t think was a good idea they waited for the results.

“hangar appears to be intact, at least the landing bay, looks like most of the launching bays have been damaged,” Jax replied.

“Jax, look,” Nall’s voice broke in suddenly.

Troy waited in silence wondering what they had found. As the seconds ticked by he began to grow uneasy at the silence.

“It’s the Pegasus,” Nall finally said.


Ares heard the announcement stunned at what Nall had said. The Pegasus was Commander Cain’s battlestar. He had to know what had happened.

“We land, take us to the landing bay and land. “Troy, if you can land go on ahead and do so.”

Ares watched as the other hangar bay came into view. He wondered how long the battlestar had been in this condition. Even better was how had it survived?

The shuttle landed after two vipers had landed. The door opened allowing Ares out of the shuttle. Off to one side Nall and Jax were climbing out of their vipers after moving them out of the way. Troy and Bri completed their landings as well as they joined him. The small group including the doctor of the Argo, Doctor Hans Wiets glanced around. The landing bay was in disarray with damage. But there was evidence of some repairs having been done.

“Let’s head to the bridge, but be careful,” Ares said as the group began heading off the hangar.

The group rounded the corner when noise could be heard. Ares watched as Troy raised his hand in silence. They might be aboard a Colonial battlestar, but they didn’t know how long it had been there, or who else might be on board.


Troy glanced at Nall who nodded his head. He then glanced back at the rest of the group.

“Nall and I will check it out, stay here and wait for our reply,” Troy said to them.

Troy began slowly walking down the damaged corridor towards what he figured was one of the larger living quarters of a battlestar. The door appeared to be open and he could star to hear voices as he approached.

“I thought the scanners showed something, but they failed again,” a male voice said.

“Communications,” a raspy almost familiar voice said.

“That’s still down, Victor is working on the part, but its slow.” the first voice said.

“Alert everyone we might have company then.”

Troy had thought where he’d heard that voice before. Glancing over at Nall he saw a blank look. Troy continued to then realized who it was.

“Commander Cain,” Troy said suddenly walking towards the door. He ignored Nall’s shocked look and frozen appearance as he looked into the doorway.

Inside were two men, dressed in Colonial uniforms, one in a bed the other, a blonde haired man sitting nearby. Both glanced over at them in shock and surprise.

“Commander Cain,” Troy said walking slowly towards them. He had holstered his weapon the moment he’d figured it out.

“Who are you,” the blonde said.

“Perhaps there someone who’ll be able to explain this better,” Troy said. “Nall, get the commander.”


Ares walked with Nall and the rest to the doorway where Ares looked in. On the bed was Cain and Ares noticed that the man didn’t look that good.

“Doc, take a look,” Ares said quickly as he walked into the room.

“By the gods, Ares,” Cain said.

“Commander, you know this man,” the blonde haired man said.

“Know him, I almost trained him, but he shouldn’t be here, unless-”

“We got a message that the Colonies had been attacked, and the fleet destroyed,” Ares said.

“One battlestar won’t make a difference,” the blonde said.

Ares grinned a bit, he had much to tell him as he looked over at the doctor. Ares noticed the grim look on his face though.

“I’m sorry sir, perhaps if we were back home, he’d stand a chance,” Hans said.

The news hit them all heavily with the knowledge that the greatest commander of the Colonies would die.

“Leave us,” Ares said. His men walked out of the room but not before Ares had one last command for Troy. “Find out what supplies they need, then get in touch with the fleet and get it over here.”

“Yes sir,” Troy said.

“Go on,” Cain said to his second in command. “They are friends, gone for a long time, but appears they’re home now. They’ll be able to take care of the Pegasus.”

Ares watched as the man left the room then turned to Cain.

“Commander Ares, I never thought,” Cain said his voice still raspy.

“What happened,” Ares asked. “Last I heard the Fifth Fleet was destroyed?”

“Almost, the Pegasus survived,” Cain said. “But what happened to you? What fleet strength do you have?”

“With me I have two battlestars, two gunstars, four destroyers and two scout ships along with six supply ships,” Ares said.

“You found Earth, the thirteenth colony?”

“Yeah, and fought a war against a group called the Arbus,” Ares said. “The Earth has a defense force of over eight battlestars, consisting of three fleets not including support ships and smaller warships.”

“Then I have a new mission for you,” Cain said. “Find the Galactica, she’s leading a group of over a hundred civilian ships. They’re all that’s left of the colonies.”

“Then the Galactica did survive, any idea as to where,” Ares asked.

“They are trying to find Earth, like you,” Cain replied.

“That makes things easier. My first priority is to get the Pegasus in shape to make the voyage back to Earth,” Ares said.

“We’ll be fine,” Cain said.

“You’re probably about to run out of food, fuel, and other supplies. We’ve got the supplies, and the fleet is on the way,” Ares said. Already he figured on the Houston providing escort to the disabled battlestar after gaining a report of how damaged it was. “I’m going to see how my people are doing and if the fleet is in communications range yet.”

He watched as Cain nodded his head. He then went off in search of Troy.


Troy glanced over at the blonde man.

“I’m Troy, this is my wife Bri, and Nall and Jax,” Troy said to him as they walked to the bridge.

“I’m Tolen, he replied. “I guess with Commander Cain down I’ve been acting commander.”

“How many are on board?” Bri asked.

“Fifty-two,” Tolen replied.

“That’s way below a normal complement,” Troy said.

“Well, most of the non-essential crew went to the Galactica, including our pilots, medical staff, most of the launch crew, we went into battle with very few people,” Tolen said. “And I’m sure that everyone who served on the Pegasus wanted to stay.”

“So what happened,” Nall asked as they walked onto the bridge.

Troy glanced around noticing that the bridge looked close to what one of his last visions looked like. He turned to Tolen.

“You took on more than one basestar,” Troy replied.

“We actually took on three, destroyed two before Cain ordered the brilliant maneuver,”Tolen said. “His original plan was to destroy as many basestars as possible, hit light speed, then turn around and rejoin the Galactica. The Pegasus didn’t hold together very well and our maneuvering thrusters were damaged not allowing us to return to the Galactica.”

“Communications and scanners,” Troy asked.

“Damaged, we’re working on repairing them, but the situation is getting pretty bad,” Tolen told them. “Who are you? The last Battlestar Argo was destroyed over fifteen yehrens ago.”

“True, but Commander Cain and a few others secretly commissioned a new battlestar naming it Argo. Its mission was to find Earth,” Troy said thinking about that day almost ten years ago. “Its crew was mostly orphans, because there was no telling how long we’d be gone.”

“Earth?” Tolen asked.

“Yeah, took a year to find it, sorry I mean a yehren, got used to Earth terminology,” Troy said. “Our mission was to prepare Earth for the Cylons, then hopefully bring back a fleet to help the Colonies. Kind of like a supply base out of the reach of the Cylons.”

“That’s incredible, and if it was anyone but Cain who thought of it, I’d have said you were crazy, but with everything, I believe it,” Tolen replied.

“How are things,” a voice said from behind them.

“No communications, or scanners, only about fifty people aboard,” Troy said.

“Tell everyone to come to the hangar then,” Ares said. He turned and walked off the bridge.

Troy could tell that Tolen wanted to argue so he stepped in. “Tolen, Commander Ares wants to help. Cain was a friend to many of us. And we need to work fast. The Eastern Alliance might have spotted you already.”

“Eastern Alliance?”

“A colony of humans who are not very friendly,” Bri said.

Tolen went over to gather the remaining crew and head to the hangar.

End part 58

Continued in Consequences and War

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