Battlestar Argo – Part 48

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 48: Homecomings and Disappointments

“Commander,” the scanner operator said getting the commander’s attention.

“What is it,” the commander asked walking over to where the scanner operator was.

“I’m picking up a strange reading on the scanners. It appears and disappears almost as if the scanner cannot get a fix on whatever is out there,” the scanner operator said.

“Interesting,” the man replied. “Helm, take us in that direction and see if we can find out what is there,” the commander said.

The battlestar turned heading toward what was appearing on the scanner.

“Commander, incoming message,” the communications officer said with a bit of shock in his voice.

“Put it up here,” the commander replied. He waited a bit until a face appeared.  It was one that he was not sure that he recognized.

“Commander Backas,” the man said. “I’m Captain Gunther and there is much to discuss, I am under the command of Commander Ares.”

Backus almost fainted a bit when he heard what the man had said. He quickly thought about what was going on and what he needed to do.  “Tell the hanger to prepare to receive a top secret shuttle.  What happens in the next couple of centons will remain secret is that understood,” he said to his bridge crew.

There were several people nodding their heads but no one understood what was going on. They would have to wait to find out.


Nall woke up early in the morning to the sound of his wife in the bathroom. He was getting concerned by this recent behavior.  She had been sick in the morning now for the third day in a row.  He walked over to the door and waited a few seconds until she finally stopped.  He walked into the small bathroom with the intention of confronting his wife to see the doctor about what was going on.

“Are you feeling better,” Nall asked Rebecca.

“I’m not sure,” Rebecca replied. “Today was the worst.”

“I think you should see the doctor,” Nall said.

“For what,” Rebecca said. She hated doctors with a passion and now Nall was trying to talk to her into going to see one for a seventy-two hour bug.  “It’s just a bug, I’ll be fine.”

“You said yesterday that it was just a forty-two hour bug, and the day before that a twenty-four hour one. What is it this time, a seventy-two hour bug?  Please, do this for me,” Nall asked placing his arm around her.  “I care about you and hate to see you sick.”

Rebecca thought about it for a few seconds as she listened to what he said. She had the feeling that Nall was probably right, but it did not make her happy at all.

“All right, I’ll go to the doctor today,” Rebecca said.

“Good,” Nall replied. They both got ready for their day heading to the cafeteria to grab something to eat.  Nall had a day that was full of patrols with newbies who were going to be taking their first patrol.  He would wait to talk with Troy about what the latest development was on the war.

Troy since being promoted had spent more time on the bridge lately than he had in the viper or with the pilots. Nall thought that it was a good thing that his wife was a pilot.  Troy might not know what was going on otherwise.

Nall and Rebecca walked out to head to the cafeteria so that they could begin their day.


Ares sat at his desk listening to the current patrol status. Pratt was also there along with Troy in his office while General Pakrov and President Harvey were listening in down on Earth.  Captain Renee was giving the details of the patrols.  He had recently promoted her to head of the patrol groups as the fleet now had an additional two patrol ships bringing the total to twelve.

“So everything so far is quiet,” Ares asked Renee.

“So far, I’m keeping four ships on constant patrol with four on duty at the local bases and the remaining four resting rotating every three weeks,” Renee said.

“Sounds good,” Ares said. A rotational patrol would keep everyone more alert.  It would also help with defenses as the patrols would not deplete any ship power from the bases.

“Thank you Renee, Peter, anything from your end,” Ares asked. Peter had recently been promoted to the captain of Centari One.

“We are currently ahead of schedule with the Agamemnon battlestar,” Peter said referring to the new class of battlestars. The first one was to be called Agamemnon.

“Good news, when do they expect people to begin coming aboard to,” Ares asked.

“In another couple of months,” Peter replied.

“Good, I think we can hold until then,” Ares said.

“Any news from the damaged ships,” Harvey asked.

“The Argo has been repaired already and the Daedalius is scheduled for a small upgrade to her computers already,” Ares said. The Argo had that done already when they repaired the damage.

“What about the Panther,” Harvey asked.

“It’s fully operational and just completed its trails,” Ares said.

“It will be joining the Daedalius to form the second fleet,” Pratt said.

“I take it that the second fleet will be responsible for the defense of Centari One,” Harvey asked having read some of the reports.

“Yes,” Ares replied.

“What about the viper squads,” Pakrov asked.

“We’re well ahead of projected needs for right now. We also have more pilots than we have vipers,” Troy replied from where he was sitting.

“Very good Commander Ares,” Harvey said. “I’m glad that things seem to be going well, but I’m hesitant to say that.”

“I understand,” Ares said. “If you say that then we’ll get some really bad news.”

“Exactly,” Harvey said. “It’s been a couple of years since the Arbus attack on Earth but I can already hear the rumblings of the intellectual elite saying that we should talk to them.”

“Believe me, we’ve tried a few times,” Ares said remembering the first couple of times that he had fought the Arbus. “They self destruct their ships so that we have no idea how to talk to them.”

“I know,” Harvey replied. “I would still like you to try.”

“You don’t have to try and sell us on that one. The quicker we get done with this war the quicker we can help out the Colonies,” Ares said.

“Any news from the Colonial Bound,” Pakrov asked.

“Nothing yet,” Ares said. “It should arrive at the colonies soon though.  I don’t know how long it will take to make contact with someone Gunther can trust.”

“All right,” Pakrov replied. “I was just wondering.”

“Otherwise the news coming from the Colonies is not that bad yet. The Fifth fleet had headed out to Gamoray to help out an ally and with Commander Cain it should be quite a fight,” Ares said.

The meeting wrapped up a short while later leaving Pratt, Troy and Ares in the room.

“Well, I better get back over to the Daedalius,” Pratt said. “We’re running some drill with the Panther to get the two ships working together well.”

“Keep mu updated,” Ares asked receiving a nod from Pratt.

“Well, anything else that I need to know about,” Ares asked.

“Nope, just the normal stuff,” Troy replied. “I have a few things to finish up today before the new class begins.”

“All right,” Ares said. He watched as Troy got up and walked out.  Things were going well at the moment.  The war with the Arbus was going well but he wondered at their military might, how large was their military?  Had he seen the most powerful warships that the Arbus could throw at them.  There were just too many questions that he did not have answers to.


Commander Backus waited on the landing bay for the shuttle to land. Everything was kept secret from most of the people.  He was not sure what type of information to expect.  He watched as the shuttle landed.  The marking were a bit different than what he was used to.  The door opened and Gunther walked out of the shuttle along with another man.  This one seemed to be older with a weathered face that was not usually encountered by anyone on the colonies.

“Commander Backus,” Gunther said walking up to the man and greeting him.

“Captain Gunther,” Backus replied. He then looked to see the other man.

“Ah’m Captain Scott,” the man said to Brackus.

“Let’s talk in private,” Gunther suggested. They walked to the elevator and then to Backus’ private office.

“Now, what’s going on,” Backus said.

“We’re the exhibition from Earth,” Gunther said.

“The Argo found it,” Backus asked amazed by what he had just been told.

“Yes,” Gunther replied. “But there is much more that is needed to be told.”

“Can we expect help,” Backus asked before he fully understood what Gunther had just said. “Why is it that I don’t like what you just said?”

“Earth is under attack from a race calling themselves the Arbus,” Scott said. “If not for the Argo Earth would be destroyed.”

Backus slumped back into his chair. It was a possibility that he and Cain had discussed but not really figured on.

“Do I want to know everything,” Backus asked.

“You should, then my ship also will require some supplies for the return trip,” Gunther said.

Backus nodded his head in understanding. “How is Commander Ares.”

“Thriving,” Gunther said.

“Aye, he’s living up to his name,” Scott said then saw the strange look on Backus’ face. “On Earth the names Ares is an ancient god of war.”

Backus chuckled at that thought. “Found his niche did he,” he said just imagining his onetime second in command’s face when he was told that. “Now what do you mean that Earth is at war with a race called the Arbus?”

“We made contact with Earth about four yehrens ago,” Gunther said. “After introducing ourselves to a few of their members of one of the governments we began to build a base.  Earth was not quite as advanced as we had hoped.  They were abandoning their space explorations when we arrived.”

“That does not sound good,” Backus said.

“Well, we learned later it was all a plot by the Arbus. The Arbus had placed clones into many high ranking spots in both the government and military.  They used this for when they attacked to spred confusion among any military counterstrikes,” Gunther said.

“Interesting strategy,” Backus said thinking about that. “How does the fight go then?”

“When we left the second battlestar, Daedalus, was almost completed, the gunstar Tiger was complete along with about a dozen patrol ships and four destroyer class ships. A new designed battlestar was being finalized.  Another Tiger ship and several smaller craft were also under construction.  One large multi-purpose cargo ship had been completed as well as a tanker ship.  A class of support ships were being designed when we left, that was almost nine months ago,” Gunther said.

“I see, what about the reason why our scanners did not pick you up until you were almost on top of us,” Backus asked.

“The new S-metal,” Gunther replied. “It is a metal we encountered by a strange race we helped out on the way to Earth.  It allows the ship to be harder to see and pick up on scans, but it is weaker than normal armor,” Gunther replied.

“It seems like there is a lot tha ti need to know,” Backus said sitting back to listen to the rest of what Gunther had to say.


Bri glanced at the mirror one more time. She looked down once more to confirm what the reading was.  It was not what she was hoping for that was for sure.  She put the object down and quietly walked out of the bathroom.  She got dressed knowing that Troy had already left to meet with Ares on a situational update.

“Damn,” she muttered not able to get the thought out of her head. She made her way down the flight deck to where her trainees were waiting.  Taking a deep breath she entered the room.  She would work quickly today as she really did not feel like working today.

A thought came to her thinking that perhaps she should see a doctor about this. With her mind made up she felt she had a plan of attack for the day.  Now all she had to do was get through it.


Doctor Gravin was waiting in the medlab going over medical reports. It was a slow day, nothing unusual to report as he worked though the day.  He had a few appointments later on in the day but nothing critical.  He glanced up as the door opened.  He noticed that Captain Gabrielle was standing there with an unsure look on her face.  He frowned knowing that she hated medlab.  With a smile he walked over to her.

“Hello captain, what can I do for you,” he said smiling hoping to put the smaller woman at ease.

“I, well, I think I need some help,” Bri said. She quickly explained everything that had gone on.  She then included this morning not sure why she was there.

“Well,” Gravin said in a calm voice. “Perhaps there is another reason for this.  Some things take time, others happen rather quickly.  Would you like to run a few tests?  I will be discrete about everything.”

Bri hesitated for a few moments as she thought it over. She knew in her heart that it was to be the right move but she was not sure that she could go through with it.  She took a deep breath before answering him.

“Yes,” she finally said.

“This way,” the doctor said gently leading Bri on over to the examination table.


“Well, I see that quite a lot has happened to the Argo on its journey. I am sad to hear that we are not going to be able to receive any help from that area.  The council is still debating about a new battlestar.  At this rate I fear that such construction will be too late.  We lost one more since you left,” Backus said.

“Yes, we heard, and the Pegasus and the fifth fleet have now gone to help out a ally,” Gunther said.

“I don’t like this,” Backus said remembering something from before the Argo left. Troy had giving him a warning that the Pacifica would be destroyed.  “I wish that you could return with a fleet soon.”

“So do I commander,” Gunther replied. “Commander Ares is not sure when we will be able to sent help.”

“I understand,” Backus replied. He knew that war would not be tamed no matter the plan.  Things had a way of happening to twist even the most thought out plan and make it look like a disaster.  “I hope that we can get regular updates.”

“We’ll try, but it might be hard commander,” Gunther replied. “I just hope that everything is going all right.”

“Do they remember the colonies at all,” Backus finally asked.

“Unfortunately no,” Gunther replied. “It appears that all information regarding that has been destroyed.”

“Will they help us,” Backus asked.

“I don’t know, but right now we’re not saying much about that. Right now the effort is on the Arbus and defeating them,” Gunther replied.  “If they are not defeated then the entire plan fails.”

“I see,” Backus said.


“Well,” the doctor said looking at his patient. “The test doesn’t lie.”

“You mean, I am,” the patient said not sure about what the doctor had just said.

“Yes,” Gravin replied. “You are pregnant.”

“Oh boy,” the patient said. She seemed to be thinking about what he said along with everything else.

“Here is a list of when I want to see you again to make sure that everything is going well. Also there is a list of things that you might experience or crave that you might not understand.  That will allow you to know if it is normal or something that you need to see me about,” Gravin said.

“Yes doctor,” the patient said. She was not sure if she should be happy or upset about this.

“Well, congratulations dear,” Gravin said. “Now be sure to rest and get enough to eat.  I want to see a happy healthy baby in eight months.”

“Yes sir,” the patient replied then walked out of medlab.


Backus sat back thinking about what had happened recently. The Argo had made contact with Earth and legendary thirteenth tribe.  Now that he had that information he wondered what he should do about that.  He quickly relayed a message to the Pegasus and Commander Cain.  Cain did not take long in replying to his message.

“Commander Backus, what can I do for you,” Cain asked.

“I need to talk to you, about the Argo,” Backus said. He did not say the Argo’s name too loudly in case anyone was listening to their conversation.

“Hold on a second,” Cain said. There was a slight pause before he came back.  “All right, now what’s this about the Argo.”

“They’ve made contact with us,” Backus said. “Captain Gunther from the Argo has returned.”

“Did they bring reinforcements, what are the numbers they brought,” Cain said suddenly excited.

“Just one scout ship Cain,” Backus said. “There is more.”

“Then tell me you war daggit,” Cain said. Backus could see the wheels turning in the brilliant mind that made Cain a military genius.

“The Argo made contact, but it seems that Earth is involved in a war of their own. In fact if the Argo had not shown up the Earth would have been destroyed.  The problem is they do not have the forces to spare to us for help,” Backus said.

“Felbercarp,” Cain said. “We need that help and soon.”

“I know,” Backus replied. They were down to six battlestars.  Five were protecting the colonies while the Pegasus was out helping their neighbor against the Cylons.

“Those fools on the council just don’t understand that if we don’t replenish our war loses then we will lose the war with the Cylons,” Cain said. His words rang true with Backus.  He knew that things were not going well in the war.

“That’s an understatement. I sometimes wonder what they are thinking,” Backus said.

“What else did Commander Ares say,” Cain asked.

“A race calling themselves the Arbus attacked Earth about a yahren after the Argo arrived. With the help of the Argo the invasion was stopped.  However the Arbus seem to be continuing to attack Earth.  Not a whole lot is known about why they were attacking Earth,” Backus said.

“Did Ares say when they might be able to send help our way,” Cain asked.

“He did not know. Captain Gunther said that they do not even know the strength of the Arbus fleet.  They do not allow themselves to be captured,” Backus said.

“A cunning enemy, could be a while,” Cain said. He got a look on his face as he thought it though.   “Well, there is not much we can do right now.  Perhaps if Commander Ares could talk with this Arbus race they might understand the threat of the Cylons.”

“He’s probably thought of that already,” Backus replied. “But if the other race is not talking there is little you can do.”

“I guess we wait,” Cain said.


Nall walked into his quarters only to find Rebecca there already. He was not expecting to see her back so soon.  She was happy about something.

“So what are you grinning about,” Nall asked her.

“I have some news for you, at least news that I’m happy about,” Rebecca said. Nall could see that she was almost bouncing with happiness.  He wondered what she was going to say to him.

“I guess you are going to make me wait for a while until you tell me what is going on,” Nall asked.

“No, but I want you to guess,” Rebecca said with a smile.

“All right, we are going on another honeymoon,” Nall said.

“Nope,” Rebecca replied.

“Bri is joining us,” Nall said.

“Don’t be a goof,” Rebecca said giving his arm a slight slap.

“I don’t know, I’m not good at these games,” Nall said.

“I’m pregnant,” Rebecca finally said.

Nall was stunned by what Rebecca had just said. He thought that he heard her correctly but his mind suddenly refused to work properly.  His jaw opened and closed a few times before finally he managed to squeak out a reply.


“Yep, that’s what doctor Gravin said,” Rebecca told him.

“I’m going to be a daddy,” Nall said. Rebecca nodded her head then watched as Nall’s eye rolled back as he fell to the ground.

“Well, that’s not quite the reaction I was expecting,” Rebecca said to the prone body on the ground.


Troy walked into his quarters knowing that something was wrong right away. He didn’t see her like normal sitting at the small table working on the reports.  He walked in further noticing her lying on the bed.  He noticed right away something had happened.  He walked over to her sitting down on the bed hoping for the best.


Nall awoke a short time later to find Rebecca’s twinkling eyes looking down at him. He then remembered the conversation that they had just a few moments ago.

“I see you’re awake again. Much longer and I would have called on Doctor Gravin to see if you were all right,” Rebecca said.

“Ah, no, I’m fine, just a shock to hear that,” Nall replied. “I’m just not sure if I’m ready to be a daddy.”

“You’ve got eight months,” Rebecca told him.

“A daddy,” Nall said sitting down on the bed. He was trying to wrap his mind around the concept of such a thing.  He tried to imagine himself hodling a baby in his hands, then imagining the baby to be his.  It was a hard thing to do for him.

“Yes, and I’m going to be a mommy,” Rebecca said.

A smile came to his lips as he thought about it then disappeared. “You’re not disappointed are you?”

“Don’t be a goof,” Rebecca said sitting down next to him. “Of course I am, but why don’t we get something to eat, I’m hungry.”


Nall and Rebecca entered the cafeteria together. Nall still with a large grin on his face.  He spotted Troy and Bri over at one side of the room.  They appeared to be deep in thought.  He quickly detoured over to where they were.  He wanted his friends to be the first to know.

“Hey Nall, you look cheerful today,” Troy said.

“I have some wonderful news that I wanted you to know first,” Nall said with Rebecca right beside him.

“Whatever it is you look quite happy about it,” Troy said.

“Oh yeah,” Nall said picking up Rebecca’s hand.

“We just found out, I’m expecting,” Rebecca said with a smile.

What they were not expecting was for Bri to start crying. She then ran from the cafeteria leaving Nall and Rebecca confused.

“That’s great,” Troy said. “I wish that you had told us a bit later though.”

Nall was now really confused by the actions. He could see that Troy was indeed conflicted by what he had just been told.  All Nall could do was wait to see what Troy would say.

“We’ve been trying the past year to have a child. This morning Bri went to the doctor when we had not succeeded.  She found out that she cannot have children.  It seems that when the Cylons attacked her home leaving her an orphan the wounds she suffered injured her in a way the doctor then did not tell her about,” Troy told them.

“Oh God, I’m sorry Troy,” Rebecca said concerned about her friend. “Perhaps I should go talk to her.”

“No, I will,” Nall said. “She’s my family, or at least I consider her my sister.  I’ll go.”

“All right,” Troy said. “I am happy for you though.”


Nall knocked on the door to the apartment. When the door did not open he used the key that Troy had given him.  He was not sure what to expect.

“Go away,” Bri said from the bed.

“Not until we talk,” Nall replied. He walked up to the bed sitting down on the side.

“Nothing to talk about,” Bri said.

“There is,” Nall said. “Troy told us, I’m sorry.”

“Why, that the Cylons have fracked up my life.  I have nothing now,” Bri said.

“I don’t consider you nothing, and I’m sure that Troy and Rebecca don’t,” Nall said. “Plus there is the consideration that if anything happens to me or Rebecca I want you two to raise him, or her.”

Bri was not sure what to say about that.

“I do want you to know that if we had known we would have waited to say anything,” Nall said. “You know me.”

“I know, I guess I’m just emotional right now, must be close to cycling or something,” Bri said.

“No, you’re disappointed, hurt, and angry, I understand,” Nall said.

“Thanks,” Bri said. “Though it might take me a while to get over this.”

“And I’ll still be your friend,” Nall said.

End of part 48

Continued in Return

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