Battlestar Argo – Part 45

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 45: Revelations

Doctor Weaver worked at his computer while a few other technicians also were working at their computers. They were on board the Atlantian ship that had been found. He turned to the other workers to see if they were ready.

“How are the preparations coming,” Weaver asked the group.

“Just uploading the last of the data now doctor,” one of the aides said.

“Everything should be ready, now,” the other tech said.

“Good,” Weaver said turning to his computer. They had been working on the symbols in the computer and had finally integrated everything into the computer from both ancient Earth, at least the know symbols that could be deciphered and the Kobal symbols that the Colonials knew.

The computer took a few seconds before finally it began to display its data. Weaver stood there in shock then let out a yell of excitement.

“It worked, it worked,” Weaver yelled having stood up and was not sitting back down at the computer.

“We’re getting something,” one tech asked with excitement in his voice.

“Oh yeah,” Weaver said. “By the lords of Kobal, it’s a history log,” he said as he scanned though a bit of the data. Deciding that it was time to see what the ship was he clicked on one of the files.  It was a record from the captain of the ship.


“Captain’s log [unknown], the Orion has been traveling for a while and there has been no sign of the [enemy] that has attacked us. Our people were only looking for a place to settle down and live.  So far the [enemy] has not told us anything about why they attacked us.  The only thing that we have found out for sure is that they are highly territorial,” the captain said into the computer.

“Sir, incoming ship, [hostile],” the scanner operator said.

“All decks to battlestations,” the captain said. “Prepare for combat.”

The Orion went to battlestations as her crew raced to combat stations. The [enemy] was approaching rapidly and combat was assured.  The [enemy] ship opened fire at about the time that the Orion did.  The two ships fired at each other trying to destroy the other.

“Damage to engines,” the report came to the captain.

“Not good,” the captain said. “I told those designers that the engines were too weak for this ship.  Now it appears that we are to be the ones to have to deal with it.  All right, concentrate all fire on the weapon systems of the attacker.”

The Orion continued to fire but with her engines damaged her power was failing all over. That affected the weapon systems as a result the weapons no longer were able to fire at the full force as at the beginning of the battle.  The [enemy] ship was still firing at full force.

“Sir, receiving damage reports from all over the ship,” the captain’s second in command siad to him.

“Navigation is out,” the navigator said. “Heading to the nearby planet.”

“Continue firing, any idea as to when repairs can be done,” the captain asked.

“Repair crews are working as fast as they can captain,” the second in command said. “They say that the damage is quite extensive though.”

“I think I can navigate enough to where we crash land on the surface instead of making a crater,” the navigator said.

“Do it, what about the [enemy] ship,” the captain said.

“When we started to approach the planet [they] backed off. Probably afraid of getting to close to the gravity of the planet,” the second in command said.

“All crewmembers this is the captain, prepare for a crash landing,” the captain said to the rest of the ship.

The Orion headed to the surface of the planet on what would be a rough landing for sure.


Weaver looked up from his reading. “So we’re on the Orion,” he said.

“What,” one aide said.

“The name of the ship is the Orion,” Weaver said.

“Then it’s working,” the aide asked excited.

“Yeah, it’s translating most of it and I can figure out most of it,” Weaver said. “It seems that they were at war against someone.”

“Any idea as to who it was,” the aide asked.

“No that part I cannot make out,” Weaver said. “It’s an unknown name, just like the captain’s name and the other crew members.”

“What about this file,” the aide asked.

“Let’s see what it says,” Weaver said opening the file.


“Captain’s log [unknown], the Orion had finally been completed. It was designed to fight the [enemy] that has been discovered here.  We are hopeful that with the new class of warships that we can stem the tide of battle against us,” the captain said.  “After our voyage though the stars from our home we had hoped to make a new home here.  We found a planet that can support life and would make a nice place to live.  We had hoped to just live peacefully on the planet.  That did not last long as they came.”

“Captain, the Heracles is hailing us,” the communications officer said.

“Captain [unknown], what can I do for you,” the captain of the Orion asked.

“Admiral [unknown] is saying that we are to pair up for our next patrol. He thinks that the [enemy] is going to try and attack from [this direction/place].  He wants us to patrol it,” [unknown] said.

“All right, we are ready to move out whenever you are captain,” the Orion captain said.

“Be sure to have your scanner operating. The [enemy] loves to ambush the patrols,” [unknown] said.  With that the communicator went dead.

The captain turned to his crew and reported what he had just been told by [unknown]. They all seemed to understand what was going on.  This would be their first such mission and everyone was just a bit nervous about what was going to happen.  the captain hoped that they would not encounter any [enemy] warships so soon. He just hoped that they would have enough time to train his crew before they engaged in battle.


Weaver turned to look away from the screen again. The files were not in any order that he could discover.  They did not have the translations for time and dates that the crew of the ship used.  Then there was the enemy.  The name for them was another word that the computers were not able to decipher yet.  He wondered who they were.

He rubbed his eyes and noticed that it was about time to eat. He turned to see the rest of his people still sitting at their computers as well.  They were all reading just as much as he had been.

“Is anyone hungry,” Weaver said to the group breaking their concentration. The group looked up at him then thought about it for a few seconds.

“I didn’t even notice that it was time to eat,” one person said.

“I take it then that we’re all engrossed in what we are reading then. Does anyone have anything interesting to report,” Weaver said.

“Just a battle report from one of the crewmembers.  He described some damage to the ship and I believe how he went about repairing it,” another person said.

“Any time references that you could get,” Weaver asked.

“Nothing about the time but I would like to take it along with an engine mechanic to check it out and see if we can decipher some of it,” the person replied.

“Do it,” Weaver said.

“I’ll get something to eat for everyone,” a person said.

“Tell you what, I’ll go with you so everyone write down what you want,” Weaver said.

A couple of minutes later the two men were on their way to the cafeteria to collect the food for the group. As they got to the cafeteria they were met by Commander Peter coming out.

“Doctor Weaver, Lenny, how are you doing with the ship? You missed the commissioning of the Daedalus,” Peter said to him.

“When was that,” Weaver asked.

“Two days ago. Commander Ares also asked how things were coming,” Peter asked.

“Two days,” Weaver replied looking at Lenny who just shrugged his shoulders. “Well, we finally were able to get the translator program to work.  It’s yielding a bountiful harvest of information.  We should have a preliminary report for you by the end of the week.”

“Preliminary report,” Peter asked. He had hoped that they would be able to give him a better report.

“There’s a lot of information in there,” Weaver replied. “If we find anything important out we’ll let you know.”

“Then I look forward to reading the report,” Peter said. “I need to get back to the command tower before something else happens.”

Weaver watched as the commander walked away before turning to look back at Lenny. “Two days,” he repeated.  “I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.  Did you know that two days had passed?”

“No, I’m sure that the others will think it’s a shock as well,” Lenny said.

They both went packed up the food then headed back to the Orion. On the way back Weaver was wondering if they would be able to get the Orion back into flying shape.  He guessed that most of that was how badly damaged the ship was and how much they could figure out how the engine worked.

Walking back onto the bridge of the Orion he quickly passed out the food in informed them how long they had been working. They were like Weaver though, excited to find out more about the ship that they were just now learning things about.

Weaver passed out the food and the group continued to work. Weaver went back to his computer and brought up another file.  He wondered what this one would have to say.


Captain’s log [unknown date], we’ve been on patrol now for a [unknown]. So far there has been no sign of the [enemy] or anything else.  I think that it’s too quiet out here.  We are one of the last patrol ships left in the fleet.  The [enemy] is getting very good in their tactics against us.  The technology is about the same as ours though.   I think that is what makes all of this so frustrating for everyone.  They are just able to out think us at the moment.

In the last battle with the [enemy] we lost the Heracles to the [enemy] fighters. They hit us right where out weakness was.  We were exploring the asteroid belt when a group of fighters came out from in front of us.  Thinking that they would have a group behind us we kept our scanners looking behind us as well.  They did have one ship, but it was more of a lure than anything else.

When we turned to face the threat the real ambush began. From the sides they attacked.  Two ships on each side.  Captain [unknown] ordered a retreat as we were outnumbered in this battle.  We turned to retreat but the ship that was behind us attacked.  They seemed to be concentrating on just one ship.  Fortunately for us, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, they concentrated on the Heracles and not the Orion.

The Orion managed to get clear of the asteroids and call for help from the fleet. By the time they got there the [enemy] had finished with the Heracles and was retreating.  The Admiral decided not to pursue.  I’m sure that if he had the fleet would have also been destroyed as well.  If that had happened then the [enemy] would be able to destroy us with ease.

I am concerned with the war effort back home though. There seems to be a growing movement to leave Earth and head for a different planet that would support life.  We passed a few on the way here.  Perhaps if we did that they would not follow us.  It was something that was wishful thinking that was for sure.

The one reason why we have not gone that route yet is we are not sure that they would not follow us. It seems to be that we are stuck in a no win situation much like we were in back at Kobal. We fled one disaster only to have another waiting for us.  I wonder if the universe isn’t conspiring against the human race.


Weaver looked up from his reading. He wondered what the captain of the Orion would think about the current situation.  Here on Earth the Arbus were trying to take over and back at the Colonies the Cylons were trying to wipe the humans out of the galaxy. He was not sure that anything had changed.

The one thing that Weaver wished was that he knew the order for the logs. He was looking though the captain’s logs which was a combination of his personal thoughts and the events that were going on for that day.  If Weaver could figure out some sort of order then he would be able to sort them out.  He knew that the first one he read was probably close to being the last log.  The second one he read was probably one of the first logs to be written.  Now all he had to do was find some sort of pattern to the symbols.

Weaver decided that he would start by numbering the logs into an order that he thought that they went into with current numbers. He rubbed his eyes knowing that there was a lot of work still to do before he would be able to get anything going.  He decided that he would need to read a few more to hopefully gain a bit more of the dating sequence that the Atlantians used.


Captain’s log [unknown date], we have successfully completed our first patrol. As I had hoped it went without a problem.  That allowed for the crew to become familiar with the ship and its systems.  I don’t think that it would have been to our advantage to have met up with the [enemy].

The crew is really starting to come together which surprised me. I was expecting some problems with discipline but so far nothing.  We did a lot of drills and test to make sure that the weapons work.

The only problem I had with the ship was the engines and their power. I feel that the power output is below what it should be.  I was told that the engines would function just fine and there would be no problems.  I am beginning to understand what captain [unknown] meant when he was talking about the Olympia.  She is the sister ship to the Orion of this class of patrol ships.

The Orion and her sisters are wonderful ships, adequately armed and armored but there is a general notion that the engines are woefully weak for the power demands of the ship. I just hope that I never have to find out if that’s true or not.

While we were out on patrol the [enemy] struck a different patrol.  They seem to be trying to destroy our patrol ships.  Another ambush destroyed the Eros.  I am worried about the way the [enemy] is destroying the ships.  It is almost as if they know where the patrol ships are and when to attack them.

The command staff continues to change the codes for the warships but it seems like they break them just as fast. There is a general feeling in the military that if something isn’t done soon then we might lose this war.  I hope that it does not come to such a thing though.


Weaver looked up from the file. Whoever that enemy was that they had been fighting was either very advanced or very good in breaking codes.  Even the Cylons were not that good breaking codes. They switched codes often between warships but the code makers could generally figure out when the Cylons were starting to break the code.

“Doctor, I think you should take a look at this file,” Lenny said from where he was sitting. He had a look on his face that was one of shock.

Weaver walked over to where Lenny was. “All right what do you have for me now,” Weaver asked.

“This file here,” Lenny said.

Weaver quickly read over the file before realizing that they had a file that might explain a lot of what was going on.

“Download the file to my computer at once,” Weaver said walking over to where his computer was. “I’m going to talk with Commander Ares about this and probably the council as well.  This is a find for sure,” Weaver said.  Part of him was excited by what had been found as it explained almost everything.  He almost could not believe his luck at such a find.

“Transfer of the file is complete doctor,” Lenny said.

“All right, I’m going to see the commander, I want the rest of you to continue going over the files. If you find anything else let me know at once,” Weaver said.  He picked up his computer and walked out heading to the base where he would get a transport to the Argo.

“What was in the file,” one person asked Lenny.

“The answer as to who this enemy was that the Orion was built to defend against and a clue to why the Arbus attacked us,” Lenny replied.


Commander Ares sat in the command chair on the bridge of the Argo. He looked over the recent files from the Colonies and was hopeful that the Arbus might be defeated in time to help out the Colonies in their battle against the Cylons. He was not sure that the war against the Arbus was going to end quickly. He really needed to know more about them.

They had received more information from Keela and his race. They were just a bit above the technology that the Earthers were when the Arbus attacked. It was almost as if they attacked anyone who might start to gain technology that could be a threat to them.  Ares briefly wondered if their strategy was the same.  Clones and surprise attacks.  He wondered how they would fare against the Cylons.

“Commander, I have a shuttle with Doctor Weaver on board requesting to talk to you,” Rebecca said.

Ares’ eyebrows went up at that comment. He wondered what the doctor wanted right now.

“All right, have him meet me in my office,” Ares said rising and heading to his office. “Also report a list of how the refits are going and when we will be fully operational again.”

“Yes sir,” Rebecca said as she turned back to her station.

Ares walked into his office wondering what Weaver could be wanting. Whatever it was it had to be important enough for him to make his way up here to make the report instead of doing it over the communicator.  Perhaps they had found something on board that Atlantian ship that Weaver and his team were working on.

A chime indicated that Weaver was at the door. Ares indicated for Weaver to come in.  The doctor came into the room and sat down in across from Ares.

“So what brings you back on board the Argo,” Ares asked.

“We have it,” Weaver said putting his computer on the desk. “We have it, the answers to just about all the questions.”

“What questions,” Ares asked a bit confused but also hopeful as well.

“Why Earth doesn’t have any memories of Kobal and why the Arbus are attacking Earth,” Weaver said.

Ares waited patiently for a few seconds before finally breaking down and asking what Weaver had found.

“This commander,” Weaver said bringing up the file that one of the members of the team had found.

Ares quickly read though the file hoping that Weaver had found something that they could use.


[Unknown], after traveling so far and overcoming so much we finally made it to our new home, Earth. Unfortunately the peace did not last long.  Shortly after arriving at the planet and before we were able to destroy the very technology that had doomed Kobal we encountered a new race, the [unknown]. They struck us without warning laying waste to our newly formed society.

We were never sure where they came from only what they looked like. They were smaller beings with grey skin and large black eyes.  Their heads were larger in proportion to their bodies compared to humans.  They also had no skin on their body.

We also learned another thing, they seemed to try and subjected everyone under their control. We were not able to learn much more than that.  The few [unknown] that were captured quickly took their own lives.  The most we got out of them was what their race was called and what they planned to do with the human civilization.

They were not there to destroy humankind, but to rule over them. They liked power and maintaining their power meant that no other race could be able to compete with them technologically.  The one thing that we have found out is that they view any race that advances quickly as a threat.  They seem to advance very slowly.  What might take the human race a hundred years to develop would take them thousands of years or more. They view this as a threat to their survival.  So they adapted their society to conquering such races and then making sure they remain at a level below them.

Because we came from Kobal, and not from this part of the galaxy they view us as a threat to their society. They do not believe us when we say we do not want the war, but to just live peacefully.  One [unknown] actually told us how they will keep us down.  They will weave clones into our society at the time when we start to become dangerous again.  When they attack to wipe out the civilization then the clones will make sure that the human race does not fight back.


Ares glanced up from his reading to look at Weaver. He was not sure about what he had just read.

“Are you saying that the Arbus and the ones that I’m reading about are the same,” Ares asked.

“I think so commander. It appears that the thirteenth tribe accidently ‘discovered’ the Arbus after their flight from Kobal. A war ensued which apparently the thirteenth tribe lost,” Weaver said.  “The clones, inability to fight back, it all makes sense.”

“Yes, it does,” Ares replied. “But what happened, how did they lose.”

“It appears that the Arbus were quite cleaver at setting ambushes,” Weaver replied having read that from the Captain of the Orion’s logs

“The S-metal,” Ares said. “They are not able to see some of our ships.”

“That would have to be it,” Weaver said.

“But I would think that in the thousands of years since they beat the thirteenth tribe that they would be more advanced than they are,” Ares said.

“Remember, they take a long time to technologically advance compared to some other races,” Weaver said.

“Yes, you’re right,” Ares said. “Then that is our advantage, the war against the Cylons.”

“Yes, we developed faster with that war and because of it we are now technologically more advanced than they are,” Weaver said.

“Then we must keep that advantage,” Ares said.   He then turned to his communicator and asked to talk to President Harvey.  “It also explains the reason why Kobal is not in Earth’s history. They probably erased everything from the survivors minds. But why not just wipe the entire race out, why keep them around?”

“That commander I’m afraid that I do not know,” Weaver replied. It was a good question and one that would require an answer for sure.

“Commander Ares, you wanted to talk to me,” President Sam Harvey said his face appearing on the screen.

“Yes, I think I have some answers to our current question of why the Arbus are attacking us, and why they attacked Keela’s race as well. He should be there as well to hear this,” Ares said.

“You have found something then,” Sam asked.

“Yes, and it will raise more questions in the senate but perhaps it is time to tell them some of the other things as well,” Ares said.

“Very well, I’ll get the council together for you then commander,” Sam said.

“Thank you,” Ares said as the line went dead. “Doctor, I would like it if you went and talked with the council as well.”

“All right commander,” Weaver said reluctantly.

“Good,” Ares said sitting back. Perhaps they could win this war this time.  They had to for the sake of the Colonies.

End of part 45

Continued in Attack Anew

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