Battlestar Argo – Part 43

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 43: Preparations

Gunther walked along the decks of the complete Colonial Bound. Very few people would know the true mission that they were going on.  He knew that the official word would be that they were going on a deep space exploration to see if they could find the homeworld of the Arbus. He passed a few people who were starting to make their way aboard the ship.  Soon he and others would be heading back to the Colonies.

“Hello laddie,” the unmistakable voice of Scott was heard causing Gunther to look over. He could see the man walking towards him.

“Captain Scott,” Gunther said. “How are you doing today.”

“Not bad, ah gots my stuff all settled ah do,” Scott said.

“Well, I think most of the crew is starting to come aboard and settle down. I just hope that we don’t have any problems,” Gunther said.

“A long trip this will be that’s for sure laddie,” Scott said as he and Gunther continued down the hallway to the bridge of the ship. “What about you laddie, surely you’re glad to be heading home.”

“In a strange way yes, but in another way no,” Gunther said. “We’ve been away from the Colonies for almost four yahrens now.”

“And most of your crew is young yet,” Scott said. “Remarkable thing about the young, they relocate very well.”

“Yes they do,” Gunther said.

“But you’re not that young laddie,” Scott said.

“Well, I’m almost fifty yahrens old,” Gunther said.

“Fifty, by Poseidon,” Scott said. “Ah’m only fifty-five but you don’t look a day over thirty.”

“Our live spans are close to one hundred and fifty yahrens now,” Gunther replied. “I’ve still got another hundred yahrens left.”

“Ah would have thought that the war would have cut into that live span,” Scott asked.

“The one hundred and fifty is a natural life span, it excludes war loses, but it can’t include stress from losing loved ones,” Gunther said.

“A terrible thing war is,” Scott said. “But sometimes its unavoidable.”

They arrived at the bridge and looked around. It was a bit larger than the Hermes bridge but smaller than a destroyer’s bridge. Gunther noticed that the computers on board were a bit more sophisticated than the ones on the Argo. That had to do with the fact that Earth’s computers were more advanced than the Colonial’s were.

“I noticed a lot of laptops coming on board,” Gunther said.

“Yep, for boredom,” Scott said. “We even have a few programmers on board as well.  It will help pass the time for those not on duty.”

“Just so they don’t hook them up to the main computers,” Gunther said.

“Ah don’t think they are that stupid,” Scott said.

“Hey Gunther,” another voice said. He turned to see Thomas coming onto the bridge.  “Did you bring a laptop,” he asked him.

“No,” Gunther said.

“Too bad, they are great entertainment,” Thomas said. Gunther knew that Thomas was one from the Argo so even the ones heading home had these laptops.

“I’m not one for computers,” he said eyeing the younger man.

“Yup, technology seems to run in the blood of the younger generations,” Scott said. “They push the envelope and the older ones keep it in check, such is the balance of life.”

“I guess you’re right,” Gunther said then turned to head to his quarters to make sure that everything had arrived.

Scott nodded his head and then turned back to look around the bridge.


Ares walked onto the bridge of the Argo quickly making his way to the command chair. He wanted to gain the latest information about the Colonial Bound.  The scout ship was rapidly approaching completion.  It would then begin its mission back to the Colonies.  He sat down in the command chair then he asked Rebecca for the latest reports and the fleet.  It did not take her long to send the reports to the screen in front of Ares.

Ares glanced down though the reports until he got to the Colonial Bound. The report stated that the ship was scheduled to undergo trails today.

“Get Commander Pratt on the line,” Ares asked Rebecca. She worked quickly and Pratt’s face appeared on the screen.

“Ares, what’s up,” Pratt asked.

“Has the Colonial Bound started her trails yet,” Ares asked.

“Just about to,” Pratt said. “The last crewmembers just arrived on board the ship.  After they get settled down then the ship is to undergo trails.”

“Good, keep me informed about it,” Ares said. “Has anything else occurred that I might want to know about?”

“Nope, it’s been peaceful around here. The Panther is going to be completed soon and I hear that Beta One will be operational next week,” Pratt said.

“Good,” Ares said. “What about Doctor Weaver?”

“He is still locked up in his lab going over all types of things,” Pratt replied.

“Has his team made any progress on the ‘Atlatian’ ship,” Ares asked.

“I think that’s what he is working on,” Pratt said. “I really am not sure, he’s been working hard lately.”

“All right,” Ares said. “The battlestar Deadelaus is going to be completed at the end of the month they are saying.”

“Where is she going once her trails are over,” Pratt asked.

“Well, I think she will make up the nucleus of a new fleet,” Ares said. “She along the Panther will be forming the Second Fleet.  The Argo and Tiger will make up the First Fleet.”

“That would be good,” Pratt said. “That way we have two fleets to guard our bases.  I am also going to have each fleet with one destroyer, and two scout ships for now. The remainder of destroyers and scout ships will patrol the areas looking for anything unusual.”

“Sounds like you have everything covered,” Pratt said.

“Everything but the commander,” Ares said. “I talked with General Pakrov about this a while ago. I would like to give Colonel Cronus command of the Tiger and promote you to the commander of the Second fleet.”

“Are you sure,” Pratt asked knowing that this would be a promotion.

“Yes,” Ares said. “I know that you can handle the responsibly.”

“It would be an honor then,” Pratt replied.

“Good, you might want to start making preparations then. And selecting you’re flagship. I’ll send a list of ships that will be transferred to the Second fleet then,” Ares said.

“I’ll look it over sir,” Pratt said then ended the conversation.

Ares leaned back knowing that one detail was done. He still had a thousand to go.


Troy sat down in the cafeteria after getting his food. Nall was right behind him and sat down across from him.

“Well, the new recruits are doing better than I thought,” Nall said as he picked over his food.

“We’ll really find out when Bri get here,” Troy said. They both looked up as the door opened and Bri came into the cafeteria.

“Judging by the face it must not have been too bad,” Nall said. “I remember the one group that thought just because she was a woman she could not fly.”

“Don’t remind me,” Troy said laughing a bit. “I know that they haven’t forgotten either.  Zac from our group was one of the ones from her training.”

“Well, he’s survived so she did something right,” Nall said.

“So where’s Rebecca,” Troy asked.

“On the bridge, her lunch isn’t until later,” Nall said. “It was either that or her getting out of bed two hours before me.”

“That wouldn’t have worked then,” Troy said as Bri sat down at the table.

“Hey, how’s your group,” Bri asked.

“They’re not bad, yours,” Troy asked.

“I think that they will survive,” Bri said.

“Have you heard that the Colonial Bound is almost ready to start her mission,” Nall asked the group.

“Gunther hoped to start trails today,” Troy said. “I can’t say I blame him.”

“So are you sending anything with him,” Nall asked.

“You know, I thought of that but decided not to. It might risk the mission,” Troy said.  “Plus I have a feeling that my father knows already what is going on.”

“Have you had anything recently,” Nall asked.

“Just the one concerning Commander Cain and the Pegasus,” Troy said. “I’m not sure what it means.”

“What happened?” Nall said.

“Well, the bridge was heavily damaged but they must have survived whatever it was that happened,” Troy said. “I heard a voice say that it worked.”

“Strange,” Nall said. “I don’t have a clue what that could mean.”

“Maybe the Pegasus will also survive the destruction of the fleet but somehow I doubt that. I saw the ships destroyed,” Troy said.

“Perhaps it is something that you just thing you saw,” Nall said.

“No, but then again I saw only four battlestars destroyed, but a vision of the Galactica’s bridge said that only the Galactica survived,” Troy said remembering a long ago vision.

“I guess then maybe another battlestar is destroyed before what you see,” Nall said.

“Well the Pegasus is scheduled to head out with the fifth fleet,” Bri said.

“Perhaps that is what you are seeing,” Nall said.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” Troy said.


Sam waited in his office quickly clearing a few papers off his desk so that he could meet with Keela. The Skartians had been so far peaceful but Keela had wanted to meet with him. He wondered what the alien wanted.  The door opened and Keela walked into the room ducking his head slightly when entering the room.

“Welcome Keela,” Sam said standing up to meet the Skartian.

“President Harvey, so good of you to meet with me,” Keela said. Sam was impressed that Keela’s english was improving so much.

“Please, have a seat,” Sam said indicating the larger chair that was brought in whenever Keela was meeting with him.

“Thank you Mr. president,” Keela said sitting down.

“Now, what can I do for you,” Sam asked.

“Well, we noticed that you don’t have Sloius houses or anything equalivant to them,” Keela said.

“I’m afraid I am not familiar with Sloius houses,” Sam said a bit confused.

“It is a nest of sorts, where we have children,” Keela said. “I have come to the belief that your race has children differently than yours does.”

“I don’t know how your race does it but ours requires a male and female to, well, to have a child,” Sam said aware that he was talking sex with an alien.

“Yes, as does ours, but it is not a pleasant experience,” Keela said.

“You mean the act of making love,” Sam said not sure about this conversation.

“Love, strange word to call it.  I know we wouldn’t,” Keela said. “Because it is not pleasant we feel the urge to ‘mate’ once every couple of years.”

“Ah, I guess that is different, our race it is a very pleasant thing,” Sam said. “We spend a lot of our time attracting a mate.”

“That would explain a lot of your society,” Keela said.

“So you need a Sloius house then. What type of building is required,” Sam asked.  There were still a lot of damaged building even this long after the invasion.

“I have been looking and this building would be fine, we can fix it up,” Keela said.

Sam looked at the picture and realized that it was a building that was scheduled to be repaired but the resources were not there yet, especially manpower.

“Let me contact the current owners and see,” Sam said.

“We are willing to pay for it,” Keela said.

“That will make things even easier,” Sam said. “I’ll get my aide to work on it right now.”

“We would greatly appreciate it,” Keela said.


Ares sat at his desk on board the Argo and looked over the report that he had received. The trails were back from the Colonial Bound.  So far everything looked good.  He had the feeling that the mission to the Colonies was going to begin very soon.  The next report made his eyebrows rise.  The Skartians were buying a building on Earth. It was the purpose that made him wonder.  The Skartians were going to be using the building as a nest of some sort.

A chime indicated that someone was at the door. Ares replied for the person to enter and Troy walked into the office.

“Captain Troy, what can I do for you,” Ares asked.

“I am delivering the reports on the latest trainees on the vipers,” Troy said.

“And how are they doing,” Ares asked taking the report from Troy.

“They are doing quite well,” Troy said. “Are there any reports that we should be aware of?”

“Nothing lately, just this one,” Ares said handing the Skartian report to Troy.

“A nest,” Troy asked a bit confused by what he had just read.

“That was my thought,” Ares said, as Troy handed the report back to him.

“Well in a way it doesn’t surprise me,” Troy replied.

“In what way,” Ares asked.

“Well, they seem to be totally different than we are in how they act and what they do. They don’t sleep which is very strange,” Troy said.

“That’s true,” Ares said. “I hadn’t thought of it that way yet.”

“What about the Colonial Bound,” Troy asked. It was the one thing that seemed to dominate the Colonials’ thinking.

“The trails came back, they are looking good for launch,” Ares said. “Captain Scott is taking supplies right now.”

“Hmm, wonder if people are thinking it’s strange about how many supplies the Colonial Bound it taking,” Troy said.

“We watched the situation closely. Only a few outside of us know of the ships purpose.  The President does along with a few others and everyone is keeping an eye out for anything that might jeopardize the mission,” Ares told Troy.

“Taking no chances,” Troy asked.

“Not with this mission,” Ares said. He was about to go on when the chime indicated another visitor.  “Enter.”

A figure walked thought that neither man had dealt with in a while, or at least since the Arbus invasion.

“Private Mike, what can I do for you,” Ares asked a bit curious.

“Commander Ares, I would like to ask to be transferred to the Colonial Bound sir,” Mike asked.

Ares looked at Troy for a moment before turning to look at Mike. “May I ask why you want to be transferred to the Colonial Bound.”

“It’s a bit personal sir,” Mike said.

“Well try to explain it to me,” Ares said. “You were one of the ones who tried to destroy Centari One.”

“I know, but I’ve always thought that we were not alone in the universe. That and I want to try and make up for what I did,” Mike said.  “I feel that going on this mission would help.”

“What mission is that,” Ares asked.

“The mission to the Colonies,” Mike replied. “The only reason I know about it is because I am friends with several of the original crew of the Argo.  I want to make up for my mistake, and see these Cylons.”

“It could be dangerous,” Ares said.

“I know,” Mike said.

“Let me talk to Captain Scott and a few others before I make up my mind,” Ares said effectively dismissing the man. Mike nodded his head and left the office.

“Well that was different,” Troy said.

“Yeah, now I’ve got a decision to make,” Ares said.

“I understand,” Troy said, getting up and walking out of the office. Ares had something to think about.


Captain Scott went up to the bridge of the Colonial Bound to see what the message was. He was sure that the ship was almost ready and that Commander Ares was calling to see how soon the ship would be ready.

“Commander,” Scott said.

“Hello Captain Scott,” Ares said. “I want to ask you a question.”

“All right,” Scott replied.

“Do you know of a Private Mike,” Ares asked.

“The only laddie I know of named Mike was part of that attack before the Arbus,” Scott said thinking about the question.

“That would be him then,” Ares said.

“Then ah know him,” Scott said. “He transferred to my ship not long after.”

“He wants to go on the mission,” Ares said. “I’ve looked at his record since the attack and it has been spotless.”

“Ah seen to that. I think he a good lad, just got in a bad crowd,” Scott said.  He knew that Mike was a hard worker but he had not heard of the man wanting to go on this mission.

“I’m thinking about letting him go,” Ares said.

“Ah see, what if he’s part of the Arbus group,” Scott asked. He wanted to cover everything just in case.

“I thought about that, it might be a good idea if the Arbus learn about the Cylons as well. It just might give them a reason to talk to us,” Ares said.

“A secret mission inside a secret mission, quite clever of you laddie,” Scott said.

“Thanks,” Ares said.

“So he’s in then,” Scott said.

“I just wanted to run it by you first knowing that he served under you,” Ares said.

“Thank you laddie,” Scott said. “I’ll make the arrangements for quarters for the lad.”

“And I’ll let him know about it,” Ares said.

The communicator went off and Scott went to carry out the new assignment. He thought about the fact that Mike had been one of the ones to try and blow up Centari One. The man had helped out right away helping Lieutenant Gabrielle when she was injured.  He also was very helpful in indicating what government agencies would be against a space undertaking.

For the first couple of months on board the Hermes when Mike had transferred there Scott had kept a close eye on the man. He had been good in his duties and seemed worried when the Arbus attacked the Earth. Looking back on what happened Scott was pretty sure that Mike was not an Arbus clone. The group he was working for probably did have several clones in it though.


Mike walked back into Commander Ares’ office. He was hoping that it meant his request had been accepted.  He was a bit nervous as he looked at the commander.  Ares motioned for him to have a seat.

“I’ve gone over your record since the attack on Centari One. You spent some time confined to quarters then were assigned to the Hermes,” Ares said.

“Yes sir,” Mike replied.

“I also had a talk with Captain Scott who will be in charge of the mission. You do realize that you will be gone for a while,” Ares asked.

“Yes sir,” Mike said.

“After my talk with Captain Scott we decided to grant your request,” Ares said watching as Mike relaxed a bit. The man almost seemed excited about the mission.  “You are to report to the Colonial Bound within the hour.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” Mike said getting up. He had a lot to do before he could get on board the Colonial Bound.


Troy and Bri walked along the corridor heading to their classes where a more recruits were waiting. Since the war had begun they had more than enough recruits.  They just did not have enough vipers yet to handle everyone.  Right now the training classes were at their maximum in terms of size.

“Well today is the day,” Troy said.

“I know, the Colonial Bound will be leaving for its mission,” Bri said. “I wonder what will happen.”

“I don’t know about that. I don’t have any visions about that.  In fact there really has not been much of anything lately aside from the vision of the Pegasus,” Troy said.

“And that one did not give us much. I’m still not sure why you had it,” Bri said.

“I don’t know. Things work in mysterious ways,” Troy said.

“Well, I’ve got a class full of recruits wanting to learn about flying in space,” Bri said.

“You’re doing fine,” Troy said.

“I know, but I just don’t like to teach,” Bri said.

“No,” he replied looking down at her. “You like kicking their butts.”

“It is more exciting,” Bri replied.

They reached the class room and walked in. Bri glanced a bit at Troy.

“Oh, didn’t I mention, we teaching together this time,” Troy said.

“Oh, I get to beat up on you instead of Nall this time,” Bri said.

“Yeah, just go easy on me all right,” Troy said.

“So where’s Nall,” Bri asked.

“Taking over command of Green squadron.  A few of them will become squad leaders for the new group and he’s teaching them some more advanced tactics,” Troy said.

“I see,” Bri said before turning her attention to the class. “Hello, I am Lieutenant Gabrielle, and this is Captain Troy.  We are to train you to become familiar with the viper.”


Ares sat back down on the bridge after having breakfast. The communications screen came to life and as expected it was Captain Scott and Gunther.

“Morning Commander,” Gunther said.

“Morning,” Ares replied. “How are the preparations going?”

“They just finished,” Scott said. “All supplies are aboard.”

“All right, then I have just one more order for you,” Ares said. “I would like for you to try and avoid contact with most of the fleet.  If possible contact the Pegasus or the Pacifica.”

“Ah laddie, but may I ask why,” Scott said.

“Well, if this mission get out too much it could be a problem,” Ares said.

“Ah take it that some of your folks don’t know about this mission,” Scott said.

“That would be correct,” Ares said. “The Argo was constructed without permission from the government and the mission it’s on was not authorized either.”

“And drawing attention would be like a sinking ship with no lifeboats,” Scott said.

“Something like that,” Ares said.

“Don’t worry laddie, we’ll be careful,” Scott said giving Gunther a slap on the back.

“Yeah, I’ll be careful,” Gunther said. “Anything you want me to tell them or bring back?”

“I would say some of those great Beewies but they won’t last that long,” Ares said.

“Nope,” Gunther replied. “But I’ll have one for you.”

“Gee thanks,” Ares said. “All right, get going.”

“Yes sir,” Scott said.

The communications wend dead and Ares turned his attention to the scanner. He could see the Colonial Bound begin its turn to head at first towards the Arbus controlled space. He knew that as soon as the ship was out of scanner range it would turn and begin its trek towards the Colonies.

“I hope we’re still here when you get back,” Ares whispered to the blip on the screen. He had no way of know what was going to happen next, or what the outcome of any of this would be.


The Colonial Bound continued on it path until they were sure that they were out of scanner range. Once that happened they turned the ship.  Of course now was the time to inform the crew of the real mission.

“Attention all hands,” Scott said. “I know many of you are aware of the Colonial Bound’s true mission but I just wish to inform all of you of it.  We are on our way to a group of planets called the Colonies.  The Colonies is where the battlestar Argo came from along with her crew. We are to make contact with a few of them to inform them of what’s going on with the Argo and her true mission.  That mission was to hopefully bring help to the Colonies in their fight against the Cylons, a race of machines.”

A few of the people on board the Colonial Bound looked at each other but most of the crew already knew.

“The journey there will take about seven to nine months,” Scott said. “After making contact we will be heading back to Earth.  We are also in a communications black out, this is for the safety of Earth from the Cylons.”

Mike glanced around at the group that was with him. He looked at one and wondered why the man was here.

“The Colonies, what an absurd thought,” the man said.

“It’s true,” the woman next to him said.

“Bah, they are part of some sort of group that is the real group behind the attack on Earth,” the man said.

“No, but then again that’s why you were chosen,” Gunther said having walked up behind them.

Mike watched as the man walked away. He would keep an eye on that one for sure.

“Well have to keep an eye on him,” Gunther said.

“I was thinking the same thing, you don’t think he’s a clone,” Mike asked.

“Oh, he is, and is part of the Arbus group still working on Earth,” Gunther said.

“Then why is he here,” Mike asked.

“For them to learn there is a stronger enemy out there, one who doesn’t care only that they want your destruction,” Gunther replied.

“A risky plan,” Mike said.

“Perhaps,” Gunther said. “But it had to be taken.”

Mike watched as Gunther walked away. Mike made it his mission to make sure that he kept a close eye on the man to make sure the ship completed its mission.

End of part 43

Continued in Battlestar Daedalus

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