Battlestar Argo – Part 21

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 21: Damage

Mike glanced around as smoke began to cloud his vision. He was a bit pissed about the fact that his so called friends had gone though with their plans without him. It made him really wonder who the real enemies were in this. He was beginning to believe what the aliens had said more than his own people. At least they had so far been honest from what he could tell.

Mike got up and felt a liquid begin to run down his forehead. He reached up and wiped it away. He watched as his hand came away from his face stained red. It did not appear to be too dangerous at the moment and he felt no other pain at the moment. Glancing around he noticed people lying all around with debris littering the floor.

A groan from one of the people made him turn to see who was still alive. It was the blonde that he had seen not that long before the blast. He quickly noticed where she was lying. He could tell that she was hurt and probably hurt badly. He noticed that she looked like she was human. She was bleeding and everything appeared to look like she was human.

Mike made a quick decision. It was one that when he first started on this mission he was not sure he would be capable of. Now he bent down and checked out the smaller woman in front of him. She was breathing which was always a good sign. He looked her over and noticed that she appeared to have a broken leg by the way it was twisted. She also had several cuts all over. Gently Mike picked up the woman and began to make his way towards the infirmary.

“Hey Mike,” he heard a voice say as he began to walk away. He turned to see someone from his group standing there.

“We were wrong Charlie,” Mike said to the man.

“Nonsense,” Charlie replied. “They are just clones nothing else. And they are programmed to gain our trust then stab us in the back.”

“What if the one who is stabbing us in the back is our own people and they are telling us the truth, then what Charlie,” Mike asked him. “If they are telling us the truth then we have no defense against these Cylons.”

“I always knew that you were weak,” Charlie said pulling a weapon out from behind his back. “I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t keep you informed about what was going on.”

Mike stood there a bit stunned by what he had just heard. Anger rushed though his system at the thought of what had just happened. He had been betrayed by those who he thought he was working for.

“So, you are part of a group of backstabbers,” Mike said.

“No you are,” Charlie said.

“But you’re the one who is about to kill me not the other way around. In my eyes you’re the backstabber with no honor at all,” Mike said.

“And I’ll be glad to know that I helped stop a group that was going to invade Earth,” Charlie said.

“No, you were going to help the Cylons,” another voice said from nearby. The two men turned to see a man standing there with a moustache holding a weapon on them. “Now I really don’t want to kill you but if you don’t drop that gun I might be forced to.”

Charlie thought about it for a few seconds before making up his mind. He raised his weapon watching as Mike flinched at the thought as two shots rang out in the hallway. One was a gun shot the other was a blaster shot. Mike felt a searing pain in his arm and realized that he had been shot. He opened his eyes and watched as Charlie slowly dropped face first to the ground then the Colonial warrior was next to him.

“You all right,” the man said. “We need to get her to the infirmary now.”

Mike allowed the man to take the woman from him allowing him to look at the wound. His shirt was ripped where the bullet had gone though but while there was pain he was still able to use his arm. Lifting the shirt sleeve a bit he was relieved to see that it had just scratched him. Somehow he had been spared his life and he thanked any higher life form out there for the small miracle.

“Bri,” the man said trying to revive the small woman. “Come on Bri wake up, its me Nall.”

A few other people came into the room having been alerted by the sound of gunfire. No one was sure what they would find. Many of the Colonials hoped that the would not find a Cylon but would not be surprised if it was. Instead they found Nall along with another man and one lying apparently dead on the ground.

“Captain Nall, what happened,” Gunther asked as he approached the group.

“I’m not sure Gunther. I think he knows, but he needs some stitches first,” Nall said. “Come on, I think Bri needs medical care quickly.”


Troy had a bad feeling when he noticed what had happened to the base on Centari One. It was just like his vision. Buildings were exploding causing massive damage to the base. He quickly made his way out of the room and down the hallway but came to a stop when he heard voices coming his way.

“Come on, we don’t have much time,” once voice said.

“We should have control of the bridge in a couple of minutes,” another voice said.

“We’ll get out of here the moment Charlie and Ajung get on board,” the first voice said. “By then we should know if our mission was a success.”

Troy ducked into one of the closets as the group of men walked past. Troy’s first thought had been on Bri but now had something else to worry about. He was confident that if Nall survived that he would be helping Bri or the other way around. If the position was reversed and one of them were on board he would want them to stop this group.

Troy glanced around looking for something that he might be able to use as a weapon. He was wearing civilian clothing in anticipation of the upcoming vacation. He wondered how many people he would be facing as well or if this group would kill when confronted. He finally risked a glance out into the corridor which was empty at the moment. He was glad about that.

Troy carefully walked down the corridor taking time to look around corners to make sure that no one was waiting to attack him. Not seeing anyone he continued on his way to the bridge. He was sure that was where the group would need to go to take over the ship. He made his way carefully over to corridor which led to the bridge. He did not see anyone in the corridor and decided to head in that direction.

Troy stopped just at the entrance tot he bridge where he could hear what was going on. The captain was arguing with someone else about something. Troy could not yet make out the words but the tone said a lot. He was able to hear more as he got closer.

“I’m telling you this is a mistake,” Troy heard the captain say.

“And I’m telling you to prepare to leave the planet once the last shuttle boards us,” a different voice said.

“What if you’re wrong? Did you ever think about that,” the captain said again.

“We’re not wrong, it’s you who’s been brainwashed into thinking that these ‘aliens’ are telling us the truth. If you continue to believe that we’ll all be dead because of them,” the unknown person said again.

“I find it ironic,” the captain said finally in a calm voice.

“What do you find ironic old man,” the voice said.

“You’re part of that peaceful group right,” the captain said. “Of course you are. The ship that’s being built is for war. I’m sure that you’re also working for Senator Kensey that pompous windbag. He thinks that everything can be solved politically by talking.”

“And he’s right. If these Cylons exist then we’ll talk with them and let them know that we are not a threat,” the man said. “There will be no need to arm ourselves.”

“Then that is where you are fooling yourself,” Troy said stepping out onto the bridge.


Pratt immediately called for Commander Ares to meet him up on the bridge. The Argo had lost communications with Centari One which caused quite a bit of concern for everyone. This was especially true when the reports from the construction yard started to come in. Pratt knew that they were on a bit higher alert in case someone tried something. The one problem was no one had really expected something to happen.

“What’s wrong,” Ares said walking onto the bridge along with Robert.

“Something has happened on Centari One,” Pratt said. “We lost contact with the base just a few microns ago.”

“Can you give me a visual,” Ares asked quickly.

“We’re just coming around. But the construction yard is reporting that explosions were observed in the base,” Pratt said.

“The base was attacked, by whom,” Ares asked wishing that he had all the answers already.

“Its unknown at the moment,” Pratt said not having much except what he had heard about the base already.

“Any word from the Hermes,” Ares said. He needed to know what had been damaged and what had not been. Did whoever did this attack the Hermes as well. “Also tell the construction yard to go to red alert.”

“Yes commander,” Pratt said relaying the orders to the construction yard. Renee meanwhile was trying to raise the Hermes.

“Commander, I cannot raise the Hermes,” Renee said after a few moments of trying.

“Do we have them on our scanners,” Ares said turning to the scanners.

“The stealth metal makes it hard to identify,” Renee said as a thought struck Ares.

“Go to red alert. I want all non-essential personal to return to their rooms,” Ares said waiting until the bridge was bathed in a red light. The siren went off indicating battle stations to the entire crew.

“Is that wise,” Robert finally said.

“I don’t know,” Ares said. “But if whoever did this to Centari One they might be able to attack this battlestar. That is something I will not take a chance on.”

Robert understood all to well. If the Hermes was no longer replying then what was to stop them from attacking the Argo. Robert hoped that it was an accident but the longer he waited the more he felt that it was an attack. That meant that someone who they had trusted had betrayed them.

Ares had to wait until Centari One came into view. It was only then that he could get a good idea of how bad the damage was. Seeing the base he could make out the damage even from this distance. Smoke appeared from the base making a detailed analysis almost impossible.

“Have a shuttle dispatched at once to see what help we can render and keep trying to contact the Hermes,” Ares said.


“Well looky here, we have one of those aliens with us,” one of the men said as he turned to where Troy was standing near the doorway. “We know all about your real reason why your here.”

“Really, why don’t you tell me then,” Troy said evenly. He still did not have a weapon but perhaps he could use his brain this time.

“Your kind are going to conquer our world. Everyone who can see the truth can see that,” the man said.

“All right, if that was the case then why would I do such a thing,” Troy said. “My people are really at war with a group called the Cylons. Why would we start another war against you?”

“Because you need slaves for your war machine,” the man said. “It makes perfect sense. You take a less technological world and conquer it using the material and inhabitants of that world to do your bidding.”

“Sounds like to me that you’ve been reading too many stories,” Troy said. “We’re going to try and conquer a world where their computers are more advanced than ours and you could have a highly developed civilization yet you don’t. If we tried to conquer you it would be more of a pain than any advantage we would gain out of this.”

“You’re just saying that. Everyone knows that if you are a space faring race then your technical advances will be very highly evolved,” the man said.

“Unless you are fighting a race of machines, then you make things simple so they cannot take the computers over,” Troy replied. “There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. We’re not here to take over Earth but to help defend it against an enemy that doesn’t care. How will you protect yourself against an enemy that just wants you to die?”

“Hummmph, it’s doubtful that they will ever come here,” the man said. “We must do what we can to protect ourselves from a real threat, you.”

“Tell me, what have I done to threaten you. How am I trying to take over Earth,” Troy said.

“You’ve been visiting us for centuries now. We know we have the recorded history that tells us so. All the abductions that you ‘grays’ have done studying us and making clones of us,” the man said.

“The ‘gray’? I have no idea as to who you are talking about,” Troy said.

“You know, short grey skinned aliens,” the man said still not backing down.

“Doesn’t sound familiar to me,” Troy replied.

“Now you’re just playing stupid,” the man said. We know that you’re real intent is to take over the world in name of the ‘grays’ or whatever it is you call them.”

“I’m telling you the truth, I’ve never heard of them before,” Troy said just before suddenly blacking out.

The men looked at each other for a few seconds trying to determine what was going on. The Colonial in front of him appeared to be just fine but now they were not sure. Perhaps they were using gas to knock them all out.

“Its the ‘grays’ I tell you,” the man said.

“Tony, will you shut up about the grays,” another man said.

“But,” Tony said. “All the evidence points to it Ryan.”

“I don’t care about you and this ‘grey’ conspiracy. I just want to make sure that this group, whoever they are, do not invade Earth,” Ryan said.

“Ryan, what should we do about him,” another man said pointing to Troy.

“Ya know that you’re making a mistake don’t you,” the captain said speaking up for the first time. “And even if they are clones, killing them isn’t the way to go.”

“He’s right,” Ryan said. “We’ll have to think about this for a few moments.”


Mike walked along behind the Colonial who was in front of him on their way to the medical lab. There was a lot of commotion still going on. He wondered again if they had done the right thing. His guts were telling him that it was the wrong thing to do. He looked up when a couple of other people came walking up.

“Nall, any idea what happened,” Jax said making her way to where Nall was carrying an unconscious Bri in his arms.

“Not yet, did the medical bay survive,” Nall asked.

“Yeah, I just came from there,” Jax replied. “I took Rebecca there.”

“Is she all right,” Nall said quickly.

“Yeah, I think she broke her arm though,” Jax replied. “I, ah, kinda fell on her when the explosions went off.”

“But she’s all right,” Nall said.

“Yes, she will recover just fine,” Jax said answering Nall’s question. “Any idea as to what happened?”

“I know what happened,” Mike said speaking up for the first time. “A group sabotaged you.”

“Sabotaged us, why,” Jax said not sure why someone would do such a thing.

“There is a group who think that you are here to invade the Earth and that you are using us to build the very ships with which to conquer Earth,” Mike said watching the expressions of the people that were with him. He had his answer by the shocked looked that they gave him.

“I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Jax replied.

“Perhaps for you, but we have no idea who you are except for your word,” Mike said.

“Let me ask you then, why would we go though the trouble to look like you and have you build the ships that we would use against you,” Nall asked not sure he really understood the thinking.

“That’s what we were also to find out, but, well, the more I learned the more I didn’t think that you were here for what we believed,” Mike said.

“We really are what we say we are,” Jax said. “We don’t want to take over Earth, we’re here to help protect you from an enemy that won’t care if you’re peaceful or not.”

“I guess I need to think about that then,” Mike said as they reached the medical bay.


The captain of the Hermes noticed that the men who were going to take over his ship were now looking at Troy a bit strangely. With a quick glance at his crew on the bridge he silently communicated his orders. They gave a brief nod that they understood what he was saying.

“Now,” he shouted as the bridge crew jumped up to attack the men who were going to take over the ship.

The captain tackled Ryan sending the man’s weapon from his grip. Ryan was caught off guard by the older captain and mentally cursed himself for allowing him self to become distracted. Now however he found out that even though the captain was older he was in excellent physical shape.

The captain did not allow Ryan any chance to recover. He followed up his tackle with a quick punch which left Ryan seeing stars. Leaving the stunned man the captain quickly grabbed Ryan’s weapon and pointed it at him. Ryan glanced up to see the barrel of his own weapon pointed at him. It was over for now and he allowed himself to be dragged up. His face hurt where the captain had hit him and anger coursed though him. He did not give into the anger at the moment. He would get another chance to as this battle might be over but the war had just started.

The captain noticed that Troy was coming to and a crew member went over to help him up. Troy glanced around wondering what had happened. The bridge crew now had the advantage and was holding the attackers prisoner.

“Contact the Argo and let them know that everything is all right over here,” the captain said.

“I also need a shuttle to go over to the Argo,” Troy said. He was still trying to make sense over everything that he had just recently seen. There was also the worry over Bri as she was still down on Centari One.

“Sure, take any shuttle, I’ll clear you,” the captain said.

“Thanks,” Troy said heading towards the hanger.


“Commander, the Hermes is making contact with us,” Renee said.

“Good, put it up here,” Ares said quickly making his way to his command chair. The captain of the Hermes appeared on the screen. “Captain, what is your situation?”

“We had a slight problem with a few passengers trying to take over the ship but its been settled now,” the captain said.

“Good to hear,” Ares said.

“Captain Troy is headed on over the Argo to talk to you. I think something happened to him that he is not telling me though,” the captain said.

“Really,” Ares said puzzling over this a bit. “What happened?”

“We were standing off with the attackers when he suddenly collapsed. The distraction allowed my crew to subdue the attackers but I’ve never seen anything like it,” the captain said. He was a bit worried about the man but did not interfere without knowing more of what was going on.

“I’ll find out what was going on,” Ares said. He was not sure that what he had just heard was good news. He also wondered if Troy’s collapse had to do with a vision or not. He had the feeling that he would find out sooner or later once Troy arrived on the Argo.

“We’re starting to get reports from Centari One commander,” Renee said to Ares knowing that he would want to know this.

“Good, put it up here,” Ares said.

“Commander,” the base commander said.

“Ralph, what happened,” Ares asked.

“Reports are still sketchy but we think at least three explosions occurred. All were in key locations to put the base out of action. The only thing that saved us was the fact that around the generators the metal there was of a stronger grade metal,” Ralph said.

“So it was sabotage then,” Ares said.

“It’s beginning to look like it. The question now become why,” Ralph said asking the question that was coming to every ones’ mind.

“That I don’t know yet, but we do have some prisoner who planned the attack. We might be able to gain some information from them,” Ares said. “What about causalities?”

“We’re still gathering information about that. We might not have full figures for at least a day or two commander,” Ralph relied.

“It’s all right, just do your best down there and stay safe,” Ares said. “I’ll see what I can find out up here.”

“Understood commander, Centari One out,” Ralph said as the communication ended.

Ares did not have to wait much longer until he heard Renee give landing instructions to Troy. There was something that was bothering Troy enough to come to the Argo and tell him. The fact that the captain had passed out at an important time also was something that concerned Ares. He would have to make sure that Troy underwent a physical to make sure he was all right still.

Ares told the Renee that he would be waiting in his office for Troy. She relayed the message back to the shuttle as Ares walked off the bridge and towards his office. He was not sure what Troy wanted to talk about but he was sure that whatever it was it would be important.


Nall walked over to where Rebecca was standing in the medical lab. He had turned Bri over to the base’s doctors and allowed them to work on her. Rebecca did not look that bad for having just had a broken arm.

“How are you feeling,” he asked her motioning towards her arm.

“It’s amazing,” Rebecca said flexing her arm. “I’ve never had a broken bone fixed so easily,” she said to him.

“Well, we have to improve our medical technology during the war against the Cylons,” Nall replied.

“I saw you bringing in Bri, how is she,” Rebecca asked. The two of them might not have gotten along in the beginning but they had sense become friends.

“She alive, that’s the good thing, but I won’t know more until the doctors finish looking at her,” he said to Rebecca.

“I’m sure that she will survive,” Rebecca said. “She’s strong enough to survive this and you know it,” she said reinforcing what he was thinking. She knew that Bri was an important part of Nall’s live, like a younger sister that he never had.

“I know, its just,” Nall said his voice trailing off.

“I know, she’s family,” Rebecca said.

“Yeah,” Nall said seeing the doctor finish up with Bri. He walked over to where he was about to leave. “How is she doc?”

“Well,” the doctor said looking up at Nall. “She’s hit her head pretty hard and fractured her leg and arm. Internally everything looks fine. Her arm and leg took the brunt of the force. The bones will be set and healed, the head wound is the most obvious concern right now but I don’t expect her to get any worse. She’ll probably wake up with a terrific headache but it probably a good thing that she was unconscious.”

“See, she’ll be fine and giving you a hard time in no time,” Rebecca said wrapping her arm around Nall.

“Thanks doc,” Nall said as the doctor mentioned it was not problem and moved on to his next patient. “I need to tell Troy what happened, he’s probably worried.”

“I’ll go contact the Hermes, you stay here,” Rebecca said with a bit of authority in her voice. She knew that Nall would be stubborn about this. He would want to stay here yet do everything else. She had decided that if she could she would do something to help him out. “They are my friends as well Nall.”

“All right,” Nall said.

Rebecca turned leaving the medical lab in search of a working communications link to either the Argo or the Hermes.

End Part 21

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