To Stop Running Part 9

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 9

The group exited the limo and made their way into the building. It was a massive building and they all knew it housed the government of Earth. Starbuck and Terrance were impressed with the size of the building, the massive pillars adorning either side. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

Senator Mitchell walked behind his guests taking in their reactions. He knew the building had been designed to be impressive. He wondered how the architect would react knowing his vision had been achieved. The design took a bit of the old White House while adding bits of cultures from all over the world.

He looked over as the President got out of his limo along with the one of the other council member from their visitors. Mitchell waved Rachel, his aide, over and told the group to follow her. He made his way over to where the President stood, wanting to give him the information he heard while on the way over.

He watched the councilman go on ahead and moved forward.

“Don’t like that man,’ Steven Hillard said to Mitchell.

“Good, I was going to warn you, seems like they’ve had problems with him and what he wants. Trying to take over or something,” Mitchell said to him.

“Great, another powerplay that I have to work through,” Steve said.

“Could be worse, we could have our old friends back,” Mitchell said.

“Don’t remind me,” Steve said. “I only wish I knew what the future held.”

“Yeah, but you may not like what you see,” Mitchell replied, as they made their way into the building.

David and his wife suited up for another expedition into the mysterious pyramid on the surface of Mars. It was discovered to be even larger than the Great Pyramid built by the Egyptians and a new source of mystery for science, like who built it.

Studying it they found a few ways into the interior of the structure, but recently explorers had found an even larger entrance which seemed to go to a large interior room with several doors. David decided a full trip to the site was in order which led to the current suiting up.

David felt excited about the trip. So far every room they had uncovered was empty, almost like whoever built it, ran off either without putting anything inside or took it all with them. It all led to something eerie yet exciting. He checking his oxygen and with a thumbs up, he and his wife headed out into the thin atmosphere of Mars and towards the entrance.

“Its right over here sir,” a voice said over the intercom. David recognized the voice and looked over to see another suited up man pointing to an area which had been dug out. He looked over paying special attention to the markings around the entrance way. All the experts felt it was some sort of language which no one would read.

“Take pictures of this and send it back to Earth for further examination. Perhaps someone there knows a bit more about this than we do,” David said to the group, then proceeded inside.

He looked around at the illuminated room. Once more the room was bare much to his disappointment. He would like some clues as to who had built this structure, and why? Was a it a tomb, or perhaps something more?

Studying the markings on the wall he hoped that he might be able to find some sort of indication to break the code. Of course if they were dealing with an alien language it could be vastly different than anything on Earth. That only complicated everything about this dig site.

“Um, hello, I-I’ve found, um, something,” a voice said over the intercom. He recognized the voice as a college student Aleksandra, or Sanya as everyone called her.

“I’ll be right there,” David said, looking down at where she was, exploring some of the interior rooms down one of the hallways. He quickly made his way along the hallway seeing a glow come from a room up ahead and figured that to be the room.

Reaching the room he turned and stopped at what he saw.

Sanya stood in the room but it was what else was in the room which caught David completely off guard. The entire room appeared to be a control room with monitors all over the place. Off to the side was one monitor which was on. He stared at it for several seconds before he heard another voice.

“David, you all right?” the voice asked.

“Huh, yeah, why?” David asked.

“You’re vitals are a bit strange.”

“Yeah, well if you can see this, I think you’d understand,” David said, still unable to fathom what he was seeing.

“Well, if you activate the cameras we can.”

“Right,” David said, moving around and getting the camera out, activating it and pointing it at himself. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, show us.”

David panned the camera slowly across the entire room before making his way over to the monitor which was on. He noticed strange symbols were flashing across the screen at a rapid pace. What was it doing? The longer he stared at it the more he became uneasy, almost as if time was running out for someone, but who?

End of To Stop Running

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