Battlestar Argo – Part 10

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 10: Legends and Demons

Ares walked up on the bridge noting that Renee was at her station but there was one person who was not. He sighed a bit and called the rec room knowing that he would be there. He was with Able in what appeared to be a growing cult on board the ship. Renee seemed to still be part of the group that was with Able but seemed to be less than likely to get involved or stray from her job.

A voice replied on the communicator and he asked for the man who should be on duty to report to the bridge. There was some grumbling but at last came an acknowledgement for his orders. Placing the communicator down Ares sighed again as he realized things were getting worse with the Able. He still had not seen the man work on his ship once since he had arrived. The man finally arrived on the bridge of the Argo and Ares took him to the side of the bridge.

“By not reporting to duty you’re endangering the entire ship,” Ares told him. “Each person has a duty to perform on board. If it was not needed then there would be no reason for you to be here, right?”

“But Lord Able says he will lead and protect us,” the man replied.

“Really, I don’t see him up here taking your place at your station,” Ares said glancing at the man’s station. “Do you?”

The man looked at his station and had to reply that he did not. Ares nodded then smiled at the man and gave him a nod of his head to head to his station.

Ares went back to his command chair and pulled up the charts that they had from the long range scans of the area. So far there had been nothing to report for the last couple of days. The only thing he had was the information from home. The Colonies were again in fierce combat with the Cylons.

He reread through the report which noted that the Galactica along with the Pegasus and several other ships had defeated three basestars near the moon of Gamina. It was a strategic point which the Cylons could use to launch attacks on the outer colonized planets of the Colonies. The Galactica has suffered damage and was returning to docks for repairs which would take about a half a yehren but that also included a major refit to the ship.

That left them with five operational battlestars at the moment. He had the feeling that the council would authorize construction of a new group of battlestars soon. The youngest battlestar was two hundred yeherns old. The Galactica was five hundred years old.

Ares glanced again at the scans to see if there was anything that he could see that might be Earth. As he sat there he realized that it would be something that he would probably do quite often in the coming yehrens.


Doctor Weaver walked into the rec room looking for Captain Troy. He had been going over the inscriptions that they had encountered during their stop at Kobal. During that time he had been able to uncover even more about the thirteenth tribe.

The rec room was full of people that Weaver knew did not often visit the room. He saw a man dressed in white and figured that he must be Able. Many people were talking about him, both good and bad. Weaver did not really have much time for such things as he was usually busy with his work. Spotting Troy sitting with two others he made his way over.

Troy looked up when he noticed someone coming towards him. He saw Weaver coming over and motioned for the man to have a seat. The doctor had been in his laboratory for quite some time now. He wondered if the doctor had found anything that might help them in their search.

“Captain,” Weaver said sitting down next to him. “I think I’ve found something in the records we took from Kobal, but I would like your opinion on it.”

“All right,” Troy replied to Weaver. “What did you find?”

“Well, I think the walls mention something about a great evil that visited Kobal which set in motion the events that forced the thirteenth tribes to leave the planet,” Weaver said.

“Really, sounds interesting,” Troy replied as his curiosity was beginning to peak about such a find. The more they knew the more they would be ready for when they finally did find Earth.

“A great evil,” Nall asked having heard the conversation. “Wonder what that means.”

“The texts don’t say but whatever it was it stayed until the end and only then it did not go with the tribes because they had finally recognized it for what it was,” Weaver said. “It gets a bit confusing at times and that’s why I’m asking for your help captain.”

“Well, I guess I can try and help out,” Troy said. Two heads were usually better than one and he might see something that the doctor did not.

“We’ll come too,” Bri said chiming in. She really did not want to be left alone here with Able. The man just set off every bad instinct she had.

“Why not,” Weaver said. The more people that he could get to help him the better. “I take it that’s Able,” he asked with a nod in the man’s direction.

“Yeah,” Bri said the tone in her voice giving no doubt as to what she thought about him.

“Perhaps we should go before Bri decides to confront him,” Nall said getting up along with Bri. They followed Weaver out of the room not seeing that Able’s eyes followed them all the way.


Troy walked into Weaver’s laboratory along with the doctor and Bri and Nall. Everything seemed to be in place but he could tell that the man had been in here quite a while by the way things were organized. The computer was near the workstation and the drink next to that.

“Hey doc, when was the last time you left this place,” Nall asked him as he looked around.

“I think it was during the attack,” Weaver replied.

“Which one,” Troy asked back.

“There was more than one,” Weaver asked. “The one against the Cylons, Commander Ares had me look at the scans of the Cylons station.”

“You missed one then,” Bri said as she crossed the lab and sat down.

“I did,” Weaver said with a hint of a question in his voice.

“Yeah, we were attacked by another force,” Troy replied.

“Oh, well I’ve been a bit busy lately,” Weaver answered.

“Well what is it that you wanted me to see,” Troy asked as he walked over to where the printouts of the walls were laid out.

“Right here,” Weaver said pointing out the place where he had discovered the writing.

Troy looked it over along with Weaver as they worked a bit to see if they could uncover some of the mystery surrounding this great evil that had visited Kobal. Troy had the feeling that it might solve some of their problems with a lot of different things that were going on now.


Renee glanced at the time and realized that it was time for her to begin her shift. She had been in the rec room now for a while and was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable with Able and what he was saying. He promised them a quick journey and they would be hailed as heroes at the end of it by everyone.

For Renee that seemed to be a bit to simple. She had a problem with things that came too simply. Her nature was to get things done by hard work and determination. That was something she had to fight for with each new rank. With her current position as the air boss of the Argo some assumed she had gotten here by how she looked and her relationships with commanding officers. Now Able was sitting there telling them that if they followed him everything would be all right.

Standing up Renee made up her mind to head to her station to begin her work day. She would be a bit early but then again she usually was so it would not seem to be unusual to anyone. That and she was ready to get away from the man.

“My child, you do not seem to share in the other’s enthusiasm in my abilities to shorten your journey,” Able said as he rose and walked over to where she was standing.

“My life has taught me that you must work at it, only then will you succeed. Your offer is generous but it seems a bit to simple to me,” Renee replied honestly.

“And what makes you think I’m not working on it,” Able replied.

“I guess you are,” Renee said thinking that he probably wanted something in return.

“Yes I am, and there are always payments to be made later when the danger is over,” Able said watching Renee’s eyes and her reaction.

Renee was sure that she did not like the way Able had phrased that last line. Shaking it off she excused herself again and left to head to the bridge. She was sure that Able was going to be a threat to the ship now. His little group of followers was growing and sooner or later it was going to be a confrontation between the commander of the battlestar and Able.


Ares watched pleased when Renee came onto the bridge on time. He had been wondering if she would be late because of her hanging around Able. He could see that there was something in the way she moved that seemed to be a bit different almost as if she was not really focused on her job. That could be a bit dangerous if they were doing missions but at the moment nothing had been scheduled just yet.

Ares had heard nothing from Troy or Jax yet about Able so he would have to wait. He thought about taking Renee aside and asking her what was wrong but knew that might just be pushing the problem. He wanted her to come to him not the other way around.

He settled back in his chair and waited as the normal routine of the ship came and went. That brought him to thinking about something else. The crew had been working hard for a while now. He knew that if they were not allowed some rest then they would suffer burnout or even maybe rebel against his command.

Glancing down he looked at the projected course that the Argo was taking. He decided that the next planet he encountered that was suitable he would order some ground leave to everyone. That would allow them to recharge and be rejuvenated for the next part of the voyage.

Ares told Pratt that he was going to retire to his office for a while and walked off the bridge of the ship. He knew that Pratt would keep him informed of anything that would go on. Neither man liked Able so Ares knew that if anything happened with their guest that Pratt would tell him.

Ares sat down at his desk and looked around. He had several small kick-knacks that were on the shelves behind him. He kept his office neat even though there were more things in here than when he served aboard the Pacifica. Looking around he saw the medal of courage he had received during the battle of Petrii Six eight yehrens ago. That had been a heavily contested battle and one in which Commander Cain really established himself as a legend on the battlefield.

Ares wondered where they had gone wrong. What could they have done differently that might have effected the outcome of the war. Cain had told him that the war was going badly for them. Perhaps they needed more ships but the council and the people seemed to be tired of war and so had authorized no more battlestars to be constructed. It seemed like only now they were realizing the error of their ways.

Ares heard the chime that meant someone was outside his door. He called for them to come in. He was only slightly surprised when Renee came walking into the room.

“Commander,” she said waiting for Ares to invite her in which he did. She took a seat and fiddled a bit nervously with end of her hair as she tried to figure out what to say to him. She had finally gained the courage to walk into his office but now that she was here she felt a bit foolish.

“Take you time Renee, I know that something is bothering you. I could see it when you walked onto the bridge,” Ares told her in a calm voice. Ares was sure it had something to do with their guest, Able.

“Well, I think you might want to keep an even closer eye on Able,” Renee said not seeing the raised eyebrow that Ares gave her. “He’s been telling the others that if they follow him he will lead them on this mission they will get back to the colonies quicker than without him.”

“Really,” Ares said leaning back and pondering what that meant. He had the feeling that many people might be listening to them. The signs of a long mission were just beginning to set in but he had faith that he would be able to counter the man’s words. If they had encountered Able after a couple of yehrens of traveling then it might be different.

“Yes sir,” Renee replied then relayed everything she had heard just before she had left for her duty.

“I think that we’ll be just fine Renee,” Ares told her. “But remember that we must complete this mission. The consequences of failure are much worse than I think many here know.”

“What do you mean,” Renee said not really understanding.

“Well,” Ares said wondering if he should even tell them. He realized that they should know the truth about what they were doing. “The war against the Cylons has not been going well the last few yehrens. In fact, Commander Cain thinks that without help we might be defeated.”

“Defeat,” Renee whispered. That was a word that she had just heard whispered among the warriors lately. She had chosen to ignore them but when a commander says it and it’s the whole reason for your mission then it brought a whole new meaning. “Then the rumors are not rumors?”

“I’m afraid, not,” Ares replied. “The council helped decide that by not ordering replacement ships for the fleet to recover loses in the war. I think they now are realizing their mistake but some feel it may be too late.”

“But the Argo is a new ship,” Renee said not sure she understood that.

“Constructed in secret against the council’s wishes,” Ares said.

“I see,” Renee replied.

“I thank you for your warning and I will take them seriously Renee. Right now though I think you should get back to work,” he told her. She agreed and went back to the bridge leaving Ares alone to think about what she had said.


Troy and Weaver looked over the scans of the wall that lined the tomb they had found on Kobal. They were trying to find out more information about the evil that had visited Kobal just before they had been forced to leave the planet.

Before the evil had visited the planet had been a beautiful one. Lush forests, clean rivers and an ideal environment to live. The evil had begun polluting the environment to the point where nothing was able to survive. The plants died breaking the food chain and destroying anything they had to eat. Several noticed the danger and had begun to fight the evil.

“Here,” Troy said pointing to a place in the texts. Weaver came over quickly to see what Troy had found. They looked at what Troy was reading and together they realized they had a truth. It might also explain their new guest and who he was.

“What did you find,” Bri asked as she walked over to look at the text over Troy’s shoulder. She brushed her hair behind her ears to keep it out of the way.

“This,” Troy said as he went to explain what they had uncovered in the text. “It seems that our guest, Able and the mysterious ships of light and the one called John have visited us before.”

“Perhaps you should tell the commander about this,” Nall said finally getting into the conversation.

“Good idea,” Bri replied. “I’m sure he would like to know what you’ve found here.”

“All right,” Troy replied realizing that the commander would want to know.

“I’ll go get him,” Bri said then walked out the door leaving the others standing there.

“She gets bored easy,” Nall said. “I think that’s why she picks on me so much.”

“Nah, she picks on you ‘cause you ask for it,” Troy said smiling. “Speaking of which I see that the bruise on your forehead finally disappeared.”

“Yep,” Nall replied with a smile. “Not that it mattered, I just told them Bri did it.”


Bri made her way to the bridge to get Commander Ares. It was not that she was bored in there it was just that she felt so useless. There were only so many of them that could see the screen so she had chosen to sit down. That and she had been about to fall asleep when Troy had told her what they had found. That had made her happy that they might have something to use against Able.

Turning the corner she ran right into the one person she did not want to see. Able stood there along with four others. Bri did not recognize the others and wondered about what they wanted.

“I would advise against warning the commander about what you’ve found. What you’ve found out could get you killed,” Able said in a bit of a menacing tone. Able had to give the smaller woman credit he did not feel fear in her mind but instead anger.

“Are you afraid that the truth might get out,” Bri said not backing down. Her rational mind said that she should be a bit afraid as she was probably dealing with an alien that was far more powerful than she was. “That’s it isn’t it you’re afraid of the truth.”

“Don’t be foolish little girl,” Able replied. “I can do things far greater than anything your mind can conjure up.”

“I have an impressive imagination in case you haven’t seen already,” Bri said taking a step closer to him. “Now move aside.”

“I can’t allow you to do this,” Able said then paused a second and seemed to take on a distant look. With a scowl he turned leaving Bri alone with the four men who were still looking at the retreating Able.

“I suggest you also move aside otherwise you might be facing a court marshal after all of this,” Bri said forcefully. They looked back at her and weighed her words. Everyone knew that the small pilot might look innocent and cute, but cross her and she made your life miserable for a while. Deciding that they could do better things with their time they left her alone and went to catch up with Able.

Bri let a sigh of relief and pondered what that meant. She found herself on the bridge where Colonel Pratt was just informing Commander Ares to come back up to the bridge. He spotted her and made his way on over to see what she needed.

“Is the commander up here,” Bri asked him.

“He’s on his way, why,” Pratt asked her wondering what was going on.

“We think we’ve found something in the texts that we found on Kobal,” Bri said. “And it might have something to do with our guest.”

“Really,” the commander’s voice said from behind them. They turned to see the commander walking towards them. “What have they found out?”

“I’m not real sure just that they wanted to talk to you. They are in Weaver’s laboratory,” Bri said.

“Okay, I’ll be down there in a second, colonel, what’s going on out side with the ships of light,” Ares asked his second in command.

“They just appeared a few moments ago and buzzed all around the ship. There were no hostile actions taken so I’m not sure what they wanted,” Pratt replied.

“How long ago,” Bri asked curious about the appearance of the ships.

“Not that long,” Pratt replied. “Just a bit before you arrived on the bridge, why?”

“Oh, nothing,” Bri said as her mind added that to what she was already pondering.

“Tell the doctor I’ll be down in a micron,” Ares said watching as Bri walked away. “I’ve got a feeling that things are about to get ugly around here.”

“I’ll keep an eye on thing then,” Pratt replied watching as Ares walked off the bridge not that far behind Bri. He hoped that things did not get too out of hand. They still were not sure what type of powers this Able had.


Ares made his way into Weaver’s laboratory to see what they had found. He saw Nall, and Troy in the room as well as the doctor and Bri. They were looking at a video of the wall of the tomb. He walked over and looked at the group and waited to see what they had to say.

“Commander, glad you could make it,” Weaver said. “We’ve made some progress here.”

“Well let’s take a look then,” Ares said hoping that this would be the final piece that he needed to kick Able off his ship. Ever since the man had come on board there had been nothing but trouble.

“Right here there is mention that the gods came down and waged war on the planet of Kobal long ago in our past, before our ancestors were able to reach the stars,” Weaver said pointing to the text.

“Then it seemed one returned to help the thirteen tribes in their evolution as they reached for the stars. The only problem was the price he demanded was too high for many to pay. He wanted total control over the people. Several rebelled against him and those who were loyal to him. They were crushed and for years he helped them pollute Kobal until it was at the point where in order to survive they had to leave,” Troy said pointing it out.

“But it was this saying right here that caused us to think a bit. The words angels and demons. They are not quite spelled right. One is Anjales and the other is Damuin,” Weaver said pointing to the texts.

“What does that have to do with our visitor,” Ares replied.

“From what I’ve been able to uncover this is one race with two sides, much like there are thirteen tribes of humanity, they have two,” Weaver said.

“I see now,” Ares said. He had the missing piece he needed to confront their guest. Ares decided that given the history of their past and everything else then he needed to act quickly before he had a rebellion on his hands.

“You’re going to confront him,” Troy said not sure that was a good idea. If the legends were right about demons and angels then they controlled great powers.

“Not just yet, I have one more person to see, but I would like you there,” Ares said to Troy. “I have something that I need for you to do.”

Troy raised his eyebrow and was not sure about this. He would have to wait to see what Ares had planned first. He felt Bri slid up next to him and knew that she would be standing next to him in this battle. He also knew that if Bri was going to be there then Nall would be close behind.

“I’ll be right back to pick you back up,” Ares said then walked out of the room with a purpose.


Able could feel that something was going on. The commander was coming this way with a purpose to confront him. He had been preparing for this for a while. It was always like this and it always would be.

The doors opened to the rec room where Able had set himself up as a permanent resident. He was surrounded by people who would willingly follow him even if he ordered their destruction. It was the way of life for his kind. He had not emotion for these people as it was all part of the game. The part coming up was always the most exciting for him.

Able watched as Commander Ares walked into the room followed by the pesky Troy and the small woman who was now shooting daggers at him with her eyes. Ares focused on the commander as he would be the one who he would have to confront the most.

“Able,” Ares said as he walked right up to where Able was sitting.

“Have a seat commander and take some time to release the pressure that you’re under,” Able replied. “I can help you.”

“I know what type of help you deliver Able,” Ares said to the man. “In fact I doubt that you’re even human. I think you’re more like the demons in our legends.”

“Really now, legends and demons. If that was the case then I would be thousands of yehrens old,” Able said.

“For a human yes, but like I said, you’re not human are you,” Ares said as he walked closer to Able. “In fact I think that you believe you’re a god.”

“I think you better watch yourself commander,” Able growled out in a warning tone to the commander.

“In fact all you are is a more evolved life form. But you don’t have what my captain has do you. You don’t have the foresight yet,” Ares said motioning to Troy. “He has a special ability to foresee future events, do you?”

“I don’t have to, I make my own,” Able said turning to Troy.

Troy looked right at Able and concentrated. It would definitely drain him but it would be worth it for sure. He put all of his effort into this hoping that Able would be doing what Ares hoped. Then flashes of images came to him. He was not able to understand it but he was sure Able would be as he stopped and stood still for several seconds.

“You,” Able said finally recovering with a shake of his head and anger pouring though him. He raised his hand and pointed it right at Troy and was forced to stop for a second as a small blonde stepped in front of him.

“No you,” Bri said. “You’re a liar to everyone here. You’re also scared of the truth. I’m sure everyone here is wondering what the truth is.”

Bri began to walk towards Able shrugging off Troy’s restraining hand. She had a gut feeling about this ever since her last encounter with Able in the hallway.

“You’re bound by rules just as much as everyone else. You’re afraid of the beings in the ships of light, why,” Bri asked then continued before Able could respond. “It’s because you and them are of the same race, bound by the same laws much like we are with the colonies. And one of your rules is you can’t interfere with person’s own will. So you manipulate others to see you as you want them to, not as the demon you are.”

“A demon am I,” Able said with a bit of a laugh. “Little girl I could crush you here and now.”

“Yes, I suppose you could, but then you’d be in trouble wouldn’t you,” Bri said with a smile. “The real truth is you don’t need that ship to get around. That was just part of the ship of the last crew you seduced and killed.”

“In fact the engines on the ship are in perfect working order,” Ares said to Able. “I had my engineer look at them and there is nothing wrong with them. It was just an excuse to get on board. And now I want you off my ship.”

“But they don’t want me to go,” Able said sweeping his hands around the room. “They believe in me and trust in me.”

“Like the ones on Kobal, before you destroyed the environment and forced us to leave our home planet,” Ares said. “How many other worlds have you destroyed?”

“I should just crush you now and get it out of the way,” Able said but again was blocked by Bri.

“I agree with the commander, you should leave,” she said her green eyes were like steel as she looked at him.

“That’s it,” Abel said finally losing control and attacked Bri only to find his shot blocked. A new figure had appeared in the room. This one was dressed in white and standing in front of Bri.

“Iblis, you’ve crossed the line this time,” the man said. “Attacking someone who does not willingly follow you.”

“Get out of my way, they deserve to die and for me to lead them,” Able or Iblis said but looking around he was losing support fast.

“You’ve broken the rules this time and they want to talk to you now,” the man said.

“Very well, but this won’t be the last time you see me,” Able said vanishing in a bright light.

“Thank you John,” Troy said.

“If you really want to thank me then you’ll go back and fix what you’ve started,” John said to Troy.

“We can’t,” Troy replied. “If we’re to survive then we need to find Earth.”

“The universe has a way of working things out. A little bit of time now would not hurt,” John said.

“As you said, things have a way of working themselves out,” Ares repeated having listened to the conversation.

John merely nodded his head in Ares’ direction then vanished as well. The group was left wondering what was going to happen. Those in the room that had been following Able got up and left the room. Ares could only wonder if he had heard the last of Able. He hoped so.

End part 10

Continued in Down Time


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