Battlestar Argo – Part 1

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 1:  The Mission

Colonel Ares made his way down the hallway towards the commander’s office. Commander Backus summoned not long ago, and Ares silently hoped he was not going for a mental evaluation. Backus was a tough man, required you to do your job, and in a way reminded Ares of his first squadron leader, Cain. Ares had only been the colonel of the battlestar Pacifica for a few sectars now.

The news of the death of Rikki hit him hard. The one person he had loved, now all he had was regrets of what he had not done. She had discussed marriage the last time they talked, and he had still felt not ready. Now, with the Cylon attack on the outpost and her death, they would never get that chance.

Stopping at the commander’s door, pausing to compose himself before knocking. He faced whatever the commander needed. The door swung open a bit quicker than he expected, and made his way inside.

Backas sat behind his desk, but it was the man across from him that caught Ares’ attention. The legendary, and former squad leader, Commander Cain. Ares looked back and forth between the two knowing that something was going on, especially if Cain was here.

“Ah, Ares, welcome, come in, come in, we’ve been talking about you,” Cain said, motioning for Ares to sit down.

“Sir,” Ares said before sitting down. He felt conflicted, part of him felt at ease with Cain around, but he still had yet to really relax under Backus. His mind raced as to what Cain might be doing here. The latest rumors were he would be heading out again with the Fifth fleet.

“How are you doing?” Cain asked, looking at Ares.

“Good sir,” Ares replied, knowing what Cain was getting to.

“Losing one you loved is never easy,” Cain said to him.

“No, she was a special person,” Ares said. Cain had known Rikki as well, introduced them back when they served together, a tough go-getter with long brown hair, and brown eyes. She had come aboard as a bridge officer of the Prometheus when Ares served as part of eagle squadron.

Ares took a second to push the thoughts aside and focus on the two commanders in front of him.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m here,” Cain said, looking over at Ares.

“Um, yeah,” Ares replied, a bit nervous about what they were thinking.

“Well, we’ve called you for an opportunity with an interesting mission,” Backus said. Ares looked back and forth between the two, realizing they were working on something. “You can decline the mission, but we would like you to lead it instead.”

“This mission will be unlike any you’ve had in the war, including any under me,” Cain said, they both knew of some rather unique missions they had flown together. “It’s also extremely secretive.”

“And dangerous,” Backas added, making Ares wonder what type of mission it might be.

“Are you interested?” Cain asked. “Because anything beyond this is not to be leaked to anyone else, is that understood?”

“I understand, and maybe interested,” Ares said, wondering if this might not be the perfect mission for him.

“Good, knew we could trust you,” Backas said. “As you know, the war isn’t going well for us.”

Ares was a bit shocked to hear the words come so bluntly from Backas, but he also didn’t mince words.

“That’s why we came up with this plan, a new battlestar, just recently completed, and without the Council’s knowledge. We already have a mission for it, and if you accept, then your mission is to use this batelstar to find Earth,” Cain said to him.

“Earth! The Thirteenth tribe, the lost colony? That’s a legend, something parents tell their children as a bedtime story,” Ares replied, wondering if his commanders finally cracked under the pressure of the war. He might be grieving, but at least he wasn’t’ talking nonsense.

“We have reason to believe it’s more than a legend, but fact. The commanders of the fleet know about this, and there is an unwritten order. If the fleet ever falls, whoever remains is to take the remaining ships, gather up as many people as possible and head for Earth,’ Cain said to him. Ares felt a bit shocked at the knowledge. “Now, give me a couple of battlestars and I’ll take them straight to the Cylon homeworld, but we can’t spare so many ships from our defense.”

It sounded very much like Cain, and he had a feeling the commander might very well come close to such a boast, but leading a mission to find Earth was radically different. “So you want me to use this battlestar to find Earth?” Ares finally asked, clarifying the mission. “And when I do, then what?”

“Prepare them for the Cylons, for when the Colonies finally fall, or send help,” Cain said, giving emphasis on which he preferred.

“Either way, you might never return to the Colonies again in your lifetime,” Backas said. “There is no telling how far away Earth is, or the technology they might have.”

“You were mentioned because we know you, and what you are capable of. And that you don’t have any family left here, something you might help you to heal. And you crew won’t have family here either, mostly orphans,” Cain said to him.

“So I would be in charge of the battlestar,” Ares said, suddenly worried about his ability.

“Yes, a promotion for you, though no one would know, you would be considered lost in action,” Cain said. “Your records sealed.”

“Your mission just might save us all,” Backas said.

“It’s a lot to take in, I’ll have to think about it,” Ares finally stated, a bit overwhelmed at the thought of his own command, the mission and his personal life.

“Just what I expected from you,” Cain said. “Of course, it’s a big step, and a big mission, but we feel you are the one for it.”

“Take some time, but not too long,” Backas said.

“Okay,” Ares said, standing. “It was good to see you again sir.’

“You too,” Cain said, as Ares made his way out of the office heading to the rec room to think.


Troy walked into the rec room of the battlestar, glancing around and spotting a few of his friends. He made his way over seeing Colonel Ares sitting by himself and looking deep in thought. Never one to pass up a moment to see what might be going on he made his way over.

“Colonel, what’s up?” Troy asked. He watched Ares blink and look up at him as he came back from where ever he was thinking.

“Troy, oh, nothing much,” Ares replied, but the way he said it meant just the opposite.

“Nothing’s nothing, what’s on your mind,” Troy persisted, wondering if the colonel was thinking about some bad news. He knew a bit about the man, and the rumor was he recently lost a loved one.

“Can’t say,” Ares replied, obviously not wishing to talk about it. Troy rationalized it had to be a personal issue. Everyone dealt with lose differently.

“Well, if you need to talk, I’m all ears,” Troy said back to him.

“Troy, what do you think about the legend of Earth?” Ares asked, catching Troy off guard.

“Well, it is written in the Book of Kobal that the Thirteenth Tribe was the last to leave, when the planet was no longer able to support life. War and disease ravaged the land making it uninhabitable. The leaders of the Thirteenth Tribe did not wish to follow the others, so they ventured forth towards a different part of the galaxy, from there, only myth and such from the book,” Troy said, after a bit of thought.

“Do you believe in it?” Ares asked.

“Yeah I do,” Troy said without hesitation. “Kind of a hobby for me, a great mystery of the universe that I wouldn’t mind solving. I,” he paused before saying anything else, “I’ve always thought of finding it. Not sure why.”

“I see,” Ares said. “Well, thanks,” he said standing leaving Troy a bit confused as Ares walked out looking much more confident about something.

Troy looked from the door then back to the others in the room. A group was playing pyramid, perhaps he could join them.


Ares knocked on the door waiting for permission to enter. Backas sat there looking up at his second in command, Ares, walked in and sat down looking like his mind was made up.

“I’ll take it, but I would like to add a person to my crew,” Ares said, wondering how Backus would take this.


“Lieutenant Troy,” Ares said. “He’s in yellow squad, he’s studied the legends of Troy.”

“Hmm, that would help you out. We don’t have many who had studied the myth,” Backas said. “We’ll ask him.”

Ares waited as Backas called Troy to his office. A few minutes later Troy knocked on the door and entered. He stopped at seeing both Ares and Backas sitting in the office, and sat down wondering what was going on. Ares had the same reaction not long ago.

“Lieutenant, what you are about to hear is classified. You must no talk about it to anyone, it that understood?” Backas said to Troy.

“Yes sir,” Troy said, sitting down watching what was going on.

“Good,” Backas said, leaning back into his chair. “Colonel Ares is being assigned to a mission to find Earth. We want you to be part of his crew.”

Ares watched as Troy’s eyes went wide at the though.

“Earth? Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Backas said.

“But such a mission, it won’t be easy, we don’t’ know where it is,” Troy said.

“Which is why we want you on the mission” Backas said, looking down at the screen. “We need a squadron commander, and you are up for promotion.”

Ares watched Troy think about it for several seconds before finally answering.

“I’ll do it,” Troy finally answered.

“You may never see your family again,’ Backas said.

“I know, but, I have a chance to do something I never hoped I would do, look for Earth,” Troy said. “And if nothing’s done we’ll lose the war to the Cylons.”

“Really, how do you know that?” Backas asked.

“I’ve been blessed, or cursed depending on your view, as a seer. My family has the ability, and I’ve seen this ship destroyed in a battle, only one ship survives. That ship will gather up the survivors and flee. I don’t know when, or even if it will happen, but if we reach Earth it might change that vision,” Troy said.

“I see,” Backus said. “Then I’ll count on you. The Argo leaves as soon as everyone is on board.”

“Then by your leave sir,” Troy said.

They watched him go, and Ares realized he had some things to take care of as well. He left the office as Backus informed Cain. Ares headed back to his office, wondering if luck had anything to do with him talking to Troy earlier. Perhaps this new mission, this restart of his life would be exactly what he needed to move on.


Troy walked into his parent’s house to tell them that he was going on a long mission. He was unsure how they would take the news, seeing that he was not sure when, if ever, he would return to the colonies.

“Troy, it’s so good to see you,” his mom said, walking up to him giving him a hug. She felt his tenseness and quickly inquired what was going on.

“I’ll tell you at supper tonight,” Troy replied. They spent the rest of the afternoon catching up until his father got home from work.

Troy watched his father as he seemed to know something. Troy had the feeling his father already knew what might happen. Sitting down at the table his mom asked him again what was wrong. He was not sure how to tell them that he may never return. Sure being in the military there was a good chance that he would not return from a mission but this was different. They would not know if he was alive or dead.

“I’ve been picked for a mission,” Troy finally said, hoping that broke the ice.

“That’s wonderful,” his mother replied, but his father did not say anything as if he expected more.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure when I’ll return,” Troy said. “It might be a long time, even yehrens.”

“Oh,” his mother said. “Is the mission important?”

“Yes,” his father replied. “You must go on this mission.”

Troy and his mom looked at him for a second. Troy was sure that his father knew something. He wondered if he had seen something about the mission a bit like he had of the destruction of the fleet. Instead his father only got up and walked over to a box that had been sitting on the counter table. It was one that Troy was familiar with all of his life. His father opened the box which surprised Troy. He had not known that the box opened. His father took out a medallion and handed it to him.

“You’ll need this on your trip then,” his father said.

“Ah, what is it,” Troy asked as he took the medallion not quite sure what to do with it.

“It is something that has been handed down through the generations to the oldest male of the family,” his father said. “You will need it to get in.”

“Get in, get in where,” Troy asked not quite sure what his father was talking about.

“I’m not sure where, I just know that without you on this mission, we all fall,” his father said.

“All right, I’ll take it,” Troy said. They continued to talk though the night until Troy realized that it was time for him to leave. They said his goodbyes and headed off for his assignment.


Ares and Troy felt the shuttle land aboard the new battlestar they had called Argo. It was to reflect the mission they were about to undertake. It was his command now and he hoped that he did well. One thing about this command was it would be a long mission and he probably would never see anyone from the colonies again.

“Well, here we are, our new home,” Troy said, stepping out of the shuttle. Supplies were still being put on the ship in an effort to stock the ship up completely. There was no telling when the next time they would be able to gather food or fuel might be. It was full plus some additional areas were also used to store the fuel.

The two men made their way up to the bridge so Ares could officially take command. Walking into the room he noticed everyone was hard at work making sure that the systems were working. If there was a bug in any system they wanted to know about it now and not later.

“Commander on deck,” a voice called out, and Ares could only think it was his second in command.

“Everyone at ease. Let’s get this ship ready to go,” he said rubbing his hands together.

The man who had said it came walking up to him. Ares studied the man a bit. Had was a man of short stature and close cropped hair. He was a professional military man from what Ares could tell and Ares wondered at how this mission would affect the man.

“Commander Ares, I’m Colonel Pratt,” the man said.

“Colonel, good to meet you,” Ares said shaking the man’s hand. “I’m just getting a quick tour of the ship before heading to my quarters.”

“Well, I assure you that everything will be ready on time,” Pratt said.

“Good, but it’s not like we have an official time schedule and a delay of a day or two will not affect the mission too much,” Ares said. It was something that was true. Realistically they could begin this mission next yehren but knew everyone would be ready to start.

“Yes, but we shouldn’t waste time in this,” Troy replied. He had the feeling that perhaps time was an important factor in this.

“All right, keep me informed. I’m going to my quarters then set up my office. Let me know when Commander Cain arrives,” Ares said turning to walk off the bridge. Once the ship was ready to go and Cain had given him the last of his orders then they were to head out.

It did not take long for Ares to find his quarters. He and Troy split as they each went to their room. Glancing around Ares noticed that his stuff had arrived and was in a box in the corner. He would unpack later. He figured that he would have lots of time to do that. He took a second to take out a small medallion, which had a cording from Rikki, one of the last he received from her.

He then made his way over to his office where he saw that the rest of his stuff had been delivered. The room was actually quite spacious and would allow him to conduct business in here along with the council room. He could only hope that the council room would be used for what they thought it would be a meeting with the leaders of Earth. He took the medallion and placed it on the desk.

Ares turned at the communicator going off and was informed that Commander Cain had arrived. Ares acknowledged the message and waited for the commander to arrive. He did not have to wait too long until the door opened to reveal the legendary commander.

“Commander Ares, how are you settling into the command,” Cain asked as they shook hands.

“I think pretty well. It is quite overwhelming though,” Ares said honestly.

“Ah, honest, you haven’t changed,” Cain said. “There is one more part of the mission that you should know. If for whatever reason the crew becomes too rebellious or you encounter a hostile enemy you have the authority to abort the mission.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Ares replied, hoping he never had to make that decision.

For the next while Cain told Ares what they knew about Earth. Ares had already talked to Troy and he seemed to know as much which was good. They had been allowed to grab as much information about the planet as they could. It had been stacked in the library room that had been made up just for that purpose. A lot of the people also had an interest in finding the lost thirteenth tribe. Ares figured that the only way he would turn around is if he encountered a hostile enemy.

Later Ares was on the flight deck telling Cain goodbye and good luck on his fight against the Cylons. Cain wished Aries luck in finding Earth. Shortly after the commander left the battlestar Ares headed up to the bridge.

Arriving on the bridge he glanced around and then outside the window. It would probably be the last time he saw this part of the universe.

“All right, helm plot a course for this point,” Ares said. It was the path that it was thought would lead them to the planet Kobal. From there they would start their search. “All ahead one half.”

The massive battlestar’s engines powered up and the ship began to move away from the colonies.


Troy looked around the pilot’s quarters, where he would make his home for some time to come. He understood that the mission would be important, at least from his father’s viewpoint.

Lying down on the bed, he tested it out a bit, finding it comfortable at least. He blinked a bit hearing the announcement that they would be leaving soon. He then found himself in the middle of another vision.

He saw Commander Backas standing on the deck of the Pacifica. Blood was running down his face but he ignored it. The bridge was damaged, and people were reporting that another battlestar had been destroyed. The Galactica was heading away from the battle at high speed.

The ship rocked again with another hit, causing several more beams to fall, destroying parts of the bridge. Troy wondered what might be going on, and when this would happen?

“Commander, we’re falling apart. Damage crews can no longer contain the fires,” a colonel said.

“Do all we can,” Backas said. “We will die this day, but we must hang on as long as we can. We must give the Galactica time.”

“Time, I don’t understand,” the colonel said.

“No, I don’t think you will,” Backas said standing still. Troy noticed a fierce determination on his face, he understood something few did at that moment.

“What do we do,” another person said.

“Helm, try and turn the ship away from where the Galactica went. We need to give the Galactica as much distance as possible,” Backas said.

“But commander, we can still go to light speed and flee,” the colonel said.

“NO,” Backas said. “The Pacifica is too damaged. We can do nothing but delay the Cylons. Every moment is precious. The colonies are destroyed. Adama will take the survivors to Earth. He must be given the time to organize. We turn away from the Galactica.”

“Yes sir,” the helm officer said, as the battlestar turned and moved away from the fight. To the Cylons it looked like the battlestar might be trying to flee so they followed.

“Communications, send a narrow high speed communiqué on this course,” Backas said. “This is the message, fleet destroyed, Colonies gone, Galactica alone.”

“That’s it sir,” the communications officer asked not sure about it.

“Do it, now,” Backas replied.

“Yes sir,” the communications officer replied quickly sending the message.

Troy watched as Backas stood calmly in the middle of the bridge, unafraid of anything, giving support to those few left alive on the bridge. He watched the ship shudder again, but continued away on its course. Every second moving further away from the Galactica.

“I hope Earth is ready Ares, because the Cylons are coming now,” Bachas whispered as his ship exploded.

Troy jerked back to the present realizing he had a vision. Usually such vision s did not last long, but hits time, it felt very real. He wondered if such a vision meant it would happen, or might happen. Could he change that future?

He vowed to do everything he could to make sure it did not happen.

End of The Mission

Continued in part 2: Legend’s Beginning

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