Storm Clouds – Part 11

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 11: Battle for Survival

“Incoming Cylon raiders,” Athena’s voice said across the bridge.

Adama looked over at her station, knowing by the intensity she was giving the monitor in front of her, it was the truth. The announcement had been something Adama expected to hear from the moment Cylons were reported.

“Red Alert,” he said calmly. He made his way down to the scanner to check where the raiders were coming from. It took him only a few microns to understand the fleet was faced with more than one basestasr, and by the looks of the incoming raiders, way more than three. They were completely outnumbered, even with the additional two battlestars.

“Launch all vipers, protect the civilian ships,” Adama ordered.

The battle would be difficult, and he quickly racked his brains for an idea which might help to survive. The odds looked even worse than when the Cylons destroyed the Colonies. That battle had been at least winnable. This one, he knew it would take a miracle to survive. Now the weight of command settled firmly on his shoulders, everyone looked towards him for a way to escape.

“Get met the Hyperion,” Adama said, watching the screen as Omega appeared on the screen.

“Commander,” Omega said. The bridge of the Hyperion indicated it already went to red alert and probably knew about the incoming raiders.

“Have your squadrons attack the raiders incoming from behind, the Galactica will try and take on the sides. The Agamemnon will be taking care of raiders from the front,” Adama said, quickly coming up with a plan that might protect the fleet.

“I understand, we’ll do our best,” Omega said.

“I have no doubt about that,” Adama replied, knowing the promotion of Omega had been wise. The only thing he could hope for is whoever Tigh was talking to, would help them now. The Galactica had received no further communications and he hoped everything was going all right. The Agamemnon would be in a position between to incoming attack waves, and probably had it on their scanners by now. “Get me the Agamemnon.”

Adama waited, watching as the incoming raiders closed in, and vipers launched racing out to intercept. It took longer than he expected for Tigh to answer. He looked busy when he answered, as if he had been talking to someone else.

“Commander,” Tigh said.

“The fleet is under attack.”

“I know, hold on, transferring you now,” Tigh said, confusing Adama, even as reports of the two groups of vipers closed in on each other.

Adama waited a bit longer before a man with black hair and goatee appeared on the screen. He was someone Adama did not know and wondered what was going on. Perhaps this was someone from the group Tigh managed to contact.

“I’m Commander Adama of the battlestar Galactica,” Adama said, knowing he did not have much time to diplomatic negotiations.

“Admiral Ares of the United Earth military command and former commander of the battlestar Argo,” the man replied back to him.

The comment stunned Adama for several seconds. Had he heard correctly? Earth? Sounds from the bridge brought him back to the present even as Ares continued on.

“We are aware of the current situation and are moving forces to help out as we speak,” Ares said.

“What type of forces?” Adama asked, almost too hopeful for reinforcements.

“Two fleets of ships are attacking the four basestars in front of your fleet, near the Agamemnon,” Ares said. “I need you to move your fleet forward at all possible speed that is the direction where our ships are coming from.”

Adama stared agape at the screen for several microns trying to process the information he received. He would be heading towards four basestars with a fleet of civilian ships based on the order from someone who claimed to be from Earth, and in charge of the Earth military.

“I’m aware that the order is unusual, but we’ll have time to talk about this later after the battle. Right now my main concern is your civilian fleet,” Ares said.

Adama realized he had few options right now. Turning towards the bridge crew he made his decision. “Colonel, order all civilian ships ahead, best possible speed, the Galactica fall back and help the Hyperion protect the rear. We have some allies close to the Agamemnon who are going to help us,” Adama said to him, watching as he nodded then began talking to the rest of the fleet.

Adama looked over at the Athena, who was busy vectoring vipers to attack positions.

“Helm, plot a course to the rear of the fleet, and get me the Hyperion,” Adama ordered, knowing he would have to get give Omega the news. Now he hoped he had done the right thing.


Starbuck pulled his viper into another attack vector, taking out another raider. They were outnumber, but reports of reinforcements increased moral. Starbuck would wait until he saw them before relaxing. Right now, his scanners indicated they were outnumbered and fighting for their lives.

A raider exploded behind him causing him to turn slightly. “Thanks.”

“Keep your eyes open, don’t want to have to explain how you died to Cassiopeia,” Apollo’s voice said.

“No problem,” Starbuck replied, refocusing his attention back to the fight. He saved someone else from a raider and hears a muttered thanks, recognizing the voice as Jason. Many of the new recruits were actually doing quite well at the moment.

“I’m not sure how much longer we can keep this up,” Starbuck said, firing again. He was going through fuel and ammo rather quickly.

“We’ll get through this,” Apollo replied back to him. They both hoped so, and he turned his viper, taking care with his ammo making sure his shots counted.


Tigh ordered the Agamemnon to red alert. Most people were already at their battle stations. He would work with the Earth forces in the attack against the Cylons. His ship, along with two other battlestars and an additional ten warships were now racing towards the two basestars. The Earth ships had yet to appear on his scanners, and hoped they were telling the truth.

“Prepare to launch vipers,” he ordered, keeping a close eye on the basestars for damage. He had already seen a phalanx of raiders head off towards the fleet. He wanted to launch and attack, but Gunther stated surprise. Their vipers were stealthy and would be able to hit the basestars quickly.

“Scanners indicating damage to basestars,” Rigel said.

“Launch vipers, head to intercept the raiders,” Tigh ordered. “Helm, take us in, attack pattern delta.”

The Agamemnon turned slightly to begin its attack run as vipers streaked out of the launch tubes. Tigh watched the monitors as vipers launched and hoped they would arrive in time. He listened as the distance closed even as the two basestars received even more damage. It appeared the Enterprise and Hornet had begun their attack without being noticed.

“In weapons range.”

“Open fire,” Tigh ordered, knowing his ship would receive the brunt of the fire, especially if the Cylons were unable to see the other battlestars on their scanners. He put his trust on the armor of the Agamemnon. He would turn away from where Gunther said he would be. Hopefully firepower from two directions would confuse the Cylon gunners.

They were now engaged.


Phantom listened as the battle reports came in. The human fleet had started to increase speed, as he predicted towards one of the systems. He had two waiting basestars to destroy them. Their destruction was all but assured, even if the Colonial battle-cruiser would appear to help out. He had superior numbers and outmaneuvered the Colonials.

So far the battle went exactly as he had hoped. The humans had started to move their ships in defense of the fleet, even as the baestars closed in. The vipers were outnumbered and his raiders would crush them with superior numbers.

In seconds things seemed to change as he listened. One of the basestar commanders reported another battlestar approaching his position. Phantom looked at the starmap and paused at the situation. There should be no battlestar there.

“Report commander,” Phantom said, wanting to know more.

“A battlestar has appeared on our scanners, and not from the human fleet,” the commander replied back to Phantom.

“Impossible,” said Phantom, caught off guard by this new development.

“We have already taken damage from vipers, they do not show up on our scanners,” the second basestar commander of the group said.

The news shocked Phantom. If the humans had vipers they could not see on scanners, it gave them a huge advantage. It also explained why the human fleet was moving forward at a quicker pace.

“Inform all basestars to close in on the human fleet,” he ordered. The humans could only have a handful of such vipers.

“New colonial ships, including the battlecruiser,” a report from the other to blocking basestars reported.

Phantom was not surprised. He expected them to come to help. He would have the two basestars crush that human fleet. Approaching the battle.

“Destroy it,” Phantom ordered.

“The fleet is much larger than expected,” the reply came back. “Scanners show one battlecruiser and two battlestars along with over a dozen smaller ships, including four cruisers.”

Now things were making no sense at all. An additional three battlecruisers to go with the two in the human fleet gave them five, plus the additional ships. He looked at the scanner again, he still had an advantage, he would use his numbers and destroy the humans.


Omega had moved the Hyperion to the rear, enough to see an incoming basestar approaching. Adama had tasked his ship with covering the rear. He knew there were an additional basestars out there but the one closing in would reach the fleet first.

“Helm, set course to engage the basestar,” Omega ordered, watching his crew quickly move into action. He looked at the scanner for a few seconds before making up his mind. “Attack pattern gamma.”

The battlestar turned slightly setting up the maneuver as weapon systems stood by, ready to go into action.

“All weapon system, open fire,” he said.

The two capital ships exchanged fire even as vipers and raiders swarmed around in a killing field. The battelstar turned allowing for massive lasers to open fire, improved systems that had been built into the ship. Normally the most powerful weapons were on the front, the Hyperion had impressive fields of fire all over.

Even as damage to the basestar came in, the battlestar rocked with return fire. Anxious to for damage reports Omega reminded himself to be calm. Slight damage, and repair crews were already on their way.

The battlestar continued to fire. The bridge erupted in flame and smoke from a direct hit. Omega felt himself tossed to floor.


Adama moved the Galactica around heading towards the Hyperion, which was engaged in combat with a basestar.

“Commander, we’ve lost contact with the Hyperion,” Athena said suddenly causing everyone to look over.

Adama activated the comm channel, waiting for a reply while looking at the battle. “All weapons open fire the moment we’re in range.”

He heard the acknowledgement of the order and urged his ships faster while wondering what happened to the battlestar.

“Reports from vipers, the Hyperion is still firing, but has stopped maneuvering, a hit to the bridge,” Athena reported. He understood the danger of such a hit. Even the most powerful battlestar could be put out of action by such a hit.

The only good news seemed to be that the weapons were still firing. Suddenly the comm line activated, and he looked down expecting to see Omega, not a blonde-haired, young woman staring back at him with frightened eyes.

“Where is Commander Omega,” he asked.

“Unconscious and injured,” she replied.

“And the colonel?” Adama asked,

“Dead,” she replied softly, as the screen briefly sent to static and back. “I, I think I’m next in line.”

Adama realized she was in a position which scared her. “Okay, your name?”


Adama motioned for his second in command to come over.

“Commander?” he asked.

“Take over,” Adama said, moving down to another station where he could speak to Rhea.

“Yes sir,” the colonel said, giving the order to open fire.

Adama turned to see the Hyperion be rocked as Rhea gave a squeal of fright, the comm line wavered but held.

“Rhea,” Adama said calmly waiting for her to focus on him for a second. “Do you have maneuverability?” he asked seeing her look over. “Is anyone over there, ask.”

She hesitated for a second before speaking out and then confirming they did.

“All right,” Adama said, looking at the scanners. “Order a delta maneuver.” He watched her give the order, and a few moments later saw the Hyperion turn. “Good, now you are in charge, get your repair teams to the bridge, along with medical personal.”

Adama looked over at his bridge crew, all working on their duties. He then heard the basestar was going critical as the Galactica moved away. The Hyperion’s maneuver was already taking it away from the basestar. Reports of incoming vipers and ships that were not Cylon were coming in. They had managed to win.

End part 11

Continued in Part 12: Meeting

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