Storm Clouds – Part 8

 Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 8: The Agamemnon

Tigh headed to the briefing room, where Boomer and Jolly would be waiting for him. It appeared they had discovered something while out on their patrol by the speed which they returned. Tigh hoped they had not found any Cylons, but he did not hold onto any hope. Adama already knew of something, and they both feared Cylons.

Tigh walked into the room, seeing Jolly and Boomer already seated, along with Sheba and Bojay sitting there. He paused, looking at them for a second not expecting them to be here. Sitting down he looked over at Boomer and Jolly.

“I take it you have some information,” Tigh asked, looking at Boomer.

“Yes, I was about to turn around when Jolly spotted something on the scanners,” Boomer said, starting the debriefing. “Looking down the scanner had picked up a lot of contacts. The Warbook identified them as Cylon raiders.”

“Great?” Tigh said, his worst fear being confirmed.

“There’s more sir,” Boomer said, as Tigh sat back waiting and hoping the news was not even worse. “We moved a bit closer, there were a lot of raiders, looking to be over a hundred or so.”

The comment caught Tigh off guard. Why were so many Raiders out in the middle of nowhere? It made no tactical sense to him. The Cylons never deployed such a tactic before.

“As we closed, we noticed two basestars,” Boomer said.

The news got even worse, instead of one they now had two to worry about. He already wondered what Adama would make of this news? Would he change course? The likelihood of such a move almost seemed a given. He turned his attention back to Boomer, about to give an order when he noticed Boomer still had more to say.

“We then noticed raiders starting to disappear, at first I thought maybe they were heading back to the basestar,” Boomer said, a logical conclusion. “But, the scanners indicated the basestars were under attack by some unknown enemy.”

The never anticipated such a turn of events. The Cylons were attacking someone else?

“Whoever they were, they never showed up on our scanners,” Boomer said.

“The Beings of Light?” Sheba asked. “Their ships don’t appear on our scanners.”

Tigh gave that serious consideration, and something he would have to inform Adama about. He might agree with that. “Possible, but let’s not jump to any conclusions. First thing we should do, inform Commander Adama.”

“Should we send out anymore patrols?” Sheba asked.

Tigh gave that some thought before answering. “Yeah, you and Bojay head out, stay closer though, if there is an unknown enemy, I want you on the Agamemnon’s scanners,” Tigh ordered, the last thing he needed was disappearing pilots again.

“We’ll get suited up,” Sheba said, as she and Bojay left the room.

“What do you think?” Tigh asked the two. “Is it worth it to continue forward?”

“Should probably figure out who that is, they might be able to help us,” Boomer said finally echoing Tigh thought. They might finally find an ally after all. He dismissed the two before heading to his office to contact Adama.


Ares sat down in the conference room, seeing Gunther on one screen, Pratt on another and Captain Johnson on a third, and Commander Tagget, Troy and Bri on the fourth. Sitting beside him, Otto, his second in command of the fleet, and a few other vice-admirals and captains of battlestars.

“What’s the situation Gunther?’ Ares asked, the meeting now in order. He called it to get an assessment on the threat the Cylons might pose with their current position and wanted as many people as possible to listen in.

“We engaged and destroyed the two basestars, thanks to the stealth metal our losses were light. We were able to get in the first strike and destroy their hangars righter quickly,” Gunther said. “A few ships received damage, but nothing major and all ships are combat ready.”

Ares nodded, turning towards Commander Tagget. “How is the situation on board the Sunflare and her fleet?”

“With the addition of the food, supplies and news of Earth, morale has never been so high,” Tagget replied. “The Sunflare and her escorts are ready for anything.”

“Good, we’re working on sending some transports to your position to relieve your overcrowding,” Ares said.

“Admiral, there is something else,” Gunther said, interrupting anything else that might come up. Everyone turned to look at him, waiting to see what he might say next. “While we were fighting, our long range scanners picked up new contacts, two vipers.”

Ares paused at that information.

“We have no patrols going,” Tagget replied.

“We know the direction they headed, and can move that way if you want,” Gunther said.

“The 4th battlefleet will arrive in the system of the Sunflare by the end of the day,” Pratt said.

Ares considered everything he heard before making his decision. “Go on ahead, Bri, Troy, transfer to the Enterprise at once.”

“On it,” Troy said, leaving the screen heading to their vipers to head out to the Enterprise. “The 4th will remain in the system transporting supplies to the Sunflare. See if you can move a few civilians to the supply ships.”

“Admiral, I suggest we send out a few more high speed probes,” one of the other captains seated nearby stated. Ares considered that for a few seconds before making a decision.

“Johnson, is the 1st scouting squadrons till there?” Ares asked.

“Yes sir,” Johson replied.

“Relay the order for them to send out a few probes in all directions from that system. We need to know where else the Cylons are,” Ares said. “Also get all outposts to send out a few probes as well.”

They spent a bit longer talking details of what the rest of the fleet should do, and what outposts had been manned. Ares was glad to hear almost all were up and operational. They did so much in so little time it amazed him at times. They all worked hard, and now with the threat of the Cylons at their door, things had changed once more.


Phantom looked down from his seat as the Centurion approached.

“Speak,” he ordered.

“By your command,” the centurion replied. “We have lost contact with basestars six and nine.”

The news caught Phantom by surprise. He expected to hear the basestars had engaged and destroyed the human battlecruiser.

“What happened?” Phantom asked, wondering about the situation.

“The basestar commanders reported they had joined up and were headed towards the system when we lost contact,” the centurion reported to him. He paused to think about this logically. Two basestars had suddenly stopped reporting in.

“Send a patrol out in that direction, and what are our resources in the area?” he asked.

“Three additional basestars are close by, and an additional six in nearby sectors,” the centurion replied.

“Report to the Imperious Leader the situation, including the two missing basestars. We might have found the Galactica, and perhaps, the Pegasus,” Phantom said. “If two basestars were destroyed it would only be logical that they were attacked by two battlestars. I want overall command, and by the time the additional basestars arrive I’ll know where the Galactica is.”

“By your command,” the centurion said.

Phantom watched the centurion leave the room. He had the fleeing Colonial fleet right where he wanted them now. They were outnumbered and outgunned and now would be outmaneuvered. If he could smile he would have with the pleasant thought of finally being rid of the pest called man.


Adama went over the reports again, knowing that a Council meeting would be coming up soon. He wanted to have all the information so he could counter any argument which arose. Lately the council had settled down a bit in their aggressive behavior. He figured the change had more to do with the attempt on his life than anything else.

“Commander,” Athena’s voice said, breaking Adama from his reading, and looked up across the bridge. “Commander Tigh is asking to speak to you.”

“Put it though up here,” Adama stated. Nervousness pulsed though him at the fact Tigh had contacted him so quickly. Had they spotted any Cylons? The screen came to life and he looked down at Tigh.

“Adama, thought you might want to know the latest,” Tigh said, as Adama waited for the news. “Our first patrol out in front did discover something very interesting. We encountered two basestars.”

The news came as an unexpected blow to Adama. The news of two basestars was a disaster.

“There’s more, they were under attack by an unknown group. Whoever they were the ships did not appear on our scanners,” Tigh said to him.

The news stunned Adama. It also meant out there could be a potential ally. “Do you think you can contact them?” Adama asked making a decision, though he would have to speak to the council about this.

“We can move forward, do you want us to?” Tigh asked, turning away as someone called out to him. “What?”

“What’s going on Tigh?” Adama asked, uneasy about the sudden look on Tigh’s face.

“We’re being hailed, on the Alpha line,” Tigh said. The news was not what he expected at all. “Its an older code, but still valid.”

“How old?” Adama asked.

“About ten yahrens,” Tigh replied.

Adama paused, it could be a trap, but then again, what if it wasn’t. The Pegasus had a valid code as well, but was not as old. Was there some other group out here? He quickly made a decision and relayed the plan to Tigh.


Troy waited on the bridge of the Enterprise as they headed towards the unknown battlestar. It did not register in any of their warbooks, despite looking like a Colombia class battlestar. What bothered them was the fact there were no other civilian ships. The report from Commander Tagget stated several ships had joined up from reports.

Gunther had already ordered the battlestar to be hailed. Now they waited for any reply to their hail. Troy knew they were using an older frequency, and it might be a problem. He hoped to get the chance to explain.

“Captain, incoming reply.”

“Put it up here,” Gunther said, as both of them looked on waiting to see who might appear. An older man, dark skin and dark hair appeared.

“I’m Captain Gunther of the battlestar Enterprise,” Gunther said sounding official.

“Commander Tigh, battlestar Agamemnon,” the man replied. Troy realized they were both studying each other, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

“I’m Lieutenant Commander Troy, from Caperica,” Troy said, watching the man’s eyes widen at the statement. It was obvious Tigh had not expected to hear that. “There is a lot we have to discuss.”

“I would say do,” Tigh said. “How do I know you’re from the Colonies?”

Troy expected that question, and looked over at Bri before making his decision. “I can fly over to your ship, we have a lot of information to exchange, and I can bring updated codes for the fleet.”

“Fleet?” Tigh asked.

“I can explain all that as well,” Troy said. “It is a long story, and it would be easier in person.”

“When can we expect to see you?” Tigh asked.

“I can transfer over now, with my partner, we can be there in about fifteen minutes, uh, make that centons,” Troy said, having to switch back to colonial units.

“Then I look forward to meeting you,” Tigh said as they signed off.

“You really think this is a good idea?” Gunther asked.

“Yeah, my gut tells me this is the way to go,” Troy said. “You coming,” he asked Bri.

“Like I would miss this, someone would have to drag your butt out of trouble,” she replied to him causing him to smile. It was that attitude which he loved about her.

“Better inform the commander,” Troy said. It took only a few seconds before Ares’ face appeared.

“What’s the news?” he asked without any greeting.

“We’ve made contact, a Commander Tigh of the Agamemnon,” Troy said, watching as Ares frowned. Neither of them were familiar with such a battlestar.

“I’ll contact Commander Tagget, he might have some information about such a battlestar, perhaps they build a new one that was able to leave,” Ares said.

It seemed logical, and would explain why it was alone.

“Any word from the scouts?” Gunther asked.

“Nothing yet, but they only started to look,” Ares said. “We can be sure there are other Cylons out there.”

“Anything I should not mention?” Troy asked.

“Use your judgment,” Ares said to him. Troy nodded and headed off towards the hangar to once more head to another Colonial warship to explain to the survivors who they were.

“Wonder if they’ll be like the ones on board the Sunflare?” Bri asked.

“I don’t know, but its something to keep in mind. We have more supplies this time close by, not like they are days away,” Troy answered, the same through had run across his mind as well. He hoped things went as smooth as he headed towards his viper, the fine black lines had become familiar to him. A design which Bri had helped out on, after her flying experience and many tests. It performed very well in combat, faster and more maneuverable than the previous viper. Climbing on board, he made his checks to prepare to launch.

End Part 8

Continued in Part 9: Stories

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