by AJMarks

The battlestar Galactica led the ragtag fleet of survivors though space hoping one day to find the Thirteenth Tribe, on a planet called Earth. Fleeing the commander, Adama, hoped to put some distance between the survivors and the Cylons.

On board the mighty warship two vipers were ready for patrol. The two pilots had a mission to scout the nearby solar systems for any resources the fleet might be able to use. Materials were scarce and any new resources would be very helpful.

“Core command transferring launch controls to blue patrol,” Rigel said to the patrol.

“Transfer acknowledge,” Apollo replied.

“Blue patrol, launch when ready,” Rigel said.

Apollo pressed the turbo button feeling the familiar acceleration of g-forces as his viper shot out the launch tube, followed a micron later by Starbuck. They formed up and started towards the first system.

“Apollo, did you hear what Colonel Tigh said,” Starbuck said over the intercom as they flew past an argo ship.

“Yeah, strange,” Apollo replied, recalling the mysterious transmissions they had received.

“An alpha signal, out here,” Starbuck said.

“Well, Boomer said it’s possible for the transmission to have bounced off something,” Apollo said, recalling the conversation with boomer, who tried to explain it.

“Might be the Pegasus calling for help,” Starbucks aid, giving another theory of why they heard the transmission.

“Might be, but I think its unlikely, Cain would have given us a message, and I doubt he’d risk giving away his position to the Cylons,” Apollo said, thinking about Cain. A lot of people wondered what the commander might be doing, if the Pegasus survived the battle.

They continued on out of the fleet and towards the system, hoping they did not find Cylon.


“Commander,” a young woman said, turning to the man in the center of the bridge.

“Yes Colonel,” the commander replied.

“We’re picking up some unusual energy readings in the nearby star system,” she replied.

“Interesting, set course to investigate,” he said to her. The group of ships set course to check the system. The commander did not expect anything, but with pirates one never knew.

He waited patiently as they arrived at the source of the energy but found no ships. There were some very strange abnormalities in the general area.

“Sir, I think we should get out of here,” the colonel said, looking out the bridge viewport at the area of space.

“I think you’re right,” the commander said, preparing to order the fleet to leave the area at the maximum speed possible. Lightning shot out enveloping the entire fleet. “Hold on.”

The ship shook violently as everyone gripped their seats, they strained against the seatbelts, but no one was thrown to the floor. Finally after several long minutes it stopped. The commander looked around seeing everyone all right, as they were plunged into darkness.

“Status report?” he asked, not sure what happened to the ship, or even if the rest of the fleet was with him.

“Power coming back now,” one lieutenant said, even as the lighting came back on.

“The rest of the fleet is reporting in, similar experiences, but no on injuries or damage to any ships,” the colonel said.

“Good,” the commander said, feeling a bit of relief at that. He had a lot still to consider, like what happened. “Time changes?”

“Scanning local stars,” the reply came back. After a few seconds he got the reply they were at normal time. He was about to order a call to fleet HQ when the scanner operator interrupted him.

“Commander, we do have one problem, the scanners are picking up some ships nearby.”

He frowned, maybe they were gone a shot t of time and they were looking for them.

“Well, there is a training station nearby, maybe they came out to investigate as well,” the commander replied logically.

“No sire, this is coming up Cylon,” she said, shocking everyone on the bridge.

“Cylons? Impossible,” he stammered.

“Scanners indicate four Cylon basestars, Hades class,” the operator said.

Now the commander felt confused. One he might understand, but four, something had happened. Had he hit a Cylon trap somehow? He thought about what he might do next. He needed information about the Cylons and take it back to HQ for further study. He ordered patrols ready to go to scout for other basestars, or nearby stations.


“Speak centurion,” the leader of the basestar said. In front of him two silver and one gold centurion stood.

“We are in position to begin our assault on the battlestar Galactica,” the gold centurion said.

“Excellent, begin the attack,” the leader said. They had prepared for this ambush for several sectons to set up. Now they were in position and the Colonial fleet finally arrived.

“By your command,” the centurion said, as they turned to carry out the order. The Galactica would not be able to survive this battle, even if the Pegasus was with them. He looked forward to the glorious battle ahead.


“Commander, multiple contacts coming our way,” Rigel said.

“Identification?” Adama asked.

“They appear Cylon,” Rigel said.

Adama paled slightly at the news. “by the gods,” he muttered, wondering how he was going to get out of this situation. He quickly looked down at the scanner seeing the seriousness of the situation. “Recall all patrols, red alert.”

They were not ready for the Cylons. One of the ships was still being converted into a makeshift warship, and they had yet to start really begin producing vipers.

“Scramble all viper squadrons,” Adama finally said. Hoping it would be enough.

He watched the crew act with discipline and poise. He could not have felt more proud of them than at this moment. He only hoped they survived the battle.


“Commander, a strike group left the basestars, but are not heading our direction, or towards ay known stations,” the scanner operator said.

The commander frowned. “Interesting, can we see where they are heading?”

“Extending range now,” the scanner operator said, working quickly for a few seconds before stopping. “I’m picking up a lot of private ships, merchant, cargo, a few tankers, argo ships and a passenger ships. It makes no sense.”

The commander looked down at eh screen himself trying to figure out why so many different ships might be clustered together. Something strange was happening for sure. “This is most unusual, anything else?”

“Hold on, picking up a warship,” the operator said. “Battlestar, Colombia class.”

“A battlestar here? Impossible,” the commander said, this mystery kept getting more and more strange. He wished for some real answers instead of more questions.

“Sir, it’s the Galactica,” the operator said, the name stunning everyone in the room.

The commander felt numb at what he had been told. There was no way the Galactica could be here. He had witnessed the ship destroyed personally. A legend to everyone here, its crew legendary heroes in the fight against the Cylons.

“Set course to intercept. All viper squadrons prepare to launch,” he said to the crew. “We fight Cylons today.”


“Commander, picking up another group of ships on the edge of our scanners,’ Rigel said.

“Two Cylon fleets, they are not playing around this time,” Adama said, knowing they were now completely overwhelmed by the situation. “Move the Galactica to intercept the closest group.”

“Yes commander,” Omega replied, as the crew moved to power up the Galactica to full speed and head towards the incoming Cylon ships. “Sir, we have something strange,” Omega said, after a few microns of looking at the scanner.

“What is it?” Adama asked, making his way over to view the screen himself. He looked down then back up at Omega in shock.

“Running a diagnostic now,” Omega stated, even as they both looked back down at the scanner once more.

“Human,” Adama said, looking up at Tigh, who had a questioning look on his face at being left out.

“And at least one battlestar, maybe more in the group of ships,” Omega said.

“The Pegasus?” Tigh asked.

“Try to establish communications,” Adama said.

“On it,” Athena said.


“Commander, we’re getting an incoming communications from the Galactica,” the colonel said. “It’s a bit strange, audio only.”

“Put it though,” the commander said, wondering if maybe this might help explain something to him.

“This is the Galactica, to nearby fleet, Cain if that’s you we could use some help here,” the voice said. The commander paused hearing the names called out. Cain, and the Galactica, famous names in the fight against the Cylons. Today did indeed seem strange.

“This is the battlestar Atlantia, how can we be of assistance,’ the commander finally replied.

Silence greeted his reply, only adding to his confusion. He kept his fleet on course to intercept.

“Any reply?” he asked, looking on at the group.

“None yet commander,” the commander replied.

“Tell all squadrons to launch, they are to engage and destroy any Cylon craft,” the commander said going ahead with his course of action. Whatever was going on, this fleet needed help from the Cylons and he would provide it.

“Yes sir,’ the colonel replied, as vipers launched from the battlestars in the fleet.


“Adama,” Tigh said, the word cutting though the bridge. “It can’t be,”

“I know,” Adama replied. “There is no way that is the Atlantia, we all saw it destroyed at Cimtar.”

“But they do appear on our scanners,” Tigh said. Adama had no idea which was real, what he was on the scanners or what he knew to be true.

The thought that it might be a Cylon trap crossed his mind, but he had very little options tat the moment. They could not outrun the Cylon, and they were outgunned. If it was a trap, he very much doubted they would survive. But if they could help, they might be saved.

“Maintain course for right now, if they are here to help, they will intercept the Cylons,” Adama said.

“And a reply?”

“Working on it,” Adama said. “Right now inform our pilot they might be receiving reinformcements.”


Starbuck heard the announcement by Rigel that they might be receiving reinforcements. He almost hit another viper in his shock before recovering, still not sure about what he heard.

“Apollo, did I just heard what I thought I did, we’re getting reinforcements?” Starbuck asked.

“That’s what I thought I heard,” Boomer said, speaking up as well.

“What are they doing? Making additional vipers as we speak?” Starbuck said in disbelief.

“I don’t’ know, concentrate on your job for now,” Apollo cut in.

Starbuck focused on a raider in front of him quickly destroying it. Another viper exploded and he realized it would not be long before they were really outnumbered. He would welcome any reinforcements right about now.

“Incoming, and their vipers,” Boomer said.

“More vipers, from where?” Starbuck said, unable to believe it. Glancing down at the scanner, he realized they were right, the incoming fighters were vipers. He could not explain it, but welcomed the help.

The new arrivals joined the attack with the same zeal of the Galactica pilots. The tide turned against the Cylons allowing Starbuck a sense they might live through the battle after all.


“Report centurion,” the basestar commander said, looking forward to good news about the battle. The ambush appeared to have been a complete success.

“The battle does not go well,” the centurion reported.

“Explain,” the commander ordered, unable to see how the battle could have turned against his superior force.

“New Colonial warriors have engaged our forces,” the centurion replied.

“Impossible,” the commander replied, wanting an explanation.

“Scanners also detect an incoming Colonial battle fleet,” the centurion reported.

“Engage and destroy them,” the commander said, he would not be denied his victory.

“By your command,” the centurion said.

The commander watched it turn and walk away, unable to fathom what was happening in the battle.


“Cylon basestars heading in our direction commander,” the scanner operator said.

“Away from the Galactica,” the commander asked.

“Yes sir,” the reply came back.

“Good, prepare to engage,’ the commander replied. “We’ll be able to survive better than any of those civilian ships. Tell all ship to engage at will.”

He watched the screen as the two fleet engaged. He felt sure in his ships and firepower. His fleet could take on four basestars.

On board the Galactica, Commander Adama watched with interest the battle. His crew worried about any raiders which would make strafing runs on the battlestar.

“Incoming raider” Omega said.

Adama turned to watch the defenses go to work. The raider managed to avoid the fir and crashed on the landing bay.

“Fire control to Alpha landing bay,” Tigh said calmly. The damage control teams responded they were on the way, and Adama could only hope the landing bay was not seriously damaged.

“We won’t be able to maintain our viper cover effectively with only one landing bay,” Omega said.

“I know,” Adama replied. He already thought ahead to how to approach the newcomers for fighter assistance. He would ask when the fighting died down, and it might help to find out who they were.


“Commander, the last basestar had been destroy,” the report came in to the commander, who looked around the bridge.

“Good work everyone, damage?” he asked.

“Reports coming in now, but every ships is operational,” the reply came back.

“Any word from the Galactica,” he asked, having not heard anything form it since that initial contact.

“Getting a message now sir, I’ll relay it through.”

The commander listened as they still had no video.

“Our landing bays suffered some damage, would it be possible to land some of our vipers on your ship?”

“Not a problem, we’ll provide any assistance we can,” the commander replied.

“Good, then I look forward to meeting with you, and we can figure out what’s going on.”

“Agreed,” the commander said, he also wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on.

“Sir,” the scanner operator said, causing the commander to turn. “The Galactica is showing damage not received from this battle, and, well, we’re showing a much larger compliment than normal. Actually, all the ships in that fleet are.”

“Interesting, perhaps we’ll get some answers then soon,” the commander said. “Inform our landing bays we’ll be taking on some of the Galactica’s vipers. We’ll know soon what is going on.”


Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer touched down on the hangar of the Atlantia, the battlestar which helped them out in the battle. They each felt very strange with the fact they were now on a ship they knew had been destroyed.

Apollo looked over at Starbuck, who walked over. Boomer made his way over as well, and the feeling of being watched by everyone on board made him feel uneasy. He looked around at the group not seeing any familiar faces, at least until one warrior stepped forward. Both men froze, unable to believe what they were seeing.

“What’s wrong?” Starbuck asked, having seen Apollo freeze, turning and saw someone he felt sure was a ghost.

“Zac?” Apollo said, swallowing hard, unable to comprehend what he was seeing.

“Apollo! Starbuck?” Zac replied back, also in disbelief.

“It can’t be, you were killed at the peace conference at Cimtar, your viper was destroy as you reached the fleet,” Apollo said.

“Me, no you and Starbuck were, you and ran into trouble while on patrol,” Zac said, confusing Apollo.

“I didn’t go on the patrol, you took my place, all excited about flying,” Starbuck said.

“You didn’t let me,” Zac said, looking over at Apollo.

“Well, this is getting confusing,” Boomer said.

“And fast,” Zac said, beating Apollo to it. “Perhaps you should meet with the commander, maybe we can figure out what’s going on.”

Apollo had to agree, watching as the elevator door opened, allowing a man to walk out dressed in a commander’s uniform. Apollo automatically drew his blaster, even as Starbuck and Boomer followed.

“Baltar, you traitor!”


The commander walked down to the hangar to meet with the pilots who landed. He hoped to gain some information about what was going on. He had a lot of questions, including where the Galactica came from, and the Cylons.

The doors opened and he stepped forward not expecting to see what he saw. Zac stood there, standing in front of three men, who turned to see him, and he stepped back in reflex at what happened. All three drew their weapons.

“Baltar, you traitor!”

It took him a few seconds before he finally recognized them. The one who spoke was Apollo, strike captain of the Galactica, the blonde Starbuck and the last one, Boomer. Now Baltar felt confused, what were they doing alive?

“Captain, lieutenant,” Baltar said, holding out his hands hoping they didn’t shoot him. He looked around as everyone seemed antsy and confused.

“What’s the ruse this time Baltar?” Apollo stated, not backing down.

“Ruse, that’s what we’re trying to figure out. How are the heroes of Cimtar still alive?” Baltar said. He had seen for himself as Apollo and Starbuck’s vipers were destroyed delaying the massive incoming wave of Cylon raiders.

“Heroes of Cimtar, you’re the one who betrayed us to the Cylons there,” Starbucks aid.

“You allowed the Cylons to destroy the colonies,” Apollo said.

Baltar looked around at the group, everyone seemed confused, as did he.

“Apollo, we won that battle, we surprised the Cylons and double crossed them,” Zac said, speaking up for the first time. “Baltar came to father after the Cylons came to him. They worked out a surprise for the Cylons and crushed them so badly they never recovered.”

“What?” Apollo said, now everyone looked confused.

“Perhaps we should retreat to a more comfortable spot, and, your weapons, please,” Baltar said, looking down at the still drawn blasters.

They holstered them reluctantly leaving Baltar some time to think. They thought he had betrayed them at Cimtar.

“Is your father still the commander of the Galactica?” Baltar asked, wondering what else might not be the same.

“Yes, but you know that,” Apollo replied, still wary of what was going on as they walked towards the elevator.

People stared in shock at the group that walked down the corridor, seeing for themselves legends who should not be alive. Finally reaching a spot they sat down, and Baltar ordered in some food and drinks.

“Why don’t you tell us what happened at Cimtar?” Apollo said.

“I was skeptical when the Cylons approached me. They said they would place me as leader of humanity, and under Cylon rule. So, I went and talked with your father about it. He was convinced that they might not be suing for peace,” Baltar said, thinking back to that time. “I was offered complete power, very tempting.

He looked at the three seeing that hey were listening.

“Your father convinced me of their lie, by asking for even more. Everything I demanded they said they would give me. Well, we hoped for peace, but were prepared for war that day. They came in expecting our defenses down, and therefore were spread thin,” Baltar said. “You two were on patrol near the moon. The Cylons jammed your transmissions, and ran back to the fleet. They caught on the edge of our scanners, there you fought the Cylons and were destroyed before vipers from the fleet could reach you. The delaying action allowed the vipers to launch.

“During the battle though, the Galactica was destroyed along with Commander Adama, it was a great blow to the fleet and moral. However with the raiders destroyed the fleet rushed into the system and destroyed the basestasrs retreating from the planets.

“Then, in a bold move Commander Cain and the Pegasus reappeared in the Colonies, having fought its way back. His arrival boosted moral, and under his leadership struck straight into the heart of the Cylon Empire. The Cylons were destroyed for good, at least so we thought, until today.”

Baltar looked at the group who seemed to look back at him in shock.

“You never talked with my father,” Apollo said. “The fleet was destroyed, the Atlantia was the first to be destroyed. The defenses of the Colonies were disabled and the Cylons leveled every planet. Only the Galactica survived the attack.”

Baltar heard the disgust coming from Apollo as he spoke.

“Then the fleet the Galactica leads?” Baltar asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“All that’s left of our people,” Starbuck said.

There was silence in the room as Baltar thought about what he had been told.

“I’d like to talk to my father,” Apollo said.

“Of course, we think we finally have the bugs out of the communications between our ships,” Baltar said, having been told that before coming down.

“Bugs?” Boomer asked.

“Yes, we could transmit audio, but not video, some sort of phase shift that needed to be accounted for,” Baltar said, seeing Boomer think about that.

He wondered what he thought, and would worry about that later. He turned to the communications to get a channel to the Galactica.


Adama stood on the bridge waiting for the damage reports to finish coming in. So far the fleet had survived, thanks to the timely arrival of the fleet led by the Atlantia. The idea the Atlantia survived seemed almost unreal to him. Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer had landed on the Atlantia, and he hoped they could gain some answers soon.

“Incoming message from Captain Apollo,” Omega said, causing Adama to turn to the screen.

“Apollo?” he said, watching as the screen came to life and Apollo’s face appeared. He seemed all right.

“Things are a bit, interesting,” Apollo said slowly. “You won’t believe what I’ve been told.”

Adama sat back, as Tigh joined him waiting to hear this story.

“The commander of this ship, well, its Baltar,” Apollo said, causing Adama to cough upon hearing the name.

“And there’s more, Zac’s here,” Apollo said. Adama almost missed the second part as concern flooded though him. What game was Baltar playing at this time?

“Zac?” Adama asked, it sounded improbable.

“Yeah, it seems strange, but they all say we won at Cimtar,” Apollo said.

Adama looked over at Tigh, who seemed slightly concerned with the way this conversation seemed to be going.

“You know how impossible that sounds,” Adama finally said.

“I know,” Apollo said quietly.

“Maybe not,” Boomer’s voice suddenly said, interrupting their conversation.

“What do you mean?’ Apollo asked, looking at him as Boomer appeared on the screen.

“I did some checking with their communications guys, you know the phase problems,” Boomer said, Adama did not know much about that, but listened anyways.

“How is that relevant here?” Starbuck asked.

“Well, the main reason there’s a problem, and why they have a different history, is they are not from our dimension,” Boomer said.

“Different dimensions?” Apollo asked, looking at Boomer strangely.

“Yeah, there were some highly advanced theories being worked on before the Colonies were destroyed, and one said any and every outcome is possible and has been done,” Boomer said.

Adama listened to the conversation before making up his mind. “It might be worth considering, I’ll come over and see for myself.”

“I’m not sure about that?” Apollo said.

“I’ll be over shortly,” Adama said, ending the conversation before looking over at Tigh. They shared a look, but Adama was confident in his decision. He would learn the truth to the situation.


Adama stepped out of the shuttle along with a couple of warriors onto the deck of the Atlantia. He had not been on it since the peace conference, and he watched it blow up during the attack.

“Commander Adama, welcome aboard,” Baltar said, standing close by.

“Baltar,” Adama said in a civilized tone, trying to remember what Boomer said, and if he was right, this Baltar might not have betrayed humanity but saved it.

“It’s so good to see you again,” Baltar said, surprising Adama. His tone indicated he genuinely meant what he said.

Adama looked around the hangar, seeing many of the crew members looking at him in awe.

“I take it you’ve heard the theory of what’s happened?” Baltar asked.

“That we might be from different dimensions, yes,” Adama said, as they started to walk off the bridge.

“It would explain many things, one of my men says the same thing. Perhaps they are correct in their assumption,” Baltar said.

“If does make sense, you’d be tried for war crimes against humanity here,” Adama said, watching the man flinch slightly at that.

“So I’ve been told,” Baltar said. “I must admit, it’s not a pleasant thought to me.”

“I look forward to hearing what you have to say,” Adama said. They made their way to the meeting room, which looked comfortable, and a bit more modernized than the Galactica, or even as the Atlantia he remembered.

“Father,” he heard a voice say, turning to see Zac standing there.

“Zac, I, I can’t believe it’s you,” Adama said, looking at his son, a bit older than what he remembered.

“Me neither, though, if what I’ve heard, you are and are not my father,” Zac said.

“Yeah,” Adama said, trying to wrap his mind around that part. “But it doesn’t matter, you are my son. How is your mother?”

“Fine, misses you,” Zac said.

“She was always the stronger one,” Adama said, turning back to Baltar as they sat down.

“It seems, that in your dimension I betray the fleet, and the Colonies, allowing the Cylons to destroy us under the false illusion of peace,” Baltar said. “The Galactica survived, and is leading a fleet of survivors away from the Colonies.”

“About sums it up,” Adama said. “And it seems like that didn’t happen in your dimension.”

“No, I came to you and we devised a plan in case the Cylons did double-cross us. We were prepared for the ambush, and caught the Cylons off guard,” Baltar said.

“So,” Starbuck said, from where he sat, “which dimension are we in?”

“Good question, is there a way we can find out?” Adama asked.

“A signal to the closest starbase would be very easy,” Baltar said.

“No, we can’t risk that,” Adama said. “If we’re in our dimension and the Cylons pick up the signal, it’s something I can’t risk.”

“I see, then we’ll contact Earth,” Baltar said, “They are away from the Colonies and probably away from any Cylons.”

“Earth!” everyone from the Galactica said at once.

“You haven’t contacted them yet?” Baltar asked, a bit shocked.

“No,” Adama said, feeling as if he now had a way to learn the location of the lost tribe.

“I see,” Baltar said, before contacting the bridge and asking for a response to Earth. A few minutes later the reply came back no.

“Well, I guess that answers that question,” Baltar said. “We are in your dimension.”

“So it would seem,” Adama said. “Now what?”

“If the Colonies are gone here, then there is only one thing we can do,” Baltar said. “We go with you to Earth.”

“We’ll welcome the additional support,” Adama said.

“Commander,” the intercom said, interrupting any additional plans.

“Yes,” Baltar said.

“We’re picking up the mysterious energy reading again.”

Adama looked on in confusion.

“Understood,” Baltar said, looking back at the group. “Just before we made contact with your fleet, we picked up some mysterious energy readings, it’s probably what caused this in the first place.”

“Then we should get back to the Galactica,” Apollo said.

“Yes, that’s a wise decision,” Adama said.

“I’ll make sure all of your vipers are launched, and we can send over some replacement vipers and supplies if you wish,” Baltar said.

“It will be welcomed,” Adama said.

“We’ll see you back on the Galactica,” Apollo said, as he, Starbuck and Boomer walked out of the room.

“Commander, a word if you don’t mind,” Baltar said. Adama nodded and waited until every left before Baltar spoke. “I never got to say this to you, but you were right. I never understood till now how right you were.”

“I was?” Adama replied, a bit confused.

“I’ve lived the life of a hero ever since Cimtar, but you were the real hero. I was still torn with siding with the Cylons. The promises they made were intoxicating. Now I see they would have never gone through with them, I made the right decision, something I finally can see and understand,” Baltar said.

“I wish you had in this dimension as well,” Adama said, knowing things could be very different.

“Here,” Baltar said, handing him something as they started out of the room.

“What’s this?” Adama askied.

“Earth, and a warning, they don’t remember Kobal. We fought them for almost half a yahren,” Baltar said.

“I will,” Adama said, as they walked towards the hangar.


Tigh watched the mass of shuttle running from the ships of the new fleet to the Galactica and her fleet. Already new supplies, food, ammo and replacement parts were being rush to areas which needed them. The influx of new parts was a boon to the moral of the fleet.

However, he was concerned with the mysterious energy readings. Scanners indicated the readings were hanging around, growing stronger.

“How are the transfers coming,” Adama asked.

“They just finished up commander,” Tigh said, looking down at the progress. “The last of their shuttles are returning to their ships.”

Tigh was about to say something else when the energy reading intensified even more. Lightning lashed out and Adama yelled out for everyone to brace for impact. When nothing happened he hesitated.

“Report,” Adama finally asked.

Tigh looked at the scanners, seeing what happened. “The fleet is fine, but the Atlantia and her fleet are gone.”

“I guess they’ve gone back home,” Adama said.

“I guess so,” Tigh said, looking over at Adama, who held something in his hands. “What’s that?”


End of Dimensions


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