The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Ch 22

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 22

Randy watched the scanner as the Cimalian fleet dropped out of hyperspace and the battle began. Weapon systems opened up right away as each side tried to gain the upper hand early in the battle. Taking a quick count from the scanner Randy saw that the estimation for where the enemy ships would end up had been, for the most part, accurate. His greatest concern had been the missile launchers. If the launchers could be taken care of first they might actually/ stand a chance of winning the battle.

“Have Victorious head to sector J, Bismarck to H,” Randy said. Hans relayed the message to the battle-cruisers. Until the rest of the fleet could arrive the Cimalians outnumbered his fleet.. He felt the Akagi rock as it began taking Cimalian fire.

“We have a missile launch,” Kim said.

“Hades,” Randy replied. He’d been hoping to avoid the missiles, but it appeared they’d have to worry about a few. The battle-cruisers though had been spaced far enough apart where they were not able to all be engaged within fifteen clicks. The enemy had learned his tactics, now Randy had to flex and change.

“Impact in ten seconds,” Yvette warned. “Fighters trying to close.”

The ten seconds crawled by, yet it seemed to be too quick as well an odd mix as the count as the fighters opened fire. One missile, followed by a second as the missiles closed the distance with the Akagi. The third exploded sending the shock wave rocking the Akagi just before time ran out and the fourth missile hit it target.

Randy managed to stay on his feet as the Akagi rocked with the explosion. Warning lights flashed as sirens wailed indicating damage to the ship.

“Damage,” Randy asked.

“Port plasma laser damaged, shutting it down,” Yvette replied. “It took the brunt of the hit admiral.”

Randy turned to see the scanner hoping that the Akagi had been the only ship hit so far. No other missiles had been launched yet, but he was sure that would change. With the Akagi being the target that would leave the Warspite unhindered in its attack.

“Victorious entering battle with squad one,” Kim said.

Randy’s plan had been to engage the enemy fleet and bring in fresh troops as the battle waged on. He just hoped he survived the battle.

“Bismarck is still on the way with the third squad,” Yvette relayed.

Now Randy wondered if he had sent the Bismarck too far away for it to arrive in time.


Jack glanced at the screen then out to the gathering crowd of reporters. Now many were looking at him wondering why the military had called a press meeting.

“Admiral, is this in response to the allegations that the military is behind the recent attacks on outer colonies?” one reporter asked.

“All your questions will be answered soon,” Jack said looking hoping to see Amy walk out real soon. He sighed in relief when he saw her hobble out of the building towards the press group. He watched as she approached the podium with a calm cool attitude waiting for the reporters to stop talking for a second.

“Thank you all for coming. Many of you know that there is an allegation of the military attacking colony planets, this is partly true,” Amy said causing a stir in the reporters.

“Is that why you’re here with the military?” “The military is confessing?” were two questions that Jack could make out as the reporters started asking questions in rapid fire fashion.

“I said,” Amy said in a loud calm, yet forceful voice, “that it was PARTLY true.”

She glared at a few reporters who asked a question until they fell silent. Finally when the reporters were quiet again Amy started talking again.

“I had been living on Hesslius for the past couple of years, but the military who invaded Hesslius wasn’t the Alliance, and it wasn’t pirates,” Amy said to them. “They identified themselves as liberators from the Cimalian Empire, here to regain their rightful empire.”

Another buzz at the statement as reporters once again began to yell out questions. Once again they were silenced by Amy’s stare.

Jack began to enjoy this until Chad walked up to him.

“Admiral, President Winerich demands to talk to you,” Chad said.

Jack took one last look then walked inside to take care of the President.

“Admiral, what’s the meaning of this,” Eric said flashing a scene of the press conference.

“Just telling the truth that the government wants to deny,” Jack said. “I’ve lost too many good men and women to continue this façade.”

“I want your resignation, and where is Senator Agnes?”

“Well, the good senator is locked up for admitting he’s an enemy, not just a spy, but an actual Cimalian,” Jack said. As Jack said it so did Amy to the reporters.

“There will be a price to pay admiral,” Eric said as the screen went blank.

“That went well,” Jack said to Chad. He walked back outside to where Amy was answering questions.


“Incoming message admiral,” Hans said. “It’s the President.”

Randy sighed at that. He’d been hoping to gain a bit more time before the President called.

“Put it though,” Randy said not looking up from the scanner.

“Admiral, you are relieved of duty, effective now. Captain Basil, you are hereby promoted to the rank of admiral. Your first duty is to stand down and release Senator Agnes,” the president ordered.

Randy turned to Kim waiting to see what she’d say.

“With due respect sir, go to Hades,” Kim said turning back to her duty.

“Mr. President, everyone on board knows the enemy is real, they don’t talk, and all they want is to conquer us. They are sick of the government not doing anything about it,” Randy said.

“Missile launch, six missiles, first one in twenty seconds,” Yvette’s voice said.

“Target the missile launchers, take them out now,” Randy ordered.

“Working on it admiral,” Yvette replied.

“Impact in ten seconds,” Kim said. “Fighters have destroyed two missiles.”

“All hands, prepare for impact,” Randy said. He ignored the yelling president.


Jezic watched the scanner as the missiles streaked to the enemy battle-cruiser. There seemed to be a few enemy fighters trying to destroy the missiles, and doing a good job at it.

“Get me Olin,” he ordered waiting a few seconds until the green-haired pilot’s face appeared on the screen.

“Admiral, what do you wish,” Olin asked.

“We’re having fighter problems,” Jezic replied. “It seems that a few of the Alliance fighters are destroying our missiles before they can impact on the enemy ships. Take care of them.”

“By your will admiral,” Olin replied.

The screen went blank as Jezic turned to the captain. “How long until the launchers are reloaded?”

“Five minutes admiral,” Diern replied.

“Not fast enough, tell them quicker or else,” Jezic ordered.

“I will, but they won’t like it,” Diern replied.

“It’s not for them to like, either they do it, or feel my wrath,” Jezic said. He turned looking at the situation once more.

“Incoming battle-cruiser,” Diern said.

“Another one,” Jezic said. He cursed himself for being so foolish in the battle. The scout ship had reported four battle-cruisers. When he arrived there had been only two. He would make sure the fleet was ready when the fourth arrived.

“Concentrate fire on the battle-cruisers, destroy them,” Jezic ordered.

The enemy commander had deployed a brilliant strategy but he wouldn’t be denied his place in the history of the Cimalian Empire.


Meia waited patiently as another missile lined up. Pressing the trigger she could almost hear the weapon fire as they fired. The missile absorbed a few impacts before exploding. She watched as Malak opened fire destroying another missile after adjusting his fire. He’d learned quickly how to target the missiles and now that John had joined her the majority of missiles were now being destroyed. They approached the remaining four missiles together.

“I go the one on the right,” John said.

“I’ve got the center,” Meia replied.

“And we’ve got incoming fighters,” Malak stated.

Meia ignored Malak’s comment instead concentrating on the missiles. They had to be destroyed before any more damage to the Alliance battle-cruisers could occur. Pressing the trigger her fighter’s weapons again spewed forth their deadly fire as another missile was destroyed. Another explosion indicated John had destroyed his. The other two couldn’t be caught. She watched as the missiles impacted on the hull and shields of the Akagi. Damage could be seen where the missiles had impacted, but the ship appeared to be holding together.

Meia knew that the battle-cruiser she now called home had taken a beating. She also understood that if nothing was done now the ship might be destroyed.

“John, take Malak, I need to do something alone,” Meia said.

“Meia, I hope you’re not about to do something stupid, at least not without me,” John replied.

“Then you can watch my back,” Meia replied as she began working with the communicator. She could only hope that someone was listening as she found the correct frequency.


Randy picked himself off the deck of bridge. He wiped his forehead relieved when blood didn’t appear on his hand. Looking around he noticed people getting up off the floor or helping others. Medical teams were already on their way to the bridge. One of the missiles had impacted close by causing damage to most systems, but the communicator seemed to continue to work for some strange reason. He could hear the screaming president telling him what to do.

“President Winerich,” Randy said finally taking some time to face the screen. “If the fleet survives we can talk about this, but for now I have things to do,” he said to the stunned face of the president. “End this communications, we need it for other things,” he said turning to Hans. The President’s face faded away as Randy looked over the bridge. The scanner array had been damaged so he brought it up on his scanner, it wasn’t 3-D but it would give him some information.

“Captain, one plasma beam down along with three hard lasers,” Yvette said to Kim. “Damage to port hanger as well.”

“Send damage control teams,” Kim replied.

Randy watched as Kim took care of her ship. It felt odd not to be in control of the ship, but he also understood that Kim had to take control of this. He had to control the fleet.

“Admiral, incoming transmission on a Cimalian frequency, but its unscrambled,” Hans said.

“Put it though,” Randy said. He wondered if this was the Cimalians asking for the Alliance surrender. Not that he’d give it to them. The Victorious had arrived and the Bismarck would arrive in a few minutes. He’d go to Hades before surrendering.

“This is 3rd CF flight leader Meia to anyone who can hear me,” Randy heard her voice say.

It hadn’t what he’d been expecting to hear. Glancing at the others he could see a mixture of emotions coming from them. Some were shocked others he could see felt betrayed.

“The Cimalian leadership has betrayed you. The Alliance terrorist attacks were all staged by the Cimalian leadership. Admiral Jezic knows this as he killed my mother, and my own grandmother ordered my father’s death, he was Boris Cimal.”

“Admiral, message from the damage control teams,” Yvette said to Randy. He turned to see what she had to say. “Senator Agnes is dead, there was some damage to the brig but they say its probably suicide.”

Randy sucked in a breath. The news wasn’t good as it made some things harder to prove. He would be sure some in the government would not believe even with everything that had happened.

“We’ll worry about that later then,” Randy said. “Put all power into the shields.”

He hoped they would survive the battle.


Jezic couldn’t believe what he just heard. Meia was speaking over an open Cimalian frequency. What made things even worse she seemed to have found out her heritage. Some of the more gullible lower-class citizens might actually believe her, even though she told the truth.

“Turn that off, we have a battle to win,” he ordered.

“You heard the admiral, cut it,” Diern said. People moved quickly to carry out the order as the communications ended.

“I want to know where those lies are coming from,” he ordered. A few seconds later the reply came back.

“Admiral, one of the fighters, we attempting to isolate the fighter now,” the reply came back.

Jezic turned to see the scanner then waited for the final word before activating the communicator.

“It’s one of three, we can’t narrow it down any more than that,” the crew member said.

“Good enough,” Jezic said activating the communicator. A few seconds later Olin’s voice replied. “Flight leader Olin, you have new orders. Did you hear the communication from Meia?”

“Yes sir,” he heard Olin reply. Jezic thought he heard a bit of resentment in Olin’s voice, that would be something he could use.

“Good, we’ve pinpointed her to one of the enemy’s fighters. Its one of the three that were destroying the missiles. Destroy her and earn a blue ranking,” Jezic said.

“Consider it done admiral,” Olin said.

The communications ended leaving Jezic wondering who would win that encounter. He’d known about Olin shooting down Meia. In a way if failed then by not destroying her.

“Admiral, damage to two of the missiles launchers. The Alliance ships and fighters are targeting the launchers. Other ships are reporting the same,” Diern said to him.

Jezic muttered a short curse to the Alliance fleet. The plasma lasers weren’t as effective as the missiles. He had lobbied for more powerful secondary weapons but was told the missiles were powerful enough. Now the result of that decision was making itself known.

“Destroy the plasma beams on the Alliance ships, if we can’t have our main weapons then neither will they,” Jezic ordered.

“We show one enemy battle-cruiser heavily damaged, and another battle-cruiser on the way,” Diern said.

“Destroy the battle-cruiser,” Jezic said.

The Kitakim turned heading for the Akagi opening fire at point blank range. The Akagi returned fore as the two massive ships fired away at each other.

Jezic felt his ship rock slightly as enemy fire continued to hit his ship and damage reports came flooding in.


Hecus stood on the deck after the communicator of the fighter had squawked out Meia’s voice. It had been her, that much he knew for sure, the rest he wondered about as he thought about it all.

“Hey, Hecus, you going to stand there all day or help us out,” another mechanic asked. That snapped Hecus out of his musing as he turned to look at the others.

Hecus turned back to the fighter then over at the waiting pilot. He seemed to be paying attention somewhere else.

“Switch the radio back on,” Hecus said.

“Man, that’s against orders,” the other man replied.

“Do it, we have to know,” Hecus replied.

“All right, but if anyone asks you did it,” the man said as the communicator came back on.

Hecus first thought they had turned the volume down too much as nothing could be heard. Then Meia’s voice came over the speaker again.

“For centuries the upper class of the Alphas and Alpha Supremes have suppressed the lower class. Its time to change that. We don’t belong here, and we have enough problems at home. I am saying now, that as the first born of Boris Cimal, I am taking up my place in the Cimalian government, one that only recently I didn’t know I had. Together we can make a better Cimalian society.”

“Hecus, don’t even think about that,” the man said.

“And why not,” Hecus said turning to the others. “We work and toil for what? For more punishment, more whippings for things out of your control that you didn’t do, or were ordered to do and knew it wouldn’t work but had to anyways? Is that how you want to live? Well you can have it, I don’t. Meia always treated us with respect, and if she’s truly an Alpha Supreme then I’ll gladly join her.”

“And what if she isn’t,” another one asked who had heard Hecus.

“Then she should be,” Hecus said. “They’ve ridden on our backs for too long. Its time we end this!”

“Three of us can’t do anything,” another mechanic said.

“Perhaps, or perhaps we’re that single snowflake that settles on the snow that directs which way the avalanche goes,” Hecus said.

“You’ve been watching those nature shows again,” another one said.

“Well, its true, besides, we don’t know unless we try,” Hecus said picking up a nearby tool standing with a purpose. He walked towards the guard on duty making sure the mechanics did their jobs.

The guard noticed Hecus approach and nervously adjusted the grip on his weapon. “You should…”

Hecus didn’t give the guard any chance to say anything else as he brought the tool around striking the guard in the head knocking him out. For a timeless second the hanger stood still as the guard slumped to the ground. The pilot nearby recovered quickly running out of the hanger.

“You fool, you’ve killed us all,” one mechanic said.

“No, liberated us, turn up the communicator,” Hecus aid as he walked over. He picked up the helmet after hesitating for a second, but only a second. He’d already gone this far, now he had to go all the way.


Meia didn’t see any other missiles at the moment but knew that would change quickly. The enemy fighters that had closed in earlier had been taken care of by John, who now seemed to be in another intense fight. Meia watched for several seconds as John and Malak engaged the Cimalian pilot. The Cimalian pilot’s maneuvers she recognized and knew who John was fighting, Olin.

Meia turned her fighter towards the fighting knowing that if this was the 3rd CF then Admiral Jezic would be targeting her for what she knew.

“John, back off,” Meia said firing a couple of shots at the Cimalian fighter. She purposefully missed to get the pilot’s attention.

“What, I don’t think so,” John replied. “We stick next to our friends.”

Meia didn’t bother answering as she switched frequency once more. “How about trying me instead?”

“Meia,” Olin’s voice said. “I should’ve killed you the first time, I won’t make the same mistake again. This time however I have orders to.”

“Then Admiral Jezic knows the truth about me,” Meia replied.

“Yes, that you’re a traitor to the Cimalian Empire,” Olin said.

“No, I am an Alpha Supreme. That’s why he wants me dead. Jezic killed my mother and tey killed my father,” Meia said.

“It won’t matter once you’re dead,” Olin said.

“We can take him,” John’s voice suddenly said.

“No, this one’s personal. We need to make sure those missiles don’t do any more damage,” Meia told him.

“All right, but I’ll be watching,” John said.

Meia watched as John and Malak turned heading towards another missile that had been launched. All that remained was her and Olin and revenge.

End chapter 22

Continued in chapter 23

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