Princess Elsa – Part 19

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Part 19

Elsa moved back into the limo, leaving the party.  She had enjoyed it to an extent, but really wasn’t the social person her sister was.  Put her in a room full of diplomats and politicians and she could make small talk easily.  In a room full of people her own age, partying and such, she was out of her element.

Instead she allowed the others to do all the speaking, only speaking up occasionally in an effort no to embarrass herself.  Her outfit had been a success, and she and Anna had won first place in the costume contest.  Elsa wondered how much that had to do with who they were, or the outfits.

Lynn had relaxed as the evening wore on, from her nervousness at the beginning to now.   Overall, the evening was a success she thought and once people got over the shock things calmed down.

“I wonder,” Anna said musing as she moved to turn on the TV and flipped through a few channels before arriving at the one she wanted.  Elsa was not surprised to see which channel.

The entertainment channel was talking about her, and in the background the picture on arrival.  Elsa took a moment to look it over, Lynn had a certain possessive look, her lightsaber on and an arm wrapped around her.

“Wow, nice pose,” Kristoff said.

“What made you do that?” Anna asked as they looked over at Lynn.

“Don’t know, a reckless instinct,” Lynn replied with a shrug.

“Well, it was very nice,” Elsa said leaning into her which was returned.

“It was shocking to see you so star struck,” Lynn said looking at Anna.

“What?  Oh, Jacob O’Cooke, who wouldn’t be, he’s a huge movie star,” Anna said.  “And I got his autograph.”

She pulled out the paper waving it around proudly.

“And Kristoff got Hanna’s autograph,” Elsa said.

“He did?” Anna said.

“You had gone to the bathroom when she came over,” Elsa replied.

“Hey, if you can get Jacob’s, I can get Hanna’s,” Kristoff said to her.

Elsa watched as the two stared at each other for a few seconds, before Anna kissed him on the nose.

“You’re such a goof,” she finally said.  “But you’re my goof.”

“I didn’t think they acted that way all the time,” Lynn finally said to Elsa.

“Oh, it comes and goes, you saw a lot of it last time,” Elsa said even as the reporters started to talk about Lynn.

“Great, I’m gonna be the hot topic of the news now for a week,” she replied slinking down a bit.

“Could be worse,” Anna said.


“Um, well, you could be a stripper or something,” Anna replied as Lynn groaned.

“Guess I’m glad I didn’t do anything like that,” Lynn replied peeking over at Elsa who grinned at her before looking back at the screen.

The next part of the report focused on how Elsa was a lesbian and no one knew.

“No one knew because I didn’t know,” Elsa said shaking her head.  She had been so sheltered she never had that opportunity to grow.  She had been shoehorned into one thing by society.

The limo stopped as they arrived back at the palace.

“Well, this will be different,” Lynn said.

“You’re first night at the palace,” Elsa said.  “I’ll show you to your room.”

They exited with Anna and Kristoff headed to their room as they made their way down the corridor to the guest rooms.  It had been decided to have Lynn stay at the palace tonight and would participate in some press conferences tomorrow.

“This is it,” Elsa said, pushing the door opened seeing the suitcase was already there.

“Larger than my current bedroom,” Lynn said walking in.

“Want to see my room?” Elsa asked.

“Am I allowed?” Lynn asked.

“Sure,” Elsa said.  They made their way down a few other hallways before arriving at her bedroom.

She entered watching Lynn look around unsure of what she might say.

“You really do like blue,” Lynn said finally looking around at everything.

“Yeah,” Elsa said, looking at her room, it had blue sheets and covers on the bed, and everything she could was in blue.  She folded her hands in front of her and looked back at Lynn.  “Is that bad?”

“No, it fits your personality, calm and patient,” Lynn replied looking over the desk, computers and other such things scattered around.  “Can’t say I’m the same.”

Elsa moved closer as Lynn stopped at the bed and put an extra sway into her hips as she walked over and kissed her.  It was supposed to be simple, but quickly deepened and ended up both of them on the bed and Lynn on top.  She looked into Lynn’s eyes before going for another kiss feeling hands start to wander before another sound interrupted them.

Looking over she spotted her father standing in the doorway.

“Dad!” Elsa said, leaping up and standing in front of Lynn who was now looking for a way to escape.

“I think we need to have a talk,” he said.

Elsa was furiously trying to think of something to say to her father but felt a hand on her shoulder and looked over at Lynn.  She had a look as if she could handle it.

“Come on,” her father said looking at Lynn.

“It will be okay,” Lynn replied, giving Elsa a kiss on the forehead.

“You better, or you and I will have a talk dad,” Elsa said directing a glare at her father who returned it for a moment before closing the door.

Elsa stormed out to her balcony gathering her thoughts.  Next time, she’d be sure to lock the door.


Lynn followed the king down the corridor wondering what might have happened if he hadn’t stopped them.  Even as she asked herself the question she knew where it would have led, and despite Elsa’s pressure, they were not quite ready for that step.

At first she had been mortified at being caught, especially in such a position but realized she was only dealing with an over protective father.  She could handle that, as long as she considered him in that way.  Walking into the office he motioned for her to sit as she sat down himself behind the desk.

“Care to explain?” he asked, direst and to the point.

“It was a kiss which got out of hand,” Lynn said, deciding on honesty.  It was better than anything else.

“Anything else?” he asked.

“Um, nope,” Lynn said, it was a kiss which did get out of hand and a bit too quickly for her taste.  She had never been so overwhelmed by just a kiss before despite all the girls in high school and Kris, never had it been so intense.

“No apology, no it won’t happen again sir,” he said.

Lynn considered that for several seconds before an answer came to her.

“No,” she said.

No!” he replied, very surprised at that answer.

“No I’m not sorry,” Lynn replied.  “Elsa is a very beautiful woman, and one I love.  To say anything else, or apologize would be putting her down in my eyes.”

She watched him shift slightly as if that wasn’t the answer he was looking for.  They sat in silence for a few seconds an she wondered if she should say something else.

“Daring answer,” he finally said.

“Elsa’s worth it,” Lynn said.

“And would you have stopped if I hadn’t interrupted?” he asked.

Lynn took a breath and released it giving it some thought.  The very question she had pondered on the walk here.  Be honest continued to be her mantra.

“I don’t know,” she finally said.  “I’d like to say yes, I would have stopped, but I can’t.”

She watched as he sat back in the chair.

“I can’t say I like that answer.  But,” here he trailed off as deep in thought.  “It’s a reasonable answer for someone in love.”

Lynn had a feeling there was more to this conversation than she thought but didn’t press it.

“Do try,” he finally said before smiling at her.  “You may head back to your room.  The press conference is scheduled for ten, breakfast is at eight in the dining room.”

“Thank you your highness,” Lynn said, standing and doing a slight bow watching as he waved it off.

“If you are going to be her girlfriend, you don’t have to do all that, after all, we’ll be seeing each other often,” he said.

“Ah, yeah, makes sense,” Lynn said, heading to the door.  “Um, there is one thing, getting back to the room?”

“Ah, I’ll ring for someone to help.”

Lynn appreciated it and waited by the door before turning back to him.

“I will try my best, but she doesn’t make it easy for me,” Lynn finally said to him, as he smiled at that.

“Takes after her mother then,” he said and now grinned for some reason.

An aide arrived to help her to the room as she considered what he said.  She would have to look up how the king and queen met and check out those stories.


Elsa turned and watched from the balcony as another person entered the room, seeing her mother make her way towards her.

“A successful night,” she said, waking outside and sitting down with the grace her mother always had.  Elsa looked up at the sky before sitting down as well.

“I guess,” Elsa finally said.

“The costumes went over well,” her mother said causing Elsa to look down. She was still dressed up.

“Yeah, it was different in this,” Elsa replied.  She had been shy about it at first, but Lynn’s reaction made it all worthwhile.

They sat for a couple of minutes in silence as Elsa allowed herself to calm down a bit more.

“You know, your grandma caught me and your father in a, well, very compromising situation one day when we were dating as well,” her mother said finally.

Elsa looked over at her mother having never heard this story.

“A bit like you, I was a tease to your father, pushed it as far as I could.  Oh he tried to be the gentleman as he had been raised, but with a vixen trying her best it was difficult at best for him,” she said with a slight chuckle.  “One day we were actually out in the garden, and one thing led to another and things started to get rather heated.”

Elsa’s mind froze for a second.

“Um, eww mom, that’s not something kids think about with their parents,” Elsa said trying for a mental wipe of her that image even as her mother laughed.

“Well, anyways, we never heard her coming,” her mother said.  “Oh boy, the problems that caused.  We were banned from seeing each other for a week.”

“A week?” Elsa cried hoping that would happen, after all they really were not doing anything.

“I doubt that will happen here, your father is actually very level with such things, bet you didn’t know we caught your sister and Kristoff in an even worse position,” her mother said.  “She kept sending him naughtier and naughtier pictures.  Poor guy was only human.”

Elsa recalled what she had sent to Lynn.  She had done some rather sexy photos of herself for some reason now it appeared it ran in her blood.  Her mother and Anna both did the same thing.

“So, you were waiting for something to happen?” Elsa asked.

“In a way, yes,” her mother replied.  “We care about you, and so far I like Lynn.  Its also still early, and we don’t want you rushing into something you might regret later on.  It’s a parent’s right.”

They sat there in silence for a few seconds.

“Well, at least we don’t have to do the entire protection talk with you two,” her mother replied with a smile.

“Gee, thanks, I think,” Elsa said.

“You’ll find there is a time and place for it all,” her mother said giving her hand a pat before rising.  “Otherwise, did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” Elsa said, knowing it wasn’t really the party, but the company which had made it such a good time.  “And I think Lynn had a good time as well.  It was fun watching her be in the middle of such people.”

“Probably her first time, and I did see that photo pose, did you tell her to do that?”

“No, she did it on her own, surprised me a bit,” Elsa stated.

“So, that’s why you’re not smiling,” her mother said.  “It looks good, we put it on the front of the website as well.  I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night mother,” Elsa said, looking back at the night sky and wondering what might happen tomorrow.  Her and Lynn’s relationship had taken a new twist and things might not be the same.

End part 19

Continued in part 20

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