The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Ch 15

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 15

Ben wiped his hands as he looked at the readout making sure that John’s fighter would be operating at peak performance. The fighter had received some damage from the last battle, but not too much. John was a pilot who flew on the edge which was why he probably came back alive most times.

“Jean, how’s that repair doing,” Ben asked. He looked over to see Jean, who had taken apart the fighter, tinkering inside of the engines. The fighter had held together but the pilot had been severely injured and transported back to Pacifica for treatment.

“Well, it’s coming, slowly, but I’ve almost got it,” Jean replied, her voice muffled a bit by the engine.

Ben gave a chuckle then turned when a movement caught his attention. Looking over at the hangar entrance he noticed at first what he assumed as a replacement pilot. He quickly rethought that at seeing her uniform and hair. The blue and white uniform was out of place for pilots, but her hair, that’s what really caught his attention, it was blue.

“Hello, can I help you,” Ben asked walking over to where she stood. “Ben,” he said extending his hand.

“Meia,” she replied.

“You’re the pilot we rescued a few days ago,” Ben said.

“That would be me,” she replied.

“I found you, about over there,” Ben said pointing to a spot not far away. He turned to see her looking at the fighters though.

“The Mark Six fighter, or Wolf as she’s called, a beauty she is,” Ben said proudly. “Quite possibly the most maneuverable fighter out there.”

“You and Hecus would get along great,” Meia said. Ben watched as she walked around the fighter a bit. “But a fighter might be great, but the pilot is what makes it better.”

“Ah, but the abilities have to be there for both fighter otherwise even the best pilot can’t make up for that,” Ben replied.

“True,” Meia said. Ben realized that Meia had conceded that point to him. “Speed is also good, but not very good if you can’t turn.”

“The advantage that the Alliance fighters have,” Ben said.

“Yes, something few of the Alliance pilots use,” Meia said.

They stood there a few more seconds before Meia walked off.

“Who was that,” Jean asked popping her head out of the engine.

“Meia, a bit strange,” Ben said.

“In what way,” Jean asked.

Ben realized he didn’t want to say anything about Meia having been an enemy. “She had blue hair,” he finally said.

“Interesting,” Jean said then she stopped. “Did that enemy pilot that was rescued on the hanger have blue hair?”

“Yeah,” Ben replied turning back to his work.

“Wonder if the admiral knows about her roaming around,” Jean said.

“I didn’t see any guards, I guess he’s got a good reason for that,” Ben said pulling the file out for the next fighter.


Randy returned to the bridge hoping for word that the mission had been completed. Commander Jorkins would contact him the moment it had been completed. His current thoughts had nothing to do with the mission, but Meia. He’d seen her leave rather quickly and gotten the story from John.

Randy could still hear the amazement in John’s voice as he described how quickly she’d reacted to the threat. In a small way Randy felt relieved that John had somewhat accepted Meia. It would be critical for the next part of Randy’s plan.

“Admiral, information from the Dragon arriving,” Hans said.

“Thank you,” Randy said. He glanced down at the information scanning though it quickly. He noticed that the enemy fleet around Hesslius was a few ships. That didn’t settle too well with him. He figured that the rest of the ships were headed somewhere else, probably to attack another planet. The Victorious had arrived but replacement pilots had run short.

“Admiral, Commander Jorkins is on the line for you,” Hans said.

Randy switched his screen from the information to Frank Jorkins.

“Commander, how was the mission,” Randy asked.

“We relayed your message and she’s agreed,” Frank said. “You might say she turned red when we told her everything.”

“Good,” Randy replied. He had the feeling that an angry Amy Barnes would help out the military quite a bit.

“She wanted to leave right away but we finally got her to agree to wait until transportation had been arranged,” Frank said.

“And her injuries?”

“Several broken bones, which have healed,” Frank said. “She’ll be ready when we finally have a ship to take her back.”

“Good, we’ll begin working on the arrangements at once then,” Randy told him.

“I’ll relay that information.”

The screen went blank and he turned to Hans only to see Kim looking strangely at him.

“What’s that about,” she asked.

“A counter political attack,” Randy said.

“Thought you didn’t like politics,” Kim said.

“I don’t, too much backstabbing and lying to get anything done. Give me something straightforward any day,” he replied.

Kim chuckled at that.

“Well, get me the Dresser, I have a mission for it,” Randy said.

“Yes sir,” Hans said.

Randy felt things in one area were now also looking up. Now he just had to hope that the missing Cimalian fleet didn’t show up somewhere else.


Jack stood in the command room where he figured he’d been spending way too much time in. He’d have to call Mary once more to let her know that he’d be late again. Things seemed to be moving on their own lately, especially in the political field. The only good new had been that the Strike Fleet had accomplished their mission, that and the press had begun questioning the news from the government. The government’s stand still maintained that everything was a military conspiracy. So far only a few press reporters had even talked to him.

He had told them that the Alliance was being invaded by, at the time, an unknown force. Four planets had been invaded while a fifth had been attempted and the loss of thousands of lives yet the government denied an invader. He wondered where everything would lead, perhaps an attack on Corestar itself. The extremists would probably say the military is trying to overthrow the government.

“Admiral,” Chad said. Jack had come to learn the troubled tone his aid had and sighed.

He glanced down at the data pad Chad had thrust to him scanning the contents. “Is this confirmed?”

“Yes sir! I asked for verification myself from Admiral Hayes,” Chad replied.

Jack sat down needed the moment to compose himself. The Second Fleet had been destroyed. Thousands of men and women had died. “Get me the President!”

He watched as Chad quickly worked on his order. Part of Jack wished he’d never carried out the President’s order. He felt that the order had caused the loss of so many lives that might be alive today if the order had been different.

“Admiral, the President is in a meeting with senior members of the Constrict and Radical parties,” Chad said. “He isn’t to be disturbed for any reason.”

“Hades, it figures,” Jack said getting up and pacing the floor now. “Get me Admiral White then.”

Chad hesitated for a second then carried out the order. A few minutes later Randy’s face appeared on the screen.

“Admiral,” Randy said.

Randy, new mission high priority,” Jack said. “We have a confirmed report that the Second Fleet has been destroyed. I need you to head to Serria and investigate.”

“What happens if we’re attacked,” Randy asked.

“You have discretion then,” Jack said. He noticed a small smile appear on Randy’s face at that.

“Understood sir. We’ll leave within the hour,” Randy replied. The communication ended leaving Chad and Jack in the room.

“Um, is that wise admiral,” Chad asked.

“I don’t think so. Serria has a large population, we need to make sure its all right. Besides it could be the break we need,” Jack said.

Chad nodded then walked back to his station leaving Jack alone. He could only hope he didn’t hear from the President for a while. He needed some time to get everything done then he might be able to confront the President.


Randy turned to the rest of the bridge crew of the Akagi after hearing the news. He had the feeling he now knew where the missing Hesslius fleet had gone. His father had basically countered the standing ‘talk to the enemy’ order that had been given. That relieved Randy a lot.

“Where’s the closest scout ship?” Randy asked turning to Yvette.

She looked down for a second then back up. “That would be here admiral,” she told him.

“All right, tell,” he glanced down for a second, “the Starhopper to leave at once, the rest of the fleet is to leave in one hour for Serria.”

“Yes sir,” Kim replied turning to relay the message to the fleet. “Starhopper’s captain says they’re on their way.”

“Good,” Randy said.

“What’s the plan admiral,” Yvette asked.

“I’m hoping to get the information from the Starhopper but we’ll drop as close as possible to the enemy ships, especially the battle-cruisers,” Randy replied.

“Negating their advantage right away, I like it,” Yvette replied.

“Thought you would,” Randy said. He turned working out a message to the rest of the fleet as to the new orders. He didn’t want any ship caught unprepared for battle. Now things were going to get interesting.


Jezic leaned over the screen wiping away a small speck of dirt with his hand. Satisfied he sat back down as the door chimed. He’d been expecting Olin and wasn’t disappointed when the door opened allowing the green haired pilot in his office.

“Admiral, you wanted to see me,” Olin said. He stood in front of Jezic’s desk and the admiral noted the relaxed posture that he took. The arrogance of the Beta class and Olin had been filled with it.

“Yes, we’ve received new orders. The 1st FC has attacked Serria destroying a large Alliance fleet based there. Our target is the base at New Zeus. Our scouts indicate there is one battle-cruiser along with two enemy cruisers. I want a clean victory, do I make myself clear,” Jezic said. He noted a slight waver in the man’s posture indicating that the pilot did indeed understand. “High Command won’t be tolerant of failures of anyone, even me.”

“There will be no failures sir,” Olin said.

“Then make your preparations,” Jezic said dismissing the man.

“By your will admiral,” Olin replied.

Jezic watched as the pilot walked out before returning his attention back to the screen in front o him. It showed the data from the latest battle of the 1st CF. They had destroyed two Alliance battle-cruisers along with five other smaller ships. Three ships had managed to get away but a large portion of the Alliance fleet had been disabled or destroyed.

He went over intelligence reports of the Alliance fleet. With the recent losses he figured the Alliance battle-cruiser strength had been cut almost a third. The Cimalian fleet had lost three battle-cruisers but still had fourteen left, against the Alliance which had about ten or so remaining. High Command had already sent some ships to reform the 2nd CF, but that would take time. Once the fleets had been reformed they could continue their offensive against the Alliance.

He noticed one other high level message from High Command. Slightly surprised when he noticed who the message was about, Meia. He wondered why the young pilot, an Epsilon at that, would be so important in the battle plans.

Sure Meia had a natural talent for leadership but her class would prevent anything from happening with that. As he thought about it he remembered one mission he had received almost twenty years ago.

“Yes, that has to be it,” Jezic said. “Her hair color changed, but I do remember that mission well.”

It had been a strange mission, one that had him taking orders from Henry himself. Henry, now the Emperor of the Cimalian Empire had given him that special mission. He called it an ‘Alliance mission’ because of the nature of sensitivity of the mission. It had been easy to rig the explosion then blame the Alliance.

His career had been made with that one mission. He quickly rose thought the ranks and had the personal attention of the Alpha superior class. Now he wondered who Meia’s mother had been, for Henry to personally order her elimination.

“Admiral,” Diern’s voice said interrupting him.

“Yes,” Jezic replied.

“The fleet is ready,” Diern said.

“I’ll be on the bridge shortly. Have all ships ready to go on my order,” Jezic said. He got up shutting the file down, then encrypting it. Straightening his uniform he walked out of his office for the bridge.


Jack over at Chad who had informed him that the scout ship, Dresser had arrived from Vernada. He knew that Randy had mentioned something about a ship arriving but that had been several hours ago. He had a feeling though as to who would be on board that ship, Amy Barnes, the senator’s daughter and a lot of trouble.

He walked out in time to see Amy walk out of the shuttle. She stood about the same height as her father, but with dark brown hair streaked with blonde. He watched as she turned and said something to someone inside the shuttle then back around to approach him.

“You must be Admiral White,” she said as he neared.

“Ahem, yes, I assume you’re Amy Barnes,” Jack replied.

“The one and only,” she replied glancing at Chad then back at him.

“Well, I think we have a lot to discuss then,” Jack said to her.

“I think so,” she replied. He noticed her tone hardened from the carefree tone she’d been using. “Commander Jorkins told me about Senator Pappas, any news about that,” she asked.

“No, the police are still investigating,” Jack replied.

“And the government?”


“Interesting,” she said. He glanced over as they walked towards the HQ building. She appeared to be deep in thought about something.

“He seemed to think that something had been going on within the upper levels of the government. I can’t say I disagree with him the way their handling this invasion,” Jack said.

“”Hmm, that might give me a bit of a starting point then,” she said. “What other planet’s have been invaded by them?”

“Well, for sure Vernada, which has been liberated for now, Hesslius, Cirrius, and now Serria,” Jack replied.

“I know the governor of Vernada, I’m sure he’ll help us out,” Amy said. “Yes, I think I’ll contact him right away.”

Jack watched as Amy continued on though the door. He only hoped she had some sort of plan that didn’t backfire.

End Chapter 15

Continued in Chapter 16

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