Sith Lord Deserii _ Part 2

Sith Lord Deserii

By AJ Marks

Leaving Drumond Kaas

Deserii made her way along with an overly excited Vette towards the hanger where Baras said he had a ship waiting for her. Her adventure on the Sith capital had been enlightening to the politics going on behind the scenes along with who actually wielded power and who did not.

“I can’t believe it, he gave you a ship, I told you he would. I hope its something stylish, I’d had to go around the galaxy in something awful,” Vette stated as they entered the hanger. The young Twi’lek was almost skipping along beside Deserii, her energy infectious as she hoped the same thing.

Making their way along the hangar towards the correct docking bay. She stopped looking at the number then over at Vette. “This is the one.”

She watched trying to hide the smile as Vette took off to see what type of ship they had. Of course Deserii took that moment to look over the Twi’lek’s curves, which were shown off with the armor she wore. That was something Deserii made sure of before hearing Vette’s squeal.

“An Interceptor! Sleek and stylish along with deadly, reminds me of you,” Vette said, turning to look back at Deserii.

“What can I say to such a compliment,” Deserii replied. “And a beautiful Twi’lek by my side, dashing and courageous.”

Vette started to say something when she stopped at the approach of someone. Deserii turned to face him, feeling the Force in him.

“Lord Grathan says he hello,” he said. “I’m here to kill you, nothing personal, Grathan’s orders.”

“You can try,” Deserii replied. He attacked with Deserii counter attacking. The battle was over quickly with the attacker dead on the floor. The hangar crew came back out from their hiding spots they ducked into when the fighting started. “Sorry about the mess,” she said to the chief.

“Sith politics,” she heard him mutter as he motioned for a few others to come help clean up.

Deserii continued on to the ship following Vette inside. Everything seemed new, including the smell and stepping inside was surprised by a robot. It greeted her calling itself 2V-R8, a non-combat droid giving them a quick tour of the ship.

“Its not so bad, of course you have the best bed,” Vette said, looking over at Deserii.

“I’m willing to share with pretty women,” Deserii stated, giving Vette look over. “You would be welcome anytime.”

Vette blushed slightly before replying with a shy no. Deserii merely shrugged she had time to continue her wooing of the Twi’lek, Vette was definitely desirable and someone who Deserii considered somewhat of a friend.

“So oh great one, where are we off to now?” Vette asked, knowing they had two choices.

Deserii considered the question for a few seconds before making up her mind. “We’ll have to Balmorra first,” she answered making her way to the bridge of the ship.

“Do you know how to fly this thing?” Vette asked, as they looked over the controls.

“I think so,” Deserii stated, watching Vette’s head snap over to look at her in disbelief.

“You don’t know? Great my life is flashing before my eyes.”

“Relax, I can do this,” Deserii replied, sitting down in the pilot’s chair. The main engines roared to life a few seconds later as they powered up ready for flight.

“Oh, I get it, a joke, and here I thought Sith didn’t have a sense of humor,” Vette replied as Deserii asked for clearance from the port authority.

“Stick around, you’ll find I can be quite humorous,” Deserii stated, getting the coordinates needed for their voyage.

She glanced over at her companion, watching Vette seem to ponder over this new development. Deserii wanted the young Twi’lek to think of her as a friend, not her master, or some Sith Lord. Vette would not come to her willingly if she thought that way that much Deserii understood.

“All right, seems like it’ll take about five hours to get there,” Deserii said, as they entered hyperspace. “We might as well get comfortable. Can you cook?”

“Sure, if you want your food burned,” Vette replied back to her. “I told you I didn’t do some things. What about you”

“Not in the Sith training,” Deserii answered truthfully.

“All about becoming a Sith,” Vette said.

“Something like that,” Deserii replied wondering what type of food they might be eating She thought they had a few ready to eat meals, but those were usually not that good.

“What about twovee?” Vette asked interrupting Deserii’s thoughts.


“The robot,” Vette said, rolling her eyes at Deserii’s answer.

“Oh, yeah, him,” Deserii replied feeling a bit embarrassed at forgetting about him. “Twovee!”

“You called mistress,” Twovee answered walking onto the bridge.

“Yeah, can you cook?” Deserii asked him.

“Of course mistress. I am well versed in every aspect of a household, including over a million recipes for over a hundred species,” Twovee replied.

“A simple yes would have sufficed,” Deserii said.

“Do you require anything mistress?” Twovee asked.

“Perhaps a bit later,” Deserii replied, watching as Twovee headed off the bridge and back to wherever he stayed, perhaps cleaning something.

With that taken care and the knowledge they would not stave, Deserii now had a decision to make. Looking over the controls everything appeared to be working in order. Standing up and stretching her back she looked over at Vette.

“Well, I’m going to freshen up a bit.”

“All right, I’m going to check the ship out a bit, see what’s all on board,” Vette answered.

“You could join me?” Deserii said, waggling her eyebrows. She watched Vette’s eyes widen at the thought before she quickly headed out of the bridge.

Deserii smiled before making her own way to the shower. Everything on board still seemed new and she wondered if Baras had bought the ship new or not.

Stepping into the shower she allowed the water to flow over her body relaxing her from the events of the past couple of days on Drumond Kaas. Baras was right, she did enjoy the Sith homeworld a lot more than Korriban.

Her thoughts drifted to her current mission, killing her master’s spies before they were discovered. It seemed a bit drastic to her, but then again, if they were dead it might be harder for them to be exposed. Then there was this padawan which seemed to bother her master. Who was this person, and what was their talent?

Finishing up she died off and realized she left a change of clothes back in her room. Deciding to take a chance she walked out of the bathroom and towards her room hoping to pass by Vette, all part of her plan.

“If you’re going to stroll around nude at least warn me,” Vette said, standing in shock at the far hallway trying to look at Deserii but not look.

“We’re both girls,” Deserii said, placing her hands on her hips and facing Vette, watching as she swallowed before turning away. “Aw, did I do too much for my little Twi’lek?”

“Yeah, um, well, you don’t look like any Sith I’ve ever known. If I hadn’t seen you cut down so many enemies I’d think you had a different job,” Vette finally replied, looking back up at Deserii.

“Well, got to keep in shape somehow,” Deserii replied, looking over her own body. “Have Twovee make something to eat, then get some rest then we should be at Balmorra.”

“Okay,” Vette said, moving away from Deserii, who watched the sway of her ass for a second before heading to her own room. It would be an interesting mission, and perhaps she could find something even sexier for Vette to wear, and hopefully persuade her to wear it.

Yeah, life was good Deserii thought, and with her rise in the Empire, things were looking up.

End part 2

Continued in part 3

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