Princess Elsa – Part 1

Princess Elsa

by AJ Marks

Disclaimer:  All right, this is a Frozen type of fanfiction story, but I took several characters and made it a sci-fi story.  It does have a girl-girl relationship, but it isn’t, repeat, isn’t between Anna and Elsa (yuck).


Part 1

Queen Trude Koenig watched her daughters.  Both seemed so opposite and yet they were perfect friends.  That thought seemed to cause her to pause as she considered something and looked on.

Her oldest daughter, Elsa, had long blonde hair which she usually kept in a long braid.  She was every much a product of her upbringing, sophisticated, polite, thoughtful and, perhaps, a bit too quiet at times.

Otto, her husband and the king, had raised Elsa with the task of taking over the kingdom when he retired.  They had a small kingdom in space, not as large as other empires, but they were comfortable and usually left alone.

Looking on she watched her younger daughter, Anna, who seemed to be the opposite of Elsa, talk with her sister.  Anna had red hair with a bit of blonde in it, unlike Trude’s own hair which was more blonde with red, and a bit shorter than Elsa.  Anna had recently married and it appeared to have strained the sister’s relationship.

Trude looked on as Elsa walked off, her posture stiff, as Anna watched her go before turning and heading over to her mother.

“Is it her time of the month or something?” Anna asked causing her mother to raise an eyebrow at her daughter.  “Ah, Elsa, she’s being, well, unrealistic I guess.”

“Oh?” Trude replied.

“She doesn’t want to do anything anymore, just goes and closes herself off in her room to study.  I mean, how much studying can one person do?” Anna said a bit exasperated.

Trude paused to consider that, along with her first thought upon seeing the two together.

“I mean, we were so close, what happened?” Anna asked.

Before Trude could ponder that another person approached picking up Anna as she squealed a bit.

“Hey handsome,” Anna said, turning to face Kristoff, her husband.

Trude looked up at the muscular man, a commoner who Anna had met years ago and finally married a few weeks ago.  Trude had watched their relationship blossom, despite a few rocky bumps and was happy for her youngest daughter to have found someone devoted to her.

“Hey yourself,” Kristoff said, before frowning slightly.  “What’s wrong?”

Trude hid a smile as he was able to read Anna so well.

“Its Elsa,” Anna said finally.

“No luck?” Kristoff replied.


At that moment her husband, Otto, showed up.

“Trude, dear, have you seen Elsa?” he asked, and Trude knew the time had come.

“I think, its time we had a talk about her,” Trude said turning and heading to a small room.  She knew she had confused the others but things had finally clicked for her and now she had to tell the others.

Walking into the room she waited until they were all inside before turning and locking the door to make sure they were not interrupted.  She turned to see Otto looking at her, knowing he would remain quite.  When she got like this he knew to listen.

“Um, mom, what’s going on?” Anna asked sitting down next to Kristoff who just remained quiet.

“This is about Elsa,” Trude said, looking at Otto then at Anna.  “She’s feeling alone, lost, and it scares her.”

“What are you talking about?  We’re all here?’ Otto said.  “There are people all around her.”

“Yes, treating her like a future queen,” Trude pointed out.  “Her one, and only, friend was Anna.”

“But I’m still here,” Anna said.  “And I still want to do things with her.”

“Yes, but now your time is divided, and you can’t ignore Kristoff, nor should you,” Trude replied, looking at both Anna and Kristoff.  “But for Elsa, she had no other friends.”

She looked at all of them for several more seconds.  “Dear, you’ve raised a wonderful future queen, but she needs some freedom, time to make friends, explore who she is.”

“And how do you suggest that, there are things she should learn,” Otto said.

“How did you meet me?” Trude said looking at him, waiting.

“I snuck out at night,” Otto said.

“Exactly, you went out, discovered yourself,” Trude said.

“Why not a vacation or some sort, get her away from the palace,” Kristoff said.  “We could invite Rapunzel and Eugene?”

Trude looked over at her husband and daughter.  True, Elsa would be with a group, but would she see it as fun?  It also could be a way to bond a bit with Kristoff as well, as Elsa probably considered him someone who took Anna away from her.

No one spoke for several seconds.

“Why don’t I speak with Elsa, see what she thinks,” Anna finally said as they reached a decision.


Elsa looked over the reports again which she had been given for the upcoming meeting on ore production for the empire.  From what she could tell the empire had enough for its own needs plus surplus to sell off for profit.  She could see no reason to tax the ore miners even more.

A knock on her door caused her to look up, not expecting anyone.

“Elsa, its Anna, can I come in?” Anna’s voice said.

Elsa jumped up heading over to the door, opening it and allowing Anna in, a bit thankful Kristoff wasn’t around.  Letting her in she moved back to her desk.

“What’s up?” Elsa asked, seeing a curious look on her sister’s face.

“Well, we were wondering if you wanted to go on a vacation of sorts?” Anna asked surprising Elsa a bit.  It wasn’t what she expected to hear.

“A vacation?  I’m not sure, there’s a lot to do?” Elsa said, recalling her schedule and looking at the papers in front of her.

“Actually mom suggested it,” Anna stated.  “And dad’s okay with it.  Come on Elsa, it’ll be a way to get out of the palace, have some fun.”

Elsa’s mind started to race.  Where could she go where she wouldn’t be seen or known?

“We can invite Punzel as well,” Anna said.

Elsa thought about it and realized that Kristoff probably would go with them as well, and Rapunzel’s husband, Eugene.

“It’ll be fun, you know Eugene likes us,” Anna said.

Elsa looked down at the desk before realizing she might be able to spend some time with Anna as well, and she would be there if anything happened.  Rapunzel and Eugene, it would be nice to see them again outside of official functions of the empire.

“All right, but no crowded places,” Elsa said, not wanting to handle a large crowd.

She watched her sister almost jump up and down in delight at Elsa’s answer.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a good spot, and I think I know just the place,” Anna said, before running out of the room.  Elsa giggled slightly at the enthusiasm her sister always had when such things occurred.

Perhaps a vacation was something she needed.  The only downside was spending time with Kristoff, but with the others it might be enjoyable.


Lynn made her way to the hotel, having won a week’s vacation from the radio station for her knowledge in history.  Of course she was a history major with the intention of one day becoming a museum curator or something within the museum system.

A frown appeared on her face as she imagined how this week was supposed to go.  She should have been coming up here with Kris, who had been her girlfriend for the past two years that was until she walked in on her and her roommate in bed together.

Oh, that had been a scene for sure, the yelling and emotions, especially when she learned they had been seeing each other behind her back for six months now.  Her hands clinched into fists at the thought and almost cancelled this trip.

Another friend, Hans, mentioned that she should go anyways, get away from the school and have fun anyways.  Now she looked around at the luxurious hotel, one of the best in the empire, and the planet below known for its famous geothermal features.  Only the wealthy could afford this hotel.  Making her way nervously to the front desk she watched as the employee behind looked at her with a dismissive glance.

“Um, excuse me,” Lynn said reaching the front desk.  “Um, a reservation for Lynn Sauer.”

Her name caused a reaction, but not from teh woman in front of her.  Another employee hurriedly came over.

“Miss Sauer, this way,” he said.  “You can leave your luggage, they will be taken up to your room.”

Lynn was a bit flustered by that, she had no problem taking her bags herself, but allowed herself to be whisked away to another room.

“Must be overwhelming for you,” the man in front of her said.  “I’m Gerald Hesst, you can call me Gerald, and I’m one of the hotel’s concierges, here for you while you’re here.  If you require anything don’t hesitate to call me, its what I’m here for.”

“Um, thanks,” Lynn stated.  This was something she had never experienced before.

“Now, is there anyone else with you?  The contest stated two people,” Gerald said patiently.

“Ah, no, caught my lover in bed with my roommate a few days ago,” Lynn said being honest.

“I see, well, it makes things easier for us,” Gerald stated.  “The floor you’re on has special security for some other guests arriving later on, and if you would be so helpful as to not give your room key to anyone else, it would be most appreciated.  Also you’ll require an additional security pass for your floor.”

“Okay,” Lynn said, wondering who was on the floor.  Chances were she would never know.  Going through security she got her keycards for her room, and she was shown how security would work, and which elevator to take, as it would be the only one going to that floor.

“Shuttles head down to the planet every hour, the spots on the planet are only open during daylight hours, there are several geothermal features which one can see, though the most popular spots are currently in winter season, you brought some warm clothes?” Gerald asked as they approached her room.

“Yeah, thanks,” Lynn said looking towards the end of the hallway.  “Is that a pool?”

“Yes, private for this floor, and no one can see in,” Gerald said.  “If you require anything, let me know and I’ll arrange it for you.”

“Thank,” Lynn said, moving into her room and looking around.  It was larger than her dorm back at school, a central area, a small kitchen off to the side, and a door.  Walking though she entered the bedroom which had a large king sized bed, a TV, and off to the side a bathroom.  Walking in there she noticed a separate shower and bath, and plenty of room.

She briefly wondered at how things might have been had Kris not cheated on her.  They would have had a lot of fun.  Feeling tears of frustration start she hastily rubbed her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror.

“You will have fun,” she ordered herself.  Deciding to try and burn off some extra energy before supper she changed into her swimsuit and headed to the pool area.  It had a nice pool, a hot tub and some chairs to sit and get a tan in if she so desired.  Maybe she might do that later with her other swimsuit, as she wore her swimming one piece suit.  Placing her stuff down she moved over to the pool, seeing the automatic rescue system in case she did something stupid.

Jumping into the pool she started doing laps allowing her anger to wash away.


Elsa made her way into the hotel lobby along with the others in her party.  She watched as with predicable results all the employees raced to do their jobs with so many royalty present.  She allowed the others to do the talking as they were handed their cards and told which elevator to use

“This should be fun,” Rapunzel said, giving a twirl and looking around at everything.

“You’ve never seen a geyser?” Eugene said.

“Nope,” Rapunzel replied.  Elsa had to agree, she hadn’t either, but had read about them.  She even watched videos online, and the live feeds wondering what it might be like to actually be there in person.

They all made their way over as the hotel’s concierge helped them out and bypassed the lines.  It took little effort to get their rooms.

“You’ll have almost the entire floor to yourselves, there is one other guest, but she shouldn’t be a problem,” the concierge told them, handing them their room cards and escorting them up to the rooms.  Elsa was ready for something to eat and perhaps, relaxing a bit after the trip here.

End part 1

Continued in part 2

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